Brenden was walking through the park when he saw a group of immature young jocks shouting and shooting paint balls at each other. He tried to walk past them quickly to find a quiet spot to read his book when a wet thing touched his neck. "Tag youre it!" A deep but childish voice yelled at. Brenden looked down to see a grinning jock with hands covered in wet paint. He felt himself getting hotter, sweat pouring over his chest. He couldnt help but remove his shirt where he saw two round, tan pecs jutting out. Beneath his slightly pudgy stomach started to carve itself into a firm 6 pack with a light treasure trail. Brenden felt confused as his face changed to get rounder and more masculine with a big cocky grin. He could feel his intelligence and college aspirations fade away into nothing. Soon there was only Ben, another dumb jock for the game!

    Scott found the green bandana tied around his bike handle, almost like a warning from the skater jocks who patrolled his neighborhood. Later that day as he was riding his bike to the store he realized he left his mask at home. With no other choice, he wrapped the bandana around his face, smelling cheap axe and sweat from the skater who wore it last. As he walked inside his muscles begin to strain and stretch. His flat chest getting longer and buffer. His arms and legs getting longer. He raised his arms with a new confidence and easily discarded his shirt, store couldnt make him wear one of those, he mused. His large hands rubbed his muscular pecs while tattoos etched themselves on to his arms. His face hardened and matured with shorter hair and a firm jawline. His feet grew large and masculine with each step. By the time he made it to checkout the only item he had was a pack of cigerettes and the bike had turned into a skateboard. "Yo, wanna try this on?" He asked in a smooth commanding voice before forcing the sweaty bandana on the nerdy cashier...

    The jock sat there staring at the rocks and pondered why he was even there. He remembered touring Europe with his bros but couldn't exactly remember why he was here. Just a bunch of rocks in a circle seemed like a dumb tourist attraction, even for him. He had no idea this was an ancient Neolithic site dedicated to the worship of old gods no one prayed to anymore. He had no idea that a few moments ago a college nerd on summer break touring Europe made a desperate prayer to these gods. Saying he would give anything to be stronger and more attractive so he could have more friends and find a girlfriend. He had no idea these gods still listened and accepted his offer, taking it upon themselves to take the nerds intelligence as payment since he said he'd give anything. He had no idea he was the person that nerd had become. How could he? He was too dumb to remember such things. But even being dumb he knew it was stupid to travel just to go see a bunch of rocks.

    Matthew desperately needed his own car for college.  He was premed and worked two jobs and had classes.  The nerd was just getting by so he was taken aback when the biggest jock on campus offered to sell him his old car for only 500 dollars!  Almost crying with gratitude Matthew was quick to accept and jump in the car to head to class.  He turned on the ac to cool off but a strange scent came out the vents.  "Ugh it smells like a locker room" He whined and rolled down the window for fresh air.  The wind felt so good.  So relaxing.  The nerd felt a new temptation to rest his arm out the window.  He cautiously complied.  Not noticing his arm was rapidly tanning in the sun, and growing.  Large biceps sprouted out and the hair in his pit thickened and began to smell.  Matthew was lost in a daydream while his formerly weedy body grew bulging pecs and hard abs as if all he did was lift.  His feet swelled and split through his shoes as they pressed down harder on the gas.  His hands grew big and strong, turning the wheel and uturning towards the gym just as he was reaching his class.  The only thing not growing was his brain, which was rapidly shrinking.  By the time Matt arrived at his destination his face had hardened and become masculine and there was no trace of his former intelligence or interests just another dumb jock for the team!

    Ben and Mitch giggled as they carefully removed the worn out sneakers from the jock's locker.  They were gonna get revenge on Tyler the football captain for bullying them all year.  The nerds carefully snuck towards the door when a pungent smell hit them like a punch to the gut.  Ben slowly sank to the ground and began removing his shoes as if in a trance.  "What the fuck bro?" Mitch cried out, oblivious to his deeper voice or new language.  He watched in horror as Ben removed his socks next and his feet began to swell getting large and muscular.  The same thing was happening to Mitch now as his hands moved against his will to take off his clothing and make way for the growth.  They both removed their shirts next.  Bare chests getting tan, bellies sucking in and pecs becoming large and bouncy with athletic muscle.  Their hair shortened into masculine jock cuts and their eyes dulled.  Both could feel a stirring in their gym shorts as their cocks grew and their minds filled with thoughts of serving Tyler their boyfriend and football captain.  They mindlessly jerked each other off, brains shrinking with each stroke til they came.  Giggling.  "Huhuhu bro, guess we better return these to the captain."  The two new foot loving jocks turned around to serve their new leader.

    It wasn't until Todd got out of his car in the gym parking lot that he suddenly realized he forgot his mask at home. He felt around his pockets and his car to check but nothing. He didn't even want to be here but his friend invited him since membership included +1 access. He drove 45 minutes to get here too so its not like he can go back home to get a mask. But his friend reassured him the gym has a few just in case this happens. So when they walked in he got the usual "sir masks are required" and had to explain he forgot his and make it clear he wasn't some karen pretending to have a medical exemption. They gave him a black one and let them in.

    It smelled weird but he watched them remove it fron a sealed bag so he knew it wasn't used. Yet it smelled sweaty and musky. It was making him dizzy as he followed his friend to the weights and started working out. As he did he noticed the grunts of effort getting deeper, more aggressive as well as louder and more frequent. More obnoxious like he wanted attention on him. The weights also started to feel lighter so he kept having to increase the weight. Todd barely noticed that his arm and chest muscles were swelling and growing....getting swol huhuh...wait why was he thinking like that? The dizziness only got worse as the sleeves of his t shirt vanished and the arm holes expanded and the color lightened until his black t shirt was a bright yellow loose barely covering anything tank top. Muscles showing everywhere. Abs tighter, pecs and arms on display. Hell there was even a nip slip on one side. His hair buzzed into a short jock cut. His skin tanned and glistened with sweat. His mind empting fully of anything other than sports and workout routines.

    "Huhuh check me out bro!" Todd said to his friend as he walked over to a mirror and took a gym selfie. Now just another dumb jock at the gym. Indistinguishable from all the others.


    Drew was pacing nervously in his room thinking about what his exgf had said. She caught him cheating and claiming herself a witch cursed him to become a creature of pure hormones the next time he got horny. Since then Drew had refused to date. A green glow brought his attention to his tv screen which was suddenly playing porn. Drew tried to block it out and covered his hears to the moans but it was no use. He already felt his socks being torn apart as the skin hardened and his feet became large hooves. His light body hair itched and expanded becoming a forrest of fur that engulfed most of his lower body and his chest. His athletic abs that he prided himself on sagged, hidden now beneath a slight beer gut to his horror and his pecs grew a bit with a mix of fat and muscle. He tried to stop the tv but it merely switched to gay porn which he found he was also now attracted to as sex became more and more important to him regardless of who it was with. Entranced by his new horniness the changing man ripped off the remains of his clothing revealing strong furry legs and a new dangling dick standing firm at attention. He moaned in a deepening, musical voice as scruff overtook his formerly clean face. And his boyish charms were lost behind a thick beard and older features. Finally two large horns ripped through his shaggy hair as the new beast spewed his load all over the screen, blasting the last of his brains and old self out. He was now ready to go out and make more sex crazed satyrs!

    Ben was walking the the park disgusted by the display he saw. There was a gay pride party going on in the park he was walking through. He wasn't homophobic at all, he was a shy timid college nerd in a computer science major. But these people were in leather bdsm gear in public. Guys in leather harnesses, wearing assless pants, leather jocks, they had collars and leashes, some even on all fours acting like dogs. To him that was too far for a public display. He wasn't the type to say anything to them or call the cops but the disgust and shock were obvious in his face. One guy dressed in leather shorts and a open leather vest, looking like he was in his early 30s walked over. "Whats the matter boy? You look upset?" The guy asked him. Ben couldn't stop himself "I think all this fetish stuff is a bit much for a public park" he said. "You just need to relax a little, boy" the guy said as he slips on a chain with a padlock around Ben's neck with the name Baxter engraved on the padlock. Other necklaces with name tags containing phone numbers and addresses for "if lost, return to" instructions. Before Be....Baxter could react the man slid a rubber pup hood over his head. His body started to become hairless but started to bulk up. He helt himself getting broader with muscle and fat. His shirt changes to a black t shirt that reads "got treats?" on it. His pants turned into cargo shorts as he felt his boxers turn into leather jock strap. He suddenly started to feel light headed, dumber...oddly content and happy. His frustration and disgust fading as he suddenly felt in love with the guy. His dick getting hard as all attraction to women faded to be replaced with thoughts of guys, especially his master....master? That didn't feel right and yet it did. He felt his feet pulse out and widen gettibg bigger to support his bew weight as red black and white sneaks appeared on them and he grinned. Getting down on all fours to sniff at his masters feet, suddebly gay and loving feet as his old memories began to fade and Ben the straight college nerd became Baxter the gay pup with a foot fetish. Doing whatever his master wanted.

    Kevin and Derek hated that their college required sports participation as a gen ed requirement. Some nonsense about "being a well rounded person" and them "needing to be physically fit as well as mentally fit" was used to explain away the requirement. Still recreational sports were an option for the less competitive and the two computer science majors decided swim was one of the less contact sports options available. They joined the rec swim club which didn't require much of them actually. Show up at certain times to the pool, do laps while being timed, practice diving, then sign off on a paper with their times to prove they were there. Of course overall the school wanted to see some improvement in the number of laps in the same amount of time for the credits but that sort of came naturally from practice. After a few weeks the club hosted a pool party. They didn't really want to go but were told they would be kicked out if they didn't. So there they were drinking the odd tasting punch and chatting with the swim jocks they had spent most of the semester barely talking to. However as they drank and talked they started to feel strange. Skin itching and timgling as it tanned. The small muscles they had from swimming started to swell up and grow their stomachs chiseled into abs. Their chests puffed out into pecs. Faces getting angular and masculine and Derek felt an itch on his face as a beard grew while Kevin's face remained smooth. Kevin's hair turned blonde and spiked itself into a jock cut while Derek's stayed brown and took on a messy style. The two felt their minds dumb down no longer caring about computer science. They wanted to flex and show off and compete, bragging to each other about who can get the faster time like the two dumb swim jocks they are.


    I've gotten tired of my boring college life could you transform me into a dumb country farm boy so I'll have a way more fun 2021

    Sure thing here's some beer. Drink it right before bed and when you wake up 2021 will be a LOT simpler.

    You hesitantly down the can and then go to bed. Its a rough night sleep though as your muscles start to pulse and ache as the grow strong but lean from a lifetime of work. Your skin darkened from being outside all the time as your hair became messy. An intense itching on your face as a rugged beard sprouted. Hair grew all over your body as your intelligence faded. You started to remember growing up on a farm. Working hard with your Pa and your brothers. Coming in at meal times to get food from your Ma. Your mind and life feeling so simple now. You wake up at just the first rays of sunlight in a old bed in a mostly empty room. You barely spend any time inside anyway. You get dressed in a pair of jeans, boots, a bandana to stop your neck from getting sunburnt and your cowboy hat as you eat breakfast with your family and head out. Its hard work but simple, easy, repetitive. On weekends you get to drink and BBQ with your family and other redneck guys and go mudding on the ATV. This is your life now. 2021 will be so much more fun.


    can i please request a story about two nerds who get hypnotized to become shirtless barefoot rednecks?

    William and Joseph were two psychology grad students working on their thesis research. Their research was a study to determine whether or not hypnosis couldn't be used to radically alter a person's personality. There would really be no ethical purpose for this research but the point of their study was to show that hypnotherapists needed to be highly trained and regulated because of the amont of influence they have over their subjects. If proven right their study could cause major alterations to the monitoring and ethics of hypnotherapy.

    One day though while they were looking through their computer suddenly the screen glitched and the hypnosis program activated. They both paniced and tried to shut it down but they both ended up lost in the subliminals. The system read that they were both well dressed, highly educated, nerds. So it started to program them to be the opposite. They felt years of grad school, college, even most of high school fading from their minds as their IQs dropped to the point where they could never fix this. Their thoughts of academic pursuits shifted to They wanted to be outdoors all the time. They were so convinced they had spent their lives doing farm work and working out that theur muscles pushed out and swelled. Their stomachs flattened and hardened into abs. Some stubble started to grow on Joey's face as both of them felt a tingle go up their whole body as their skin took on a deep country tan. Suddenly they each pulled off their shirts because their chests felt hot and like guys should always be shirtless. They kick off the shoes and socks for the sane reason. Their feet hardened and callused from always being outside barefoot. The program ends and now they are Billy and Joey, two dumb shirtless and barefoot redneck guys who don't know what all this fancy ass equipment is for. The camera on the computer took a quick picture as the virus inside it put the subliminals into the picture to change others too.


    can you write an age regression story of a guy who discovers a park where there's a bunch of happy barefoot guys playing around like a bunch of kids, and as soon as his feet touch the grass, he becomes a kid too? tysm!

    I like mental AR but writing it is a bit different than my usual so not sure how this will go but here you go.

    Dan was walking around his old home town. He was back after college and for now until he got a job needed to stay with his mom. He hasn't been here for years so he wanted to take a walk and look around. While out he passed a newly built park. The park was always there but the playground that was there now wasn't. When he was a kid it was a run down rusted piece of junk that only the least attentive parent would think to allow their child to climb on. It was populated by several people playing but Dan noticed something strange. The people playing were all grown adults. All grown men in their 20s and early 30s, grinning from ear to ear like idiots. Climbing and swinging and sliding down slides and giggling, playing tag and chasing. They all wore t shirts and shorts though some were in various states of undress. Some were shirtless, some in just breifs, even a few were naked. One thing was common among all the guys, they were all barefoot. Oddly enough there were no abandoned shoes anywhere though, like they came without them. He was so confused by the situation that he had wandered onto the grass of the park without realizing it.

    He felt some strange tingling in his shoes as he looked down watching his shoes suddenly vanish and then a moment later his socks faded too causing him to be barefoot. He felt the grass and dirt under his feet and between his toes. He felt weird as it was like energy shot up from his feet straight to his brain. It was like nothing he ever felt before as his pants changed to a pair of basketball shorts and his shirt vanished. His hair got a bit messy and turned blond as his skin tanned. Suddenly he forgot everything from college as a dumb grin started to form on his face as he started to laugh. He felt almost high and giddy. He was forgetting high school and middle school, losing his manners, his personality changing from a quite studious stressed college student to a wild hyperactive dumb outdoorsy kid. He felt like something was wrong but he couldn't focus suddenly as he laughed amd ran towards the playground equipment and playing with the other guys laughing his head off. Eventually he'd go home and his mom would find she had a happy mentally damaged son to take of from now on.


    hey can you write a story about an uptight workaholic who goes to a beach and is turned into a dumb barefoot surfer bro with a foot fetish? please and thank you!

    Peter Wilson was stressed beyond belief. He was a stock broker and constantly dealing with the stress of life. He was obsessed with his work to the point were he was a workaholic who barely did anything other than work. But eventually his boss forced him to take a vacation. So there he was on a Florida beach, wearing closed toed shoes, cargo pants, and a button up polo shirt. The closest things to casual wear he had. But as he sat there grumbling to himself a 19 year old looking surfer guy in a wet suit shirt and board shorts walked up to him "bro why you wearing shoes on a beach" and before Peter could answer the guy bent down and pulled his shoes off. He was possed and got up to chase the guy for his shoes back but as his feet touched the hot sand they started to tingle. He stopped and looked down at them starting to wiggle them in the sand. He watched as they pulse out, growing larger and wider. The toes strengthening to support better balance, the toes spread out with some gaps between them like they haven't been cramped up in tight dress shoes for decades. The soles of his feet started to calus up and harden until he could walk on burning hot sand and concrete without even feeling it. They started to get tan as the tan itched and spread up his legs as the muscles grew and strengthened. His ass firms up and his cock grew longer and thicker while his pants turned into board shorts. The tan moved up his chest, his slight gut sucked in and carved out into abs while his chest puffed into lean pecs. His arms got tanned as they muscled up and his whole body got stronger and younger while he grew taller to 6'5 and his muscles adapted to swimming, surfing and maintaining balance. His hair turned blond and grew out and messy his shirt grew longer and older and unbuttoned to show off his hot chest as his age settled at 19. But he could barely pay any attention to his hot changing bod because he was too busy admiring his feet. He couldn't help but grin as years of education, work, and stress faded from his mind, replaced by surfing, drinking, smoking weed, and... feet. He looked around at everyone else being barefooted and felt himsekf getting hard thinking about getting foot jobs from hot guys. His fantasies multiplied as Pete grinned like an idiot and ran off to get his board by his friend.


    Hey welcome back could you transform a preppy college kid into a musky dumb redneck

    Michael was lucky to come from a wealthy, educated family because he was all but guaranteed to be successful in life. He went to an elite private university and was on his way to become a doctor to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather all had done. He was so proud of himself nearing the end of med school when he would begin his internship at a hospital, but was upset to find the only available hospital was in the middle of nowhere. The hospital that had an opening was a small one in a small farming town in the middle of Hicksville.

    After a few days there he was invited to a bar with one of tge patients and feeling like he needed a break from the endless cycle of long hours followed by sleeping at home he decided to go. They started talking and he found he had nothing in common with the other man whom he considered a dumb redneck. But as they drank he slowly started to agree with him more on topics like gun rights and politics. He began to feel a growing interest in the sports on the bar screen. His hair started to get shorter as his skin itched and tingled and tanned. Years of stress and sleepless nights faded from his face as he youthened. His muscles swelling and he felt uncomfortable in his suit but only for a moment as the clothes faded and changed. His shirt becoming an old sleevless shirt that basically had no sides to them. His pants turned to jeans and his shoes shifted to large steel toed work boots and his socks faded as his hands and feet pulsated bigger to size 12 feet. He felt a headache as his mind emptied of med school, college, even most high school as the only thing he was good for anymore as lifting heavy stuff in his new manual job as a lamdscapper. Now he wasn't a medical intern put to drinks with a patient he was just some dim redneck guy hanging out with his bro.


    I know you probably don’t take requests but how about one where a highschool teacher gets regressed and turned into a dumb skater/surfer by his students?

    Old request sorry I just got to it.

    Mr. Kent was a good math teacher but of course his students didn't think so. To them he was a total stick in the mud who was always correcting them for smoking weed, skating on school property, and not doing homework. Finally a few of the guys decided to do something about it. The one guy stuck a piece of chewed gum to the bottom of Mr. Kent's desk before class so it would still be fresh. Thomas Kent walked into the classroom to set up for a lesson. When he put his hand down on the desk it stuck to the gum and he was grossed out. But as he lifted his hand the gum was oddly tempting looking to him. He pops it into his mouth without thinking and started to chew and as he did. He felt an itch in his hair as it turned blond and grew out slightly. His skin itched as his body haur retracted in and his skin took on a deep tan. He felt a breif sharp pain as his whole body seemed to compress, arms, legs, and torso shrinking, his clothes becoming baggy before they suddenly change. His black dress pants change into denim and his belt becomes designed. His feet grow larger despite his loss of size and age, he feels pressure around his leather dress shoes until they bulk out to a pair of size 12 Osiris shoes, brightly colored in red and clunky looking. His shirt simply vanished showing his leanly muscled teenage chest. A white backwards hat appears on his head as he aged down to barely 18 feeling his intelligence drain as his head fills with hormones, music and skater skills as he sits on the chair with his feet up on the teachers desk. Todays lesson was gonna be very different, maybe they'd calculate how many letters Tom could burp using only one can of coke, or how high he could kickflip.


    Welcome back! Can you maybe write a story about a nerdy big city guy who goes to a small town for Christmas and meets a dumb barefoot redneck hick who turns him into a dumb barefoot redneck hick too? I've been watching too many Hallmark movies and need something kinkier lol

    Ben pulled up to the run down old farm house of his parents and groaned. He hadn't really wanted to come when they invited him home for Christmas. There was a reason he decided to break from the families blue collar tradition and go to college for buisness finance. He moved to New York and got a job at a big bank. He was a big shot, well dressed, well educated but rather busy from his work. He didn't have time or patience to care about Christmas or his hometown in Texas. He went through moving his bags into his old room and then was encouraged by his parents to try and see where people from high school were not like he cared.

    As he walked around he saw some guy with a scruffy beard, hairy, shirtless and walking barefoot down the street. He couldn't look more like a stereotypical hick if he tried. But the guy looked at him and grinned. "Holy shit, Buck! I ain't seen ya in years!" The man shouted but Ben had no idea whst the guy meant, his named wasn't Buck. But the man was grabbing him and popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. Ben started to cough and grabbed the cigarette out as he had never smoked before. But then the coughing subsided and it suddenly tasted good as he started walking with the guy and taking more inhails. His mind started to slow down as his education began to fade. He started to feel hot in his shirt as he pulled it off, watching his skin tan and his skinny body bulk out with some weight. Some hair started to grow and sprout. His feet started to feel hot and cramped in his shoes as he looks at the guy he's walking with. His barefeet look so comfortable on the concrete. It reaches a point where Ben....Buck can't stand it anymore so he pushes his shoes off and wiggles his toes against the ground. The soles of his feet harden and get tougher so the hot concrete doesn't feel as bad as it could. His memories start to alter and he follows his new friend over to his house to drink some beer and do some shooting practice in the back yard. He wouldn't be going back to his office job in the city anytine soon, instead he'll be drinking and laughing with his friends and family for Christmas, and he'll probably get a constrution job and maybe go hunting with his friend. Always barefoot and usually shirtless. Buck fits right in at his home town now.


    Chris was going through some stuff in his basement when a weird smell caught his attention. It smelled like s mix of sweat, musk, amd basement storage. But oddly he was drawn to the smell, getting hard as he went, he was drawn to a old santa hat in a box and for some reason decided to put it on. Suddenly his muscles ached and expanded, his skin tanned while any blemishes or imperfections vanished. The sleeves of his shirt burst open to become sleevless. His hair got shorter and styled itself into a short jock cut. He grinned as his mind slowed down and emptied out. Next thing he knew he had boxing gloves on ready to train punching the sandbag hanging from the basement ceiling.


    welcome back, we've missed your awesome stories! i saw you were accepting stories and idk if you still are, but i was wondering if you could write one about a stressed and uptight college student who just started winter break and smokes weed for the first time and becomes a blissed out hippie stoner dude? thank you!

    Steve was finally home. This last semester had been a rough one, he knew he probably should have chosen an easier major than Biology with a pre med track. Still he'd be damned if he ended up like his parents, living paycheck to paycheck skipping a few bills each month so there was rnough money for food....and that was with 2 incomes. All the stress, the late nights, the skipped social life, the crying in the bathroom before a final he knew he wasn't prepared for, it would all be worth it once he was making a doctor's salary and able to support his own family someday. But for now he was home on winter vacation with finals behind him and next semester scheduled he could finally relax. He was going to school in New York but his home was in New Jersey. And he had recently found out, to his shock NJ had passed a law allowing recreational weed. He never thought that would happen but he guessed the hippies fought long and hard for that to slowly be legal. Since so many brag about it and its calming properties he decided to try it out. He couldn't get in trouble and now didn't have to know anyone to buy it. He found out where to get it and came home.

    After taking a hit he felt more relaxed. Another hit he felt dizzy. Another hit and he fekt like he was forgetting shit and as he felt his intelligence fade away he felt a smile creep across his face. Facial hair began to sprout getting scruffy and itchy, his hair started to get messy. He started to get slimmer and felt great about himself as the bags under his eyes lifted. All signs of stress left him. His medical knowledge faded in favor of alternative stuff like weed and essential oils. He grinned as he accepted his new life as a stoner.

    Ryan was walking home from his college class when he saw the skateboard just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk. No one was around. It seemed abandoned. Out of curiosity to humor himself he got on it. It was tricky to keep his balance but he quickly got it. He felt strange as his feet began to smell amd hurt, getting larger and bursting through his sneakers. He kicked off the remains of his shoes and felt the soles of his feet get rough from being barefoot all the time and felt really good using his toes to grip the board. A tan began to spread across his feet and up his legs while muscle grew and hair on his legs vanished. The tan spread as his jeans turned into shorts and he felt his average torso firm up with muscles. As his abs tightened his balance improves whike his pecs pushed out and his shirt dissolved. The tan reached his face as he got younger and cuter, looking about 18 or 19. His hair turned blonde and itched as it grew out, the back and sides short whike the top grew long and flopped over. Ryan grinned as he started to ride the board with ease, even doing tricks. The stressful life of a college student was behind him now, and his new life as a relaxed carefree skater dude was just getting started.


    Hey, first of all you're one of my favorite tf blogs on Tumblr. Second maybe you could do a transformation story where after a few years a jock brother turns his nerd brother into his twin forcefully

    John and Josh were brothers but you'd never tell from looking at them. John was on the college baseball team and sleeping throug a degree in sports medicine while going to all the parties and getting drunk all the time. Meanwhile Josh was quiet and intelligent, nearing the end of his masters in marine biology and looked little like his brother from all the days locked in his room studying. John wanted to change this though so he could have a brother to party and meet hot girls with so for his birthday he guilted Josh to come to the bating range with him. John egged him into giving it a try and to his surprise he was good, hiting the balls like it was nothing. He didnt notice with each swing the years started to fall of him. Early wrinkles and the bags under his eyes from stress disappearing as the bit of fat sucked in and turned to pure muscle. It wasn't long before the sweaty Josh pulled off his shirt revealing big tan pecs and abs that looked identical to his brother's.  "Woah when did I get so muscular?" He started to get scared as his face got handsome and chiseled, becoming identical to John in every way. His body got buff, tan and tall. Soon his mind started to go. He forgot all about school and smarts and only cared about sports and hot sorority girls. The new dumb jock blinker open his eyes and gave a dull grin.  "Best birthday ever twin bro!" John smiled, finally he had a bro to be proud of.