can you write an age regression story of a guy who discovers a park where there's a bunch of happy barefoot guys playing around like a bunch of kids, and as soon as his feet touch the grass, he becomes a kid too? tysm!

    I like mental AR but writing it is a bit different than my usual so not sure how this will go but here you go.

    Dan was walking around his old home town. He was back after college and for now until he got a job needed to stay with his mom. He hasn't been here for years so he wanted to take a walk and look around. While out he passed a newly built park. The park was always there but the playground that was there now wasn't. When he was a kid it was a run down rusted piece of junk that only the least attentive parent would think to allow their child to climb on. It was populated by several people playing but Dan noticed something strange. The people playing were all grown adults. All grown men in their 20s and early 30s, grinning from ear to ear like idiots. Climbing and swinging and sliding down slides and giggling, playing tag and chasing. They all wore t shirts and shorts though some were in various states of undress. Some were shirtless, some in just breifs, even a few were naked. One thing was common among all the guys, they were all barefoot. Oddly enough there were no abandoned shoes anywhere though, like they came without them. He was so confused by the situation that he had wandered onto the grass of the park without realizing it.

    He felt some strange tingling in his shoes as he looked down watching his shoes suddenly vanish and then a moment later his socks faded too causing him to be barefoot. He felt the grass and dirt under his feet and between his toes. He felt weird as it was like energy shot up from his feet straight to his brain. It was like nothing he ever felt before as his pants changed to a pair of basketball shorts and his shirt vanished. His hair got a bit messy and turned blond as his skin tanned. Suddenly he forgot everything from college as a dumb grin started to form on his face as he started to laugh. He felt almost high and giddy. He was forgetting high school and middle school, losing his manners, his personality changing from a quite studious stressed college student to a wild hyperactive dumb outdoorsy kid. He felt like something was wrong but he couldn't focus suddenly as he laughed amd ran towards the playground equipment and playing with the other guys laughing his head off. Eventually he'd go home and his mom would find she had a happy mentally damaged son to take of from now on.


    Welcome back! Can you maybe write a story about a nerdy big city guy who goes to a small town for Christmas and meets a dumb barefoot redneck hick who turns him into a dumb barefoot redneck hick too? I've been watching too many Hallmark movies and need something kinkier lol

    Ben pulled up to the run down old farm house of his parents and groaned. He hadn't really wanted to come when they invited him home for Christmas. There was a reason he decided to break from the families blue collar tradition and go to college for buisness finance. He moved to New York and got a job at a big bank. He was a big shot, well dressed, well educated but rather busy from his work. He didn't have time or patience to care about Christmas or his hometown in Texas. He went through moving his bags into his old room and then was encouraged by his parents to try and see where people from high school were not like he cared.

    As he walked around he saw some guy with a scruffy beard, hairy, shirtless and walking barefoot down the street. He couldn't look more like a stereotypical hick if he tried. But the guy looked at him and grinned. "Holy shit, Buck! I ain't seen ya in years!" The man shouted but Ben had no idea whst the guy meant, his named wasn't Buck. But the man was grabbing him and popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. Ben started to cough and grabbed the cigarette out as he had never smoked before. But then the coughing subsided and it suddenly tasted good as he started walking with the guy and taking more inhails. His mind started to slow down as his education began to fade. He started to feel hot in his shirt as he pulled it off, watching his skin tan and his skinny body bulk out with some weight. Some hair started to grow and sprout. His feet started to feel hot and cramped in his shoes as he looks at the guy he's walking with. His barefeet look so comfortable on the concrete. It reaches a point where Ben....Buck can't stand it anymore so he pushes his shoes off and wiggles his toes against the ground. The soles of his feet harden and get tougher so the hot concrete doesn't feel as bad as it could. His memories start to alter and he follows his new friend over to his house to drink some beer and do some shooting practice in the back yard. He wouldn't be going back to his office job in the city anytine soon, instead he'll be drinking and laughing with his friends and family for Christmas, and he'll probably get a constrution job and maybe go hunting with his friend. Always barefoot and usually shirtless. Buck fits right in at his home town now.

    What do you mean I'm a dumb skater? I'm nothing like one

    What? No I'm not your "bro" I don't even know you.

    Well I don't really workout but I guess I'm looking decent lately...

    Yeah it is kinda hot out, yeah you def got the right idea with no shirt on dude...I meam bro...I mean, what the fuck?

    Yeah my head fuckin' hurts.

    What? Ur gonna do the thinking for me bro? That'd be sick dude.

    Hell yeah I wanna skate! Sure thing bro we can take a pic first huhuhuh.

    Peter’s Essay

    “I wish I didn’t have to write this dumb essay”

    The more Peter wrote his essay, the bigger his body got. His body filled with muscle and fat. His smooth hairless body sprouted thick smelly hair. His fowl stench stunk up his once clean room. Peter’s arms grew heavier as they packed on muscle. His biceps inflated with each word he wrote. Peter’s fingers thickened until he couldn’t even use the computer anymore. Peter tried to focus on his essay, but clouds of fog invaded his brain.

    Peter’s room began to change. The posters of him and his boyfriend on the wall disappeared, being replaced by pictures of his new hairy body kissing a sexy woman. His scholarly books slowly shifted into straight porno magazines. His hidden dildo thickened and changed into a fuckable fleshlight pussy. Peter’s phone began blowing up with messages from girls calling him Daddy. Peter stopped thinking about his essay. He stopped thinking about college. He stopped thinking about his boyfriend. All he could think about was fucking girls, jerking off and staying smelly.

    Fuck, I stink bro” Peter chucked. “LIKE EVERY REAL MAN SHOULD!” PFFTTTTTTTT

    Peter got what he wanted. He’ll never have to write another essay again. Why would he? He’s a dumb straight man now. He never went to college. He’s never written an essay in his entire life. Peter now has everything he could ever want in life. Fleshlights, porno mags and a sexy fuckable wife.

    And with that big fat cock between Peter’s legs, it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes a father very soon.

    You were at a gay pride protest trying to advocate for equal gay rights. Suddenly two shirtless rednecks walked past and looked at the gay marriage sign you were holding up.

    "Hahaha...That's funny, faggot...queer marriage. What's next, people marrying trees?" One of them asked while he and the other laughed.

    You wanted to correct them, yell at them for being homophobic redneck assholes. But instead as you heard what they said you realized....yeah it was pretty funny. You started laughing along with them but it came out as a deep dumb sounding chuckle just like theirs. Suddenly you start to feel hot and uncomfortable in your pride shirt and seeing them shirtless gives you an idea as you pull off the shirt and throw it on the ground. You look down at your chest and see fat melt away and your chest and arms buff up with muscle. Your pecs pushed out into a nice shelf and your stomach flattened. You felt an itch as hair started to spread across your chest. It went down your stomach forming a thin big nice treasure trail. Your arms and legs got hairy as you felt dark dense hair grow in your pits. You felt an itch down below as a nice thick bush of hair grew around your crotch.

    Your legs felt itchy a bit and your shorts felt heavy. As you looked down your shorts turned blue and changed to denim and grew out into jeans, held up by a belt with a nice big shiny buckle. You liked looking at the buckle. The top of your boxers were showing. Your sneakers morphed into big dirty work boots and your socks vanished. Letting your musk fill the boots. Your face itches as you grew a chin strap beard and your head hair buzzed down getting short.

    You felt a sudden weight on your head as a cowboy hat appeared and you felt all your college and high school learning get pushed out along with being gay and having liberal values. Instead you felt proud of America, gaining conservative Christian values. You loved guns and women, gay people are gonna burn in hell along with all the commies. Why the fuck were you at some gay pride rally? Oh yeah to make fun of the dumb lefty faggots duh. You chuckle and make jokes about the various things people could get married too and walk off with your bros forgetting your old life as a gay college student. Walking off to your new life as a straight stupid redneck.

    Under A Halloween Curse

    Gabriel and his friends Cameron and Xavier thought that dressing up as stereotypical meathead football jocks for the honor roll club’s Halloween party would make for a good laugh. They were three of the least ‘jockish’ guys on the school’s campus and actively lobbied against the fraternities and the toxic masculinity they represented. Of course, their crusade made them just as selfish and rude as the very jocks they were arguing against and all three young men made a considerable amount of enemies.

    As such, when a curse was placed on the party to transform everybody into their costumes, all three young men were transformed into big muscular jocks who were all but busting out of their cleats and stretched their shirts to the very limits. Gabriel was gripped with panic for all of a moment before a fog settled over his mind, dumbing down his advanced intellect and leaving him confused about why he’d ever held such an anti-jock perspective. Hadn’t he always been a jock? A meathead, as so many people liked to call him?

    The curse was lifted a short while later thanks to a petite young sorority sister who had been dabbling in witchcraft, although she neglected to lift the curse from Gabriel, Cameron and Xavier. Having been charmed by Gabriel’s polite manner and high intelligence, she had approached him with the offer of coffee and had been laughed off by the young man who saw her as nothing more than a gold digging bimbo. She had been looking for revenge ever since and the Halloween party had been the perfect opportunity. As much as Gabriel and his goons had prided themselves in being of superior intellect to everyone else, they had walked right into her trap and paid the price.

    By the end of the November all three had dropped the majority of their classes and were drafted onto the college’s football team. They were even pledging to a fraternity that was notorious for its hazing rituals and being home to the dumbest guys on campus. Absolutely everybody at the college knew what had become of Gabriel, Cameron and Xavier but not a single one among them even considered restoring the young men to the preps they had been before. They were everything they resented now and it seemed like the perfect fate for three such unpleasant individuals!


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    Snapped Straight

    Synopsis: Kenny switches with a straight jock but doesn’t go over all the personality override settings

    “Fucking sweet, man!” 

    “Woah, my voice, it’s deep!” 

    ‘Little’ Kenny had just used his body switch device to trade places with the hottest jock he’d ever seen while running errands. In an instant he blew through the settings and pressed [accept]. Kenny breezed through the details about personality and permanency… “Just let me experience that body, that’s all I want!” 

    All Kenny wanted was to have a single day in a hot jock body. After he pushed [accept] his vision cleared and he stood shirtless in a bathroom mirror…

    “Did it work, did it work?” 

    “FUCK YEA!” Kenny placed his hand on this throat and felt the deeper voice he had now.

    “This body is going to rock for day! Think of all the pussy I can score!” 

    “Wait, pussy?” 

    “Yea, I guess this jock is straight. I’m not though!” 

    Kenny concentrated and slowed all the horny thoughts that kept popping into his mind. 

    “Just focus on shit bro, focus” He told himself, not sure why it was becoming so difficult. 


    … … 

    “Take a selfie for the babes?”

    “I wanna bust so bad!” 

    “Fuck why do I keep thinking that?” 

    “My dick is hard, fuck!”

    Kenny was having a hard time prioritizing his thoughts. 

    “Selfie… put it away… no! But… I… I need to…”

    In mere moments Kenny had posted a dick pic to his snapchat story… and a huge wave of relief came over him. He grabbed his junk and have it a nice scratch. “That wasn’t bad.” 

    “Now, Ke– Bro— Brady?”

    “Wait, what was it?”


    “It’s Brady?”


    “I CAN DO THIS” 

    After a few moments Brady was able to calm his dick. He tried hard not to look at the many posters of babes and models hanging on the wall. “I have to stop looking at these… hot babes.”

    Brady paced his bedroom trying to remember the past twenty minutes…

    “This isn’t right… this isn’t my body… but…”

    Brady was quickly becoming immersed with his body…

    “These bis… tris… pecs…”

    “Fuck, my phone!”

    Snaps, all from usernames with hearts around them, began flooding his phone…

    “Uhh! Why are they sending me… holy shit these tits are all huge and… bouncy… fuck I think that’s hot!” 

    “I wonder if my dick feels good…”

    Brady started to massage his mostly soft cock through his shorts. Before long he was sporting a chub. 

    “Ughh, that feels good.” 

    “These tits are fantastic.”

    Faster now, Brady pumped his thick dick to the images on his phone. 

    “Fuck I love this.”

    “It’s just – –”


    “I can’t be gay…”

    “These tits…”

    “Fuck, I’m gunna cum”

    “Where do I cum?

    “Fuck I’m cumming!”

    “I’m cumming on my sheets.”

    “Fuck!” “Fuck!” 

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    Career Day

    “Hey bro, do you think you have what it takes to be a firefighter?”

    You stop dead in your tracks. Next to the rows and rows of folding tables set up for career day is a big red fire truck. But instead of free pens and buttons to entice you in, three half-naked firefighters stand laughing, rubbing their thick muscles through their loose handing fireproof jackets.

    This has to be some sort of joke, you think to yourself with a scoff. One of the meat heads approaches you with a hunky swagger. “So,” he asks again, “you think you have what it takes?”

    It’s been a pretty boring day overall, so you decide to have some fun. “Alright,” you say with a sarcastic smile, “tell me: what does it ‘take’ to be a firefighter?”

    “Well,” the guy says, “first, you’ve got to be jacked. Like… really jacked.” As he says this, you begin to feel your clothes grow itchy, like they don’t seem to fit quite right.

    “Yeah,” you say trying to keep an air of confidence, “and what else?”

    “Well,” he continues, “you’ve gotta have tough skin. Tough enough to withstand serious heat.” The itching is insatiable now, and you look down to see a rough callous develop over your hands, which are now bulging with muscle. You frantically look around the room, but no one else seems to be noticing the muscles now begging to escape from your tight clothes.

    “You’ve got to have a lot of upper body strength,” he says before you can stop him, and suddenly your arms grow sore, biceps the size of baby heads bursting at the seams of your shirt. “And good legs…” he says, sending your thighs tearing through your jeans. “Not to mention a good core.” And with that, your chest expands into two square pecs and a rack of abs directly below.

    “Is that it??” you plead with him, struggling to contain your new body as it continues to grow per his suggestions.

    “Not yet,” the guy continues, “you’ve also got to know a thing or two about firefighting. Not much else though, you don’t want your brain getting too crammed if you know what I mean.” You try and resist the overwhelming feeling of numbness that envelops your mind. You feel memories of training and lifting with your fighter fighter bros begin to replace those of your friends, family, and education.

    You, moan, trying to resist as a new feeling overtakes your body. “No… please…”

    “Oh yeah! And one last thing. You’ve gotta be pretty hung. It can get pretty boring at the station with nothing to do. Some of us like to fool around a little bit. Wouldn’t hurt to have a 9 inch dick.”

    You know it’s coming this time. The testosterone, the heat flooding your pelvic region. You look down just in time to see a full, 9 inch penis burst forth from your briefs and unleash a wave of cum all over the floor. With it escapes all your knowledge of your past life; you’re nothing more than one of those meathead firefighters now, nothing else on your mind by saving lives and sucking dick.

    “Here,” says the guy as he leads you over back to the truck and away from the crowds, “lets get you into something more comfortable shall we?”

    You nod stupidly, eagerly awaiting the minute you can get him into bed with your thick new cock, both your muscle bodies rubbing sweaty together for hours. As he slips you into your firefighter’s coat, you know you’ve chosen the right career. Even if it wasn’t exactly your choice…


    What’s wrong?

    “I feel weak… am I getting shorter?”

    How tall are you?

    “I’m uhh…. wait… Why did you call me a dumb stoner a second ago? I’m nothing like one.”

    What are you talking about Jack? You’re telling me you’re really not a stoner?

    “I’m not Jack, I’m—,” 

    You’re who?


    Jack you’re so high right now. You’re the laziest, most stupid stoner I’ve seen roaming the streets in a long time. We’ve all seen your type… When waking up all you do each morning is lay in bed and touch yourself, and take hits from your many bongs. 

    “No– I don’t… do that… I’m..”

    Jack, you always do that. It’s all you think about doing. Even right now you’re hard and aching to touch yourself, aren’t you?

    “I- uhh.”

    Try to think about real life shit… you can’t, can you? Your dick keeps interrupting. Oh, and how do you even spell the word ‘rite?’ Is it ‘righte?’ Fuck you can’t even remember. Just think about your stoner dick man. 

    Hey I like that tattoo by the way, I like how it’s filled in green. 

    “Fuck dude im so horny ur rite.”

    Well, get strokin’ man don’t wait for me! You love playing with that dumb stoner dick all the time. Stroke that thin 7-incher… up and down, up and down, you love pot and you love strokin’ all day long.

    “Uhnnnn dude. up—- up and down, up and down.”

    Up and down. Don’t bother cleaning up your spunk. Your room is a mess anyway. 


    My buddy Adam was straight but totally cool. We would always hangout and always just chilled. One day he told me he was going to invite a girl over to fuck, and we’d just chill until she got there. An hour must have passed and still no girl. I felt bad for him. “So I guess you’ll have to jack off now,” I told him, joking.

    Adam and I had a good laugh at his failed hookup. He told me he was putting on some porn and I was welcome to beat off with him. I looked at him like was crazy… until he started pulling down his pants. “Dude,” Adam started… “It’s awkward if I’m the only one doing it.” Adam must have ‘forgot’ about my being… gay!

    Against my better judgement I yanked out my cock and started beating. The blonde bimbo on the screen was totally Adam’s type. Her tits and ass were big as fuck. She was riding dick nice. I can see how he enjoys this stuff… Adam was zoned into the TV and didn’t hear his front door open. I heard it though…

    I think it was the chick who was supposed to come earlier, she just walked in. Adam was glued to the TV, I could tell he was about to erupt. I had no choice but to address the nearly-nude hooker Adam had called. She was dressed wearing short panties, and her tits were on display. “Hey….” I began but she put a finger up to her mouth and silenced me. 

    She began to walk closer to us. I didn’t even realize I was still jacking off until she looked at what we were watching. I’m not even straight yet I couldn’t stop touching myself…

    The girl just stood watching us, Adam moaned and lost his load right in his hand. I felt the heat of her eyes staring us down. I stopped beating so I could stop from losing my load but there were boobs all around me. I couldn’t clear them from my mind. I had to… grab my dick. At that instant I felt a flood of warm cum cover my hand. I felt my face turn beat-red. I look over to the chick who was shaking her head…

    “Straight guys… always want quick gratification - can’t wait.”

    She left fast, leaving me and Adam stroking all afternoon. I feel like I could do this every day to the same videos. It’s so easy.


    There he was, hand crammed down them, seam stretching and all, practically rubbing one out into his underwear right in the gym locker room. It’s not like he was full-blown masturbating but it was pretty damn close. The virility of such a thing in public, or even in private was baffling to me. Like seriously, keep your hands off it for at least two seconds. I ended up saying something to the manager about it, they assured me it would be looked into. 

    Few nights later this dude approaches me in the locker room and gets all up in my space. I could have sworn his eyes glowed red. “It’s a fucking god-dammed natural thing to do bro, don’t get all bent up out of shape over it.”

    I was caught off guard by his being so direct that I was speechless while standing there. I could feel the heat radiating off his arm and hand as he brushed his knuckles over my shorts. “You need to accept the fact that it’s normal to give your dick a little attention every now and then… or more, haha.” 

    I felt more heat coming off of his hand as it began to caress the outline of my increasingly erect cock. Everything he was saying was infuriating me to no end but I could only stand there. “Anyway man, have a good workout.” He left after a brief fondling of my entire crotch, leaving me with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. 

    I woke up the next morning with my hand rubbing my morning wood. I ended up continuing the stroke until I was halfway down the hall, thank god I stopped before anyone saw me. I thought about my run-in with gym dude yesterday and it made me cringe. 

    I thought I was good until I stopped myself mid-tug in the kitchen making breakfast. I got angry at myself but thought I may be overthinking this a bit… I started it up again before finally getting dressed, not intending to jack off either. It just felt good to adjust. I have to admit, it would be nice to not give a shit about something so natural.