You are becoming a blank slate. You were dared to put on the uniform by the football team manager. You absorb everything he tells you. A new identity, a new name, new hobbies and interests and a new outlook on life. You throw away your old life and everything that once worried you. That includes your intelligence. Throw it all away. Ignorance is bliss. Bliss is football.


    You pass by these guys while you walk home on the sidewalk. They look at you, you glance at them back. You stop dead in your tracks. Something draws you to them. One of the guys has this hypnotic southern drawl. Next thing you know, you’ve got boots, camo hat, shirt and shorts on and you are hanging with them, talking in a southern drawl and telling them ya need a haircut bad.


    Empty eyes, a simple smile, his school’s sports team clothing. You do know this is what awaits you, right? Taking the jock formula gives you so much school spirit to the point it’s an outright sickness or addiction. You’ll be obsessed with every sport. You will try out for teams. You won’t care about your hobbies now. You’ll be obsessed with sports, your school and your bros. You’ll lose everything that makes you, you. Even your individuality. Hive mind thinking will be your way now. Are you okay with that?


    It really doesn’t get much more dumb jock bro than this.


    You don't know why you were invited to the game day party, or why you accepted that invite. But once you were there the two dumb jock bros walked up to you.

    "Bruh why ain't you wearing a jersey?"

    "Because I don't own one"

    "No problem bruh I'll give you mine!" The one says tugging it off and forcing it on you, over your own shirt.

    You feel the dumb grin spread as the shirt underneath dissolves and your eyes get dull and you grin, feeling nothing but good dumb jock bro


    “In the year 20xx, all males are forced to become dumb bros…”

    [Author note: not sure where I wanted to go with this… just stuck in my drafts.]


    These nerds were once part of an honor society, but the "Bro Act of 20XX" more or less made those illegal. You see there was finally a women president and she was very nervous, as he actions would determine the future of women politicians. She decided, which the help of some scientists, that of all men were dumb, they'd never want political power cause they wouldn't know what to do with it. These honors kids got invited to a trip to meet the president herself...this pic was taken very shortly after the meeting.


    Coach had three vacancies to fill for the game tonight. #81 was forced to become a dumb jock boy with the eyeblack and jock formula. Goodbye nerd. #85 was excited and drunk down the dumb jock boy formula. Ah, the ones who want to please their parents are easy. #97 wasn’t sure but took the dumb jock boy formula. You can see the confusion. No going back now, boy. No going back for any of them.


    /you are confronted by two dumb jocks on the FB team/

    Why don’t you play sports, bruh?

    - I don’t like them.

    You don’t like sports? Well, that’ll change soon bruh. 

    - I LOVE SPORTS. But I can’t play them.

    You can’t play sports? That’ll change too bruh. 


    You think we look dumb? Go look in a mirror bruh. Huhhuh.

    - Huhuhuh. Bruh, I look awesome in this gear. Let’s go play football!


    He felt weird wearing this jock stuff at first but once his now-older bro told him all cool guys wear bright and noticeable clothing like this, he started to love them. His formerly pale skin and greasy hair are long gone, he used to be just another guy in the crowd. He would forget about his old life. Luckily for him, his entire wardrobe has been replaced with bright, and some would say obnoxiously so, jock clothing. It’ll look great on him. He’ll definitely be noticed now. 


    You admire jock boys. The perfect, blinding teeth. The toned muscles. The charisma and pheromones oozing from their pores. You can see it in their eyes. An emptiness. It makes their eyes hypnotic. You can’t help but stare into them. He catches you staring at him. He introduces you to Coach and before you know it, you will change and join him. You see another young man staring and smile at him… soon.


    [[ 500 FOLLOWER SPECIAL ]]

    He found this tank in his backpack. He’s not sure who put it there or why but it had to be a joke by the college jocks. He’s a bit on the fat side, you see. And pretty nerdy here at the college. But what he failed to realize is that the tank was alive and needed a host. The tank crawled out of his backpack in the night, ate all of his existing clothes which laid strung about the floor. It climbs up the bed and under the covers…

    The next morning, he sees himself taking a selfie of somebody he doesn’t know. His body is muscular. His voice is different. His attitude is more cocky. He comes off dumber now. He’s locked away as this tank changes and devours his person. He feels himself fading away as the day goes by. The muscular body controlled by the tank walks towards an open gym bag and places a similar tank in it…

    It’s your bag.