Get Off My Property! And Stop Being a Sissy!

Kids are still gonna be kids. And what kids are are annoying pricks. Still have them on my property even after all the stuff I did to those other kids. While the reality change is great for not getting caught (after all, hard to believe they used to be kids a couple of weeks ago when everyone thinks otherwise), it sucks as a deterrent.

So, then there’s this sissy little wimp. Kid gets on my nerves something fierce. He doesn’t ruin my property but he’s pretty much the representation of a lot of things I hate with society these days, namely how it doesn’t allow boys to become men. I hear he regularly posts to social media asking people to check how he looks. Men shouldn’t care how they look! Men need to spend their time in better ways like actually getting shit done! Like what I’m going to do to him right now!

Much better! He’s not so little now, eh? He grew to be a rather big fella! Now that he cares so little for how he looks, he just eats whatever he wants and doesn’t bother with hygiene at all! I think he even saves money by still using the same clothes he used to as a kid. Those are really small on him. But hey, he doesn’t care at all, now does he? I’m great at making proper men!