Gary signed loudly as he picked up yet another pair of dirty socks that his stoner roommate had left lying around. He wished he understood why his roommate was such a slob. That was when he saw the half smoked joint underneath the clothes. Maybe it was the wish or the smell but Gary couldnt help but put it to his mouth and light it, sucking in a huge slow cloud that drained all his thoughts. Cleaning is boring. Being uptight is for losers. Just get stoned, watch anime and live life. He fell back into the chair as his hair creeped down his face in a cool but messy style and his body fat melted away into toned skater muscles. His mind filled with Naruto, Demon Hunter and other anime he loved watching with his roommate while they flexed and smoked weed. He showed off his firm new arms and giggled dumbly as his face finished changing to become round, innocent and playful. No more stuck up roommate just another stoner to stink up the place.


    welcome back, we've missed your awesome stories! i saw you were accepting stories and idk if you still are, but i was wondering if you could write one about a stressed and uptight college student who just started winter break and smokes weed for the first time and becomes a blissed out hippie stoner dude? thank you!

    Steve was finally home. This last semester had been a rough one, he knew he probably should have chosen an easier major than Biology with a pre med track. Still he'd be damned if he ended up like his parents, living paycheck to paycheck skipping a few bills each month so there was rnough money for food....and that was with 2 incomes. All the stress, the late nights, the skipped social life, the crying in the bathroom before a final he knew he wasn't prepared for, it would all be worth it once he was making a doctor's salary and able to support his own family someday. But for now he was home on winter vacation with finals behind him and next semester scheduled he could finally relax. He was going to school in New York but his home was in New Jersey. And he had recently found out, to his shock NJ had passed a law allowing recreational weed. He never thought that would happen but he guessed the hippies fought long and hard for that to slowly be legal. Since so many brag about it and its calming properties he decided to try it out. He couldn't get in trouble and now didn't have to know anyone to buy it. He found out where to get it and came home.

    After taking a hit he felt more relaxed. Another hit he felt dizzy. Another hit and he fekt like he was forgetting shit and as he felt his intelligence fade away he felt a smile creep across his face. Facial hair began to sprout getting scruffy and itchy, his hair started to get messy. He started to get slimmer and felt great about himself as the bags under his eyes lifted. All signs of stress left him. His medical knowledge faded in favor of alternative stuff like weed and essential oils. He grinned as he accepted his new life as a stoner.

    Steve was my rival in the experimental biology class, but I had a plan to take him down a peg, and turn him from the professor’s star pupil into a stupid lazy stoner.

    I invited him over to study, knowing he’d accept. He showed up right on time – God, what a nerd. A skinny dweeb, so much smarter than everyone else and so god damn arrogant about it. Well, I’ll show him.

    We sat at the kitchen table, books open and notes everywhere. I waited until he was concentrating on a lab report, and then I pressed the button on my remote control.

    There was a flash of light as the emitter went off – he didn’t even notice that he was sitting directly under a bunch of wires and tubes that I’d attached to the ceiling. He raised his head and stared at me in shock, and I could see the transformation begin.

    First, his smug nerdy expression drooped and became sleepy, stupid, and vacant. All his smarts were melting away. He got a dumb smile on his face as my machine replaced his personality with something new.

    “What’s fuckin’ happening, dude?” he slurred.

    His body began to bulk up next. Muscle tore through his dress shirt, ripped open his pants. He staggered to his feet, towering up over me – he was so tall now! His feet were huge, his hair grew long and shaggy, so messy and unkempt. He was unrecognizable.

    He rubbed his muscular chest and looked at himself. Steve the genius was gone. Now he was Stevie, the slob, the stoner, the lazy dummy. I’d written this new identity to be everything he hated.

    “Fuck, bro, I feel weird,” he rumbled. He shook his head, then glanced at me. “You wanna smoke up?”

    “Fuck yeah dude,” I said. Wait, what? Then I saw my reflection in the mirror behind him – I’d changed too! I must’ve been too close to the emitter. We were twins now, identical idiots. I struggled to remember who I was, how to reverse this … but it was all slipping away from me. Forever.

    Get more stories of transformation, power, and control:


    Thomas and his brother Will had always gotten along. Will was older but they always played video games together, watched the same animes, shared comics and just overall had similar interests. That was until Will met Matt. A new guy who moved next door. He was a total stoner, he smoked weed all the time and was a dealer. He was a lazy good for nothing addict and all he ever did was sit around, smoke, and listen to music. And thats all Will did when they hung out. Will got addicted and was over Matt's house every day, he had less and less time for Thomas. He wouldn't watch tv or play video games or even help Thomas with homework.

    Thomas was so angry at Matt, he just wanted his brother back. He came up with a plan to ruin the friendship. There was a loose board on the front porch where Matt would hide weed for Will and Will would leave money there. So If Thomas took the weed it would look like Matt took the money but gave nothing, the two would fight and he'd have his bro back.

    Thomas went outside and got the baggie out from the loose board and went to hide it in his room. However when he got there the sharp smell of the weed hit his nose. It would normally be gross but right now it suddenly smelled so good. He couldn't stop himself as he snuck into his brothers room to get a lighter and lit the joint.

    Puff puff

    This waa good actually....really good. He started to feel a little dizzy and took another inhale.

    Puff puff

    His shirt was suddenly hot and restrictive feeling as his muscles shifted and expanded. His skin tingling as ut started to tan slightly. He couldn't hell it, he NEEDED to get this damn shirt off! He pulled it off and felt instantly better as the air of the room hit his chest.

    Puff puff

    His hair started to dye itself blond until it looked like brown hair at the roots and blond near the tips. The hair itched and gelled itself up as he grabbed a hat from his brothers room and put it on. He couldn't stop as he took another hit.

    Puff puff

    He knew something was wrong, his memories and knowledge were leaving him. High school, most games besides cod faded away, anime except the more popular ones like one piece or naruto vanished from his mind. His eyes went wide as the color faded to a light blue as a red tint took over and it was clear all the intelligence was sucked out like someone had given his brain a blow job. He knew he should be worried as he casually and slowly glanced at a mirror but he just thought with those eyes and that haircut he looked kinda likd naruto. He started thinking of rap lyrics as his hand moved on its own tk take another hit.

    Puff puff

    Suddenly even the ability to worry melted away as time seemed to slow down and he had no idea how much time had passed. His dick twitched as it swelled bigger and thicker and harder than it ever had before. He shoved his hand in his waist as he started to jerk....up and down....up and down

    Puff puff

    He felt the sudden desire to smoke more and hang with Will and Matt....they were his bros....wait now this was wrong, Matt took Will away from him

    Puff puff

    Nah nothing was wrong...they wrre his bros...Matt was fucking awesome...he kept jerking faster

    Puff puff

    He got the feeling that if he came, imtgis would be permanent yet he couldn't stop himself

    Puff puff

    Wait he had to stop! He didn't wanna be some deadbeat stoner like..

    Puff puff splat!

    Huhuhuh....Tommy was chuckling when his brother found him with his pants down, high as fuck and covered in cum.