Look I know you're powerful in dealings of jocks and such. I'm willing to give two deceased big dumb jocks that stupidly died for any reasons a chance at life again. Can you make them possess me and my twin and live life for like 3 months without our conscious control? I'd like it if both of us wake up merged with them with bulging muscles and height and dumbness. I just want to sleep this weak body away...

    But now I'm not pretty sure whether you and your twin have the power to overcome the two meatheads. They settled in you and your brother's body quite long enough to actually held the ownership of the body firmly under their control, they even forgot that they have died previously! Maybe this can be a lesson learned for everyone that you gotta think twice before wishing for something you don't know the effect about.


    I watched this kid for a while.  Kevin is his name.  He’s always been on the little runt side of the spectrum, but I always saw his true potential.  Always thought he’d make a fine host one day–when he finally hit that growth spurt and got on his own path to be a real stud.  

    I was pretty fucking annoyed though when he ended up on some path to be a math genius.  The kid was 14 with offers from MIT and CalTech knocking on his door, but I knew this path to a Phd would do nothing for the development I actually gave a shit about.  It was Kevin’s dream to use his math talents to make the world a better place, but I had other plans.  

    The little runt squirmed and winced like a little bitch ass as I started the takeover.  

    “Wouldn’t have been so uncomfortable if you woulda put on some mass!” I grunted as I squeezed more and more of my ecto goodness down this kid’s throat.  

    Every inch of his body flailed around wildly like he was a fish dancing on the ground, but then his back arched nice and high before he collapsed on the floor.  

    Things went dark for a few seconds, but then I opened up my new eyes, raising my hands and seeing my new youthful body responding perfectly to me.  

    Couldn’t help but smirk as I said my first words with this mouth, “I ain’t doin’ no math.”

    There wasn’t much muscle to inspect on that first day, but I’ve been doing my pull up sets and workouts daily.  It’s a real shame Kevin didn’t do any of the ground work for me because fuck, this body is a natural.  Still, it’s been fun getting this body ready in time for football tryouts.  I’m gunning for varsity as a freshman.  

    I think my new parents had already accepted the old Kevin’s dream of being a math wiz, but at the very least, I know my new Dad is secretly thrilled his boy is gonna follow in his college athlete and frat bro footsteps.  Gonna make the old man proud (funny since I’m technically older than him), and you can bet I’ll be getting a lot of pussy along the way.  Don’t worry though–I’ll probably release Kevin once I hit his early 30′s.  He’ll have plenty of time left to be a math genius.