The Cap is really straining my mind, lately. But I think I can handle it another day....

    Let me explain. The Cap, according to my research, seems to have been around a very long time. I believe it started out as a crown for some lost civilization to make their kings mighty warriors. Over the years, it has changed forms and gone from civilization to civilization. At some point in the modern era, it somehow moved away from royalty and has been difficult to track. But I used all my magical knowledge, every divination spell in my book, and finally found it in the attic of a successful body builder. It had taken on the form of a baseball cap to suit our modern world.

    I admit, I was eager to put it on. Part of the reason I had spent my life on the secret world of magic was a complete inability to develop my body athletically. I was short and scrawny, and definitely sick of it. I figured the Cap would give me the body of a king. I knew from my research the cost, and thought it would be simple enough to pay.

    To earn the magic of the Cap, you effectively must withstand its psychic assault on your mind. It will try and chip away at the foundation of your thoughts, bend you to its image of a "warrior" of your culture. I had already had to pick my battles, allowing it to change parts of my mind. It instilled in me a drive to go to the gym, first. I noticed its unnatural powers even on my first workout as my muscles visible bulged and grew as I sweat. Each day, I put the Cap back on, returned to the gym, and resisted it through my workouts.

    As you can see, it's rewarded me with this gorgeous athletic body. But I've been slipping lately. My speech pattern includes the word Bro alot now, I've noticed. I only buy jock clothes now. I'm turned on by the thought of proving my dominance over other jocks now, both in the gym and in bed. That's been the hardest change to resist, and even now I'm growing hard at the thought...

    Oh. Oh no. I'm going over to this hot guy in the locker room. I can't stop myself. He's into my body, running his hands up and down my sweaty muscles, making out with me. Now we're getting in the showers. I've never blown a load while wearing the Cap! I don't think my mind... can resist... if I... CUM!


    Ahuhuhuh... Huh huh huh... That bro was hot. Couldn't get enough of my body. He's gonna come worship me tomorrow. I gave him my old hat, not sure why. It's like I couldn't resist passing it on... oh well. Bet he'll look good in it when I'm balls deep in his ass.

    Punishment for A Nerd

    Jesse is a very bright student. He’s smart, socially active and even that he’s considered as a nerd, but everyone likes him, even the jocks like him too because he loved to help those jocks in their study. But, some teacher considered him as a “smart but cocky kid who think that he can outshine his own teacher”, and it’s including Mr.Roberts. Mr. Roberts is a Spanish teacher, one of the class where Jesse excelled at it, some student even considered him to be smarter than Mr.Roberts and make the students, instead of asking Mr. Roberts help, they asked Jesse’s help, and one day, Liam (one of his student) said in the middle of his classes"We already know about it sir. Jesse already taught us about that"Mr. Roberts is pissed of and then walked out from the class. A lot of thing races in his mind and then he come with a conclusion"It’s all Jesse’s fault. He’s such a cocky nerd. I’ll punish him for his cockiness"

    A week after that incident, Mr. Roberts come to the classroom and he teaches normally and when the bell rang, everyone walked out from the classroom to go home. Jesse walked out last, and Mr. Roberts make his move. He knocked Jesse out with a slight “some kind of karate stuff” to his neck and it make Jesse passed out. When Jesse woke up, he already tied up in a chair and Mr.Roberts is behind him, closing Jesse’s mouth with a duct tape. Mr.Roberts already on his wifebeater and half naked, make Jesse thinks that he’ll  be harass him and force him to do some “gay” stuff.           

    Mr. Roberts stand in front of Jesse, fully erect and grinning devilishly. Than, Mr. Roberts said

    “You know what kid, you are so smart. I never been as smart as you when high school and it seems like you are too smart to be a high school student, so I’m going to do something to make you like a real high-school student”

    Jesse still can’t move as Mr. Roberts close all the curtain in the classroom and turned off the lamp, make the room totally dark. Then, Jesse feel a hand touch his legs and then he heard a some kind of  weird words, like a spell or something and then he feel ache. His legs, somehow getting bigger and bigger as that hand rubbed his legs and he can tell that massive amount of hair start to grow on his leg. His feet also get bigger and his shoes is already to small for him. His jeans started to tear apart too. Then, that hand reach his crotch and rub it and in a second, he feel like his dick is getting bigger and longer and some “bushes” started to grow. After that, the hand rub his flat stomach and pecs and suddenly, his pecs swollen and his abs got harder, he can tell it just from hearing the sound of the rope that tied him start to rip. Then, the hand, touch his arm and in instant, his arms got swollen. His biceps and triceps popped out and his white shirt totally ripped into 2. And then, the hand touched his face and his face start to reshaped and after that, the hand moved to the top of his head and then, another word was chanted and Jesse start to feel drained, all of his memory drained and replaced by the new one. His name is Jonah Jensen Manning. He is a quarterback, popular among the girls, but totally dumb. He is a very talented football players and also a talented person on bed, but that’s it. All of his memory about being a smart nerd is gone and the longer that hand stays in his head, the dumber he get. After 5 minutes, the lamp was on again and the sun shine so brightly throughout the window. He already free from the rope that tied him and then he see Mr. Roberts. Oh yeah, he just done a remedial because he is failing again in Spanish, but he doesn’t care about it, he failed in every subject except PE anyway. Jesse grabbed his bag from the floor and get out from the class, heading to the football field. 

    “Fuck, coach will be mad if I’m late.Better to get hurry” Jonah said as he ran across the hallway to the football field behind his school       

    In the Spanish classroom, Mr.Roberts smile widely because finally, the smart and kind Jesse Andrews already replaced by the meat-headed, football jocks Jonah. He is so happy because now, everyone will listen to him again because no one will learn from a dumb jocks like Jonah Manning, adios Jesse!

    Source :

    Be careful of photos of cute bros with their tongues out. The bro virus is very contagious. Just by looking at these bros its too late. I bet you can already feel the tight muscles popping out. Your hand naturally going to lift your shirt, that smug grin forcing itself on to your face while you show off. Soon you wont wear shirts at all. Bet yoyr skin is getting nice and tan to highlight those muscles. No school, no studying just beach and bros bro. Dumb, vacant, horny. Look at those big hands. Always giving a thumbs up or pumping the air. Probably have big feet now too. Should just be barefoot like bros are. Whats that? Already sticking out your tongue? Showing off that pretty face and those dumb, empty eyes. You know what comes with big hands and feet right? Yeah grab your big cock bro. Thats a good bro. Now why dont you post a picture of the hot new you so you can have some more friends to bro out with bro?


    Joseph was out on the beach working on another paper for school. He watched all the spring breakers running around having fun and it made him mad that he had all this work to do. He looked over at the lifeguard seat and saw it was empty. "Probably off smoking weed or something instead of doing his job, how could he!" He walked over to the lifeguard chair and saw there was a piece of paper laying on it. Hopefully a phone number to report the dumb slacker. He climbed up and picked up the paper. "Out for a toke. If youre reading this, youre the lifeguard now dude, enjoy!" Josephs eyes widened as his casual college clothes melted away leaving him in nothing but shorts and exposing his pale chubby body. He tried to move but his feet were stuck to the chair and thats not all they werw growing! Big, tan toes reached and curled up in pleasure as his feet swelled several sizes and darkened. The wave quickly moving up his body and bronzing him all over as fat melted away and was replaced with toned muscle. His chest sucked in but two pecs pushed out and shoulders broadened. Joseph tried to yell for help but the wave came over his mouth and all that came out was a loud, dumb "dude!" His hair darkened and curled as the wave washed over it and his eyes got dark and hungry. He felt his big dick with one hand and pumped the other to show off his new muscles. No more thoughts of school or boring shit. Just smoking and watching the hot spring breakers. Maybe finding one to suck him off after his shift. Joey laughed and fished a blunt out of his shorts. It was going to be a good day.


    Chris was a shy nerd. All he wanted was the confidence to ask Sarah out but he couldnt make a sound when there was a girl in the room. One day a friend of his gave him a silver necklace and matching ring that be bought on some weird website. It promised the wearer tons of confidence with women. Chris had nothing to lose so as his friend watched he slid on the ring and necklace. They fit a little loose at first but Chris' hands suddenly grew thick and muscular. He got scared but now the ring was stuck. They could only watch as his shirt vanished and his chest swelled with muscle and big round pecs that he bounced. His soft face got hard and cocky. He looked down to see his feet grow big and wide. Big hands and feet meant his dick also bulged out, visible through his now tight pants. He tried to think of Sarah but she didnt matter anymore. He wanted men to worship his new muscles and feet. The new Chase turned towards his friend and laid a deep kiss on him to thank him for his change and convert him into his first worshipper.

    What are you… what are you doing to me?

    Nothing you didn’t want dude

    I didn’t want to be some muscled up douchebag. It’s like my head is getting all foggy.

    I don’t know about that, surely looks like you do. I mean I only work with what you really want and deep down inside it must of been a certified dumb jock, and a hot one at that. Look at those pecs grow.

    Huh yeah getting pretty swoll, but no wait… I’m like getting too big and my head… just keep thinking about the gym dude and and… fucking. I’m forgetting stuff man.

    You wanted brawn but no brains I guess. But come on you gotta admit you’re kinda hot.

    Yeah I guess so… I mean damn these pecs are big

    Don’t you like the muscle? Don’t you like being hot and horny?

    Yeah… so horny…

    Let me hear you say it. Come on. Just give in already.

    Huhu muscle is life dude. Love fucking muscle

    There you go bro. Enjoy the new you.

    Sink or Swim


    When it came to summer jobs, “lifeguard” was Kyle’s last choice. It was also his ONLY choice, as all the other jobs in his tiny coastal town were taken. It was sink or swim (literally). But Kyle couldn’t swim. Definitely not well enough to save lives. How was he going to hold a job he didn’t even know how to do? 

    In desperation, Kyle turned to the Internet, where he found an online lifeguard course from some website called “” Sketchy, Kyle thought. Besides, how can someone learn how to swim with no water? But Kyle was out of options, and the website said that the course only lasted an hour. He took a deep breath, and clicked the link.

    At first, nothing happened. Then, Kyle began to feel water seeping in through his socks. He looked down to see the bottom of his bedroom floor covered in water.

    “FUCK!” Kyle exclaimed, jumping out of his chair. The water was rising, engulfing his books, clothes, and before long, his entire bed. 

    He spun back to his computer screen. Kyle couldn’t believe his eyes; the water was leaking OUT of the screen. Impossible, he thought. But a leak became a torrent, and within seconds, Kyle’s computer was gushing like a broken fire hydrant. 

    Kyle tried to exit out of the page, but it was no use. The water was up to his waist, and he needed to focus on saving himself before he could even think about saving his laptop. Kyle waded towards the door, pushing aside his floating furniture. He grabbed the handle, but the door wouldn’t budge. It was as if it were fused shut.

    He shook the knob. “This can’t be happening…” but just then, Kyle noticed something underwater, directly beneath him. At first, it looked like a large, pale fish, nibbling away at his nether regions. But when Kyle dove a hand into the water to catch it, he realized he was grabbing his own cock.

    Only his cock wasn’t that big. It couldn’t be! Kyle was a proud 7-incher, but this thing had to be at least 9. “What. The. Fuck.” Kyle let go of his dick and shook the water off of his hand. He jumped back; his hand had gotten bigger too!

    By now, the water has enveloped his chest. When Kyle looked down at his dick again, his view was obscured by two sizable pecs. And that’s when he realized… it was the water. The water was transforming him. 

    Into what (or who), Kyle didn’t want to know. All that mattered was getting out of his bedroom before he drowned. Or worse. If the water gave him a monster cock and the body of a supermodel, what was it going to do once it reached his head?

    Kyle swam towards the window. Only when he reached the glass did he realize that he’d actually swam. He could swim now! At least, the body bellow the surface could swim, and Kyle was fighting to keep his head above water. 

    But the ceiling was getting closer and closer. The only way out was the window. And to reach it, Kyle needed to go underwater. What would happen to his head? His mind? Would he even survive the transformation?

    There was no time to think. With only inches of breathable air left in the room, Kyle took the deepest breath of his life, and disappeared beneath the surface.

    The change was instantaneous. As Cyle’s nostrils flooded with water, so did his mind with new memories. Memories of swim classes at age 6. Memories of playing water polo all throughout high school. Memories of making the swim team in college, and fucking the coach senseless with his massive member after every practice. Cylemron remembered signing up for this lifeguard gig. An easy way to earn a bit of cash over the summer before he went back to school, and an easier way to pick up hot guys on the beach with his irresistible body.

    HIS body. Cymron looked down at it, floating peacefully under the water. The light from the surface sent ripples across his perfectly toned abs, his chiseled biceps and perfect pecs. He looked down at his legs, strong and thick as iron bars, and at the erect penis bobbing gracefully between them. He gave it a single stroke, and was hit with a wave of euphoria so strong, he shot a load right there in the water. 

    Hope my supervisor doesn’t find out about this, Cameron thought to himself. He looked up to see not the roof of a bedroom above him, but the sun glistening in a beautiful blue sky. He swam upwards, past his floating white spunk, and closed his eyes. 

    When Cameron emerged from the water, it was nothing short of spectacular. He flung his head back, droplets flinging from his hair and from his scruff. He lifted two titanic arms to wipe the cool salt water from his eyes, giving beach onlookers a breathtaking view of his perfect body and hairy pits. 

    He grabbed a nearby throw ring and swam back to the shore. He was no longer Kyle, the timid high school senior in search of a summer job; the man who stepped out of the ocean was Cameron: ace swimmer, novice bodybuilder and lifeguard extraordinaire. Not to mention a total snack and a notorious man-whore. 

    Cameron swaggered out onto the sand, wearing nothing but a floatation device and a devious smile. “Hey,” he said in a deep, cocky voice, “anyone seen my trunks?”


    This Is The Future That Liberals Want


    Based on the image from changingmen

    I had joined a gym recently and bought a mask online designed to still be somewhat breathable for working out. I drove to the gym and put the mask on. It had a strange smell. I started to feel dizzy as it was getting harder to think. I felt like I was forgetting stuff. Important stuff from college was fading, stuff from high school too. But new information was taking its place. Macros.....nutrition....workouts....

    "what important stuff did I forget? What the dumb science and math shit? Oh please I member everything that matters....wait no..."

    My body was swelling up with a mix of fat and muscle. Pecs and muscle gut huge! My shirt gets too tight so I take it off. Hair getting shorter, a hat appears on my head. My head gets bigger to fit how manly and empty its becoming. My nose pokes out lf the mask as it gets stretched trying to fit me. My legs gain muscle as my ass swells.

    "Fuck yeah bro I never skip leg day or squats! No wait bro...I never say bro this isn't me!"

    My feet swell and grow huge. Shoes morphing into bright blue Nike sneaks to fit em as black socks form, already all sweaty from my feet. My hands swell up getting big and manly. My cock starts to swell. Getting hard from thinking about how fucking hot I am. Its longer and thicker...huhuhuh....oh god whats happening to me? I stumble over to one of the personal trainers who works at the gym to get some help!

    "Dude Somethings wrong with this face mask. I think it's making my body grow! I need to take it off!" I say trying my best to leave dude and bro out of what I'm saying.

    "Excuse me sir. You cannot take your mask off here. No exceptions." He said. It was true he and everyone at the gym was wearing a mask. But this was different! I'm not just some dumb bro trying to get out of wearing a mask! Its doing my...body and mind bro.

    "You don't...UGHH" I'm interupted by another swell of muscle hits my body as my head slows more from the pleasure. "You don't understand! I'm inflating like a ballooon bro! One hour ago I was some skinny nerd. Now fuckin look at me!" I shout

    "Listen here big man" the guy says condescendingly. "I don't care if that mask turns you into the biggest, dumbest jock on planet Earth! We're in a pandemic. Keep your mask on" he said and my eyes just glaze over and I forget why I was talking to him.

    "Sooo bro can you spot me?" I ask the trainer pointing to a bench.

    "Sure if you keep that mask on, big man" he said.

    "Huhuh...big man....but uh ya for sure bro. Gotta stay healthy to workout" I wander over to the bench with the trainer to continue why I came to the workout!


    I swear. Minutes ago you were a physics student, you looked nothing like this, you even had glasses!

    Dude I have no idea what the fuck you’re talking bout. I’m studyin exercise science bro. See my shirt- “property of Athletic department” huhu

    No I swear that shirt was a dress shirt moments ago.

    Just like get your laundry done and quit bothering me. Like you didn’t even start your machine- JockCycle? Huhu I just used that too. There you go. Started it up.

    Oh fuck!

    You’re welcome bro

    Tik tok bro

    Kevin was a gaming youtuber. His channel wasn't very big though so he was constantly trying to find new ways to expand his social media presence. He was given some advice to, among other things make a Tik Tok. He never really used that app but he downloaded it and saw a combination of pranks, comedy, weird cosplay, but for the most part guys and girls in their upper teens and 20s lipsyncing and dancing to songs for 2 minute clips. Most of which had more views than anything up on his channel. The guys were almost always shirtless, tan, muscular, with long fluffed up hair on top. It was almost like watching a thousand videos of the same guy over and over. "This is just an app for teens and idiots" he sighed "no way this will help with my audience" he said going to delete an app before the last one played. It was one of the shirtless guys explaining why he never wore shirts because apparently one of his viewers asked that. He explained he was from Florida and it was hot and that he also just didn't like them. Kevin rolled his eyes and went to delete it. Just then though his shirt started to feel itchy. You started to feel hot and uncomfortable in his shirt as he yanked it off in anger. Just then his hand hit something in the app and music started playing and he felt weird. The body hair on his chested sucked back up as his muscles suddenly bulged. His stomach firmed up into abs and his chest grew into puffed out pecs. His arms grew muscular especially his biceps. A dark tan spread over him as his legs firmed up. His whole body sweating and aching like his just worked out as his pants changed to a bright blue pair of basketball shorts that were a little too short. The top of his black hair grew out longer and messy as it dyed blonde while the dark sides became shaved. He started to hit record and dance along, suddenly knowing words to the song as he lip synced. Feeling dumber as it was getting harder to think grinning and flexing. Even winking at his audience feeling straight now as he thought of all the hot girls that would watch him. But he didn't care of gay guys watched too, views were views and he was on his way to becoming social media famous bro!

    Strawberry Moon - Surfer Jock

    I was on a walk past a beach in town as the sun was setting. This thin gay surfer twink looking guy suddenly ran up to me and kissed me, full make out. I pushed him back and he giggled, "see you tonight, big bro" he said with a wink and ran off. I was shocked and felt kinda violated but continued my walk. It started getting dark as the full moon came up. I laughed to myself thinking how funny it was that a strawberry moon would land during pride month. Then I started to feel weird, my skin got darker as musckes began inflating. My chest big and broad with pecs and a six pack. My pants turning into a bright red pair of board shorts with bright white waist. My shoes and socks vanish as my feet get bigger, wider, rough like I never wear shoes. My hair turns blond and short and styles itself up into a spiked up jock cut as it got harder to think. My cock started swelling bigger and thicker and longer. I grin as I think about fucking that twink from earlier. My dumb lil bro who does whatever I say. Fuckin hot twink bitch...huhuhuh. I give a dumb grin as my eyes dull and my once bright college nerd mind fades out to be replaced by surfing and sex with my boi. I turn around forgetting about home and head back to the beach to find him and have hot sex on the beach! Now I'm just a big dumb surfer jock dom!


    Andrew was the founder and president of his schools anime club. He got away with it pitching it as a group to study a foreign culture but in truth it was a ground of friends getting together to watch anime and cosplay together. They needed to raise money for going to a convention though and Abdrew decided they should do a campus car wash. Usually thats a frat type of thing but it works. Of course people wanted to have a little fun and started to spray each other. But something strange happened when the water soaked through Andrews shirt. As the wet shirt clung to him it felt tighter as his seemed to melt away. The shirt clung tight showing his new six pack that engraved itself into his stomach. His chest puffing out into pecs as his muscles start to bulk up. His wet skin darkened to a nice sun kissed skin. His dark hair lightened to blonde, the sides started to buzz itself while the top grew longer into a messy faux hawk jock style. His face got more masculine and angular as some stubble grew. There was an intense itch on his left arm as an elaborate sleeve tattoo drew itself and colored in. He started to chuckle in a deeper dumber voice as he started forgetting stuff from his classes, his botany major fading as he remembered going to school for buisness. He was a dumb hot surfer frat jock and he loved it brah! Drew grinned as his new life filled in as a member of Alpha Alpha Alpha frat and president and founder of the surf club! The other guys were turning into hot surfer jocks too as Drew grinned. He couldn't stop thinkimg of hot surfer babes and brahs! Surfing, partying, drinking, and yeah still watching anime with the boys. But now it was less about the Japanese culture and more about the action. Buff dudes fighting it out. He pulled off his wet shirt and flexed as hit girls from campus came to get their cars washed by hot shirtless guys. They would have enough money raised for that spring break trip in no time!

    Not as good a pic but attempted repost!

    Robert came home from a long day of studying to take a nice relaxing bath. To his surprise his jock roommate had already prepared the bath for him. Usually he just bullied Robert and told him to take it easy. Robert tentatively stuck a foot in the water to test it. It was warm and something more. Suddenly his foot spasmed, it grew big, long and calloused. Looking ridiculous on his small body. Robert panicked but could only watch the change spread up his leg as a growing urge took hold to get into the water. Blonde hairs erupted up his leg as it tanned and grew stronger. Robert tripped and splashed into the water. He blinked his wet eyes as they changed color and lost their intelligence. His hair got longer and thicker while his face become masculine and hot. He rubbed his growing hands over his pecs while they swelled with firm muscle and hard abs firmed. Lastly he laughed in a deeper voice as his equipment grew to match making him a true jock. No more late night studying or annoying his roommate. Life was girls, football and being a dude with his roommate.


    The usual story is that the jock needs extra tutoring from a nerd but what if we flip that script, the geek is failing gym class, he is required to take tutoring from a sports start to bring him up to speed with the coaches expectations at any cost.

    He couldn’t put it off any longer. Trent had waited until senior year to take his required one year of gym in high school. Even though he was 18 and could legally just not go to high school if he wanted to, then his chance at being this year’s valedictorian would be tarnished. Trent was quite your stereotypical nerd, although he made an effort to dress “cool” and like the jocks. Unfortunately, dressing like a jock didn’t turn him into one, and he was in danger of failing gym. If he didn’t get his gym grade up by the end of the third quarter, he would have to repeat senior year. 

    Of course, the school didn’t want that, so the gym teacher was forced to call in the top jock at the high school, Myles Reardon. 


    “Whatya wanna see me for?” Myles asked, as he cockily walked into Coach Dawber’s office. 

    “Do you know Trent Killian?”

    “Oh yeah, he’s the fuckin’ smart nerd who gonna be valedictator or whatever it is.”

    “Valedictorian, but yeah, so you know him. Well, he’s failing gym, which is not a sentence I ever thought I would say. He needs a tutor for gym, and I decided you would be the best person to tutor someone in gym.”

    “Oh, uh, thanks, Coach, but I’m not a fuckin’ tutor.”

    “It’ll look good on your college applications, Myles, especially if you want continuing playing football in college.”

    “Fine, fine, Coach, I’ll fuckin’ do it!” Myles then logged onto his school email and sent Trent a message, setting up a time for their first tutoring session. It was going to be in the gym after school that day, and Myles wanted to see what he was working with. In his unfiltered opinion, Trent was pathetic. He could barely run a 400 without wheezing, and that was just at a leisurely jogging pace! He couldn’t do more than one rep of any exercise, and he was still doing the “cheater’s” push-ups, with his knees on the ground. 

    “So, unh, how, unh, did, unh, I, unh, do?” Trent asked, out of breath and sweating profusely doing stuff Myles could do in his sleep. 

    “Trent, I’ll be fuckin’ honest. You’re a fuckin’ pathetic nerd who probably gonna isn’t pass gym because you’re such a fuckin’ weakling.”

    “That’s not a very nice thing to say, Myles.”

    “Well, ya needed to fuckin’ hear it, nerd. I need to find a way to make you pass gym, and right now, it would take a fuckin’ miracle for you to pass looking like that. I’ll email ya when I come up with a solution.”

    “Oh, um, okay,” Trent said. He was relieved to be done with an extra session in the gym today, and couldn’t wait to go home and do his AP homework. Myles, on the other hand, looked up all of his homework answers online before searching the web for a way to solve his pesky Trent problem. There were a lot of searches on how to build muscle fast, by working out and dieting, but Myles knew he needed a one-click solution, so to speak, and so he kept searching. 

    It took a few days, during which Trent couldn’t even fuckin’ hold the rope in the gym without falling over, before Myles stumbled upon a solution. Coach had told him to solve this problem through any means necessary, and while this was a bit extreme, it would do exactly what Myles wanted. He had to spend a bit of Coach’s money to get the stuff, but if the board wasn’t going to be breathing down his back anymore, then Coach would spend as much as Myles needed! 

    Trent dreaded his next tutoring session with Myles. He had tried incorporating more protein into his diet and practicing exercises like Myles had told him to, but in Myles’s own words, he was still some “weak pathetic fuckin’ nerd”. He was a bit surprised when he walked into the gym and Myles was sitting behind a table filled with a bunch of different equipment. “What’s that all for?” he asked the jock.

    “Well, Trent, this is gonna solve all of our fuckin’ problems. I found this shit on the web that will turn ya into a jock with little effort on your end.”

    “Myles, I don’t really like the sound of that. I just want to pass gym.”

    “Trent, dude, you’re never gonna fuckin’ pass gym if you don’t fuckin’ do this shit! Do you wanna repeat senior year like some dumbass bitch?”

    “No, no I fuckin’ don't! Okay, okay, so what the fuck do I need to do?”

    “First off, drink this. According to the website, it’s a mix of protein, anabolic steroids, and HGH. It will make you bigger in minutes, if not seconds.”

    “Is this stuff even legal?” Trent asked. Myles just glared at the nerd, who accepted the glass full of this strange concoction and chugged it. As he slammed the glass back down on the table, his muscle growth started instantaneously. Both men watched as Trent got bigger and bigger and soon rivaled the size of Myles himself!  


    Trent admired his newly muscled body, but wasn’t sure how that was going to solve his problem. “So what’s next?”

    “Here, put these on,” Myles said, tossing him a pair of VR goggles and headphones. “There’s a lot of complicated science shit before this you would probably fuckin’ understand, but it’ll turn you into a jock in mind as well.”

    “Is it reversible?”

    “Nah, dude, the goggles only go over your eyes, not the back of your head.”

    “Whatever this all fuckin’ is, Myles, is it fuckin’ reversible?”

    “Oh, uh, yeah, dude, ya can totally change back.”

    “Okay.” Trent put the devices on and then turned them on. As he expected, a mix of visual and audio hypnosis, as well as subliminal messaging and binaural beats quickly hypnotized him into thinking he was a jock. Along with messages like, “You are a jock. You love to work out,” the hypnosis or brainwashing also gave Trent tips and tricks on how to do the actual workouts, just like someone like Myles or Coach would do. 

    As the brainwashing commenced, Myles was trying to find out if this shit was permanent or not. He eventually found the page he bought this shit from, and he got his answer once he scrolled down to the bottom of the page. In big red letters, it read, “THE JOCKIFICATION PROCESS IS NON-REVERSIBLE. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY UNWITTING CHANGES INTO A JOCK. NEITHER THE SOLUTION NOR THE BRAINWASHING CAN BE REVERSED.”

    “Oh shit, oh fuck,” Myles said to himself. Coach had wanted him to get Trent to pass gym by any means possible, but this was taking it too far. Trent was already well into the brainwashing process, so there was no use in taking the devices off. Eventually, Trent took them off himself and smiled at his fellow jock. 

    “Like, thanks, brah!” Trent said. “Ya really fuckin’ helped me in my jock journey, dude! How can I ever repay ya?”

    “Oh, uh, just fuckin’ pass gym for me, okay?”

    “Yeah, brah, I can do that!” Gym soon became Trent’s favorite class, and the one he excelled in. However, to the school’s detriment, Trent was in danger of failing all of his other classes. The jockification process had caused a decrease in general knowledge, and Trent was no longer in the running to be valedictorian, and all of the colleges he applied to soon rescinded his acceptance. He was somehow able to eke his way to graduation and walk with his fellow seniors, but instead of going to Yale and double-majoring in astrophysics and biochemistry, he was going to Notre Dame and studying business for athletes, having gotten on their football team. 


    "Thats enough Jason, go to detention now!" Colin hid a laugh as his dumb meathead bully Jason was sent out of the class for picking on him and removing his shirt in class. Jason stormed out of the room so fast he dropped his hat. With a wicked grin, Colin picked it up, eager to hold on to it as revenge. As he glanced at the simple black hat, still a little sweaty from football practice, Colin felt an uncontrollable urge to try it on. He carefully slid it on to his head feeling a weird comfort like it belonged there. Class went on and Colin found it hard to concentrate, studies seemed so dumb and boring now. His notes were just drawings and football plays. He scratched his arms feeling them swell with muscle to his shock and horror. Big veins popped out and his skin darkened rapidly. The change moved under his shirt which began to stretch and rip as two muscular pecs struggled to break free. Colin struggled to hold on as the hat twisted itself around and his scared face turned into a cocky one with a dull grin and mean looking eyes set into a masculine but cute face. He groaned as his voice deepened and body continued to swell before finally giving in and ripping off his shirt to flex his muscles, drawing the attention of the whole class. The teacher yelled at him again to leave but Jason scoffed as he left, making a show of flexing one last time before heading to the locker rooms for football practice.


    I may have the smarts, but I certainly lack the brawn. Everyone chose me to be their class partner, but no one wanted me when it came time to dating. It was lonely, and I couldn’t endure it anymore. I didn’t have time to bulk up with this being my senior year of college, but I could use my smarts to find a solution to my problem. In the comfort of my apartment, I put on my favorite show and sat at my computer scouring the dark web for a real solution.

    Each webpage seemed fake or was too costly. My hope was dwindling; I was ready to shut down my computer for the night. Just as my finger was sliding across the board to turn it off, an ad popped up for beta testing for an app called chronovac. Inside the link were instructions on downloading. I had no intentions of downloading it, but as I sat reading the details I heard my phone ding. The screen on my phone lit up showing a new app sitting in the lower right corner, a big C that seemed to be changing fonts every three seconds was sitting there begging me to open it. “That’s not possible.” I hadn’t even thought to download it and here it was sitting waiting for me to try it.

    Curiosity kills the cat they say, I thought as I debated opening it. “What if it’s a virus?” I asked myself. The C was changing colors now, I had to see what was inside this thing. A quick tap and my screen got bright. 1’s and 0’s started cycling across the screen filling it up. “Dammit it’s a virus,” I cursed out loud feeling stupid for being so naïve. My phone wouldn’t turn off, it was stuck cycling the 1’s and 0’s. When I was about to just chuck it across the room it stopped. The screen brightened up, my camera took a picture and then it uploaded a naked photo of me.

    “Oh no.” I was fully clothed, so I had no idea how it took that photo, but this thing was starting to show my stats. Penis size, waist, chest, species, I.Q. “What the hell is this?” My finger slipped over species and it brought up a long click wheel of options. I selected the back button and clicked on penis size. It showed my average 5 inches with it showing what my cock looked erect. There was a drag line and I clicked on it pulling it to the right watching as the size increased from 5 to 6, I pushed it all the way to end and it said infinite. That didn’t sound good so I scaled it back to a fair 10 inches. “Double the length,” I chuckled. A button popped up offering me duration and if I wanted to execute. With a press it started counting down from 10. I expected it to just do an animation of my cock growing, however, the head on my cock started tingling. The tingling spreading down the shaft as I felt my appendage pushing against the fabric of my khakis.

    As I pushed them down I was greeted with an amazing sight, my enlarged and growing penis was reaching the dimensions specified in this app. The feeling of wrapping my hand around my newly enlarged cock left me moaning in pleasure. A few gentle tugs and I was already wanting to burst. It was the answer to my problem, now to figure out the best design for me. For the next hour I toyed with different ways to make myself look, but could never find a good enough looking combination. The phone intervened after I scrapped another design, offering me the option of stereotypes.

    The options were exhausting as I scrolled through. The more notable ones were surfer, himbo, movie star, but then I saw the words I wanted, jock. The picture of me morphed into a tremendous looking stud with an increased sex drive. It was the ideal me. I didn’t need to look at anything else, it was perfect. “Execute,” I said pushing hard on the button. The timer display popped up again counting down from 2 minutes.

    With my shirt off I took a moment to stare at my undefined stomach, flat chest and little arms. “This is going to be good,” I reassured myself as the first sign began to show. It started with my stomach grumbling, and then the skin began to bubble and bulge. It was like something inside me was trying to get out. Little pockets of muscle began to show, giving me the opportunity to run my hand over these little loafs that had appeared. The ability to feel my real abs was unimaginable. The pulsating and bulging of my skin worked its way up to my chest. My flat chest was blowing up, taking a hand full I felt them expand in my small hands. I’d never felt better was I got turned on my touching my body. “Yes!” It was glorious as it reached my shoulders, the muscle pumping up underneath. A soreness was setting in from having my muscles worked, but I didn’t care. It only made me happier as the veins in my arm became more prominent, muscle filling in around them as the girth of my forearms exploded.

    The change wasn’t only defined to my body, my khaki pants were involved too, the fabric changing to soft cotton while the color turned an olive green. My clothes were adapting to my new bigger body as the waist size expanded along too. The pain my in legs were a bitch as the muscle expanded, the pulsating of my skin as the muscle took over underneath. The power and strength were growing inside me, each time something grew I knew it was only enhancing my abilities. As it reached my neck, I purposefully flexed to watch it grow.

    The little bit of baby fat I’d carried after puberty was erased as my jaw tightened up, my thing lips filling in becoming fuller, my cheek bokes getting a little higher. The unruly mop of hair restyled itself. Small bits of my hair fell out, as the hair on the side of my head was given a razor cut. Blonde highlights and streaked through the top of my hair as the smell of product filled hit my nose. The screen showed 98% done, but I knew it was over. Nothing else was changing.

    “I can’t believe it worked. I’m a nerd with the body of a jock,” I said to myself in my deep rich voice. In the corner of my eye, I could see other changes happening about the room. That didn’t concern me. “What should I do?” Was the first thing I asked myself. Immediately ideas popped into my head and I couldn’t resist saying them out loud. “Should I go pick up chicks or shoot some hoops? Wait, that’s weird I never liked shooting hoops before.” The later idea shocked me; I may have the body but what about my mind? “Uh oh, I think I’m altering reality.” Scanning the room confirmed it, my textbooks were gone,  the subjects were dumbed down. No more advanced calculus or microbiology, I had Algebra and business classes. One of them was still open on the desk and as I peered down my worst suspicions were coming true. Instead of reading the words, I stared at the pictures I’d doodled in them. Basketballs, footballs, baseballs. Dirty magazines replaced the others with women barely clothed beckoning to me as I felt a squirming in my pants.

    “Please don’t make me a stereotypical dumb jock,” I pleaded as I glanced over the stats on my phone. 99%, fuck no it can’t be it’s almost done. I need to undo this. In the background I could hear Aang talking with Momo on Avatar before the TV clicked and the sound of cheering filled the room. Slowly turning around a game was on, my eyes stared at the screen for a moment before I slumped into the chair. “It can wait, I’m going to catch this game.” My hand slid into my sweats as I teased my python. “Don’t worry bud, we’ll find some action for you soon.”


    He was on his way to class when he got a call from his best mate Jake. Jake’s voice was oddly deep and slow, like he had a cold, but when he asked him “If you were a dumb jock what would you be…” he thought it was a joke and started to answer. Before he knew it he was putting on muscle filling out a new outfit with light fair hair and a semi hard massive piece of meat between his legs, on his way to the gym to meet his bro Jake at the gym.