There were two of them, in case it’s confusing.  Two bros, at the gym, at the same time, working back and biceps.  One of them was on the machine, the other one stood next to the machine, watching his bro pump the levers and the iron weight.  He watched his face contort as the reps went on, counting down silently, 5 … 4… 3 … 2 … 1, CLANG.  The bro grinned, wiped the sweat off his face with the hem of his tank, and thumbsed-up his bro, and the other bro would sit down, prepping himself for his turn at the iron.  Neither of them noticed the irritated glances of other gym-goers as the iron clanged back down to its resting place.

    They had been together for so long now that they’d become inseparable, a unit.  When anyone else referenced them, their names were a single unit.  Bro & bro.  Of course, they had actual names, but it’s hard to remember which bro was which bro.  They’d probably forgotten each other’s names anyway.  They didn’t need names.  It was easier to just



    You got this, bro.”

    “Fuck yeah, bro.”

    At some point, it had just become natural.  At first, it was sort of a joke, a little ironic.  You know, a private joke.  Neither of them, if pressed, could even tell you when it started.  Maybe there was a text message between them where one of them said “bro” and maybe sent one of those flex emojis, and from then on, the gates could not swing shut again.  It escalated from “bro” this and “bro” that to elaborate high-fives in the middle of the gym, walking down the sidewalk.  Methods of greeting evolved - or devolved, from “hey” to “sup” to

    “What’s up, bro!”  The hand, descending swiftly, with purpose and vigor, slapping the other bro right on the ass.  “Whoa, check out your fuckin glutes, bro!  Fuckin tiiiiiiight!”  It didn’t matter where they were, who they were with.  They were seen all around town, in the grocery store, at the beach, everywhere.  Of course, at the beach, they were seen shirtless, in matching swimming trunks, though they hadn’t known

    “Bro!  Yo, you got the same trunks as me!”

    “Dude, bro, haha, that’s fuckin hilarious!”

    High-five, in which one bro grabbed the other bro’s hand and grappled him down.  They fell in the sand, wrestling, grabbing at each other’s throat, biceps, thighs.  They were completely unaware of when their hands fumbled at the waistband of the American-flag spangled trunks, almost unconsciously yanking it downwards to trip up their bro.  Nothing is off-limits, not even grabbing at his bro’s cock or his balls.  Anything to win.  Eventually, one bro pins the other bro, and through spitting grains of sand and wriggling half-heartedly one last time, the cries of “UNCLE!  FUCKIN UNCLE, BRO!”

    They didn’t live together, not yet, but they had plans.  A total bro-pad.  Big-screen fuckin TV on ESPN fuckin 24/7.  Big fuckin fridge, to hold all the food prep they gotta do each week.  Tons of fuckin chicken.  Red meat.  A big cabinet to hold all their supps, especially the bulk-sized vat of protein powder.  Big-ass mirror in the bathroom.  In the hallway.  In each of their bedrooms.  In the living room.  There was just one problem.  One bro had a roommate, and it was the roommate’s apartment - the bro had moved in with the guy, and let’s just say the guy wasn’t exactly a bro.

    “Bro,” one bro said to the other.  They sat out on a patio, tank tops & gym shorts showing their browned skin, their tribal tattoos, nearly squirming on them under the sun & the summer heat.  “We should totally make our own bro-pad.  I’d fuckin love to live with you, bro.”

    “Bro,” the other bro scowled.  “What about Franklin?  Fuckin buzzkill.”

    “Franklin,” he scowled too.  “Fuckin buzzkill.”

    They slurped at their protein shakes, maybe a little too fast, still pumped from the morning’s workout.  Brain freeze set in and one bro shook his head, pressing a meaty palm to his eye-socket.  “Fuck, bro.  I dunno.  We could get him to move out, but I don’t think he would.  Fuuuuck, this brain freeze, bro!”

    The other bro laughed, well, guffawed, really, a deep, hearty chuckle, and leaned forward to slap his bro on the shoulder.  “Hahaha, fuckin slow it down bro.  I got an idea what we can do about Franklin.  See, I know this guy…”

    This guy happened to be a guy that the bro knew from a long time ago, back when he thought he should be going to college.  That shit didn’t take.  He didn’t know how he could have expected to know what he wanted to do for the rest of his life when he didn’t even know who he was at that time.  In his opinion, people waste their time going to college because you don’t know who you are yet.  If he had known he was gonna be a bodybuilder, he wouldn’t have wasted all that time on fuckin college.  But he did meet some people there, and one of them was this guy, and this guy was one of the smarter bros he’d met in college, he was all into organic chemistry and neuroplasticity, and how shit works in the brain.  It was pretty cool, he had to admit, or at least it was back then.  The guy was always reading, head in a book, frowning, or sitting up late at night, face and glasses limned with the blue light from the computer screen.  He had been all into the idea that a personality was mutable, fluid, that it was as chemically-based as anything else in the body, or electric, or some shit.  With the right reagents, the personality could be altered as easily with only a suggestion from another.  He hadn’t told many people about it, the bro knew, because there was one night where he got the guy drunk on cheap beers and shots of shitty vodka and the guy had confessed that he knew how to do it, that he was a genius, but he could never use what he’d discovered, it was too dangerous, etc, etc.  He’d dropped out of college later that year, preferring to work in the service industry, focusing on the gym, focusing on gains, but he’d kept in touch with the guy, his roommate, you know - an email here and there, a message on Facebook, somethin like that.  It was kinda cool to show progress pics to a guy who doesn’t see you all that often, and it’s fuckin cool as shit to see him say things like “WHOA!  HOLY SHIT, man, you got ripped!”  Just made him wanna flex and take more pics for his Insta, really.  He knew that the guy was gay, but that never bothered him, and the guy never bothered him for nothin anyway.

    “… so, if Franklin isn’t cool, this is gonna make him cool?”  The other bro was lookin at his bro with a blank look of confusion.  He actually lifted the brim of his baseball hat to scratch at his forehead. 

    “Yeah,” the bro said, confidently.  “Just put this in his, whatever he drinks.  Coffee, or water, or whatever.  Once he drinks it, it’ll help.”

    “Okay, bro.”  He was ready to trust his bro, even if he wasn’t exactly sure what he was doin - he knew what he had to do, but he wasn’t sure what was gonna happen once he did.  And it was easy enough.  The bro just waited til Franklin got up in the morning, put the coffee on drip, and wandered off into the bathroom.  The bro could hear some kinda classical music drifting out of the hallway where Franklin’s room was, something with strings.  He scoffed, chuckling at the uncoolness of it all, and uncorked the small ampoule of liquid into the coffee-pot.  It was colorless and odorless.  For a minute, the bro wondered if he had even done anything, if anything had even come out of the container, but he shrugged and scratched his balls and wandered off.  It was leg day.

    After leg day, the bro came back to his apartment and collapsed on the couch, flat on his stomach, staring sideways at the TV.  There was a football game on, though he was so zoned from his workout that he didn’t even know which teams were playing.  His phone was going off wildly - it was his bro.  He scanned the messages blurrily.

    “sup bro nethin happenin over there yet??”

    “dunno bro”

    There was a crash in the kitchen, and the bro lifted his head to glance.  “You all right?”  He muzzed in the direction of the kitchen.

    “Uhh, sorta.”  Franklin’s voice drifted out.  It sounded muddy, as if he were congested.  “Dropped some plates.  Uhhh … yeah.”

    “You all right bro?  Sick, or something?”

    “Naw, uh, I feel, uh … fine.  Bro.”  Franklin came out of the kitchen, and Franklin looked … different, to the bro.  He sat up, instantly alert. 

    “You been workin out bro?”  He criticized his roommate’s normally slim build.  “Looks like you got some mass.”

    “Uh, naw, bro, but I … kinda been thinkin about joining a gym lately.  Sound mind, sound body, right?”


    “Like, y’know, gotta have … uhh …”  He glazed over for a second, eyes drifting to the TV.  “Who’s, uh … who’s playin?”

    “Dunno, bro.”  The bro squinted at the TV.  “Fuckin Packers.”

    “Cool.”  Franklin slowly sat down in a chair and looked at the game.  For a moment, he appeared unfocused, brow furrowed, but as the bro watched him, his face softened, and his eyes became sharper, more alert, as if they had somehow tunnelled into the television, and as if he were intently focused on the task. 

    Hours later, Franklin and the bro were yelling, pointing, accusing, even jumping to the edge of their seats.  It was a great game -

    “Well, it woulda been a great game if the refs hadn’t been so fuckin shit, fuck, bro.”

    “Fuck yeah.  I, uhh … I could see that.  Yeah.  Fuck the refs.”

    The game was over, and the bro felt the familiar wave of completion turning to idleness washing over him.  He got up from the couch and headed toward the kitchen for a beer.  “Hey, you want a beer, bro?”  He knew Franklin didn’t drink, and especially not a Bud Light, but fuck it.

    “Uhh … yeah.  Sure.  A beer.”

    “You got it, bro!”

    They sat, blue cans cracked, in a meditative silence.  The crisp, refreshing liquid washed down their mouths, their throats, into their stomachs.  “So, what gym you gonna join, bro?”

    “Uhhh … honestly, I dunno, uh, bro.  What gym do you go to?”

    The bro grinned, and shuffled over on the couch to Franklin’s side, where he wrapped the kid in a headlock and lightly noogied his head.  “Bro … you’re gonna love it.”

    There were three of them, in case it gets confusing.  Three bros, at the gym, at the same time, working back and biceps.  One of them was on the machine, the other two stood in a semi-circle, watching their bro pump the levers and the iron weight.  They watched his face contort as the reps went on, counting down silently, mouths moving together in tandem, 5 … 4… 3 … 2 … 1, CLANG.  The bro grinned, wiped the sweat off his face with the hem of his tank, and thumbsed-up his bros, and one of the other bros would sit down, prepping himself for his turn at the iron.  None of them noticed the irritated glances of other gym-goers as the iron clanged back down to its resting place. 

    They had been together for so long now that they’d become inseparable, a unit, even all of them lived together in a sort of frat-house situation. When anyone else referenced them, their names were a single unit.  Bro, bro & bro. Of course, they had actual names, but it’s hard to remember which bro was which bro. They’d probably forgotten each other’s names anyway.  They didn’t need names.  It was easier to just




    And the clang of the iron, resounding through the gym, as muscles grew and brains diminished, as the sun swiftly darkened their skins from brown to browner, as muscles grew and brains diminished.

    One thing was for sure, to the one guy who was watching the progress anyway, the bros were multiplying.  And was that really such a bad thing?  What better laboratory than the world outside of the laboratory for this particular study?  Fuck dangerous, he thought to himself, watching the triad of bros in their gym shorts and tanktops and backwards hats lounging around on their porch, I can make the world hotter.  He already had, with the first bro, his roommate.  And now that bro was making more bros.  He could only imagine what would happen next.  One thing was for sure: he would have to make more of the personality reagent.  Maybe he could … accidentally drop some in the water supply of a small town.

    This thought, cradled in his brain, nursed idly at his other thoughts as he listened to the dumbass banter from the bros across the street, listened to the echoing guffaws paired with the crack-hiss of Bud Light cans being opened, and to the inevitable tussle or wrestling match that would ensue.

    (This is my first story so please be gentle, long time creeper, first time poster.  IF it goes well I might make a part 2) Jack took great pride in his appearance.  He was only 5'9 but 200 pounds of pure, hairy muscle.  With a perfectly square jaw and spiked blonde hair the brutish linebacker had everything going for him and everyone wanted him, girls, guys and colleges.  He just had one… small insecurity.  Despite being a massive man on the field, in the bedroom his star player was only a good 4 inches at full mast.  Perhaps this was why girls he swept with were violently sworn to secrecy, or why he bullied the freshmen at Spellbinder University so viciously.   One freshman in particular, Kevin was his favorite to torment.  Kevin was the exact opposite of Jack.  He was tall, boyish and awkward looking, he was a bit of a nerd and enjoyed dressing in dark clothing and listening to sad music.  His only redeeming feature, which no one but himself knew of was his incredibly large and thick cock.  Normally this would have made Kevin popular with the girls, were he not drawn to more masculine features.  The large cock also came with a large need and Kevin frequently found himself in the locker room stroking the front of his skinny jeans thinking about the jocks, even Jack.  This made him the perfect target for the loud musclehead.   One faithful day Jack came across Kevin in the locker room gazing at the showers with a distant look in his eyes.  This gave Jack an evil idea. “You wanna fantasize about us jocks getting wet you little faggot?  I got just the thing for you!”  He bellowed, dragging the startled teen into the shower and turning the cold water on.  Kevin, fully clothed in black was quickly drenched.  His long wet hair hanging over his face, hiding his tears and his guyliner running down his face.  Jack, laughing, reached around and ripped down Kevin’s jeans intending to leave his victim in his underwear for further shame.  To Jack’s surprise and great anger however, Kevin’s monstrous cock sprung out to face him.  “What the fuck freak?  Why does a gay runt like you get a giant fuckstick like that and a man like me is… fuck you!  I wish I had that dick, I could own this school.  It shouldn’t be wasted on a queer like you!”  Losing control, Jack sucker punched Kevin and left him crying in the showers, tears, water and make up running down his bruised face.   Unknown to both parties, the coach had been watching.  He had grown tired of Jack’s ego and being that this was Spellbinder University, he had the power to grant the arrogant jock’s hasty wish.  With a few mumbled words in an unknown language a flash of light engulfed the locker room and the coach left with a satisfied look on his face.   Not knowing, or caring what that light was, Jack headed back to his dorm room to get ready for his big date tonight while Kevin lingered in the locker room, trying to regain his composure so no one would see him crying.  He’d been embarrassed enough for one day.  As Jack began undressing he noticed a sudden wave of horniness and his dick seemed larger than usual.  He wrapped his hand around it and found he needed both hands.  It wasn’t just getting longer but wider, much wider.  It kept growing and growing until it looked ridiculous on his short frame.  Jack could only moan, his eyes wide with pleasure and excitement.   “Oh man, Jessie is going to love me even more now wait til she see’s this… wait what’s wrong with my voice?”  He panicked as his noticed his usual sexy baritone getting higher and cracking, becoming nasally and teenage sound, becoming painfully familiar.  It was the voice that whimpered and pleaded for him to stop, it was… “Oh fuck, I sound like Kevin!” “Hey babe, you getting ready for me in there?”  Shit, that was Jessie.  She couldn’t see him like this, he thought.   He reached to lock his door, noticing his fingers stretching out, becoming thin and delicate, almost feminine.  The nails too well manicured to be a football players.  The hard callouses and summer tan fading away to leave smooth, pale skin.   “Just a minute” he whined in his high pitched voice.  Fuck, he thought, there is no way I can be stuck sounding like that faggot.  He tried to think but his big hands kept finding their way back to his newly grown cock, every stroke making it harder for him to focus.  Football stats, cars, sex moves, social cues.  It was all fading from his brain to be replaced with Panic At The Disco lyrics, tumblr blogs of hot jocks and deep, overwhelming feelings.   “Are you ok in there Jack you sound sick?  Did you catch something from Tiff?”   “Ughhhh go AWAY honey I’m in my feels right now” he blurted out, disgusting himself.  He heard her walking away and wanted to beg her to come back but a growing part of him had no interest in her now.  His new dick demanded ass, not pussy and it was quickly reprogramming him to want the same.  He felt his bare feet, a reasonable size 9 and pretty wide slimming down, arching, becoming feminine like his hands and impossibly longer.  The scars, callouses and toughness eroded away leaving finer features and thin, cute, elongated toes as his feet reached out to their new size of 14. “Oh my god I’m turning into a freak.  Big feet, big cock and goth as fuck!”  He was practically squealing now in horror and pleasure feeling everything he worked for melt away.  His body stretched and slimmed down, losing muscle, hair, tan and development.  His bearish chest pushed in on itself painfully.  The coat of dark blonde fur simply falling out all over his bed as a waxy white sheen covered his skin and muscles became nonexistent.  His nipples shrank becoming small pink and pinchable, he grabbed one feeling it get hard and firm and increasing his pleasure.  His proud abs were now flat and smooth and his pubes vanished, though those, he assumed were shaved off.  Gotta stay nice and neat said a voice in his head, a voice that was quickly becoming his own.  His shoulders cracked as they caved in, compressing him into the lanky, awkward teenager he loathed.  His ass, remained firm but pushed out into a nice round bubble butt that would stick out in his skinny jeans like an invitation.   Like a brush stroke a wave of darkness swept down his leg, turning the blonde fuzz into a finer coat of dark hairs that decorated his long skinny legs and stood out against the pale backdrop.  The same happened to his arms as the hair become darker and more sparse but more obvious on the thin, white appendages.  Jack almost cried as his biceps sucked themselves in and his body was freed of its big muscles, now just a thin, nerdy queer like he had always hated. He pulled himself to mirror, both dreading and eager for the final changes.  His face lost all signs of maturity and age.  The hard edges gave away, the stubble evaporated and the eyes become dark and innocent.  His blond hair rapidly pushed out into large tuffs of dark brown that crept down in an unstyled mane that formed over his eyes and framed his young looking face perfectly.   Holding out a las piece of resistance Jack/Kevin began stroking the cock that started it all once more, harder and faster, feeling himself erode as the pleasure mounted.  The faintest sigh escaped his soft lips with the last of his old self as he cummed, over and over into the mirror, splattering it with buckets of football jock semen and all his old memories and personality.    “Big feet, big cock and this goth bitch is ready to fuck” the new Kevin smirked, lying back on his bed, cradling his large cock and daydreaming about hot jocks he wished he could sleep with.  If only he remembered having been one.  


    A perfect example of one of Eros’ victims was Chris. He was a physics major in college but spent a lot of time online doing roleplays and looking at art of dumb surfer himbos. Always shirtless and barefoot and covered in sweat and sand and sea water. He just loved that fantasy. He had a few dreams about becoming one but of course new he was on his way to his degree, then grad school where he planned to specialize in astrophysics and then his overall goal of working for NASA, so he knew he would never actually trade his success and potential away to be a dumbass.

    While he was out studying on the beach one day, he found himself distracted looking at hot guys. He noticed there was some kind of recruitment table set up for some modeling thing. He stared at it longingly as he noticed the hot guys gathered around. And it was like that, staring and half drooling that Mr. Ross noticed him and walked over, a mischievous grin on his face.

    "Hey there dude" he said to Chris in a deep, almost hypnotic voice. "Couldn't help but notice you staring, you thinking of trying out?" Chris? Try out for a modeling firm? The very idea was ridiculous, he was pale with short black hair, glasses and he was very thin, not muscular or attractive at all, not completely unattractive either but he was the type that could blend into a crowd of people as an average person. "Uh no I was just um" he struggled for the right words to say. "Just admiring my employees?" Mr. Ross said with a grin. "I mean you could use some work but you can definitely come try out" and suddenly Chris wanted to, he stood up and when he did the older man wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

    When this happened Chris felt a sudden warm, pulsing energy flow through his body. The energy ripped through his body and as they walked his muscles burned like he was getting an intense workout. His leg muscles flexed and burned as they sculpted themselves into perfect swimmer legs. His feet began to crack and stretch until they grew to huge size 13, breaking the strap of his flip flops leaving him barefoot. He felt all of this but was being dragged along by the ancient god who was telling him all about the joys of surfing and sex and the beach. The man's voice was hypnotic to the point that Chris couldn't escape his grasp or even struggle, or call for help from the beach goers. His ass bubbled out and grew nice and firm as his mind was blasted with waves of pleasure while his dick grew longer and thicker and regrew it's foreskin. His very thin stomach filled out with muscle and a six pack formed while his body hair retracted. His pecs pushed out until he had a sexy, lean torso. The man's arm moved while Chris' shoulders grew wider. The warm energy spread to his arms while they flexed with muscle. Especially in the biceps. His neck changed while his Adams apple got bigger. "You won't be needing these" the man said, pulling off Chris' glasses while his face molded into a much sexier version of itself and his hair turned blond and styled itself up.

    The god snapped his fingers and Chris' clothes changed, his shirt vanished into thin air along with his boxers, his shorts turning into blue board shorts with stripes. And a snapback cap appeared backwards on his head

    "You are a Hot, sexy, dumb, bi himbo surfer now. Surfing is your life, you live for the surf and the sand and sea" the ancient sexual being said to Chris "your new name is Chad and your the fucking king of the surf. You love to get naked, you love to fuck and get fucked and you love showing off your hot bod" and as all this was said Chris' mind was overwhelmed by the new Chad persona until there was nothing left

    "So you ready for the photo shoot dude?" Mr Ross asked his newest thrall "Huhuhuh sure bruh!" Chad replied as he got into pose. This was the first of many pictures, the advertisement, if people bought the July addition, they would get to see his nudes.


    My boyfriend's a programmer and we've been talking. He told me he's been so stressed lately and he just really wants a break. He's also been wanting to shed a few pounds and get in shape but the stress isn't helping, you know? I want to surprise him! I was wondering if the pink fairy could help him stop thinking so much and turn his cute chub into pure muscle! He'll love it! I'll love it to ;3

    Such a waste of talent, I think. A smart, brilliant young man, with skill and potential to be great, all thrown away on a wish for a bit of a break from all the thinking and all of the work. Oh, honey, it’s too late to back down, now. The magic has already been enacted. Just know that there’s a price to pay, though I don’t think either of you would be particularly dissatisfied by what you end up with.

    You open your eyes and suddenly you’re standing in front of a gym. Your boyfriend is beside you, but he seems almost different. His formerly bright eyes are dull, and he has a bit of a dopey look on his face. He looks around, but his eyes just glide over everything, almost like he’s not really paying all that much attention. And then he sees the sign for the gym and chuckles, the sound deep  and utterly devoid of any intelligence.

    “Bruh,” he grunts. “Let’s go in already. Can’t wait to fuckin’ pump these bitches,” he says, flexing his bulging biceps right in front of your eyes. The sight of it turns you on, and as your cock hardens in your track pants, you feel your mind fogging up ever so slightly. “Bro, like come on, we don’t have, like, all day,” your boyfriend insists.

    Despite your better judgment, you follow him into the gym, and immediately the sound of pounding music assaults you and your senses. A small, brainless smile spreads across your boyfriend’s face and his eyes go unfocused. He stands there for a moment, mouth slightly agape.

    You can hear him breathing through his mouth, and that fact sends another pang of pleasure through your cock. Your mind keeps getting foggier and foggier. You try to grasp for your intelligence, but it keeps slipping away. Your thoughts keep going slower and slower, becoming simpler with every passing moment.

    It feels good. So good to listen. You look at your boyfriend as a smile to mirror his breaks across your face. He grabs you by the hand as he strips off his shirt and his pants, leaving him in just his sneakers and snapback. You do the same, going down to your jockstrap as you walk into the next room of the gym.

    You don’t find a gym, however. You find a veritable orgy. You see couples, pairs, performing typical exercises but in a much more erotic fashion. A guy is doing burpees, sucking on a cock with every rep, and nearby a man is doing push ups, with his cock sinking into a moaning twink’s hole every time he lowers himself to the ground.

    You chuckle dumbly. “Bruh, you should like, probably get on the bikes. You like those, right, babe?” your boyfriend says. You giggle, vapidly. Yeah, you love the bikes. The bikes are great. There are no seats. Instead, there are big floppy dildos that the rider can bounce up and down on while working out.

    Out of the corner of your eye, you can see your boyfriend doing bench presses while a hung personal trainer stands behind him, cock out. Every time your boyfriend does a rep, the trainer lets him suck on the cock resting across his face. It’s so hot you can’t help but spray the bike with your cum, adding to the layer that’s already built up on the equipment.

    Your boyfriend and you are definitely not going to have any trouble with stress from now on, and I bet with the guy like that helping him out, he’ll be hot and cut in no time. ;)

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    Liam knew there was something off with the village as soon as he arrived. He’d been studying the tribal region for his Master’s in Anthropology for years now, spending the last three months in the field.  He’d seen a number of remote tribes, spent hours trekking through the dense rain forests. But this one was different. 

    For the most part only the old men still walked around in loin cloths with painted skin and all the other stereotypical effects.  Most adult men still went shirtless as a concession to the relentless heat and humidity, but they wore Western style shorts and flip-flops.  Sure it was common to see most of the little kids running around the villages completely unclothed, but no one over the age of five.  Except here. Except in this village. 

    Liam noticed it right away, it would have been hard not to. Fully grown, adult men were walking and running about the narrow jungle paths, darting between thatched huts, chasing each other around the fire pit all completely nude, their bare penises just swinging free, their bare feet dirty and hardened on the soles so they could climb trees with the same nimbleness as the small children who usually partook in such games.  

    It also became very quickly apparent that these men were little more than oversized children themselves. They played the same games because intellectually they were all about two to four years old.  Bare breasted women cared for them the same as they would normal children, like this was all perfectly normal.  

    It really intrigued Liam. He tried to get them to explain how this had come to happen. Were the men always like this? Did they raise youngest boys to remain children? Was it part of a ritual? 

    He didn’t really get any satisfying answers. 

    “They are happy boys,” one tribal woman explained to him while a thirty-something man lay across her lap, feeding from her bare boobs, milk dribbling down his chin while he tugged idly at his small, soft penis. 

    “But they’re clearly not boys,” Liam pointed out. 

    “Boys come in all sizes,” she told him with a smile, running her hand through the nursing man’s wild hair. He murmured pleasantly, his glassy eyes totally lacking in any comprehension of the conversation.  

    Talking to the men themselves was also useless. They giggled at him and tried to steal his pen and paper pad, growing bored of his questions and wrestling each other in the dirt at his feet.  

    Finally, after a week in the village, he was granted an audience with the chief, a wrinkled old man with no hair left on his head, wearing only a loin cloth.  The ancient chief sat propped up in a simple chair, right beside the fire, somehow cold even on this hot day.  

    “You are wondering about our boys. You ask many questions,” the chief noted. 

    Liam nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry to intrude. I only seek to gain knowledge about your people, to understand you better.” 

    The chief nodded. “We are a simple people and we prefer to keep to ourselves. The outside world is cruel. I keep my people happy here.” 

    “But you must need some contact with the outside, for medicine and technology?” 

    The chief shook his head, frowning. “That is what some of the men thought. They left the village, went to the cities. They brought back dangerous ideas. They had been corrupted. So we cleansed them. We made them innocent again.” 

    Liam’s eyes widened. The chief was admitting that this had been done to these men. They’d been rendered mentally incompetent somehow, stripped of their abilities. 

    “You made them innocent?”

    “Yes. They are but boys again. That is why they do not wear clothes. Clothing is the first step to manhood. Little boys have no need of clothing, no need for privacy. Everyone who sees their nudity knows they are not men, even from far away, there can be no mistake,” he explained. 

    “But… how?” Liam asked, truly amazed. 

    The chief smiled. “It is ancient magic. Few alive today know how to use it.” 

    Liam jotted down his notes, feeling ecstatic. This would really make his thesis. He could head back to civilisation, to his university, right now and have his degree in a couple months.  

    As Liam began to pack away his notebook the chief leaned forward, his hand flat under his chin. As Liam looked up the man blew a strange powder right into the young man’s face. 

    Liam coughed and shuddered in surprise.  

    “What the hell?!” he snapped. 

    “We prefer to keep to ourselves. I did tell you that,” the chief explained.  

    Liam felt woozy already. His vision blurred, his whole body got tingly. “Wah.. What is this?” he slurred, finding he couldn’t even stand up. 

    A woman sat down beside him, put her hand on his shoulder. He looked over at her, finding the topless young woman very attractive. But to her right was one of the naked men, squatting in the dirt, nibbling his thumb and picking at his toes. 

    “It’s going to be okay dear. Your brother is here to watch your transition,” she explained to Liam.  

    His brother? Liam looked again at the drooling, empty-eyed man squatting to their side. No, he couldn’t be like that! He had an education! He was smart, he was civilised. He couldn’t stay here with some backwards tribe, never mind as a dumb little kid.  

    “I… I need to write about this. I have to go…” he pleaded. 

    “Shh. Shh. Your days of writing are over little one. It’s time for you to be happy. Time for you to play. We’ll get you out of these awful clothes, you’ll feel so much cooler, so much more comfortable.” 

    He wanted to keep pleading, but whatever he’d breathed in was getting stronger. His head was swimming. Her words didn’t make sense anymore. He couldn’t focus at all. He looked around frantically and couldn’t recognise anything. He couldn’t remember where he was, or what any of these things were. It was terrifying for a moment, and then even fear slipped away, his anxiety calming. He focused on the warm hand on his arm, yes, the pretty lady. Such a big, pretty lady. He liked her. He knew that.  And he didn’t know much at all. 


    A month later Liam was happily climbing a tree when he saw the strange White man walking into the village. The man looked concerned, looked confused. Liam found his clothes interesting to look at. Should he go over there? 

    No, he was having too much fun climbing. He giggled and used his tough bare feet to grip the tree bark, scooting forward, his penis brushing across the tree. It actually felt kind of nice. He liked climbing trees. He was so good at it now his feet were tough like the other boys, like his brother’s.  

    “Liam! Is that you?!” 

    The White man was there by the bottom of the tree now. He was calling up to Liam, but he wasn’t sure what the man was saying. He didn’t know many grown-up words, he was too little. Liam leaped down out of the tree, landing nimbly on his bare feet. His pee-pee flopped around, so silly. He didn’t even consider his nudity before the fully clothed man. He didn’t have any clothes. He was much too little for man clothes. So there was no shame, no flicker of modesty, his penis always hung free this way, it always had as far as he was concerned. 

    “Liam, I came to find you when you didn’t come back,” the man explained. “Everyone was so worried. I can’t believe it’s actually you! What happened to your clothes buddy?” 

    Liam picked at his nose as the strange man talked. Then he leant very close before grabbing onto the black thing hanging from the man’s neck. It was strange, Liam wanted to have it. 

    “Liam, ow! Don’t pull the binoculars like that!” the man shouted, pulling away. 

    Liam smiled and giggled at the man’s ouchy expression. He hopped up and down in delight. The man looked very worried. Liam wasn’t. He hopped back onto the tree. He could show the man how good he climbed. He scooted back up the bark, looking down just in time to see the wrinkled old chief tap the strange man’s shoulder then blow some powder in his face when he looked. He felt happy. Somehow he knew he was getting a new playmate. 

    Request for Anonymous. So sorry this took so long, I hope it’s good. The art is not mine.

    Dan never had too many friends. He was in college and talked with people in class but once the class ended he never spoke to them again. He pretended for a while that it didn’t bother him but it did. Eventually he decided to try and meet more permanent friends through an online meet up group. The members would meet once every so often in a public safe location and could privately share personal info with those members they trusted, he considered it the safest way to meet people online. Eventually he joined an “animal lovers” group, figuring that his almost finished biology degree would let him fit in, plus he assumed it was some kind of humane group. He signed up and saw that they had monthly meetings in a county park and the next meeting was in a few days.

    After mentally preparing himself Dan got dressed in a t-shirt, some jeans, and a space themed baseball cap, and headed to the meeting, the only thing he didn’t like was how late it was, 9 pm? It was already dark by then and he was surprised the local park system would still be open after dark.

    When he got there he was upset to find a group of loud rednecks gathered by a picnic table, talking and laughing like drunken idiots. An odd thing he noticed was that the group was all male. He expected this group to be more into hunting then loving animals and almost turned around to leave not being interested in these types of people, but one of them already saw him and called him over.

    “Hey you the new guy ain’t ya?” One of them shouted with an obvious southern accent. Too late now, he had been noticed, if he left now he would seem rude, Dan was too polite for his own good sometimes.

    “Uh how could you tell?” He asked. The guy just smirked. “The groups got a list of members on our page, we had 10 but a couple days ago it said we had 11, ain’t never seen you before so I put 2 and 2 together and made a guess, the names Ace” the guy explained holding his hand out. Dan shook the guys hand and meet with the other members, they explained they weren’t exactly a humane group, they didn’t do volunteering or anything but they were more like an “animal appreciation club” Dan wasn’t sure he believed that but they didn’t have any guns or weapons around that he could see to indicate they were planning to hunt.

    After mingling with the guys for about a half hour Dan decided they weren’t his type, they were nice but into different things like sports and nascar, and had redneck gun values and such, Dan wasn’t rude so he planned to stay for this meeting and leave the group tomorrow, then message them saying he felt too shy or something and get out of any commitment. But as the official meeting seemed to be ending something strange happened. All 10 of the rednecks stood up and looked up to the moon light. They held their arms out like they wanted to soak as much of it up as possible. Dan stood there confused as the guys started to groan and moan as their body’s cracked and snapped…They were changing.

    Dan watched in horror as their clothes ripped apart, giving way to massive dark muscled bodies. The men must have grown to almost twice their heights with their muscles getting bigger, beyond body builder to some kind of monster proportions. Their skin getting dark as thick dark hair grew all over, Dan knew something unnatural was happening and he needed to get away but couldn’t, he just stood there frozen in shock. The guys quickly grew long pointed ears, their legs snapping to digitigrade as their feet became twisted into foot-paws, somewhere between human feet and paws. Their hands forming massive claws, still looking hand like but abnormal. Their faces grew out into snouts bearing long fangs, and the finishing touch was their eyes turning a bright glowing yellow as they stood on two legs and ripped off what shreds were left of their clothing and collectively let out a howl at the moon.

    The howl seemed to free Dan from his shock induced trance. Werewolves?! These people were werewolves? Was that even possible? What were they? What the fuck was going on? Dans mind was a whirlwind of questions that lacked logical answers, but none of that mattered as self preservation took over and Dan turned to run away at full speed.

    The creatures took notice and he heard snarls behind him as the guys he had been awkwardly talking with just a few minutes ago were chasing him on all fours, drooling and snarling like mindless beasts. It quickly became obvious He couldn’t outrun these creatures built to hunt as one of them tackled him to the ground and he was sure he was finished, this group must exist to trick people into becoming their food or something Dan thought as the creature chomped down on his neck, biting him. But after the bite it let go, the others no longer in pursuit. The creature climbed off of him and they all formed a circle around Dan…just standing there.

    Dan felt extreme pain from the bite but when he looked he didn’t see or smell the blood he expected, instead he saw it instantly healing…and thick dark hair spreading from it. Shit! Dan realized what was happening, he wasn’t their dinner, he was their newest member! He started to feel it, a hot energy flowing through his veins like a venom. He could feel a tingle as it spread to every cell in his body like a virus. He felt the hair spreading like a wave of itchiness across his body. His skin getting thicker and tougher and darker. He felt his muscles pulse and his bones crack as he grew taller. His back arching and ripping the back of his shirt as the fur grew and spread. His chest heaved with each deep, panicked breath and pushed out into 2 firm and powerful pecs that ripped his shirt open. He could only watch and moan as his slightly chubby stomach shrunk away before turning flat and then carving into a tight 8 pack. The detail soon became hidden by his darker skin then by the fur as well. His arms pumped up destroying the left over sleeves that covered his arms. Biceps and triceps filled with pain and oddly pleasure as they bulged out, his hands growing big and meaty to stay proportional, his palms grew pads and his nails twisted into claws.

    He was moaning the whole time, his mind a foggy mess of pain and pleasure. His legs shifted to be digitigrade as his feet stretched to accommodate his growing form. They strained his shoes until finally they burst out as long, wide hybrids of paws and feet, his nails sharpening into dark claws. They expanded to an inhuman size growing bigger then size 20 shoes. The muscles in his legs grew and ballooned out starting to rip apart his jeans. His cock grew longer and thicker before a canine sheath soon covered it, his balls swelled to the size of grapefruit. His ass swelled out becoming tight and firm as a tail sprouted, destroying what was left of his pants.

    He was now naked, and a werewolf from the neck down. His cock soon turned red and canine like as it grew out of the sheath. Why the fuck was this turning him on?! He was turning into a monster like the others. The fur and changes spread to his head where his neck grew wider and stronger, his Adam’s apple growing big as his vocal cords re arranged. His nose turned black and wet as his face forced itself out into a snout, his teeth sharpening into fangs and his tongue flattened. He sniffed the air and started to smell a musky scent that turn him on more as he realized the other werewolves surrounding him had formed a circle jerk as they whacked off to his transformation with their own canine cocks. His hair murged with the fur and his ears moved up becoming pointed and finally his eyes turned a glowing yellow like the others. The changes hit his brain last as an animalistic lust filled his mind. He wanted to hunt and eat and fuck! Those urges demanded his attention and everything else faded from his mind as his knowledge, IQ , memory and personality faded to nothing as he jerked off with his brothers. What little human resistance was left faded when he and all the others came. He opened his mouth to drink it all in and then joined the others in a loud victorious howl.

    His mind didn’t seem to record anything beyond a few foggy memories of the night. He just seemed to have fun running through the woods with his brothers. It felt exciting to have the wind going through his fur as he ran on all fours. When the sun came up it was like it was sucking away his energy and power as he shrunk back into human form. However it wasn’t his normal human form, at least Dan didn’t think it was. His beastly muscles shrank away however he was left with more then he thought he started with. His mind was foggy. His stomach shrunk down to a flat 6 pack, his pecs were still nice and lean and firm. His arms kept their nice strong biceps, but at human proportions. His face became a little more angular and manly looking. As the fur receded he was left with a light chin strap beard. His hair turned blond and get short his leg muscles became lean and strong, from running while hunting and not skipping leg day. He also realized he felt a lot dumber, the stuff he lost last night when the beats mind took over wasn’t returning. He had new knowledge in his head, like how to use a gun and a bow, how to track stuff, how to repair cars, and lots of rules about sports. He stood up when he heard a voice behind him.

    “Welcome to the pack, Buck” one guy said, after standing up, Dan realized it was Ace. Ace had been way taller then him before but now Dan was only a few inches shorter then him. He looked down and couldn’t help but grin at his impressive 6 inch soft, completely human, dick. He was naked, so was Ace. Dan remembered last night but wasn’t scared anymore.

    “Well shucks thanks man, but that ain’t my name” Dan spoke suddenly with a southern accent and a dumb sounding slang but he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t remember the proper language. “Sure it is, ya caught a huge buck last night so that’s yer name now” Ace explained and suddenly Da…Buck couldn’t remember any other name, he could barely remember his old life now except he does remember last night clearly. Ace offered Buck a new pair of boxers and jeans and Buck put back on the space hat he had from last night, apparently it just fell off when he changed, however now he wore it backwards, it was the only thing left from his old life. He was offered no shirt but he didn’t seem to want one anyway. He exchanged contact info with the rest of his pack…A brotherhood of manly men who are part animal and tough hunters, a different type of “animal lovers” Buck thought with a smile. Buck got in Ace’s truck, loving the way the awesome truck looked, and recognizing Ace as the pack Alpha. Buck was more than happy, being a werewolf had its perks, he was a hot strong redneck now and that was his life now.


    Molly and Dave used to be some of our best friends.  We would go to concerts with them, meet up at cafes for lunch, go to their house for a BBQ, that kind of stuff. But all that came to a crashing end when Dave got the Big Baby Virus (ACDV).  After that we didn’t see them at all. Molly stuck with him to her credit. Lots of girlfriends and even wives would dump a dumbed down man with his parents or a sibling or even abandon him to state care.  

    But that loyalty sure came at a high cost. We never saw Molly anymore. My girlfriend, Sarah, would ring her up and invite her to stuff anyway, but it was always the same answer, she had to stay home with Davey, as she now called him.  

    Sarah would try to convince her to get a babysitter, but Molly just insisted she was happy to stay with Davey herself, that she didn’t want to go out. 

    “Poor Molly,” Sarah would always say after hanging up. 

    “It’s probably hard to get a babysitter for a baby that size,” I suggested one time. 

    But Molly just shook her head. “There are whole services dedicated to that. I just don’t get it, Mike.” 

    Then after not hearing from them for months, Molly rang us up to invite us over for a barbecue at her place, like old times. I hadn’t seen Dave since he got the virus so to be honest, I was a bit reluctant.  We used to talk sports and movies. We had common interests. We were both in our twenties, just finished with uni. Now what would we talk about? Thomas the Tank Engine? Barney? 

    It was actually worse than I’d imagined. Molly greeted us at the door and right away I could see the changes. There were toys in the front yard, toddler toys. Inside the house things were far messier than ever before. Usually it was spotless for company. 

    Molly didn’t seem self-conscious about the mess. On the contrary she looked very happy. Perhaps she was putting on a good face, an act to convince us not to worry about her so much. 

    “Come on in!” she urged. “So great to see you both again!”  

    “Well we’ve missed you too,” Sarah told her. “Are you doing okay? You need any help?” she asked with clear concern. 

    Molly laughed and shook her head. “No I’m doing just fine, we both are. It’s amazing the support network for carers of big little ones. Davey has plenty of little playmates with big bodies but innocent little minds just like him. And I have other carers, Mummies, to have tea with, to talk while the kids play. It’s really not much different from having a baby yourself.”  

    Sarah seemed elated to hear it wasn’t so bad. “So you aren’t just spending all your time cooped up in here?” she asked. 

    “Oh no, not at all. There’s a special Mummy and bigger baby reading time at the library every week, and a special class at Gymboree for us too. It’s really quite fun for us Mummies and Davey and the other little guys enjoy it too.” 

    We headed out onto the back deck. The BBQ was there and normally Dave would standing at it, tending to the sausages. But now it was Molly checking the meat. Davey was out there too though. There was a new swingset and slide in the middle of the yard, right where we used to play backward cricket. Davey was playing on the swings and to my horror he was completely naked, legs pumping back and forth as he swung, in full view of the windows of all the neighbouring houses. 

    He didn’t stay on the swing long though. Spotting us he leapt off and came running over to the deck. I just couldn’t help but watch his penis swinging wildly about as he ran. It also was shocking to see how hairless he was. He looked even younger that way, but still physically six feet tall, still way too old to be strutting about in his birthday suit. 

    Of course that wasn’t really true anymore. I’d occasionally seen nude grown-downs at the beach or in the park, just like they were real toddlers. But this was my friend after all, this was different. And what’s more Molly had clearly left him this way knowing her backyard was far from private, and knowing we were coming over. 

    “Well look who’s come to say hi!” she chirped instead. 

    Davey climbed awkwardly up with three steps onto the wooden back deck and to my real horror, made a bee-line for me, arms wide open. Before I could shake my head or pull away I found myself being squeezed almost painfully tight in a bear hug from my naked former friend.  

    “Aww, isn’t that sweet,” Molly cooed.

    I looked to Sarah for some support but she seemed to think it was adorable as well.  

    “Mikey come Mummy!” Davey announced. 

    “That’s right sweetie, and you’re such a nice boy, giving your buddy a cuddle.” 

    Still being squeezed almost out of breath I heard Davey reply, “I c’n gib good cuddles Mummy.” 

    “You sure can baby, but I think you better let Mikey go before he breaks something,” she warned with a laugh. 

    Davey finally released me and stepped back, grinning like a moron. “Wanna pway?” he asked me. “I got swings!” he announced brightly, pointing to them like the most amazing toy in the world. 

    “Um, not right now Dave… er, Davey,” I mumbled awkwardly.  

    “Oh, honey, have fun with your friend,” Sarah urged, an evil smile on her face. 

    I rolled my eyes at her, not impressed. But Davey was oblivious, he grabbed my hand, pulling with full adult strength. “Uh-huh, lez swing!” he urged. 

    Dave was still bigger and stronger than me by quite a bit, so I had no real choice but to follow him to the swings. He thrust his bare bottom into one and I took the other. It was so embarrassing with the women watching, waving to us, whispering surely disparaging comments to each other about how ridiculous I looked.  

    “I c’n go weal high!” Davey announced, swinging again. 

    “Yeah, you sure can,” I agreed, beginning to swing slowly myself. It wasn’t too bad, the swing set was built with grown-downs in mind and it fit me well.  There was no danger of breaking it like a real toddler’s toy.  

    As we swung I couldn’t help but ask, “So Davey, you remember me right?” 

    “Uh-huh. We fwiends.” 

    “And you remember that I’m a grown-up right?” 

    “I wad gwown-up!” he announced. 

    “Yeah, I remember Davey. But you got little didn’t you?” 

    “Hadda boo-boo in my noggin,” Davey answered. 

    “And you’re happy?” 

    “Mummy kiff it bettah. I getta pway now. Dun gotta go work!” he told me like it was all delightful. 

    “And you don’t have to wear clothes either I see.” 

    Davey grinned, not a shred of modesty left in his drained mind. “I go nakey!” he agreed like it was the best part of it all.  

    I nodded, noting the lack of tan lines on his bare body. “Yeah, I can see that Davey. Looks to me like you go nakey a lot.” 

    Another cheerful nod from my reduced friend. “I Mummy’s jaybiwd now. Cuz I c’n use a poddy now!”  

    A potty. Ugh. And it was crystal clear he considered that an accomplishment. Swinging back and forth I spotted the potty seat, sitting on the deck, in full view of the other houses, right next to where we would be eating. That was where my old friend pooped and peed now, naked and unashamed for all to see.  

    I didn’t have to wait long to see it actually happen. As we ate our corn on the cob, cut up our steaks, Davey sat on the bright blue and yellow plastic potty seat concentrating, gripping the handles and making rude noises, then looking right at us and grinning ear to ear. 

    “Good boy,” Molly praised him. “Making poopies in the potty for us and showing your friend Mikey what a big boy you are!” 

    “Dabey big boy!” he agreed. 

    I hated the use of Mikey for my name, but what point was there in complaining? A moment later Davey was standing with his hands pressed against the side of the house, mooning us all as Molly wiped his bottom clean with wet wipes. It was quite the show he was giving us. Sarah thought it was cute, I could tell from her smile. I was humiliated for my friend.  

    “I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to just leave him nakey,” Molly commented as Davey went back to eating his food, mostly using his fingers of course.  

    “He’s usually naked then?” Sarah asked, not looking disgusted at all, the way I felt. 

    “Oh yes, pretty much all the time at home. I only put clothes on the little guy to go out and then we try to keep it as light as possible. Usually just his pull ups and a t-shirt. It makes it so much easier for him to potty and he’s always making a mess of himself so keeping him nakey saves me a ton of laundry. 

    “He doesn’t even have a pair of shoes anymore. There’s just no need for them. No one minds a barefoot toddler and he’s really much comfier that way. His feet toughened up quite quickly so hot pavement or gravel no longer cause any issue.” 

    I looked over at Davey to see what he thought of this. He was oblivious, putting kernels of corn in his mouth a few at a time, his hands all sticky with melted butter and smashed corn. I hated it when people talked about a kid like he wasn’t even there, but Davey really wasn’t capable of joining in the conversation anyway.  

    “He really does look quite happy in his skin,” Molly agreed. 

    “Oh he is. It’s one of the better parts of the virus, just wiped away all that body modesty. It makes it much easier for us. After all with diaper changes and accidents it’s inevitable people will see them nude. It’s really a mercy that those changes also make sure they won’t mind. And when you go to the beach and forget a swim diaper or the little guy gets icky sand and dirt all down his pull up at the park you have a very easy solution. Just yank those pull-ups off and let him jaybird for a bit.”  

    Molly laughed along with her and poor Davey grinned and giggled too, probably no idea why but wanting to mimic the grown-ups.  


    Molly started inviting Sarah to come along to some of her support group sessions after that. I didn’t get it at all, but as it didn’t really affect me I could hardly complain. As long as I didn’t have to spend time with them I was happy. It was just too weird seeing my friend behave that way and honestly it bothered me the way Molly left him to run around naked. I mean poor Dave just didn’t know any better, but he would have hated the idea of people seeing him this way, running around a public park with his junk bouncing around. 

    It had been a few weeks when I came back from work to be greeted by Molly standing right there in my house. 

    “Oh,” I said in surprise, “I didn’t know you were coming over today. Sarah hadn’t mentioned it.” 

    “Oh it was a bit of a surprise,” she answered. “Come on in, don’t let me get in the way.” 

    I nodded and put down my stuff. I could hear people in the living room. “Some of your group come over too?” I asked, trying not to sound upset. 

    “Not exactly,” Molly answered. I hated that kind of cryptic reply. 

    I headed into the room to see for myself. There was a man I didn’t know sitting on the couch and down on the floor, just as I feared, was Davey. He was sitting on the floor with his legs splayed out. At least he wore a t-shirt today, though it was a bright blue shirt with childish lettering declaring “It Wasn’t Me!”  But he was still naked from the belly down, no pull-ups even to cover his penis.  

    Davey was smiling though, thoughtless and happy as ever, ignorance being bliss and all. And he was pushing a bright pink ball across the floor. And that’s when I saw he had a playmate. Ugh. There was two big babies in the house now. And even more awkward this other giant toddler was a girl and she was completely nude as well, her pretty breasts on full view, her hairless privates perfectly visible as her legs were also splayed wide apart.  

    I tried to stop staring at her boobs and snatch, knowing how lewd that appeared. But where else was there to look when she was so completely naked. But as I tore my eyes from the breasts I saw something much more shocking. The pretty young woman on the floor was Sarah, my girlfriend. 

    I stopped in my tracks. I blinked my eyes, sure I was missing something. It couldn’t be her. And yet, it was. 

    Sarah’s blonde hair was done up in the highest, most juvenile style of pigtails. She had lipstick smeared all around her lips, a bit on her cheeks and her forehead, like a two-year old left to play with Mummy’s lipstick.  There were other things wrong too. She was hairless, and that was not normal for her. The soles of her bare feet were dirty brown. They weren’t as tough and dark looking as Davey’s but she’d clearly been walking around outside without any shoes for more than a little bit, perhaps all day even.  

    But the worst part was her expression, her face. Her eyes were as wide and empty looking as Davey’s, her face relaxed, a big silly grin on it. She looked happy but dumb, nothing like her normal look at all.  She was smart, focused, professional. And now she looked like a moron. 

    The bright pink ball rolled into her hands, pressing against her bare skin. She giggled and gave it a rough, uncoordinated shove back, drumming her heels lightly on the carpet as it went the right direction back to Davey.  

    “Sarah!?” I managed to gasp after a very long couple seconds. 

    She looked over at me, her jaw slack for a moment. Then she grinned and reached out her arms in my direction. She didn’t cover her boobs, didn’t frown or look embarrassed at me seeing her like this. No, she was utterly delighted. 

    I hurried to her side and tried to comfort her. “Sarah, what’s wrong honey, what are you doing on the floor like this?” 

    Sarah blinked innocently and then said, “Pwayin’ wid Dabey.” 

    She said it like it was normal, like it was something fun she wanted to tell me about. 

    “Lookit!” she continued, pointing. “Gotta ball!” 

    I frowned but nodded. “Oh yes Sarah, I can see that honey.” 

    “Ids pink!” she added. 

    “Yes honey, that’s right.” 

    “I wike pink,” she informed me, like it was very important information. 

    “Honey, what’s happened to you? Why are you playing ball with Davey? You’re a grown-up honey.” 

    Sarah gaped at me a moment and I hoped I had jogged her memory, maybe woken something up inside her. 

    She took one finger and tapped it against her temple. “Gotta boo-boo ‘nd Mummy fixed it. But Sawah gots widdle.” 

    I shook my head. That just wasn’t possible. The virus couldn’t work that fast. She couldn’t have regressed so suddenly, so completely could she have? 

    Sarah saw that I was upset and she pouted too. But she wanted to help, wanted to cheer me up. She grabbed my hand and announced, “Sawah got all pweety!” showing off her lipstick smeared face.  

    I forced a smile, for her sake. “Oh, yes, I see that. You used your lipstick.” 

    She nodded wildly. “Is Mummy’s wippy-stick. She wet me hab it.” 

    “Mummy?” I questioned, wondering who she was talking about for the second time. 

    Sarah nodded, looking behind me, looking at Molly. 

    “Honey, that’s Molly, your friend,” I reminded her, so embarrassed. 

    But she shook her head. “No. Daz Mummy,” she insisted. 

    I frowned. “Sweeetie, you’re just very confused right now. Because of the boo-boo,” I added for her benefit. “We’ll worry about that later, but we need to get you dressed right now,” I told her quietly, feeling very uncomfortable about my girlfriend being nude in front of this man who I had never met, a man who was just sitting there watching us without even introducing himself to me. 

    But Sarah scrunched up her face like something smelled bad. “Dun wanna get dwessed. Mummy said I c’n be nakey.” 

    I gave Molly a reproachful glance then explained, “Honey I’m in charge right now and I think you’ll actually be a lot more comfy once we have you in a shirt and some shorts and um… big girl panties.” 

    But Sarah crossed her arms and shook her head, pigtails whipping about. “Dun wanna! Dabey gotta nakey bum,” she pointed out. 

    “I think it’s much better for her to just stay as she is,” Molly interjected. “It will help a lot with pottying.” 

    I could ignore her presence no longer. I stood up and faced her. “First of all, I don’t see how that would help. She’d just have accidents all over the house…”

    “When Davey has accidents like that he has to help Mummy clean them up. It helps him learn,” Molly interrupted.  

    “But much more importantly what happened?! If Sarah was sick why didn’t you take her to a hospital? Why not call me? You have my number!” I raged. 

    Molly took the abuse with a smile. “Oh she wasn’t sick honey,” she answered. 

    I blinked. “Wasn’t sick? Are you nuts? Look at her, she’s had ACDV!” 

    Molly just shook her head. “No, no, nothing like that. She’s just had a nice chat with my friend Dr Morris over here.” 

    I looked over at the silent man on the couch. He gave me a little nod as if to confirm what Molly was saying. 

    “What do you mean a chat?” 

    “Dr Morris is a very skilled hypnotist. He helped Sarah to forget all get grown-up worries and thoughts, helped her be the happy little nudist toddler you see now,” Molly explained. 

    This was madness, she’d clearly lost her mind. “You can’t hypnotise someone to be like that,” I gestured to my girlfriend as she played with her own bare feet, pulling one to her mouth and slipping a toe between her lips.  

    Molly just chuckled. “How do you think Davey ended up so sweet and innocent? No, he never had the virus either,” she explained. 

    I looked back at Davey, looking for some horror at this revelation of betrayal. He was nibbling on the filthy tips of his own toes, copying Sarah’s explorations the way little children often did.  He wasn’t paying attention to a word being said.  Grown-up talk meant nothing to him now. And apparently that was all just due to being hypnotised. 

    “That’s criminal!” I yelled. 

    Molly wasn’t offended. “I did what I had to. Dave was infertile. I’ve wanted children all my life, a big family. I could have left him, but to be honest I just loved him too much. I wanted to have a family with him in it. And Dr Morris showed me that was possible, but with Davey as one of the little ones. 

    “It didn’t hurt him,” she assured. “He went very easily, just drifted off into a trance. He was so happy when he woke up, so loving and silly I knew I’d made the right decision.” 

    “That’s truly horrible. Did you even discuss it with him? Did you ask if he wanted to be an incompetent toddler who needs help wiping his own butt after pooping?” 

    Molly shrugged. “Boys rarely know what is best for them. He’s happy now, that’s the important part.” 

    “And then you decided he needed a sister? So you did this to Sarah?!” 

    Molly finally shook her head. “No, no, not at all. I wanted him to have a playmate dear, a brother. I worked very hard the last few weeks trying to convince Sarah, trying to get her to agree you needed a trip to Dr Morris. But she just wouldn’t agree.” 

    I blinked, trying to take in this admission. I was the target, not Sarah. 

    “Well I knew she wouldn’t just sit by and do nothing if I acted on my own, so I’m afraid she had to see Dr Morris as well,” Molly explained, not really sounding sorry. 

    I looked down at my toe-sucking girlfriend and felt so sorry this happened to her because of me. “You’re a monster,” I whispered. 

    “Not at all,” Molly insisted. “Dr Morris was very good with her. He made sure she’d be ever so happy with her return to toddlerhood. She’s just overjoyed to be my pretty little princess.” 

    “She’s sitting there naked and sucking her toes! You took away her mind!” 

    Molly didn’t budge. “She’s adorable is what she is. She’s Mummy’s jaybird princess.” 

    “Reverse it! If you did this to her you have to be able to undo it. So put her back and we’ll forget it all.” 

    Molly shook her head. “Oh Mikey, you are going to forget it all, after you have a nice talk with Dr Morris. It won’t be so bad honey. I know it seems scary but look how smiley Davey and Sarah are.”

    “Not a chance in hell! No you have him fix her, right fucking now!” 

    Molly frowned. “Sorry honey but it’s a one-way trip. It’s too risky to just leave the adult personality and intellect hiding inside their heads somewhere. It could bubble up at the wrong time. Dr Morris has to wipe it away for good.”  

    This was a nightmare but I’d had enough of Molly’s excuses. I knelt back next to Sarah, tickling the sole of her foot lightly until she let the big toe slip from her lips. 

    “I eated footsies,” she giggled. 

    “Yes sweetie, you’re a very silly girl, but we need to get going now, okay? You need to come with me.” 

    Sarah looked confused. “Mummy comin’?” 

    “No baby, just us.” 

    She pouted. “Dun wanna go,” she insisted. 

    “Honey I’m your boyfriend, remember? You can come with me.” 

    Sarah giggled again, looking less upset, more amused. “Too widdle fow boys,” she told me. “Daz siwwy.”  

    Damn it. She was too far gone even to trust me as her boyfriend. She actually trusted Molly, her betrayer, the woman who ordered her reduced to a retarded simpleton, more than me.  

    Meanwhile Davey had stood up and walked over to Molly. I glanced over and noticed that his penis had grown fully erect and was bobbing back and forth as he walked. 

    “Mikey comin’ home?” he asked Molly eagerly.  

    “He sure is sweetie. Gonna have a new brother to play with,” she assured him. 

    This made Davey very excited. He bounced from foot to foot, his penis twitching and oozing precum. Molly noticed and reached right down, gripping the man’s erection. “Look how happy Davey is sweetie. He’s so keen to play with you he needs to make stickies.” 

    “Needa go squirt!” Davey announced brightly, thrusting forward into Molly’s hand. 

    Molly nodded and patted his back, pulling him closer and beginning to stroke his penis harder and faster. “That’s right, that’s a good boy. You deserve a nice big sticky squirt for being such a good boy. I bet Mikey will love having his stickies too.”  

    I shook my head. This was the last thing I wanted to see, my old friend panting and grunting as this monster jerked him off. But there was no stopping it and it was only seconds before his body tensed and we all watched his semen erupt out onto Molly’s hands and arms.  

    “Good job baby, get those creamies all out,” she urged him. “Feels so nice, I know.” 

    “That’s it. Sarah, we are going,” I declared, taking her hands and forcing her to stand up. 

    “Goin’? she asked innocently. 

    “For ice cream,” I lied. “Whatever kind you want princess!” 

    Her eyes lit up. “Bubba-gum!” she answered. 

    “Yep, bubblegum ice cream!” 

    Now she was willing to go, even if I was an icky boy. But as I turned, her hand in mine, the man on the couch got up, stepping in front of us. 

    “Look man, I have no desire at all to end up like them. If you come any closer or don’t get out of the way I will fuck you up.” 

    “Dazza naughty word!” Sarah gasped. 

    Morris didn’t budge. 

    “I’m very good at what I do,” he said, finally speaking. His voice was soft, calming, not at all what I expected from the large man.  “I promise you it will be fast and it will be complete. I finished with Sarah in about an hour. You can see how effective I am.” 

    “You aren’t listening to me. I don’t want to be a dumb baby and more than even that, I don’t want to be her dumb baby. You can’t make me love that monster!” 

    Morris showed no emotion. “You will be her toddler, her three year old little boy, a brother to Davey and Sarah. You’ll be a happy boy, a silly boy. You’ll run around nakey same as them, using the potty when you can, learning your colours and shapes. You’re going to have fun, you’re going to forget all about these silly worries you’re having.” 

    I turned to Molly. “Call him off. You can’t get away with having three of us. It’s suspicious.” 

    “Not really. It’s a virus, it’s contagious. You caught it from Sarah, you’re both toddlers and I’ve been gracious enough to take you both in on top of my own poor little Davey.”  

    Sarah stamped her bare foot on the carpet. “Wan’ my ithe cweam!” she insisted. 

    “Just a minute honey,” I urged. 

    “Toddlers don’t have patience,” Morris interjected. “You won’t either in a few minutes.” 

    It was time to end this standoff. He couldn’t hypnotise me against my own will. I was leaving and so was Sarah. Holding her hand tightly I moved for the doorway. Morris didn’t jump at me, he just threw something in the air. It was a handful of some kind of powder. No it was glitter. And it filled the air before me, shimmering and blinking, dazzling me. 

    I stopped, waiting for it to clear, but it almost seemed to hang in the air, a blizzard of flickering colours. How did it stay up like that? 

    A hand tapped my shoulder. I hadn’t even seen Morris move but he was at my side suddenly. “Amazing how it flickers,” he said softly. 

    I wanted to pull away from him, but he was right. It did flicker, it was so weird. I focused more on the floating glitter. 

    “It’s special dust,” he continued. 

    I nodded. 

    “It’s sleepy dust. Just looking at it puts you right to sleep.” 

    A wave of drowsiness. No! I had to look away. But I couldn’t. The glitter was making me too sleepy. It was sleepy dust. 

    “You’re a sleepy boy now,” came a soft whisper. 

    I was so tired. 

    “Drop deep, nice deep sleep.” 

    My head got so heavy, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I let them shut, just for a second. 


    Sarah and Davey is hidin’ somewhere. It’s a game. We play games a lot. My job is to find ‘em. I the seeker. The seeker supposed to count. But I’m not big enough to count yet. Mummy says I’ll learn numbers at preschool. So Mummy counted for me. She counted to a big number while I covered my eyes. Then she patted my back and said I could go find brother and sister. 

    I look all over the upstairs. I don’t see ‘em anywhere. They not under the bed, too small. They not in the closet, that’s my most favourite place to hide. They gotta be downstairs. 

    I walk along the wooden floor and my feet make squeaky noises and it feels sticky on my bare soles. My feets are really tough now. I c’n run on the driveway and the footpath when we go for walks to the park in the middle of the afternoon. Mummy says it’s too hot for grown-ups feets cuz they got shoes. 

    I gonna go downstairs but then I remember something. That feeling I got in my tummy. It’s pee-pees. I need to do ‘em so bad. But forgot cuz I was lookin’ and now it’s so bad and uh-oh, I’m doin’ lots of tinkles all over the wood floor, all over my bare feets. I not wearing any clothes so my pee-pee just goes everywhere as my doodle is all free between my legs. I always go nakey at home. I really like being nakey, feels so free and comfy and Davey goes all nakey too. I wanna be like him. He’s my brother. 

    I feel bad, I feel silly. I suck on my thumb and wait for the tinkles to be done. 

    “Mikey honey, what are you doing?” 

    It’s Mummy! I turn around and look at my toes. She must see the puddle. Am I in trouble? 

    “Oh baby, you had a tinkle accident,” she coos. Her voice isn’t angry, it’s soft and nice.

    I not in trouble. I nod. “Hadded ‘n akee-dent Mummy. Dids pee-pees,” I admit.  

    Mummy waves me over, arms open. I feel much better. I hurry over and she gives me big cuddles. It’s always extra nice having cuddles at home cuz I’m nakey and that’s extra good feeling Mumm’s arms around my bare skin. 

    “It’s okay Mikey. Accidents happen. But we need to clean up before someone slips don’t we?” Mummy asked. 

    I nod. “Gotta cwean,” I agreed. I’m a big boy, I can help clean! Mummy gets me the bucket and cloth and I get down on my hands and knees, my pee-pee is all dangly and I wash it as best I can. Mummy watches and I grin back at her.  I love my Mummy so much! 

    Damien glanced down at himself, simply laughing as he saw and felt the leather creak, his tight new pants confined against him as he walked out of the store, starting to head back to his apartment. He had no idea why his friend decided to order him the “smart leather pants” before, especially claiming that it would be good for their holiday to a spa, someplace called The Studio, something which he doubted with how hot it could be over there. But Damien wasn’t the type to say no to a gift so when his friend called almost just as he got in, he had to answer.

    “Hey Jack, I just got the pants you ordered, they feel tight,” chuckled Damien as he could hear them creak with every movement. It was odd, he felt as if they started to feel a lot tighter and a lot closer to his ass and his cock, almost like he was wearing no underwear underneath.

    “Glad to hear it man, they’re pretty good,” said Jack, “I just saw the picture you sent me. I hope you take them with us tomorrow.” Damien seemed a bit confused, still smiling as he wondered why exactly Jack was so keen on the pants.

    “Yeah, hey Jack man why are these called ‘smart’ leather pants? They just seem normal to m-” Damien stopped himself, gasping slightly as he felt something on the underside of his cock, some sort of pressure was applied, something light and sensual almost like a hot breath on the head of his cock. “Yeah sorry, why are they called tha-” Damien yelped, shutting his mouth as he felt another pressure at his ass, similar to a finger starting to gently stroke his exposed ass, almost getting ready to stretch them apart. Damien looked down to see the leather almost churning slightly, as if it was alive and moving.

    “Oh, I think you’ll see soon enough,” Jack laughed before hanging up. Damien was shocked but before he could respond, he felt something lick at his cock. He looked down starting to see his thighs slowly looking as if they were filling it, muscular crevices starting to pop through and watch as he could feel the thighs growing heavier, more muscular, stretching more and more as the transformation worked down to his legs.

    “Fuck-” Damien cried out as he felt the familiar sensation of something like a mouth taking in his cock, his erection pressed against the leather which wrapped itself around it, watching as it started to lengthen and grow thicker whilst it started to snake down his thigh, his cock starting to throb almost as if he was fucking something he felt the need to start thrusting forward, the desire to pump his cum into something was just becoming far too much for what he realised was his shrinking brain.

    With every drop of pre-cum that streamed out of his cock, Damien felt his IQ dropping, reaching lower and lower as he felt his head fall back. He was thrown forward, his ass exposed as the feeling of a tongue fucking his open ass was causing him to moan just as his cheeks started to grow, rounding off into a sizeable or “fuckable” as Damien thought, bubble butt.

    Damien reached for his phone, trying to call for somebody, anybody, but he started to see his hand change, the tone darkening ever so slightly from his usual pale complexion as his fingers grew larger, becoming thicker and longer as they stretched out and simply threw his phone away, no longer under his control as they started to simply enjoy his body, playing with his nipples as he couldn’t take it anymore.

    “Oh fuck, please-” Damien’s cock started to quiver as he began to cum, pumping more and more cum that was just being absorbed by the leather, streaming down his own legs as he felt his feet, his own toes similar to his hands, begin to stretch forward, clawing through his socks and having the same darker complexion as the soles stretched out as his large feet were on the floor.

    However with every spurt of cum that came shooting out of his cock, Damien started forgetting everything, watching as the transformation was going quickly, every throb from his pumping cock that felt he was fucking the tightest most fuckable ass in front of him with every thrust, made his muscles begin to grow quickly, his toned biceps suddenly becoming larger as he felt himself granted with new abs, larger pectoral muscles that started to fade from the fast that was his stomach.

    Gotta get out of this…Gotta think

    Damien’s eyes were glazed over as he lost count of how many times he moaned, how many orgasms he was, he guessed he was on his fifth, until he realised he was starting to lose all sense of self, not even knowing how to count to five as his cock continued to pump and throb more and more, being milked of all his cum and his intelligence.

    Gotta think


    He felt his jawline starting to change, stubble slowly growing where it couldn’t before as his brown hair styled itself, the tongues at his cock and ass not letting up, letting one final orgasm shake Damien’s mind and body as he slowly forgot any means or will to resist what was happening before it stopped, his cock wet and dripping as his moans slowly subsided.

    Can’t think…

    By now, Damien slowly got up, looking down at himself as he smiled, finally understanding as Jack was calling him. They were ‘smart’ leather pants, not for what they looked like, but because they drained your smarts, at least for a while. Needless to say Damien was enjoying his trip to The Spa, as is Jack, his new white speedo to stuff his cock in for the trip.

    And you too can enjoy a set of ‘smart’ leather pants too, they’ll be coming soon, and so will you.


    Could you do a Truman show type transformation where I wake up to being transformed into a hunk and as I get used to my new life I'm unknowingly having my life broadcast on TV?


    Awwwww you think you’ve only just ended up on TV, the world has been enjoying your life for years.We have all been watching you grow up into an awkward nerdy runt only to suddenly grow into a rampaging muscle stud over the course of one night. I made a killing betting that your change in weight would break your bed, lost money betting you’d be a redhead.

    Most of the audience jumped ship to see how the new young guy deals with childhood and his teenager years, I hate spin off shoes.

    But a few fans have stayed to watch what you get up too now your a sex machine, the show has changed its tone a lot. The producers keep throwing you into situations where you need to take or shirt off, or pull your beer can fat dick out. You have made us who still watch very happy, always flexing, and even though you have no clue you somehow always flex directly at camera.


    The viewers voted about what they wanted for the new season...


    “Size 14 flip flops and a shell necklace”

    “Yeah, dude, you should try these on”, Calvin says as he hands Dave the size 14 flip flops and a shell necklace. Dave takes them and looks at them; “I don’t know, these are huge! They are like twice the size of my feet! Plus, the flip flops kinda smell like they have been used!” “I know man, it will be funny! Go put them on”, he says as he pushes Dave into a dressing room. Dave looks in the mirror and shrugs, Why not? He quickly shucks his shirt and slides the necklace over his shirt, the shell hanging on his bare chest. He then takes off his sneakers and socks, putting on the giant flip flops. It felt a like an electric shock run through his body, and Dave groaned. His feet begin to feel like they are cramping. He groans as he feels his feel swell larger. His eyes bulge out as he sees his toes and feet stretching larger and bigger. Within a few seconds, he sees his feet fit perfectly in his size 14 flip flops. “Whoa!”, he says, feeling his new huge feet! Dave gasps as he sees thick blonde clumps of hair sprout out on the good of his feet and even on his toes. It was a sharp contrast to his brown hair. Dave sniffs the air and notice his new feet were kind of stinky. As he was examining his new feet, his next changes struck. He felt his legs swelling, stretching longer, making him taller. Muscles formed, giving him muscular and vascular legs. His brown leg hair sucked into his body, being replaced with much more blonde hair. Within seconds his legs at covered in a veritable jungle of blonde hairs. Dave felt his and contract and ache, so he groaned and grabbed them. He could feel his abs becoming hard and defined under his hand! Soon, he had a six pack of rock hard abs! Plus, he noticed a sparse trail of blonde hair creeping up past his shorts and around his navel! Dave stood back up and noticed he was now taller! His torso was stretching out too! He looked down and saw more hair around his belly button. The hairs were getting much thicker! Just then, it felt like Dave was simultaneously having an incredible orgasm and getting kicked in the balls! He moaned in pleasure and pain as he shocked his shorts. He saw a huge bulge in his boxers, much bigger than before. Diving his hands down the front he feels there is a lot more to him than before! He shucks the boxers as well, leaving them to in a pile on the floor next to his huge, hairy feet. Dave gasps at what he sees! A huge cock dangles from his groin, jutting out from a huge tangled jungle of blonde pubes. It was at least 8 inches soft.  He grasps it in his hands, feeling the girth. He let out a small moan. He see that his balls as well were much bigger, although they were hard to see with all his pubes now. Examining his cock, Dave notices that he now that a foreskin over his head. He touches it, and shivers from the sensation. His rod begins to pump full of blood, slowly filling with blood. He looks down and notice that the blond fur was travelling up his torso. His stomach was already covered in a thick rug. Dave spied thick blonde hairs spreading up his forearms too! It was so thick, and it made his arms look so manly. He notices veins pumping up and down his arms as well. He groans as he feels his biceps plump up, slowly becoming larger and harder. Soon enough, Dave had fully developed biceps, with muscular hairy arms. Suddenly, Dave felt a strong itching sensation under his arms. He reached to scratch them and notices a thick blonde bush sticking out of his pits, and it was still growing! His chest begins to itch as well, as thick hairs squirm out in the center and.around his nipples. Dave feels his chest puff up, slowly swelling with muscle. This was insane! He rubbed his hands over his pecs as they slowly swelled up to the size of an NFL player. He also felt all the hair growing as well, quickly becoming a thick rug. His shell necklace was almost totally lost in the thick curly hairs. He scratched his armpit again, noting the hair was even thicker. Dave noticed he was starting to smell a bit like BO too. As his chest finished growing, and the rug on his chest stopped in it’s growth, he grabbed his huge rod, which was fully hard. He grasped it in his now huge, calloused, hairy hands. He moaned as he pumps up and down. Dave felt thick blonde stubble sprout all over his face, giving him a thick scruff. His facial features became more brutish and masculine. After stroking his erection for a few moments, Dave was about to cum, he leaned his head back and moaned as a huge load shot out of his new cock. As he moaned, he felt a huge pressure in the.back of his neck. A massive, prominent Adams apple grows out of his neck. Dave moans again, his huge Adams apple bobbing up and down. Dave is statyled by how deep and masculine his moan was. He shot another load all over himself. As he orgasmed, his brain felt funny. He was finding it harder to think. He shot another load and a dumb look came over him. It almost felt like his brain was shrinking! After his huge orgasm had subsided, Dave sat there, naked and panting. A stupid look dawned on his scruffy face. A string of drool dribbled down his lip. “Duuuude. That felt fucking awesome”, He said to himself in his new deep,voice.  Dave searched his mind for what he was doing in this dressing room? Why wasn’t he at the beach with his surf board? He was missing killer waves right now! Plus all the hot girls were at the beach! Dave pulled up his boxers and pants, showing off an obscene bulge in his pants. He slipped into his size 14 flip flops. He opens the door and exits, heading straight for the beach. Dave was now a 25 year old surfer, dumb as a box of rocks, with his mind only able to think about fucking and surfing. He kind of stunk, showing off the fact that basic hygiene was out of the realm of Dave’s intellect. He walked out of the store as a massive, hung, hairy surfer stud, 6 foot 3, and 230 pounds. Dave headed for the beach, and headed to his new life.


    Hot as hell

    Todd was a simple guy. He had no real interest in a career, or in anything requiring too much effort. Todd had low self-esteem and was a lethargic lump on his parent’s couch: 50 lbs overweight, acne-ridden, and no social skills whatsoever. Yet, he longed terribly for a life of leisure and lust. Living in Laguna Beach, the models and surfers dominated the streets, flashing their perfect chill lives to everyone around them. Even if it was only to observe them at a closer distance, he accepted a boring job at the Royal Coast Surf Company in the cargo room. All his coworkers were sexy surfers and part time Abercrombie models. And then there was Todd, sitting on the crate with his phone, stinking of patchouli. Dillon, his manager, had had enough of his laziness and terrible work ethic. “Alright boys, take the rest of the day off! You’ve been working your asses off! Except you, Toddy boy. You’ll be working the next shipment by yourself. Maybe it’ll get you off your lazy ass!” Todd didn’t once look up from his phone, deciding instead to continue reading his Reddit threads. Eventually, it became dark outside. Todd’s shift ended at 10 PM, only a few hours away. He had to get a move on. As he opened the long abandoned truck, filled with big wooden crates, he noticed a strange van parked to the right of the building. The lights were off, but the back door to the van was ajar. Upon closer inspection, the interior of the raggedy van was tricked out! A bed with black satin sheets, blacklight christmas lights, beanbag chair, and shiny black trunk filled with heavily used, though expensive clothes. Todd wondered who owned this awesome van! As he crawled out the back, ready to continue his job, he noticed a sick pair of patent leather boots. They were really broken in: the soles had clear footprints embedded on them, and they had a salty-sweet sweaty smell to them. Whether it was him fantasising about being the mysterious owner of the van, or just the fact that they looked awesome, Todd felt the insatiable need to put on the boots. “Go on, dude. there’s a reason I left the door open…” A strange wispy voice filled the relaxing van. The scent of the boots grew stronger and enveloped the room. “Just slide ‘em on bro. They’re nice and warm. Already broken in for ya.” Todd felt safe in the friendly voice, encouraged, as if his insecurities melted away with every word the chill voice said. He peeled off his bland sandals, and slowly slid his feet into the slick boots. “Ahh, good. it’s been so long since I’ve felt skin & bones.” Todd fell tired, and sat down on the edge of the silky mattress. A red manifestation began to creep up and sit down next to him. It threw a muscly, musky ghost arm around his shoulder, as if they’d been friends for years. “Aight, bro, this is how this’ll go down. I’ve been watching you for a while now. You look like a really sad lump. All the time. When I was around, I was the chillest and coolest motherfucker around. Just sayin’. So, what do you say we help eachother out?” It slapped Todd’s back, comforting him. In a trance, Todd nodded, brainless. “Siiiiick, dude. Let’s do it, bro!” The ghost pulled his muscle packed arm off Todd’s shoulder, and calmly pushed his hand into his arm. Todd felt his fingers sliding into his own, like putting on a long rubber glove. As his hand began to clutch into a fist on it’s own, he felt the ghost’s bulging muscles push out underneath his skin. Looking down, he watched as his formerly flabby arm flexed, now packing on lean muscle. The ghost giggled. “Like that, bruh?” His hand flipped a thumbs up. Todd heard more quiet laughter, as he felt the ghost’s second arm push into his own; the transformation’s pace quickened this time, his muscles bulged and veins protruded. A banded tattoo rippled onto his wrist. “Awesome. Aight, bro, this next part is pretty crazy feeling. Just get ready.” The ghost flung both rubbery legs into Todd’s, immediately bursting his cheap skinny jeans with lean, long legs and filling out the boots with size 14 feet. “My favourite part, bro.” His arms pulled his foot to his face, inhaling the amazing musk from his boots. “Get used to that smell, dude. We don’t get many showers until after the competitions.” His stomach bubbled and gurgled with the incredible feeling of abs and pecs stretching his Panic at the Disco shirt to the max. His body forced his head into his newly pungent pits, which forced his newly gigantic cock to spring to attention. “I see you like this as much as I do. We’re gonna kill it, bro. We’re gonna be so fuckin awesome.” He felt the head of the ghost slide into his ear canal, the phrase ‘so fucking awesome’ repeating in the cavernous ear canal. His mind floated in bliss, while his hair cropped into a buzz, and a handsome, manly face began to protrude from his skull. His moans evolved into a cavalcade of “Oh yeahhhh” and “Fuuuuuuck yeaah.” Eventually, Todd could only watch as his sweaty palms began furiously stroking his beautiful 11 inch cock. He threw his face into his pits again, and a continuous stream of stick cum burst from his member. “Fuck dude. We’re gonna do just fine with this. Name’s Tod, with one ‘D’.” Quickly slipping on some of his typical musky attire from the trunk: a sweat-stained white tank, well worn black jeans, and his everyday grey beanie; he unloaded the boxes quicker than any of his coworkers, motivated by talk of unreal midnight waves at Zuma that night. He pulled out his new phone, texting some old friends out in Malibu. “Let’s go, Tod, waves are waiting!” He jumped into the driver’s seat, and rolled down Sunset Boulevard toward the beach. Maybe some sexy beach bums and bettys would light up with him… Or pop his now silky virgin cherry. Tod was gonna be the best slacker there was, with a happily captive audience.

    For my good friend.

    Peter had fallen in love with Ricky. There was only one problem: Peter was a nerdy, quiet gay boy, and Ricky was a rough & tumble gym rat who was very straight. To make things even worse, they were neighbours. Ricky was a total alpha, and that typically showed. Hed put on a show when he was doing yard work: lifting those giant bags of mulch above his head… Sweaty from hard work in the blazing sun… Muscles bulging… And Ricky knew damn well Peter was watching. From when he moved into the neighbourbood from Nashville, Ricky felt out of place. The city was often filled with retirees or families, so there was very little to do for the twenty-somethings. In short, Ricky was lonely and bored. Thats why he decided that nerdy, weakling Peter would be better suited as a country bro like him. Thats why Ricky called Peter over to help him lay some mulch down behind the poolhouse. Thus, it was quite a shock when Peter was pushed up against the poolhouse wall by Ricky, his boring green plaid shirt being ripped from his unimpressive frame. Even more surprising was Ricky’s thick tongue forcing its way into his mouth. Ricky put Peters hand on his damp crotch, sliding into his dirty boxers. Peter slid down to enjoy Rickys smelly cock, but payed no notice to his hair lightening to a dirty blonde, and styling itself into a buzz cut. Nor did he notice his formerly clean hands stain a dark brown from days of work in the dirt, or the traces of a familiar stink coming from his body. Ricky, seeing this, pulls his cock out of Peters mouth, and rips a hole in rhe boys skinny jeans, right over his asshole. Lining his gigantic cock over the hole, he shoved the monster into him. Peter gasped, tears running down his face, and began to realize some strange differences. His formerly skinny torso inflated with muscle with every thrust. Every time Rickys monster cock rammed into his virgin hole, his mind replaced years of theatre, speech, and debate with football, beer, and weightlifting. His quads burst through the thin jeans, and his feet rapidly tore apart the pristine white tomals he was wearing. All along, his confidence increased and a healthy southern accent bubbled out of his lips. Ricky shot a giant load into Peters new bubble butt, and nearly collapsed, pleased with his work. “Aight, man. Yer gonna come over tonight fer round two, right?” The newly country-ized Peter grinned and replied, “Bet yer goddamn ass I am. Take yer shorts off.” He handed Peter his sopping wet shorts and boxers, and slid on the pair of trackies he had laying ready for this very circumstance. He had meticulously planned Peters transformation into his country bro, complete with cigarettes. “Lets light up man. Almost done, then we got some more work to do.”

    Tumblr request

    Story request and pic sent by gusto55.

    Alex was a fat nerd. At least that’s what people always called him, even in college where one would think people would start getting more mature. He was into computer science and Xbox and was rarely outside leaving him pale and fat. Very eager to skip any health food to snack on some chips and chocolate when pulling all nighters, either studying or playing WoW. He hated sports but his school had a lot of pride revolving around it, and a lot of his classmates were into it and to be honest he felt left out.

    One day, perhaps out of curiosity and boredom more then anything he decided to go to a NFL game being played in a field in the area, just to try to understand what all the hype was about. He went and tried to get into it, buying sodas and food and trying to follow what was going on but he had a rough time. He watched for what felt like hours and couldn’t grasp the barbaric game. He thought he understood the rules or at least the gist of them but it seemed like there were exceptions. It looked more like a game of “try to kill whoever is holding the ball.” At the end he also felt compelled to buy a pair of athletic shorts from a stand on the way out, trying to embrace the experience.

    He went home feeling like he had just wasted a lot of time, but a part of him wanting to go back. Out of curiosity he changed into the shorts he had just bought and looked in the mirror. He got the thought that he looked good, even though the shorts didn’t really change anything at first.

    But after a few minutes he noticed his thighs and ass started to firm up with muscle. That went down to his calves and up into his torso, the muscle spreading. He watched amazed as his fat stomach shrieked away as a set of strong and started to pop out. His man boobs shrunk and firmed up into large meaty pecs, and he kept looking feeling a mixture of confusion and pride at all that was happening. His shoulders got broader and his arms beefed up to the point were some veins were piping out. His shirt got ripped and tore off due to all these muscles. His skin started to get tan as a thick pelt of dark hair, almost fur like, started to cover his chest. His eyes turned green as his face got more masculine and a very thick beard sprouted from his skin.

    A hat appeared on his head and he felt a sharp pain as his mind started to drain and get weaker. He started losing all the gaming info and the school knowledge but started to finally understand the football game he had gone to. He filled with pride and strength and a beastly need to tackle and fight and watch sports! He jumped online to get tickets to more games nearby and couldn’t wait to go to practice for his schools football team!


    Your friend pulls you into the kitchen as soon as you were alone, and you have no idea why. Then he pulls out his already hard cock. For a second you’re about to yell, and then you really get to looking at his dick. It’s hard, yes, and a nice shade, a soothing color somehow. Something about it is just so pleasing to the eye, maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s the length, but you’re pretty sure it’s how hard it looks. Hard as a rock. Hard as steel. Hard as …

    Hard as …

    Hard … to think.

    Hard… for words.

    Hard, so hard.

    Hard, you’re so hard.

    Hard to think when you’re so …

    Hard is nice.

    Hard is good.

    Hard cock, his cock is hard.

    Hard is good, his cock is hard, his cock is good.

    His cock is hard and smooth.

    His cock is hard and blank.

    Hard is good, and cock is good, and cock is blank, and blank is good.

    Hard is good and cock is good, and blank is good.

    You are hard, and you are good, and you are blank.

    Hard is horny, cock is hard, blank is cock, and blank is horny.

    When hard, you’re blank and horny.

    When horny you’re blank and hard.

    When blank you’re hard and horny.

    His cock is hard and blank and good, and his hard, blank, good cock obeys him.

    When you’re hard and blank and horny, you obey his cock.

    When you’re hard and blank and horny, you obey him.

    Hard is good, and you are good, and horny is blank, and you are blank and horny, and you will obey.





    Hard cock.

    Horny cock.

    Blank cock.

    Obey his cock.

    Hard, horny, blank and obedient cock.

    He tells you to look up and you do, even though you want to keep looking at his hard, horny, blank, obedient cock. All he asks, once you’ve looked into his eyes, is a simple question.

    “Are you ready to obey?”

    Heat stroke

    “License and registration please…” I sigh and give the cop my documents. I should have stopped at the intersection, I knew it, but I had ignored my gut and now I was going to pay the price. The cop was a young guy in his twenties, my age, yet looked every bit the cop with his slicked back hair and his trimmed moustache. “You ignored the stop sign at that intersection.” “Yes I did, sir” Maybe if I showed him some respect, the cop would be less harsh. I really really can’t afford a to pay a traffic ticket on my minimum wage student job. “Please sir, I know I was in the wrong but is there any chance you could leave it at a warning?” The cop grinned. “I just might… How about a blow job in the bushes?” Oh Christ! No way in hell I’m gonna do that!! I didn’t know what to say, I felt my cheeks reddening. A mix of anger, disgust and frustration was overwhelming my mind. “I… I … I can’t do that, sir” I managed to get out. The cop laughs out loud. “Don’t worry mate, I’ve got a different solution.” The guy grabs a small weird black square tablet out of his pocket. I hear a click and realise he has taken a picture of me. “I’ve got just the picture to match yours with. Some model I once saw on the internet…” the cop says vaguely. Is the guy mocking me? I’m not bad looking, but since I’m built like a bodybuilder with short cropped hair and pale skin I wasn’t exactly what you call a model. Then it hits me that the guy has taken a picture… of me!! This is seriously conflicting… The mere idea that some fag is going to jack off looking at a picture of me … At the other hand…no ticket? The cop gives my documents back and waves me off. I decide to not question it any longer. It’s a sunny day and I still have a lot of road to cover before I’m back at the university.

    Damn, it’s too sunny… My car is starting to resemble an oven… I’m sweating like crazy. Also my head is hurting. Probably a light heat stroke… For some reason I’m having trouble recognizing the road. Am I still on the right way? Bah, my hair keeps falling into my eyes… Too bad it’s not long enough to tuck it behind my ears. Maybe I should get it cut… the bieberlook is starting to get old after all. Absentminded I scratch my chin. Whoaw! My skin feels really coarse! I shaved this morning! I take a quick glance in the mirror to see some light scruff on my cheeks and skin. It really accentuates my jawline quite well, I should skip shaving more often… Seems lighter too than my normal black scruff… But damn it, it looks awesome. I brush my hair out of my face and tuck the tips behind my ears. It’s hardly long enough to stay put though. A few more months waiting for it to grow and it would be long enough. Then I notice my arms…Immediately I hit the brakes, really panicking right now. It’s like I’m looking at the arms of a stranger… The first thing I see is they are tan and smooth. The hairs on my arms are just gone!! Even my freckles have somehow disappeared. They even look smaller!! Still muscular, but no longer the thirty inch biceps I was so proud of. I feel like screaming! I hardly notice I’m actually already sobbing.

    A honking car makes me jump up. I’m driving in the wrong lane!! When did I start driving again? Quickly I manage to steer myself back into the right lane. Man, where the hell had I been with my thoughts!! I really should pay more attention to the road! This damned heat… Oh yes! A red light! Finally! I can use the small pause to remove my shirt. It’s wet and kinda loose. Thought I had taken a smaller size this morning? No… Must have grabbed one from the wrong basket! This shirt is obvious a few sizes too big. I throw the sweaty shirt on the backseat, enjoying the coolness on my smooth fit body. A cold and unfamiliar feeling hits me between my pecs and around my neck. I look down to see two dog tags dangling… Of course, without my shirt the cool steel now hits my chest, that’s what I felt… I shake my head. What is up with me this day… It’s like I can’t think logically anymore. Whoa! I’m driving next to the woods again. Did I somehow turn around? No, would have noticed that… Stupid heat! Strangely enough I’m hardly sweating. I peek in the mirror. For a minute I suddenly lose control over the wheel. Okay, something is seriously wrong with me… Why did I just freak out like that? I look in the mirror again. Nothing wrong here! Just my normal face… Good god I’m hot! I sweep through my long shoulder length honey brown hair, whilst keeping one eye on the road. Speaking of eyes… There is something wrong with mine… They are so blue… That’s not right! I blink a few times. Flecks of green appear in the blue, pushing it aside. As I blink again, the blue is completely replaced with a nice olive green. I feel somehow relieved, this is how it should be… Why had they looked blue? Too late I realise I missed a stop sign. And someone else noticed it too. A police car appears behind me and gestures me to stop. I park the car and roll the window down.

    “License and registration please…” I smile and give the cop my documents. I should have stopped at the intersection, I knew it, but I had been to occupied with my strange reflection and now I was going to pay the price. The cop was a young guy in his twenties, about ten years younger than me, yet looked every bit the cop with his slicked back hair and his trimmed moustache. “You ignored the stop sign at that intersection.” “Yes I did, sir” Showing a bit of respect never hurt anyone. Who knows he might even let me go with a warning! Though I can easily afford to pay a traffic ticket with my job as a professional model. “Please sir, I know I was in the wrong. What will be my due?” The cop grinned. “How about a blow job in the bushes?” I can’t help but smile. The guy is certainly cute enough. God knows I’ve been fucked by uglier guys. That’s how I rose to the top after all… “Just a blow job? Too bad… You see, I’ve got a long road ahead of me and my butt is quite hungry…” The cop laughs out loud. “Oh I’ll gladly help you out! But before we do that!” He grabs a small square tablet. “Yeah, thought already that you reminded me of someone. You look just like this model.” On the screen is a photo of some ugly hairy overly muscled young guy next to a picture of a handsome model that looks exactly like me.

    “Cool! Maybe he is my secretive twin” There’s a flashing red button on the screen that says ‘seal physical and mental changes’. Something inside my mind is nagging me about it. But I can feel my dick standing full mast already. I’ve often fantasized about guys in cop uniform. I’m so horny right now! All I want right now is that cop’s dick in my mouth and after that I want that hot young stud to fuck me raw! I grab the tablet, press the annoying flashing button and throw it on the seat next to mine. No distractions! I want that cock!!

    A Revenge Fantasy

    You feel your mouth flicker into a snarl, your fists balling at your sides.  You see your muscles twitching under your skin.  You aren’t looking in his eyes - you know what happened the last time you did that.  Well, you sort of do.  It’s like a story you tell yourself, half-remembered, just the basics, and only sort of how it ends.  First, the slow creeping numbness over your brain, like fog over the river on a cold morning.  The humming, the buzzing, that rises in the same manner.  You know that if you let your eyes close, just a little bit, just a fraction, they might slam shut.  You might wake up somewhere else again.

    The way his words slide in and out of your consciousness.  It’s like trying to hold onto a slippery rope, coated in oil.  Your hands just keep sliding, even as you fight to hold on.  To concentrate on the words he is saying, not just the sounds they make, the way they piece together.  It’s so important to fight, to fight it with all your might.  It is important because if you don’t, you might slip, slip just a little, lose your footing.  Every single one of your muscles is wrought iron, is corded steel.  You are not superhuman.  You cannot keep this up forever. 

    The thought occurs, unbidden, a little suggestive, flicking in and out, stiletto-quick: is this part of it?  What are the words he is saying right now?  Maintain!  Focus!  Concentrate!  So many imperatives, so hard to -

    A wave of dizziness crashes into you, and you are faltering, teetering, there in the darkness behind your closed eyes.  Wait - when did you close your - are you become desperate?  Where are you on the slippery rope?  Your breath is so measured.  So even.   Wait, stop.  Breathe.  In, and out.  Relax.  You have this.  You can do this.  You are assured, you are confident.  Your mind is iron, just like your muscles.  You feel your muscles twitching under your skin.  Muscles are what is important.  They are how you maintain the fight against him.  You relax.  You grin.  There’s no way he beats you.  Not again.  Not with muscles like these.  This is what you are good for.  Muscles.  What’s he saying now?  It doesn’t matter that you don’t know.  You let the slippery rope slide.  You are confident.  You are laughing on the inside.  You let the tension drain out of you.  There’s no need to hold all that energy in your muscles, the best part of you.  All that electricity, all that fight.  You know he can’t best you, not with your muscles, not with muscles like yours.  You flex, just to show him who’s boss.

    “Well, you got me,” he says, and you open your eyes, swimming to the surface through what seems like an eternity of shifting colors, black to twilight to gray to blinding white - he is sitting there in front of you, smiling, arms crossed over his chest.  “You can’t be hypnotized.”

    “Yeah,” you say, uncomfortably rolling your shoulders.  “Can’t be hypnotized, bro.”  He grin widens.

    “And there’s no way I can get you to change your mind.”

    “Naw, can’t change my mind, bro.”  The words are out of your mouth before you can think to stop them.  Thinking to stop them seems like kind of a waste of time.  Who thinks before they speak?  What’s that even mean?  There’s a sort of fogginess.  You feel yourself frowning, just a little.

    “Aw, what’s the matter?  A little confused?”

    “Uhhh,” you start to get out, but it’s like your mouth’s filled up with cotton, or is it your head, or is it both?  It’s like having water in your ears after dunking your head underwater.  Try again.  “Uhhh…”

    “Wow, it really works.”  A new voice.  You turn your head to one side, surprised at how much effort it takes.  Someone standing next to him.  Staring at you, with a weird look on their face.  Something a little like surprise, but mostly like they just won something.  “And he’s gonna stay like this?”

    “He might relapse, but you just have to say his trigger phrase to get him to, ah, recharge, as it were.”

    “Or drain his batteries, haha.”  They share a high-five and then stare at you again. 

    What the fuck.  This isn’t right.  Something’s gone terribly wrong - you fought this!  You didn’t get hypnotized, you were strong, your muscles were flexed.  You start to stand up, and they’re staring at you.  “What’s a matter, bro?  Feel a little funny?”

    “Uhhh … yah,” you try to explain yourself.  I feel dizzy.  Faint.  Confused.  But the words just exist now as themes, as big feelings, in your head, and you don’t have the tools to describe them.  You make motions with your hands and arms.  You raise one arm from your side and clench your fist.  Your bicep engages, your tricep engages.  Parts of your lats and delt engage.  Your body is a machine which has been turned on, and this clears some of the fog.

    “Holy shit, he’s posing!”  The new dude is looking at the other dude.  They’re both skinny like twigs.  Glasses.  Smirky.  Fuckin nerds.  “This is nuts.”

    Your mouth opens.  “This isn’t me!  I’m not this way!  I flex, I flex, I - “

    They stare at you, for a long, unbroken moment, and then burst out into laughter, laughter that goes for so long that you raise your other arms and flex that one too.  That makes sense.  Flexing shows you’re strong.  Shows that you’re not weak.  Can’t be beat.  Can’t be hypnotized.  Can’t be made dumb.  You’re strong in the brains.  “I’m strong,” you say, but the brain part doesn’t make it out.  “I’m strong,” you try again, and then flex again.  God, it feels good.  You don’t want to stop.  You never will stop.

    “What about his classes?”

    “Taking care of that now.”  You hear typing.  He’s on your computer.

    “I flex!”  You protest.

    “Yeah, dummy.  You flex.  You just keep on flexing, and I’ll just keep on editing your life for you.  You won’t have to worry about being smart anymore.”

    What the fuck?  What is happening?  Your mind is spiralling into panic.  You are smart.  You are in the top level of your classes.  You are getting all As.  You tutor people!  You - “I flex!”

    “Looks like he’s trying to fight it,” the second nerd observes, pushing his glasses up on his nose.  “Man, his muscles are getting big … how long have you been doing this?”

    “The whole semester,” he says.  He looks at you square in the eyes.  “Mostly while he was sleeping.  I doubt he even remembers when he started going to the gym.  Work’s really paid off, though, hasn’t it.  Big muscles.”  He walks up to you.  He touches a finger to your forehead, presses.  “Little, tiny brain.”  He laughs.  “You’re right.  He is trying to fight it.  Let’s just fix that while his add/drops are processing.”  He turns back to you.  “Bet you’re sorry you ever fucked with me, dumbbell.”

    Don’t look at him in the eyes.  Don’t look at him in the eyes.  Don’t listen to his words.  Don’t let him -

    “Bet you’re sorry you ever called me dumbbell, dumbbell.”

    Don’t - no -

    His smirk.  His brief, short laugh.  His gray, gray eyes.

    “Go to sleep, dumbbell.”

    The tail of the slippery rope, vanishing into the darkness. 

    Best Friend All Over Again

    “You’re so hilarious dude! Me, Aaron Jackson, a nerd? You sure you not hurt your head, coz for me your brain fucked up, bro. No, I don’t even know you, so how can I be your roommate? I don’t like nerd, never make friend with one. They talkin’ shit bout jocks, never chill, readin’ book all the time and talkin’ bout big thing like their opinion matter. They claimed to be smart but have no clue bout sports, fuckin’ pathetic. I wonder why people like you want to wastin’ your youth stressin bout score. Ah, that’s why you become like this rite? Thinkin’ that I’m your roomie, well you better stop studyin’ or soon you’ll think me as your boyfriend,” said Aaron to his “ex” roommate, Cole

    “It must be the cap and the necklace. I’ve to free him from that cursed shit!”

    “Wow, wow, dude, it’s ma stuff. Watch your hands! Wow, wow, what did I said bout watch yo hands, keep that pasty hands of yours away from ma cap, get the hell out, dude,” said aaron, defending himself from Cole and pushed him away

    “Yo dude, wassup with this nerd?” said one of his jock bros

    “He tried to wreck ma stuff. Look what he had done to my cap, dustin’ it with sand,” said Aaron to his bros

    “Fuckin’ nerd. If you want it, here, I’ll put it on for you. We have plenty of it,”

    “No, no, keep that thing away fro me, no, no, don’t do it, I don’t want to be a meathead,”

    “Damn dude, we wanted nothing from you and you called us meathead, fuckin’ harsh dude, way too harsh. Spencer, you might have to knocked him off,” said the leader of the group, Miles

    “Finally, a nerd to clean my pit, c’mere you nerd, whiff this pit and become one of us,”

    *The Next Morning*

    “Wow Cole. Don’t you think it’s too early?” said Aaron to his best friend who’s having a business

    “Nothin’ too early for this. It looks like you’ve a friend that get excited too down there, eh?” said Cole, realizing Aaron’s morning wood

    Aaron smiled at his best friend and said

    “You know me too well dude. You mind if I sniff your socks while doin’ it?”

    “Someone becomin’ a good boy this morning. Here, take a whiff, and lick it till clean, I want to use it to the party tonight, the smell turn bitches on,” said Cole, continuing his business while his friend enjoying the taste and the smell of a real alpha


    Tom was happy when it finally downloaded. The chronivac program had a lot of rumors floating around about what it was capable of. Tom finally found a few website posts that gave him links to each other and once he was deep enough in the Internet he found a place to buy and download it. He nervously opened it up and let out a sigh of relief when he saw the program, half worried it could have been a virus or something.

    The screen said “subject located: Tom” and then listed his stats

    Name: Tom West Age: 24 Species: human Race: Caucasian (white) Sexual orientation: bi IQ: 115 Weight: 150 lbs (mostly fat) Height: 5'4 Body type: average (slightly overweight) Social status: unpopular college student (nerd subcategory)

    “Yikes it can really know all that?” He wondered. Next to all the info was a picture of him and he had options to change all that himself, or let the program randomly decide.

    He was sick of being nerdy so he looked through the social options and saw “popular college student (jock)” and choose that right away. Since it was a whole category it changed all the stats for him and he pressed “go” before he saw all the changes it made.

    Name: Johnny West Age: 21 Species: human Race: Caucasian (tanned) Sexual orientation: heterosexual IQ: 95 Weight: 140 lbs (mostly muscle) Height: 6'2 Body type: muscular (sports and gym goer) Social status: popular college student (jock subcategory) Mental changes: yes Awareness of change: none

    He caught a glimpse of that when the picture change. “No wait I didn’t want to be stupid!” He shouted but the changes started before he could grab the keyboard. His skin tingled and tanned nicely. His muscles pulsed and hurt and started to balloon out, especially his upper body but he didn’t forget leg day either. His brownish hair got shorter and styled itself as his too tight clothes changed into a black t-shirt and some athletic shorts.

    His mind started to dumb down as he forgot a lot of info from college and high school. But he remembered a ton of info about football plays. He gave a dumb grin as he flexed his big bicep and admired it. Forgetting why he was in front of a computer, that shit was for nerds! (Sorry if it’s so long winded, I saw this pic and just had to do a story, but this is my first chronivac story)


    [Inspired by turningalpha’s awesome Race to World first-]

    Josh was loving the new game his friend sent him. Phone app version was so addictive he’d been at it all day.

    It started off with some lame ass nerdy twink sim. All he had to do was get the guy through a series of level ups trying to get him to jock warrior status.

    Start was a little tricky. Playing some lengthy [flexing in the mirror] commands started some slow but steady confidence boosters. I mean Josh should know, he checked himself out in the bathroom all the time didn’t be? But then the [insta media selfies] followed by some [shirtless mirror pics]- those really got his character to tone up, some hair highlights and clear skin points, not to mention a decent set of teenage abs to pop. That easily lead into some healthy [jack off sessions to reflection]. Should of thought of it sooner, it was a vital part of Josh’s morning and night routine - mmm yeah even between classes right? In no time his sim had the confidence levels, decent buff bod, cocky smirk and blue eyed features of a jock in the making.

    That wasn’t enough though. Having school made it harder to play but during classes he could easily hide his phone under his desk and start trading in IQ points for XP which really got him going. Like who the fuck needed to be all smart and shit? Yeah, like dumber the better. Dialing those down really got the cocky as fuck and bro meter rising.

    As gym class came around, no time for some game, as he goofed around with his bros and got workout tips from the senior jocks. They were like so fucking jacked and cool, couldn’t help but overtly check out the large bulges in their gym shorts.

    Seeing the jocks grunt and adjust their packages between sets gave him some game ideas come shower time. Some playing around would surely get him rising up the ranks and finally get his jock muscle ups. Jocks had to be horny right?

    Mmm yeah just the thought of boning really got his cock all twitching awake, almost like it was getting bigger and thicker under his small towel. Yeah dumbass jocks needed big cocks. Why was he playing this shit game anyway? The showers were still goin in the locker room. He might not be ripped and jacked yet but there had to be a mouth or ass around hungry for this monster piece of meat. Besides he thought, slowly dropping his towel with a dumb grin on his face, he gotta level up.