You shouldn’t have opened the door when those dumb neighborhood kids knocked. You shouldn’t have accepted that hat from their leader. You just wanted to play along so they’d stop making all that noise outside. But now it was too late. You stared down at your now smooth teenage body. Your too large shirt long discarded. Firm abs like you never had at that age glistening in the heat. Young, sun-kissed skin grazed with freckles and a touch of acne. Your hair long at the top now and shaved at the sides. Small nose, ears a little too big, eyes dark and empty and mouth hanging open - waiting for orders. You gazed into the distance with your dumb kid face as your leader turned the hat and then that was it. You were part of his crew now of dumb punk kids. You lived to set off fire crackers, play with airsoft guns and torment the cranky adults. Maybe push a few into joining you. You kicked off your shoes letting your small bare feet feel the hot ground, protected by layers of dirt and scar tissue on the bottom. And finally you accepted the shorts from one of your new crew, letting them sag, as you did you casted off the lasts bits of your old boring self. Time to make some noise!


    “Size 14 flip flops and a shell necklace”

    “Yeah, dude, you should try these on”, Calvin says as he hands Dave the size 14 flip flops and a shell necklace. Dave takes them and looks at them; “I don’t know, these are huge! They are like twice the size of my feet! Plus, the flip flops kinda smell like they have been used!” “I know man, it will be funny! Go put them on”, he says as he pushes Dave into a dressing room. Dave looks in the mirror and shrugs, Why not? He quickly shucks his shirt and slides the necklace over his shirt, the shell hanging on his bare chest. He then takes off his sneakers and socks, putting on the giant flip flops. It felt a like an electric shock run through his body, and Dave groaned. His feet begin to feel like they are cramping. He groans as he feels his feel swell larger. His eyes bulge out as he sees his toes and feet stretching larger and bigger. Within a few seconds, he sees his feet fit perfectly in his size 14 flip flops. “Whoa!”, he says, feeling his new huge feet! Dave gasps as he sees thick blonde clumps of hair sprout out on the good of his feet and even on his toes. It was a sharp contrast to his brown hair. Dave sniffs the air and notice his new feet were kind of stinky. As he was examining his new feet, his next changes struck. He felt his legs swelling, stretching longer, making him taller. Muscles formed, giving him muscular and vascular legs. His brown leg hair sucked into his body, being replaced with much more blonde hair. Within seconds his legs at covered in a veritable jungle of blonde hairs. Dave felt his and contract and ache, so he groaned and grabbed them. He could feel his abs becoming hard and defined under his hand! Soon, he had a six pack of rock hard abs! Plus, he noticed a sparse trail of blonde hair creeping up past his shorts and around his navel! Dave stood back up and noticed he was now taller! His torso was stretching out too! He looked down and saw more hair around his belly button. The hairs were getting much thicker! Just then, it felt like Dave was simultaneously having an incredible orgasm and getting kicked in the balls! He moaned in pleasure and pain as he shocked his shorts. He saw a huge bulge in his boxers, much bigger than before. Diving his hands down the front he feels there is a lot more to him than before! He shucks the boxers as well, leaving them to in a pile on the floor next to his huge, hairy feet. Dave gasps at what he sees! A huge cock dangles from his groin, jutting out from a huge tangled jungle of blonde pubes. It was at least 8 inches soft.  He grasps it in his hands, feeling the girth. He let out a small moan. He see that his balls as well were much bigger, although they were hard to see with all his pubes now. Examining his cock, Dave notices that he now that a foreskin over his head. He touches it, and shivers from the sensation. His rod begins to pump full of blood, slowly filling with blood. He looks down and notice that the blond fur was travelling up his torso. His stomach was already covered in a thick rug. Dave spied thick blonde hairs spreading up his forearms too! It was so thick, and it made his arms look so manly. He notices veins pumping up and down his arms as well. He groans as he feels his biceps plump up, slowly becoming larger and harder. Soon enough, Dave had fully developed biceps, with muscular hairy arms. Suddenly, Dave felt a strong itching sensation under his arms. He reached to scratch them and notices a thick blonde bush sticking out of his pits, and it was still growing! His chest begins to itch as well, as thick hairs squirm out in the center and.around his nipples. Dave feels his chest puff up, slowly swelling with muscle. This was insane! He rubbed his hands over his pecs as they slowly swelled up to the size of an NFL player. He also felt all the hair growing as well, quickly becoming a thick rug. His shell necklace was almost totally lost in the thick curly hairs. He scratched his armpit again, noting the hair was even thicker. Dave noticed he was starting to smell a bit like BO too. As his chest finished growing, and the rug on his chest stopped in it’s growth, he grabbed his huge rod, which was fully hard. He grasped it in his now huge, calloused, hairy hands. He moaned as he pumps up and down. Dave felt thick blonde stubble sprout all over his face, giving him a thick scruff. His facial features became more brutish and masculine. After stroking his erection for a few moments, Dave was about to cum, he leaned his head back and moaned as a huge load shot out of his new cock. As he moaned, he felt a huge pressure in the.back of his neck. A massive, prominent Adams apple grows out of his neck. Dave moans again, his huge Adams apple bobbing up and down. Dave is statyled by how deep and masculine his moan was. He shot another load all over himself. As he orgasmed, his brain felt funny. He was finding it harder to think. He shot another load and a dumb look came over him. It almost felt like his brain was shrinking! After his huge orgasm had subsided, Dave sat there, naked and panting. A stupid look dawned on his scruffy face. A string of drool dribbled down his lip. “Duuuude. That felt fucking awesome”, He said to himself in his new deep,voice.  Dave searched his mind for what he was doing in this dressing room? Why wasn’t he at the beach with his surf board? He was missing killer waves right now! Plus all the hot girls were at the beach! Dave pulled up his boxers and pants, showing off an obscene bulge in his pants. He slipped into his size 14 flip flops. He opens the door and exits, heading straight for the beach. Dave was now a 25 year old surfer, dumb as a box of rocks, with his mind only able to think about fucking and surfing. He kind of stunk, showing off the fact that basic hygiene was out of the realm of Dave’s intellect. He walked out of the store as a massive, hung, hairy surfer stud, 6 foot 3, and 230 pounds. Dave headed for the beach, and headed to his new life.


    Hot as hell

    Nobody at the gym could quite explain what happened to your personal trainer Chet. He’d just gone home with some big-titted bimbo at the bar and come in the next day a little unfocused, unable to remember the routines. 

    You knew something was definitely up when the day after Chet kept giggling uncontrollably and you had to practically lead him to every machine to spot you. Not only that but he had a hell of a pec pump considering it wasn’t chest day and he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off his nipples. 

    By day 3 Chet was just mostly staring blankly as you worked out. His pecs looked massive and bounced with each of your reps, sometimes eliciting a small pleasurable grunt from him. Part way through the bench press you realized he was just staring at your crotch and drooling. You put down your weights, this had to stop. 

    “Listen Chet I’ve got a girlf-” you put your hand on his chest and felt it sink into his massive hairy pec flesh. You swallow dryly as his other hand tugs one of his fat nipples and you’re drawn to the hairy gulf between them. When you notice Chet’s rock hard in his gym shorts you peel away and head home. 

    On day 4 Chet doesn’t show up for work. The guys at the gym ask you to swing by his place and you know you shouldn’t but you can’t help yourself. Last night your girlfriend had so many problems and ideas and her body felt so flat you couldn’t even get it up. 

    The door to Chet’s apartment is cracked open and a groaning sound is coming from inside. All it takes is seeing Chet on his couch, sucking the nipple of his own massive pec as he rubs one out for you to strip off your clothes and forget your girlfriend. You need this big-titted himbo for yourself. 

    Of course a full day of fucking makes it pretty easy to not notice how light headed you’re getting…or that tingle in your nipples. 

    (Request for outkast1728, who also provided the pic) Dean had finally gotten some great news in his email, he had won the kingdom hearts fan contest he enrolled in, there were several winners but all the winners would get a cosplay of a character of their choice and get to take a green screen picture in a world from the game. My out had to send in pictures and bar codes and such to prove you had every game (not counting remakes) along with the systems to play each, then out of the qualified fans some would be chosen. Dean told them his size and picked Roxas as his character in a reply email he sent and then got told the time and place. He went and was excited when he saw the costume. It was Roxas' standard outfit (not his organization cloak) he got dressed and was ready for the pictures. He started to feel weird though like a shiver going through his whole body once he finished putting everything on. He felt his skin start to get slightly tanner as his body formed some lean muscle. He felt himself get slightly taller as his feet grew a little bit, but he himself was getting younger. Maybe about 15 or 16. He looked around and the green screen changes to twilight town, which he recognized as his home town where he grew up. He shook his head and he felt a sharp pain in both his head and his heart, his heart vanished as he was a nobody and didn't have one, and his mind was reshaping itself. His mind changed so that he wouldn't even notice not having a heart as abnormal, he remembered his childhood friends who he's still been with. He hears a strange (to him) sound as the camera flashes and he is transported to the actual twilight town, out of instinct he put his hands out a summoned his key blades looking around. His head felt very itchy as his black hair shifted and changed into the blond spiked hair of his new persona, his voice shifted to be a little hirer and despite being a teen he felt a wave of innocence cloud his mind, there were only so many things in this town he could think about. His mind was confused by 4 sets of conflicting memories, one from dean, one from sora, one from the original life Roxas had and the other his current one. He hated this headache and voluntarily began letting his mind throw away everything from Dean's life, most things from Sora's and everything from Roxas' original. He was Roxas, he lived in twilight town, he just lived life carefree and relaxed. The key blades vanished as his new life settled in, then he remembered a sad truth... there was only one week left of summer vacation!