Ben was walking the the park disgusted by the display he saw. There was a gay pride party going on in the park he was walking through. He wasn't homophobic at all, he was a shy timid college nerd in a computer science major. But these people were in leather bdsm gear in public. Guys in leather harnesses, wearing assless pants, leather jocks, they had collars and leashes, some even on all fours acting like dogs. To him that was too far for a public display. He wasn't the type to say anything to them or call the cops but the disgust and shock were obvious in his face. One guy dressed in leather shorts and a open leather vest, looking like he was in his early 30s walked over. "Whats the matter boy? You look upset?" The guy asked him. Ben couldn't stop himself "I think all this fetish stuff is a bit much for a public park" he said. "You just need to relax a little, boy" the guy said as he slips on a chain with a padlock around Ben's neck with the name Baxter engraved on the padlock. Other necklaces with name tags containing phone numbers and addresses for "if lost, return to" instructions. Before Be....Baxter could react the man slid a rubber pup hood over his head. His body started to become hairless but started to bulk up. He helt himself getting broader with muscle and fat. His shirt changes to a black t shirt that reads "got treats?" on it. His pants turned into cargo shorts as he felt his boxers turn into leather jock strap. He suddenly started to feel light headed, dumber...oddly content and happy. His frustration and disgust fading as he suddenly felt in love with the guy. His dick getting hard as all attraction to women faded to be replaced with thoughts of guys, especially his master....master? That didn't feel right and yet it did. He felt his feet pulse out and widen gettibg bigger to support his bew weight as red black and white sneaks appeared on them and he grinned. Getting down on all fours to sniff at his masters feet, suddebly gay and loving feet as his old memories began to fade and Ben the straight college nerd became Baxter the gay pup with a foot fetish. Doing whatever his master wanted.

    Caption 1 - Monday

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    Derrick didn’t want this. He had never intended for this to happen.

    It was just a stupid, careless wish. When you had a boyfriend like Kyle, sometimes you would get frustrated. The little twink was so fiery, and so reckless, that it was all Derrick could do not to throw up his hands in a fit of rage and walk out of the relationship. He loved Kyle, but he wasn’t sure he could stay with someone so immature.

    “I just wish he would listen to me.”

    That was all it took, those were the seemingly harmless words that had caused all of this to happen. When Derrick walked out of the restroom still rubbing his puffy eyes, his boyfriend was waiting for him on all fours. This was not one of his kinks, neither of them had expressed any interest in leather or bondage or pup play, but here Kyle was. Cuffs on his wrist and a jockstrap around his perky ass.

    And a gas mask, for whatever perverted reason.

    He laughed at first, thinking maybe Kyle was trying to apologize in some fucked up, sexy way - but then he just kept sitting there, even as Derrick asked questions and told him to get up. That last part, he did without hesitation. That was all he did, just standing there and breathing deep breaths. Awaiting command. He didn’t speak, he didn’t express anything at all.

    All he could do was obey, but it was like the original Kyle never existed. “Be normal,” Derrick would say, and his boyfriend would fall to all fours and present his ass for fucking. Like that was his default state. It was a turn off, he didn’t want a slave. It was horrible, thinking of selling his lover to a master, but Derrick wanted his life back. He couldn’t go anywhere without Kyle following, even just walking into town his boyfriend would crawl behind him. People stared.

    Derrick was shy, and caring, and too submissive. Kyle was a drone for pleasure. He tried to sniff everything, tried to offer all his holes, obeying every little command that came out of Derrick’s mouth. So he did the unthinkable, and he took his boyfriend by the leash and placed him in the rough hands of a muscle daddy covered in hair and leather. Someone who could put his worship to use.

    It would have ended there if Derrick hadn’t made another foolish wish as he was petting his boyfriend’s hair goodbye. If he would have kept his mouth shut and just walked out of the door. “I wish I didn’t have to leave you.”

    And then the collar appeared on his neck, and he was on all fours with Kyle sniffing his butt, and the muscle daddy was laughing in amusement. He had two pups now. One for each reeking armpit.

    I didn’t mean to turn us into pets – it was supposed to be an innocent prank.

    We were staying in a hotel on a cross-country drive, and I in Denver I had picked up one of those pupping potions. You know, the stuff that’s supposed to make you all dumb and obedient. It only lasts a few hours, so I figured I’d slip a little into his water bottle, make him a pup, and then it would wear off and we’d have a good laugh.

    It didn’t seem to work at first. He’d been drinking out of the water bottle all day, with no effect. I was starting to think I’d been conned out of $40, by the time we got to the hotel, I was sure the stuff was useless. I even tried a few sips myself – nothing.

    As we were unpacking in the hotel room, I glanced at the bottle I’d bought in Denver. “Takes effect at sundown,” it said in tiny type. Oh no.

    I turned around just in time to see his eyes get hazy and weird. “What’s … what’s goin on?” he mumbled. He saw me holding the bottle of serum. “Dude, did you, uhhhhh, am I puppin’ out?”

    “I think we’re both gonna,” I said, feeling weak. I sniffed the air – God, he smelled so good, so musky and sweaty and strong. He looked confused and sank to all fours, pulling his clothes off.

    I did the same. It just felt right. “Sorry man,” I slurred, “was spozed to be a … ummm … a prank.”

    He laughed, stupidly, and crawled over to me. “Looks like you pranked yourself, dude,” he said. “Woof!”

    He licked my face, and I was stunned for a second and then couldn’t remember why. What was I thinking about? Oh, right … I need to sniff his butt.

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    I hopped on the light rail, excited to head to the Pride celebration downtown. I couldn’t wait to meet up with some of my coworkers I was marching with. I smiled as I thought about it. I can’t believe we live in a time when massive corporations are bending over backwards to show how much they support us. I was proud to wear my company’s logo on my t-shirt, to show that where I worked was cool with the gays.

    There were clearly a lot of people on board headed to the parade. Even though my stop was toward the end of the line, there was only one seat left, and I slid into it.

    “Lucky on Pride,” I thought.

    And then I looked up to see them sitting across from me. Three hulking men decked out in leather. Leather boots, leather jackets… oh god, were they wearing assless chaps?

    I frowned. It was people like them who seemed like they were trying to set the gay rights movement back 40 years. Why did they have to sexualize everything? All it did was announce to everyone that gays are a bunch of perverts, letting bigots confirm everything they believe.

    Crap, they saw me looking at them. One leaned in to the leatherman in the middle and whispered something in his ear. The two of the chuckled. Probably something crass.

    I must have made a face, as the one on the other end waved and grinned.

    “Happy pride!” he said.

    I pretended not to hear him.

    “Oh, what’s got you so upset?” he continued.

    I’d had enough.

    “Kink doesn’t belong at pride,” I mumbled.

    “What was that?”

    Fuck. Well, it has to be said. I took a breath.

    “Kink doesn’t belong at pride,” I said. “Pride it supposed to be for all ages, to show we’re just like everyone else. It’s not about sex, it’s about love! If the only part of the gay community people saw was you guys, we’d still be treated like freaks and criminals.”

    I expected them to get angry. I didn’t expect all three to burst out laughing.

    “Boy,” the middle one said.

    Even though the train car was warm, I shivered.

    “Were not just like everybody else,” he growled. “And that’s the point of all this.”

    The leatherman on his other side whispered something in his ear.

    “I think that’s a great idea,” the man in the middle said. Then he pointed at me. “Three.”

    He snapped his fingers.

    My clothes! My clothes had disappeared, and I was sitting naked on the light rail! I tried to cover myself. I looked around, blushing. Time seemed frozen. No one was moving. The train was frozen on the tracks. My head snapped back to the three men, who seemed to be the only people not affected.

    “There wouldn’t be a pride celebration without freaks and criminals,” the man on the left said. “Pride is about rebelling against what people tell you is normal or acceptable. Pride is about not hiding who you are.”

    “Two,” the man in the middle said, and snapped again.

    Suddenly, I wasn’t naked anymore. I was wearing rubber shorts! I could feel them tight on my ass, and… was I commando under them? And… a harness? My hand leapt to my chest, where a leather harness was tightly fastened around my pecs. It brushed my nipple, which now sported a silver hoop. I let out a small involuntary groan. My hand continued upward where it found the source of the sudden weight on my neck- a chain link collar… with a lock!

    “And part of who we are is how we connect,” said the man on the other end.

    Leather boots on my feet, laced up my legs. Oh god, no.

    The man in the middle leaned forward.

    “One,” he smirked, and snapped.

    I felt a sudden surge of emotion in my chest. My eyes wrenched closed. What… what…. oh god, it felt amazing. It felt… free, it felt, oh god-

    I looked up from the floor of the light rail car. Somehow I had gotten on my knees.

    I gazed up at the three gorgeous men above me, smiling down approvingly.

    Oh god, this felt amazing! To belong! To belong to them!

    The one in the middle leaned down to scratch behind the ear of my pup mask. God, the joy! I couldn’t stop grinning.

    “What a good boy!” his gravely tone felt like sunshine incarnate.

    “That’s our pup!” said one of the other men. I leaned against his leg. This feeling!

    The train car dinged.

    “This is our stop, pup!” said the last man.

    Such joy! Oh, was I the luckiest! To be their pup! To be me! To be owned! I wanted to show the world!

    My collar jangled on my neck as I strutted forward.

    That’s what that feeling was, so ready to show off my owners! To show that I was a good boy.


    “Such a proud boy,” said the man as the leash clicked, and he lead me into the sunlight. “Such a good, proud boy.”

    “Please, just… Please don’t make me a slave, okay? Not like the others. I didn’t mean anything by it. It was an accident…” He trailed off with a whimper. Eyes fixed on my cock.

    “Please?” he asked again, softly. Desperate, dumb mutt.

    “You think pleading will help you?” I asked. He shrunk back at the anger in my voice. He cowered. “No. Dogs like you don’t plead. They beg.”

    The brat’s eyes widened as he realized he wasn’t being made into another of my slaves. He was being turned into something… lower.

    “Please! Please, sir. I’ll return all the money. I’ll make up for it. I’ll –”

    I looked him square in the eyes, my piercing blue into his warm brown.

    “Beg,” I said.

    The boy immediately snapped into a begging position, his hands up by his chest and folded like paws. He looked around desperately, letting out a soft whimper—terrified and aroused at what he was becoming.

    “Good boy,” I said—watching the confusion in his eyes as he shuddered in happiness, ass moving left to right ever so slightly. I stepped closer. “Come on, Who’s my good boy?”

    His cock jumped up. He couldn’t help it, the horny little pup. I eyed his hard eight inches, swinging in front of him, dangling for anyone to see. And I saw the panic in his eyes when he realized he couldn’t move his hands to cover himself without his master’s permission. I watched him breathe in the smell of me, nose turned to my crotch, as I took another step closer. He was mine.

    Leaning in close, I put my right hand behind his ear. I could feel his hot breath on my neck as I started scratching his head. And felt the breath turn into panting as he gave in to me.

    “Awww. He likes that, doesn’t he?”


    He couldn’t help himself. He barked again. And again, excited now. Then pushed his head into my hand, his tongue falling out his mouth stupidly. I scratched his head harder, then moved down to his belly—making him wag his now leaking cock around.

    “Good dog,” I said, watching his eyes dull in horniness. “Because that’s all you are, right? Not a human. Not a boy. Not a slave. A dog. An animal. My pet.”

    He wagged even harder at this, his cheeky little ass shaking behind him. This was too good.

    “You want your master’s load?” I asked. “Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.”

    He did, gazing up at my cock in adoration. My obedient little dogboy.

    “Now beg.”

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    As soon as he put the bandanna around his neck, he felt the pup mask grow over his face.

    “I’m pupping out,” he groaned, as his face swelled to fill the leather mask. “I’m gonna be a – ruff! I’m a pup! Woof!”

    His ears stretched out and flopped over, and he felt his nose grow dark and wet. He stuck out his tongue to pant happily, and turned to look at himself in the mirror. A happy jock pup looked back at him, and he wiggled his butt as he felt a pup tail sprout at his lower back. He knew he only had a few minutes left on two legs, so he quickly took a snapshot of his changing body, flexing to show off his muscle, and then his hands began to curl into paws and he fell to all fours, barking and yipping to alert his master in the next room that his change was nearly complete.

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    “Whoa, hey, you’re naked,” I blurted at my roommate when I walked in the door. The smell of pot hung in the air. I knew he liked to get comfortable when he smoked but he’d never gotten naked before.

    He just smirked at me. “Yeah, I’m naked,” he said, then giggled. “Man, you gotta try this new stuff. I never been so relaxed.” I glanced down at the pipe of the coffee table. I didn’t usually smoke and was about to say no, but there was something sweet and pungent about the scent hanging in the air that called to me.

    “What the fuck,” I thought, “it’s been a long day at work. Why not.” I picked up the pipe, lit it, and took a breath.

    “Yeah dude,” he smiled, leaning back and opening his legs to show off his sexy soft dick and dad bod. The weed smelled sweet, and the pungent salty smell, I realized, was actually from him: his sweaty musky body odor. I slowly exhaled, feeling the burn of the smoke in my throat and the woozy high that immediately hit me. It tingled, a prickle that warmed my blushing face and crept down my neck, my chest, my belly, my hips and ass and cock, then flushed my legs with heat.

    Suddenly my clothes felt so heavy and tight and wrong and I had to get them off, pushing down my pants and underwear and tearing off my shirt. I yanked off my shoes and stepped back, staring down naked at the pile of clothes with one sock in my hand.

    My roommate laughed. “You look good, man,” he said. “We oughta get naked all the time.”

    I looked up at him, and started giggling, even though I had no idea why. This weed was making me so stupid, I thought, then forgot about it immediately and looked down at the sock in my hand. I couldn’t even remember what it was for. Was this clothes? How do people wear clothes? I picked up another item from the pile, a shirt I think. I stared at it, baffled. I knew I’d been wearing it just a moment ago but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how. It was like all knowledge of wearing clothing was just … gone.

    I dropped whatever it was, and looked back up at him. He was so hot, I thought. So fucking sexy. That hairy body, the untrimmed bush, the metal in his nipples and his thick strong chest. I felt woozy again, my dick getting hard. He saw that and got another fit of giggles, wiggling back and forth in the chair. “Wanna fool around?” he said.

    Absently, I picked up the pipe and lighter again, lit the last bit of green weed, and took another breath. “Whoa, man, careful, that might be too much,” he laughed. I set the pipe back down as another warm tingle swept over me.

    If the first dose made me dizzy and dumb, the second completely emptied my mind. For a moment I couldn’t remember who I was, where I was, what was going on. But I knew that my arms were heavy, my legs sore, my balance off.

    What was I doing up on two legs? I was confused. My heavy arms sunk to the floor, my legs bending to go down on all fours, like I belonged. Two legs are for humans. I wasn’t a human. I was a pup. Right? That’s who I was. I was pretty sure.

    My master said something, and laughed, but he said it with human words so I didn’t know what he meant. I just barked, and sniffed the pile of clothes on the floor. Why did they smell like me?

    Then he said something I understood – “come” – and patted his bare lap. Panting, I trotted over on all fours, and sat obediently at his feet. “Good boy,” he said, and rubbed my head. I whined and pressed my head into his hand, then barked and licked his finger. He laughed and said some more human words, then pointed to his dick. I understood what that meant, and put my paws up on his lap to take his soft cock in my mouth.

    “Ahhh,” he sighed, leaning back. He smelled so good, sweaty and strong, my alpha. I felt his dick hardening between my lips, and I swirled my tongue around it. It tasted salty, manly, a single droplet of pre-come smearing on my tongue. I loved it. I wanted more. I wanted his come.

    “Good boy,” he grunted, rubbing behind my ears as I sucked. Yeah. I am a good boy. His good boy.

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    This is just a tf story so if Pup amp doesn’t approve then I’ll remove the post asap.

    Bryan was a normal nerdy guy hanging out at a park just relaxing on a sunny but cool Saturday. He was sitting at a park bench just looking around at the dogs running around when someone sat next to him and said “Hey I’m David I see you’re looking at those happy dogs running around.” Bryan looked at David smiling and said “Yeah I’m a dog person and always wondered how fun it is for them.” David bumps his shoulder “There is real good way to know how they feel it’s like virtual reality, I can show you how back at my place.” Bryan smiles and nods yes then follows David back to his house which wasn’t far maybe a mile or two. David walks in and leads Bryan to a couch and asks if he’s ready for the VR simulation. David pushes Bryan to lay back on the couch and says “Clear your mind and let my voice guide you.” Bryan closes his eyes and almost goes to sleep. David smirks and says “Now you aren’t Bryan you’re Wolfie a nice little playful pup that I own and you want to go play with the other pups.” Bryan smiles dumbly and feels his hands curl up into fists. David tells him “Wolfie wake up and look at your paws.” Bryan opens his eyes and lifts his hands actually paws up and sees he can’t open up his fists and starts to freak out. “What’s going on?” David smirks and tells him “Wolfie you wanna see your new hood?” Bryan nods and shakes his butt and panting as well. He can’t talk but only in his mind. “Wolfie wanna get pup hood!” *No stop this isn’t what I had in mind at all I need to leave!* Bryan isn’t in control for his body anymore it’s just Wolfie the pup in control. David presents the hood to Wolfie and he waits to see how he’ll react. “Wolfie wanna wear hood Master!” David smiles and tells him. “Wolfie you gotta strip down and wear the hood so I can check it out on you.” Wolfie shakes his butt and strips clothes as he jumps on David’s bed. *No why did I do any of this and no don’t you dare put that mask on me!* David knows what Bryan is thinking as he puts the red puppy hood on Wolfie his newest pup. “Wanna go to the park Wolfie?” Wolfie shakes his butt and pants while nodding. “Ruff Master ruff!” *Maybe when I get to the park I can escape yes* They get to the park and David let’s Wolfie go loose to run and play. *Nows my chance to escape* “Ruff ruff ball!” *Right after I get this ball*

    Story made for a friend


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