you judgemental prick. you look at guys and you think “wow, that guy is a fuckin dumbass.” maybe it’s the slightly glazed over look in his eyes, the way his mouth hangs slightly open. maybe it’s his muscles - no one who has that kind of body can have been able to devote their time to anything BUT their body, right? you scoff inside your skull, but secretly?

    you’re jealous. don’t deny it. and now, every time you make fun of one of Those Guys in your head, a cluster of your brain cells is going to >pop< and fizzle out like a dud firework in the sky. as they do, you’ll feel great, but you’ll sense a new kind of emptiness in you. the craving for muscle, the boredom of books and smarts. the craving of the clanking and grunting of the gym.

    go ahead, dummy. see if you can stop it.


    huhuhu stop whut bro?

    Dylan had no idea what was in store for him when he accepted that facetime call, probably expecting someone who just got the wrong number down.

    He never would've expected to lose his free will over facetime.

    Hey, who's this?

    Shh, don't speak boy, let daddy do all the talking for you.

    What the fuck? Who the hell are you?

    I already told you boy, your daddy

    Look, I'm not homophobic or anything but I'm not into random guys calling themselves my daddy, I gotta go.

    Dylan tried to push the end call button on his computer until he heard the guy on the call calm say

    Stop right there buttboy.

    And he did. Dylan couldn't believe not only that he just obeyed a guy who called him buttboy, but that he also began to feel an itch in his asshole and a fog in his mind.

    That's right, buttboys love listening to their daddies, it's so much easier than thinking for themselves

    There it was again, that itch, that fog. But now they've gotten worse, the itch stronger, the fog thicker, it was becoming harder for Dylan to think of anything other than his ass. He began to hump his bed without realising, in an attempt to ease the itch.

    Yeah such a good buttboy, hump the bed more and more, imagining daddy fuck that tight ass of yours. Remember, good buttboys take their clothes off when they're with their daddies, you want to be a good buttboy don't you?

    And before he could stop himself, Dylan caught himself saying

    Yes daddy

    whilst slowly stripping his clothes away.

    Such a good buttboy for daddy, stay just like that now, I'm coming down to have some fun with my buttboy's ass.

    Yes daddy

    That was all Dylan could say, before continuing to hump naked on his bed until his door slowly opened, revealing Ben, Dylan's younger brother, who then proceeded to rim his older brother's hole, before putting his dick inside.

    Ahh, such a tight asshole, you're such a good buttboy for daddy.

    Yes daddy was all Dylan could say as the fog in his mind was complete, but Dylan didn't care. After all, his daddy was soothing the deep itch in his asshole, and he was satisfied.

    If you had one word - just one word - to describe yourself, what word would you use?

    Man, that’s a tough one, bro, I dunno.  I guess alot of my friends would say I’m a typical bro, you know, I like all the bro things that bros do, I kinda bro out alot, especially since I met him, yknow?  Even though it don’t really feel like it’s only since I met him, it’s more like it’s been happening in slow motion for my whole life, if that makes any sense, you know?  Like a sleeper thing, like it was asleep in me, and just like, woke up, sorta, when I met my bro.  So I guess I’d say bro, that’d be a good word to describe me, cuz it doesn’t only describe me but it describes my bro too.  Two halfs, one whole.  You dig?

    Okay, sure.  I’m not really sure I - exactly follow your train of thought, but okay.  Next question.  With whom in your life would you say you are closest?  It could be a roommate, or a –

    That’s a easy one!  Totally my bro.  We do fuckin everything together.  We even share clothes.  Work out together, climb shit together, go hiking, play ball - football, baseball, basketball.  He says he’s gonna teach me how to skate, too, so we can even play hockey together.  How fuckin sweet is that?  We’re gettin big together, like crazy.  Already pretty ripped.  Been takin these awesome supps that my bro gave me.  You outta try em, bro.  You work out?

    I, sure, yeah.  Go to the gym.  Not real regular, but I work out some.  But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

    Oh yeah.  I forgot again.  Just sayin, bro, you could probly use some of these awesome supps.  You look like you could be pretty big.  If you wanted to, yknow.

    Have you always been such a workout junkie?

    Huhuhuhuh workout junkie.  That’s a funny way to put it, bro.  Dya mind if I call you bro, bro?  I guess I just kinda call everyone bro now.  Huhuh, even chicks.  It’s cool though. 


    Uh, sorry bro.   What was the question again?

    Have you always been such a … uh - did you always, yknow.  Uh, workout.  Alot.  I mean, your guns are fuckin huge.

    Fuck yeah, right?  Look even better when I flex.  Been workin the bis extra hard lately with bro.  See?

    Wow.  Fuck.  That’s, uh, yeah.  Fuck.

    Yeah bro!  Uh, you sportin a little wood there, bro, huhuh, you like what you see? Yeah, it’s cool, bro.  You wanna just kinda stick your hand in your shorts and mess around a bit, that’s cool, bro.  How ya feelin?

    Uhhhh … fuck … good, bro real fuckin good …

    Fuck yeah bro!  Maybe you can come workout with me an my bro sometime, shape up your guns.  Hey, so what’d you say you were interviewin me for anyway?

    Uh, the school … paper.  Fuck.  Fuuuuck.  Your friends, they wanted to know … fuck …. where you’d gone …

    Yeah, bro.  Uh, what friends?  What paper? 

    Yeah … what friends.  What paper.

    Yeah bro!  Hey, I got a hat for you.  It’s just like the one my bro gave me when I met my bro.  It’s cool, right?

    Fuck yeah

    Says “REBORN.”

    Reborn, bro.

    Fuck yeah!   


    I'm thinking about pledging to a frat that is known for its jocks and I'm kinda scared. Could you give me the confidence to go through with it

    "With this biceps, no way in hell they will reject me. Thanks dude,"

    "Your welcome. Umh, but one more thing,"

    I focused myself and my power by taking a deep breath. As I exhale, the knowledge pscked in your brain flowed out and your mischievous grin turned into dumb grin as your eyes zoned out and getting this dumb vacant look

    "You can't get all the good things, bro. Gotta sacrifice something,"

    Get Off My Property! And Stop Being a Sissy!

    Kids are still gonna be kids. And what kids are are annoying pricks. Still have them on my property even after all the stuff I did to those other kids. While the reality change is great for not getting caught (after all, hard to believe they used to be kids a couple of weeks ago when everyone thinks otherwise), it sucks as a deterrent.

    So, then there’s this sissy little wimp. Kid gets on my nerves something fierce. He doesn’t ruin my property but he’s pretty much the representation of a lot of things I hate with society these days, namely how it doesn’t allow boys to become men. I hear he regularly posts to social media asking people to check how he looks. Men shouldn’t care how they look! Men need to spend their time in better ways like actually getting shit done! Like what I’m going to do to him right now!

    Much better! He’s not so little now, eh? He grew to be a rather big fella! Now that he cares so little for how he looks, he just eats whatever he wants and doesn’t bother with hygiene at all! I think he even saves money by still using the same clothes he used to as a kid. Those are really small on him. But hey, he doesn’t care at all, now does he? I’m great at making proper men!


    that’s it bro… time to recruit for the TEAM again… like a GOOD JOCKBOY!


    Michael was confused when he got a video message from Chris, the dumb jock in his history class. He clicked the video watching Chris swing his dick behind a pendulum and was confused at first with his following the pendulum. He looked at Chris' body and muscles. He was...getting....hypnotized by that hot body......

    After watching the video on loop for an hour Mikey was flexing his new muscles forgetting everything abour his boring history major and thinking of switching to exercise science and working as a personal trainer as well as joining the college football team! He was a fucking hot jock but he thought of other scrawny nerds in his class that could use a hot DM. Miley thought of guages and tattoos he should get too

    And Now This is Happening

    Okay, so I apparently am not “learning my lesson”. Want to know how I know that? The old man that did this to me went up to me and said so! He said that it goes against the spirit of his deal that I was “basically still a girl despite being a boy”. What’s it to him how I live the life he forced onto me, anyhow? The guy he made a deal with doesn’t even remember it! But then he goes on saying how that doesn’t matter and how he isn’t a hack. Before I finish asking what he plans to do, he sent this weird pulsating flash at me and disappeared.

    I would have said “what the hell?!?”…if I could speak. Instead my body moved on its own straight to my room to change and then to the nearest wide open floor. I was wondering what was going on but then I dropped and did lots of push-ups. I mean, I worked out as both a girl and as a boy so I could remain pretty but I was doing an absurd amount here. It honestly seemed like half an hour passed before I stopped…only to immediately start doing sit-ups. I didn’t even bother keeping track of time. I also wasn’t surprised that after all that was done, I jumped up to the nearest door frame and did a bunch of curl-ups either. 

    My parents came home to me binge eating a crapload of protein. When they questioned my sudden new eating habits, I said in a low voice “I’m bulking up. Wanna get huge.” Oh fuck. That’s what’s going on here. Even worse, my parents just chuckled and said I was “at that age when boys want to become manly” and encouraged me. If only they weren’t such great parents.

    Even worse, it didn’t stop there. I picked up other new habits that were much more decidedly masculine than my old ones of looking pretty and hanging out with girls. I just started to lay back like a complete and utter douchebag in my classes. Look at this! I don’t think I could like even more like a douche!

    I joined the wrestling team. Yeah. That sport where it’s encouraged to bulk up a lot and you’re face first into some other guy’s BO while wearing a getup that leaves little to the imagination. It was hardly my first pick of a hobby after becoming a boy for a reason.

    I hadn’t ever even so much as touched a skateboard in my entire life and now I spend a few hours a week zooming through my neighborhood. Started to hang out with a seedier crowd too. Of course I was shirtless for all of this. I’d roll my eyes at any guy that did that but you know what I tell people instead? “Why should I hide such a great manly bod like this one behind a shirt?”

    Speaking of no shirt, guess what I do really often now? If you guessed “stupid cocky poses while not wearing a shirt and posting pics to social media”, then you’d be right! I was saving up for a car, but you know what I was made to spend it on instead? A motorcycle! That thing’s dangerous! But of course, it’s the “manly thing to do” and to do said pose too, while I’m at it.

    You know what else is dangerous? A gun. They’re loud too. I hate them. Always have and always will. I’m sure you know where this is headed. I begged my dad to take us to the shooting range from time to time. Is it really that manly to take out defenseless targets at a distance? Must be, seeing as I’m forced to do it now.

    It’s like I’m obsessed with being and looking as manly as possible, which is what I’m sure was the point that old man was getting at when I refused to play his game and did this to me in retaliation. Many remarked about the weird 180 change from the pretty and effeminate playboy I was and I usually tell them “that was when I was a boy. I’m gonna be a man soon and it’s time I look and acted like one!” Sometimes accompanied with a burp or fart because why not, right? After the first few times, I even looked annoyed that people kept saying that that I went to the barber and got my pretty and beautiful hair cut shorter! You know, to show people how serious I was about all this!

    I have no idea how long this will last. At this point, it seems like the rest of my life. I will be forever trapped in a man’s body, being made to do and be all the things I hated about men. And why? Because some jerk made some sort of amazing trade with an old magical man! And he doesn’t even remember doing it! That fact is thrown into my face all the more so now that hang out with him and the rest of the douche crowd now over those lovely and pretty ladies that I used to. Can this asinine curse or whatever be over yet? 

    Only boots allowed

    Sorry its been a while guys, had a lot of things happen that have kept me from writing. I’m not sure I can keep up a regular weekly story atm, but I will keep writing. 

    So hope you enjoy




    Colton breathed in deeply, repressing his anxiety as he made his way into school. It was the last month of school before summer, and he was very agitated. Colton lived in a large military town called Fort. Sage. Everyone who lived here had something to do with the military at some point. What made it worse was that every kid from high school was expected to enlist as well, as if it were some requirement of life. Right now, Colton and the rest of his year were finishing studies, after that they were to go and enlist, and Colton didn’t want to.

    Colton was an overachieving nerd, always doing his best in studies. He felt the military was beneath him, that it was a waste of time for someone of his intellectual capabilities. The only people who enlisted were dumb boots, who had no other option or were overly patriotic. Regardless of how he felt, though, Colton was being pressured to enlist.

    Colton reached the main corridor and went to his locker. It hadn’t been a minute, and he could hear Daniel and his idiot friends marching down, interrogating everyone he came into contact to. Daniel was a JROTC cadet and right now, was making sure that everyone was getting signed up for enlistment. To Daniel, this was town culture and life, and he would make sure no one got out.

    Colton turned to look at them; they were all in their JROTC uniforms, camo pants, white shirts and camo caps. Daniel obviously distinguished himself as the alpha of the group; he wore green trousers and had a red top on without a cap. They stood and moved as if they were personnel on base, trying to look as army-like as possible. Their faces had little expression as if they were on a mission to get as many people enlisted as possible.

    As Colton tried to go, Daniel appeared behind him and gave him a disapproving look.

    “Heya Colton, ya know what month it is?” Daniel asked in his deep, dumb voice.

    “Yep, its enlistment month,” Colton replied, slightly frightened.

    “Yeah, and I haven’t seen your name on any papers yet. Don’t think you bein’ smart makes you any better,” Daniel threatened, smirking.

    “Bu…. but I’m going to do it… I promise, Dan,” Colton whimpered as he became tense. Slowly Dan’s buddies surrounded Colton, crossing their arms as they stared in disapproval.

    “I don’t know. I think you want to go to college… Yeah you want to go to college do smart stuff, don’t you? But that means not enlisting, and in this town, that’s unacceptable. What’s your dad gonna think if you do that to him? Daniel threatened.

    “No, Daniel that’s not at all what I want to do,” Colton said as fear gripped him.

    Colton’s eyes couldn’t hide his lies and Daniel saw right through him. Colton decided to try and walk away and escape. He stepped back and tried to escape, but two of Dan’s buds grabbed him and dragged him along.

    “Haha, you ain’t escaping dweeb. Now you’re coming with us,”

    “Wait, I didn’t mean to try and escape Dan I was just going to class,” Colton pleaded

    “Likely story dumbass, I saw you lie, and now your gonna get it,”

    Colton was dragged kicking to the bathroom. No one paid attention, either out of fear or out of loyalty to Dan.

    They threw Colton to the floor and stripped him naked. Colton lay frozen on the cold, wet floor. The boot cadets started getting out clothing from a duffle bag. First, they forced on a wet jockstrap that squeezed his small cock. His crotch felt itchy as the small light brown hairs grew in length and spread out thickening into a big bush, then his cock felt pleasurable as if he was being jerked off. His cock slowly grew out, from 4 inches out to a monster 10-inch size, thickening as well. The feeling didn’t stop their either.

    Colton writhed around on the floor as the uncomfortable pleasure spread throughout him. The guys then got out some camo pants just like theirs and a pair of boots. They pulled up the pants to his waist and then tightened it down so that it clung to the skin with a belt. His weak and small leg muscles ballooned in size, his thighs expanded out, becoming strong and hard. The guys finished off by sticking some boots on his feet and doing up the laces tight like theirs. His feet then grew out to size 13, filling his new boots.

    As his lower body grew uncontrollably, his dick was getting harder and harder, eventually leaking out large amounts of pre-cum. He was then pulled up and held by two guys. Daniel and the others grinned as Colton’s eyes got dumber and dumber, his head went fuzzy, and he couldn’t think.

    They then got out a razor and started shaving Colton’s head, lumps of dark brown hair fell out until his head was no more than the style of boot camp recruits cut. Colton looked in the mirror, he felt distraught at what was happening to him, but he couldn’t do anything but let it happen.

    His balls were now pumping out more cum that then shot out his dick. Unknown to Colton, his brains were being drained out and down into his balls. All his knowledge and memories were leaking out of his cock and evaporating into thin air.

    Dan got out a white t-shirt, with the same military logo of the local base and the same that the others were wearing. Colton tried to resist by moving away as they forced the shirt down on him, but it was no use. The shirt was tight, squeezing his flabby arms and chest. The guys then tucked the shirt into the pants smartly. His body then began twitching as his chest bulked up massively, abs popping out of his stomach one by one, pecs widening and hardening out. His shoulder pushed out to the sides, broadening his body. His biceps and triceps then popped out with muscle and size. His physique now looked as if he had been working out for years, in fact, he looked just like one of Daniels goons.

    “Hey Colton, looking good now, looking army fit, looking like one of us. Just wondering hows your head feeling?” asked daniel dumbly, pointing to his head. Colton then began trying to remember things, but he couldn’t remember anything. He knew he had lost something but what?

    “What’s happening to me? Why can’t I remember anything?” cried Colton.

    “You had too much smart stuff Colton, so we had to bring you down to our level. It also ensures you ain’t going to college, oh no you gonna be stuck here with us in the US army bro,” Daniel explained

    “ONE OF US” chanted the others  

    “If you want to try and save something I’ll tell you how you’re losing your brains. It’s your cock Colton, leaking out all your brains. You can try and stop it, but you won’t, you can’t,”

    Colton’s cock continued to flood his jock with cum, before evaporating into thin air.  Colton began grabbing at his crotch, trying to grasp it and stop the cum falling out. He had it for a while, but the cum still flowed like a rapid river. He felt as more of his brains faded from his mind.  He then tried to get into his trousers to grabs his cock and stop it, but the pants were too tight, coupled with the shirt being tucked into too, it was almost impossible to get in them. Colton fell back onto the floor, the others laughed and grinned, but Colton was defeated. The last of his brains, including his own name, was lost.

    Daniel stood there; he took out a cap and went to speak.

    “Col…” He paused for a moment before his grin became gained a hint of evil.

    “Cody, what you doing on the floor you big idiot?” He joked as he walked up to him. Cody knew he should be scared of him, but not why. He backed into a corner, but two guys behind him picked him up, though instead of restraining him they put their muscular arms around him.

    “Cody, you dropped your hat as well, hold on let me get it right,” said Daniel as he fixed a camo cap on Cody’s head. As he did, Cody was flooded with new memories and reassurances. He was Cody, a dumb patriotic musclehead who was going to enlist at the end of the month like everyone else. His bro Dan, who he looked up to immensely as the alpha of the group, was making sure everyone at school was enlisting like him. Cody smiled as his new life formed in his head. He put his arms around his new bro’s.

    “Sorry bro, I don’t know what’s been up with me today,” he replied

    “No worries bro, we should get back out there, I think there are two or three nerds who need reassurance for enlisting. What’s say we go and pay ‘em a visit,” Dan asked

    Cody nodded like a dumb obedient soldier to Daniel, which is all he would be doing for the near future.


    Introducing our new line of transformation headwear: Beanie Brainies

    A beanie that will warm your skull down to the brain.

    Each beanie, when placed on the head, will alter the mind of the wearer in a different way based on its color. However, no matter the color, it’s our guarantee that every beanie will make the wearer gay, dumb, and obedient. We will be releasing the following colors this season:

    Green- Give him a fresh start by clearing out that brain of his, completely. Its your job to fill it back up. Recycle. Reuse.  

    Black- Make your man dominant. Let him take control.

    Gray- Show your boy who’s boss. He will be truly submissive in this hat.

    Blue- He skates. He smokes. He has tattoos. He loves coffee. He’s your hipster plaything.


    The tattoos were a few weeks old now. Yet Patrick swore that they were growing. Expanding up his arms. Making him feel…..odd.

    He went back to the tattooist and explained. The tattooist laughed.

    “Yeah. You’re not going mad. They are growing. Expanding up your arm as the ink starts to penetrate your body. Getting into your head. Making you the jacked up horny Dom that you’re meant to be. In fact, my taking about it is making your head start to get thicker. And thicker. Your cock harder and harder. Your sexual drive getting more and more dominant. Taking over. You’re becoming a dumb Dom. MY dumb Dom. You see, I wanted you. The moment I saw you. So I used an inn infused with ancient items used for spells and mind control.”

    Patrick panicked. His head becoming clogged with thoughts of fucking this guy.

    “Nu….no. no. Not…..not…..Ugh…..I……uuugh. Grrrrrrr”

    Patrick let out a gutteral roar as his eyes grew vacant.

    “Good Sir. So good. I needed a Dom Master. You’re it. But *I’m* the one in control. Take the gloves over there. Put them on. Get Dumber and Dommer. Become my dumb Dom Sir”

    Patrick growled again as he put the gloves on. His cock tenting against his clothes. His eyebrows furrowed as the pure animal lust swept over any thoughts he may have had.

    “Ggggrrrrrryes Boy. I obey. I’m gonna ffffuck…..Ugh. no. This is….wrong. I…….”

    But the tattoo grew more, he felt it. His mind became utterly fucked as he gasped and his head fell forward. He’d lost. Completely. His head slowly rose and pure animal lust was in his eyes now.

    The tattooist smiled.

    “Gggggrrrrr….boy…I’m gonna fuck you hard like the cunt slave that you are. You’ll obey Daddy Dom”

    With that, Patrick flipped the tattooist around, ripping his clothes as he threw him on the table.

    “Good Daddy Dom. My obedient Daddy Dom. Fuck me! Obey”

    “Daddy Dom…obeys Master Boy.”

    The tattooist prepared for the roughest and hottest fuck of his life. He’d been aching for this and had chosen well. Patrick’s mind was gone and was open to be shaped and molded into the perfect Daddy Dom.


    who needs DOM training


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    It happens less and less often, but it isn’t any less jarring whenever it does happen. I hate the feeling. It’s like a different person is clawing and screaming inside of me, trying to take over not just my body, but also my mind. A few times I’ve even feared I would lose control and he would take over completely, pushing me out or locking me away forever. I’ve never told anyone that part, that I’ve actually feared for my life. Few know about my mental issue to begin with. My parents, and like two friends. Coach Andresen knows though.

    He has to know, because wrestling is one of the triggers. Well, not wrestling in itself, but things around it. Like when I take the supplements or when the sports psychologist Johnson is doing his hypnosis. That’s when most of the attacks have occurred. Once during hypnosis apparently I lost it and ran crying out of his office, rambling about that this wasn’t me. That my parents had destroyed my future just because they wanted an athlete son. I wouldn’t have known anything about the episode if Mike hadn’t recorded it, just before Johnson had me injected with a sedative or something. I had to let Mike in on the secret as well, when he asked me the next day what the fuck he had witnessed. He promised to delete the video and never tell anyone else, including my parents. I don’t ever want them to see me during such a hurtful outbreak. But as I said, it happen less and less often.

    Rivals No More

    I’m a weightlifter. I do it semi-professionally between doing sessions as a personal trainer. Or at least, I used to until he came along! He moved into town and just did everything I did but better! I mean, look at him!

    And he’s a vain one, too! Keeps posing for social media and tweets all the time about gains! Well, I’m sick of it! It’s why I bought this amulet! It lets me look into a person’s past and change one aspect of them! Let’s peek into yours, you douchebag!

    Oh…wow! He sure was a pretty boy! What the hell happened? Ah, no matter how pretty he used to be, he’s a pain in my side now! Now, I’m just going to give him a distaste for doing anything remotely active with his body, and that includes skateboarding! And…done!

    Alright, so his past changed! Nice! He looks like a real annoying and lazy shit like that! He’s just laying there on his gadgets and doing little else! It’s perfect! And it looks like his present day self isn’t even around me anymore! Even better! Let me look him up on social media…

    Yikes! Well, he certainly let himself go! Funny how he’s just as vain as ever with that hairy beer gut, but it doesn’t matter! He’s far from a thorn in my side now!

    Big Bro Tyler

    Transformation story

    (Hey, so I haven’t done tf in a while and I thought I would come back to it. I know I have experimented with lots of different genre’s, So before each story, I’m gonna add a short tag so you know what it is and don’t read something you are not into. Hope you guys enjoy the story)


    Tye sneaked into the dark locker room. He looked around, making sure no one was there. The room was empty; he proceeded to take out his phone and turn on the torch app. It quickly darted to one locker in particular, the same one it always went to. Tye quickly ran to Lance’s locker. Lance’s sweaty uniform, shoes were all laid out as usual for his morning practice, but that wasn’t what he was looking for. He opened up a compartment under the seat and found Lance’s spare clothing. Carefully, Tye moved everything about so he could claim his temporary prize for the night, Lance’s sweaty tank top. Lance, like most of the jocks, didn’t wash their clothes or themselves, very much and so they became smelly and moist, which was a turn-on for Tye. Tye was aroused by pretty much the whole team; he loved sitting about and watching them play and train, from a distance. The jocks didn’t take kindly to nerds; they would beat them for laughs, lunch money and make them do work for them. The jocks especially didn’t like Tye as they knew he was gay and they beat him up for being both. Despite their douchey attitude towards him and others, Tye just found it hot. Tye took out the sweaty tank top and started sniffing it. The musk was sucked down to the bottom of his lungs with each breath. His head became fuzzy, the more he sniffed. Odd, this wasn’t a usual feeling. It usually just smelt good. Not only that, but he could feel his cock twitching a lot, before growing out to a bigger size than usual. Suddenly the lights came on and Tye’s vision blurred. “Told you the fag would be here, can’t resist it seems,” Lance said. “Haha, so what are we gonna do with him, beat him like usual,” asked Bryce excitedly. “Or maybe we can be creative, and give him a wedgie and hang him in the school entrance,” Hunter chimed. “Neither bro’s, he would only be into both things. We gotta get rid of this fag and I know the best way,” explained Lance. “How’s that bro?” asked Hunter “Did you bring the box?” asked Lance. “Just like you asked bro. Wait are you gonna do what I think your gonna do?” replied Bryce, smirking at Lance. Lance only sniggered and grinned at the question only confirming his intentions. “Ya hear that fag? We got a treat for you,” Lance yelled at Tye who was coming to, but now in a state of shock seeing Lance. “Wha… what do you guys want?” whimpered Tye. “Nothing much, but how about you strip everything off now?” requested Lance. “What… no, I know I shouldn’t be here, and I’m sorry, but please don’t beat me again,” “Who said anything about beating you,” “Huh?” “You’re taking too long, Bryce, Hunter, strip the fag. I’m gonna get his stuff ready,” Bryce and Hunter lunged at Tye, who stood innocently on the spot. They grabbed his clothes, ripping them off him. In seconds Tye was naked, the two then held him over. “See Tyler not so difficult is it. Now let’s get you dressed proper,” Lance sneered. “I’m Tye, not Tyler,” “Silly Tyler, Tye’s a dweeb name. Anyway, need to get you dressed now,” replied Lance They threw Tye on the ground and sat him up. Bryce held Tye’s arms up to stop grabbing, while Hunter grabbed his legs to stop him kicking. “First things first, Tyler, need to get some underwear on you, can’t be going out with that thing, what would everyone think?” Lance said sarcastically. “My name is Tye,” replied Tye. Lance got out a sweaty jockstrap. He lined up the holes with Tye’s feet and pulled them up to his legs, to his hard cock. It felt weird being placed onto him, but even weirder feeling as his hair was growing around it. Tye felt his dick being pricked by his growing hairs, that had been a small patch that was growing into a thick bush. Not only his hairs but his cock was also growing, he had a small size, but now his cock snaked out to about 10". Lance then got out some sweaty black shorts and shoved it up Tye'e skinny legs. Lance and Hunter let his legs go, and they flopped on the floor as they went numb. They eagerly watched as Tye’s legs inflated with muscle, first his thighs growing into logs, and then his calves turning into powerful runners legs. Two big round bouncy lumps popped out of his backside, as a gigantic bubble butt grew to fill his sports shorts. Tye looked in horror at what was happening. “Oh god, what the fuck is happening to me,” Tye screamed “Your growing bro. Now we gotta get your shoes and socks to make those feet big too,” replied Lance, who got out some large white socks. He then pulled them up Tye’s legs. They were, of course, sweaty as well. Tye felt his feet turn into wet clay that was growing out. Hunter and Lance then got out some big black trainers and pushed them onto his feet, tightening them as much as they could. Tye’s feet grew until they filled the size 13 shoes, then they stopped and hardened. “Woah bro, you are looking good. Now let’s see what you look like with a top Tyler,” Lance joked, ignoring Tye’s pleas for them to stop. “My name isn’t Tyler you fucking idiot and can you stop this, please,” Tye angrily pleaded as testosterone built up within him. The boys ignored and threw on his tank top. Instantly Tye felt uncomfortable; it was sweatier and smellier than any of the other clothes. Tye felt his legs come back to him and quickly got up, but was forced into a corner by the three jocks who were all grinning at their new bro. “Ok guys can you stop please, I don’t want this,” Tye cried “But look at you bro, you gonna be bigger than all of us. Why wimp out here when your gonna be lifting the biggest weights and crushing all the pussy,” said Lance. “But I’m gay and a dweeb,” “Haha fuck that fag shit Tyler, your gonna be a pussy slaying bro like the rest of us,” “N…no… I don’t want to be a dumb bro like you guys. Wait what’s happening now,” said Tye, frightened at his overweight body and deepening voice. His belly bulged out with a large pair of saggy man tits that hung over them, and his arms became thick branches of flab. This added mass continued going up his neck, not sparring any part of him as it made his head rounder in shape.  His the appearance of his face changed from innocent and scrawny, to deadly brutish. Tye looked down and saw as his fat began retracting back into him and turning into solid muscle. His stomach turned from fat into cup-sized abs; his pecs flattened down into massive pecs that shelved his abs. Tye’s branch sized arms thicked and strengthened with muscle, his biceps and triceps exploded out. Tye was now unrecognisable to his old self. “The fuck have you done to me,” He shouted in anger “Ah I see, we’re missing the cap,” Lance said, continuing to ignore Tye. Hunter and Bryce grabbed Tye, while Lance got a cap from the bag. Though Tye should be able to shake the two off with ease, he wasn’t used to his strength and so remained in a tugging battle with them. Lance swiftly pushed it down onto Tye’s head. Tye grabbed at it, but the cap squeezed his head to the point it was glued to it. The pressure from it got so much that started squeezing knowledge and memories out of his head. Bit by bit, maths to science to computers, his knowledge was rinsed out over and over again. His memories became a blurred mess, and he couldn’t remember anything. “See bro, your one of us Tyler,” Lance stated. “I… I’m one of you guys?” Tyler questioned “Yeah bro, your part of the team, your our big bro,” As Lance said that Tyler’s mind began creating new memories of being the big bro of the team and being mates with Lance, Bryce and Hunter. “Yeah bro, you’re also the maddest gym rat, smashing all the high weights. All of course for the game and to make Coach happy,” Lance continued. Tyler’s mind was filled with gym routine’s, workouts; sports play styles and rules. He was the big bro and an absolute sports star. “Yeah bro, you smash weights for Coach and also for pussy. You’re like the biggest pussy smasher there is, and you love it,” Tyler’s mind began visualising a hot blonde chick, how it was to fondle her tits, to smash her puss with his thick meat that was hardening in his shorts. “Mmmmpppphhh tits and pussy,” He said uncontrollably as he began to desire to jerk off. “Yeah bro come sit down, we’re all bro’s here so no homo,” Lance joked The boys all sat down and got out their cocks and started jerking themselves off to some titty magazine. Tyler’s mind was now focused on gains and pussy, nothing else. “This feels good, doesn’t it. Blowing your cock to some standard hoe with your bro’s,” Lance asked “Yeah bro, no homo,” “What would it be bro if it was homo? ” Lance intrigued. Tyler was shocked, would a dude really do something homo. The thought of dudes banging dudes repulsed him, made him angry. “Ew bro that’s disgusting, guys don’t fuck other guys. That’s what pussy is for. I would shove those fags in my pits and let my musk tell em how it is, how it should be,” “Yeah bro, but what if as well they hadn’t any gains? And they didn’t want to hit the gym ever? Like they had better things to have, such as smarts,” Tyler was enraged even more now. Who the fuck thought brains were better than gains, these dweebs needed a hit until they knew what they should be doing, which was hitting the gym and smashing pussy. With all this anger, Tyler jerked his dick harder, his head now fussed on pussy, gains, sports and beating dweebs. This was the life, and no other mattered, he would rule the school with his bro’s. Inside the old memories and thoughts of Tye, tried to grasp and cling onto him, hoping to regain control and end this nightmare. Each pounding of his dick, though, sent the memories further down into his dick until he was ready to go. Tyler kept rubbing, enjoying the feeling as his homosexuality, dweeb memories and knowledge were firmly stored away in his balls ready to be disposed of. “UUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed as he came out his old memories and rid himself of his old life. His other bros followed suit but didn’t produce as much as him. “Haha, no homo bro’s,” they all said, getting up and getting ready for the gym to get swole for the pussy they would smash later.

    Fixing up a new bro

    “What day is it, bro?” asked Brad impatiently.

    “It’s Tuesday, Brad,”  Jimmy smirked, trying to contain his laughter.

    “How many days is that from Friday?”  he continued dumbly.

    “It’s three days, Brad,” Jimmy couldn’t continue to hold in his laughter.

    “Ugh, thanks bro,” mumbled Brad, before jumping back on his couch and sulking.

    Jimmy smiled as he watched his hulking brute of a roommate wonder back to the couch. Jimmy found Brad to be oddly cute. He couldn’t tell if it was his muscled body that he spent days in the gym building for football practice or his simple-minded naivety. Either way, Jimmy found him hot.

    Jimmy went back to his laptop and continued studying. Brad sat on his phone, probably looking for hot babes to bang or for any local parties. Jimmy felt slight disappointment realising that he would never get to screw or be with Brad. Even though Brad and his bros sucked and fucked each other, they never thought it was gay. They always made some excuse or sanctified it by saying “no homo”, as if it made everything they did, not gay.

    On weekends they would go out clubbing and smash ‘puss’ as they described it, but they made it sound as if it was some legendary military conquest. These disgusting acts reminded Jimmy of why Brad wasn’t his friend. As cute and dumb as Brad was, he was still a toxically masculine, grade douche bag, who viewed women as nothing more than achievements to be subdued.

    Brad threw his phone at a cushion on the couch and mumbled again. He was visibly bored as he had nothing to do for a week since training had been cancelled. He reached out to grab his cigs, but Jimmy gave a disapproving look. Jimmy hated it when Brad smoked as he found the smell to be disgusting.

    Brad continued to scan around the room for activities to do. He looked to his Xbox, his one and only friend in the apartment that he wasted his hours away on. But alas, his bros weren’t here and it would get boring fast without them.

    “Jimmy, Do you want to play some Call of Duty with me? Please,” Brad yelled at the ceiling. Jimmy had no interest in games. He thought they were useless trash that served no purpose other than to glorify war.

    “No, Brad. I’m doing work,” Jimmy yelled, staring at his intensive work.

    “UGH… I’m so bored though,”

    “Well go and have a cigarette and play some Xbox. Didn’t you get more of those special cigarettes you really like?”

    Brad stopped for a second, did he order his special cigs? Brad jumped out of the couch and legged it down the corridor to check his mail.  

    “Ah, five minutes of peace, at last,” Jimmy sighed to himself.

    A few minutes passed, and the hulking brute stomped back into the quiet room. Brad was holding a small pack of blue boxes in one hand and in the other was a pack of unique lighters. He jumped back onto the couch and stretched out. He ripped open the clingfilm and looked over the boxes to make sure everything was right. Once he felt comfortable, he relaxed back and began thinking deeply.

    Brad’s eyes shot to the Xbox, he really wanted to play, but he didn’t have anyone to play with. Brad shot his eyes back to Jimmy, he could play, but he didn’t want to. Jimmy was focusing on work and nothing else.

    Brads eyes then shot back to the Xbox, and then back to Jimmy. He repeated this cycle until he looked at his cigarettes, then he added it to the cycle, jimmy, Xbox, Cigs. Brads mind was working in overdrive to piece everything together. Then it hit him, his master plan to solve his longterm boredom issue. He wore a broad grin on his face as he looked over at Jimmy, who was slaving away at his laptop. Maybe it was time he relaxed a bit.

    Brad unzipped his pants and got out his 8-inch flaccid cock. He wiggled it about in his hands, trying to get the attention of his roommate. Jimmy, however, paid no attention, still consumed by his tedious work. Brad thought for a sec before it pinged in his head. He always knew how to get Jimmy’s attention.

    Brad took a cigarette and popped it in his mouth. He then reached over to get his lighter, and before he could even bring to the cigarette, Jimmy was staring at him coldly. Jimmy hated smelling smoke and so enforced strict rules on smoking.

    Jimmy stared at brad bewildered. Why did he have his cock out? And why was he smoking indoors? He knew he hated it. Jimmy couldn’t deny, though, that his interest in Brad had shot up. His own cock was now hardening to the thought of sucking on Brad’s enormous dick. Brad shook it again, and Jimmy lep off his chair like a dog. He rushed over to brad, sliding as he went onto his knee’s. Jimmy’s mouth was wide open and ready for its package.

    Brad grabbed Jimmy’s head and forced him onto his cock to begin sucking.

    “There we go Jakey, bro. Now that isn’t hard, while you do that, I’m gonna get myself a special cig,” Brad boasted gleefully at Jimmy, who was absorbed into the pleasure.

    Brad pushed Jimmy up and down on his cock, the pleasure was immense for both, but Brad had a surprise for Jimmy. Brad took his lighter and lit the cigarette in his mouth before returning the lighter to its original place. Brad sucked the fumes down deep inside of him, letting them seep into every part, before blowing the rest out into Jimmy’s face.

    Jimmy became dazed by the smoke but was loving the pleasure. His mind slowed down to a snail pace, only thinking of one thing, sucking off Brad.

    “Good, bro slow yourself down, no need to waste this moment. Keep going though.” Brad said softly; his tone was therapeutic to Jimmy, relaxing his mind and body.

    “Good bro, I haven’t seen what you’ve been doing in a while cos your so busy. Let’s catch up now shall we,” Jimmy nodded in response.

    “Well let’s look at your body, yep, as I thought. You’ve been working out in secret bro, haven’t you? I mean, look at these arms and that chest man,” Jimmy felt an odd sensation move up and down his spine. The sensation spread throughout his body, going to the tips of his finger and toes. The feeling died out quickly, but afterwards, muscle grew from every part of his body. His triceps and Biceps gently inflated. Jimmy could feel his stomach suck in softly to; he didn’t, however, feel it fall back out. Instead, a set of six well-carved abs now glistened off his stomach. His pecs grew out and rounded suitably, hardening into mighty rocks.  Jimmy was unaware of the growth that had just taken place. He thought Brad was just having a joke with him.

    “Well that’s gonna change bro, your gonna be coming with me to the gym from now on, and wearing the proper clothes for it. I mean you and me aren’t just roommates, Jakey, we’re best bros,” And with that Brad blew more smoke into Jimmy’s face.

    Jimmy’s already dazed mind started thinking about how he and Brad were bros, creating false memories of the two playing and working out together.

    ‘Yeah, why would I ditch my best bro’ he thought to himself. He forgot his rules and irritations caused by Brad and instead accepted his new bro. As his mind was altered, Jimmy felt his clothes lighten as well. His shirt lost its sleeves and turned into a light blue tank top; his jeans retreated into red basketball shorts and a backward white cap formed on his head.

    “Yeah dude, we’re on the football team and in acing the course. Coach thinks your the best, and so does the team. You aren’t very smart at all, only passing High school,”

    Jimmy felt his mind lighten with thoughts as Brad blew more smoke in his face. He tried to remember what he was doing at college, he could swear it was something in Bio-chemistry, but all he could think about was football, Coach and the team who were his other bros. Yeah now that he thought about it, he was always meant for football. Jimmy hated all classes other than sports, mainly cos he wasn’t any good at them, which is obviously why he did sports at college and not bi… chemi… whatever he thought of before.

    “Yeah bro that’s good, cos you’re my best bro. Keep sucking bro; we’re almost there. You know, your also the maddest party-goer, always going to the max,”

    Jimmy again tried to remember any kind of partying that he did, as his head and body was now filled with smoke. At first, he remembered he wasn’t that into the scene, and if he did go, he usually stood at the side and drank water. It took him a little while, but the memories all came to. Now he remembered getting wasted at parties, dancing like a mad lad, doing weed and sometimes getting into trouble, but he loved it. The party was his weekend.

    “… but your also a very flirty guy, when you’re at the party, you know what you want. You want that dirty blonde bimbo sucking on your thick cock, or you want to be smashing her from behind,”

    Jimmy was confused; he couldn’t be straight he swore he was gay… wait, no he couldn’t be gay, that wasn’t his thing. He sucked off his bro’s cos; it was his bros, and that isn’t gay. Honestly, gay people kinda disgusted him, why go screw another dude when you could have a different dumb slutty bimbo every week, the ones with big bouncy boobs and thin bods. Yeah, that’s what he wanted to smash. Jimmy’s cock softened but had grown considerably, as he realised that he was only helping out his bro from a tiring workout sesh and it being… whatever day it was, Brad needed some relief.

    “Yeah that’s good bro, you’re a good bro, now keep sucking cos I’m ready Jakey bro, that is your name, Jakey,” The name Jimmy faded from his mind and Jakey or Jake, sprung up taking its place in all his memories.

    Jakey kept sucking harder and harder for his bro, hoping to give him the relief he needed. Brad kept his hand on his head, making sure he sucked him thoroughly. Brad’s moaning got louder as he neared his climax, his cock was at full size now, his mind focused on big tiddies and pussy. Jake kept going further down on his cock each time, up and down, almost in rhythm to the moaning.

    “UGH… YES… BRO… GET READY COS ITS GONNA BE A BIG LOAD?” Brad screamed at his new bro. There was a slight lull before Brad felt his balls explode inside Jake. Jake caught the cum and made sure it didn’t go down the back of his throat because then it would be gay.  Jake took his mouth off Brad’s cock and spat out the cum he looked at Brad with dazed eyes and they both said.

    “No homo bro.”


    You should go as a geek for Halloween

    Very funny. There’s no chance I’m going partying. Besides I’m already enough of a geek

    I can fix that


    Fuuuuuck.... Dude what did you do to me?

    Made you to into a dumb muscle bro. Now you can totally dress up as a geek

    Huhu yeah totally dude. As long as I can still show off these pecs


    Alex had been studying until he got a dm from the class delinquent Marcus telling him in all caps BE A BRO. Just like that he felt the strange need to pull off his shirt and flex into his webcam. As he did pose after pose, he started forgetting calculus, science, even basic grammar as he packed on muscle and knowledge about sports, lifting, and fucking. 30 min later the freshman calc mayor was gone, replaced by a cocky muscle bro eagerly flexing for his webcam show.