Ben was walking the the park disgusted by the display he saw. There was a gay pride party going on in the park he was walking through. He wasn't homophobic at all, he was a shy timid college nerd in a computer science major. But these people were in leather bdsm gear in public. Guys in leather harnesses, wearing assless pants, leather jocks, they had collars and leashes, some even on all fours acting like dogs. To him that was too far for a public display. He wasn't the type to say anything to them or call the cops but the disgust and shock were obvious in his face. One guy dressed in leather shorts and a open leather vest, looking like he was in his early 30s walked over. "Whats the matter boy? You look upset?" The guy asked him. Ben couldn't stop himself "I think all this fetish stuff is a bit much for a public park" he said. "You just need to relax a little, boy" the guy said as he slips on a chain with a padlock around Ben's neck with the name Baxter engraved on the padlock. Other necklaces with name tags containing phone numbers and addresses for "if lost, return to" instructions. Before Be....Baxter could react the man slid a rubber pup hood over his head. His body started to become hairless but started to bulk up. He helt himself getting broader with muscle and fat. His shirt changes to a black t shirt that reads "got treats?" on it. His pants turned into cargo shorts as he felt his boxers turn into leather jock strap. He suddenly started to feel light headed, dumber...oddly content and happy. His frustration and disgust fading as he suddenly felt in love with the guy. His dick getting hard as all attraction to women faded to be replaced with thoughts of guys, especially his master....master? That didn't feel right and yet it did. He felt his feet pulse out and widen gettibg bigger to support his bew weight as red black and white sneaks appeared on them and he grinned. Getting down on all fours to sniff at his masters feet, suddebly gay and loving feet as his old memories began to fade and Ben the straight college nerd became Baxter the gay pup with a foot fetish. Doing whatever his master wanted.


    Episode 5

    So as I was saying, it’s been 2 months and things have been pretty good. I’m now the boss. Corporate don’t know any better thanks to the reality shifting magic of the coin. I’ve even created a few extra new jobs. The Companies day-care centre now has more little people attending, A few ex-colleagues who were always immature around the workplace. They spend much of their time crawling around as little nudists drooling and generally having the time of their little lives. The security team now have a k9 unit Lucy and Isabelle from human resources took that role immediately. They’re the most vicious attack dogs I’ve ever seen. So funny to think people see them as a pair of German shepherds. They’re currently in heat.

    Randy is still the bathroom attendant and rumour has it he’s doing a great job. Lucky he’s got plenty of drinking water. Thanks to the coin he’s always ready to go therefore he’s always jerking. Little Michelle is the cutest baby girl ever. She’s spends the days in the day care centre and at night she’s looked after by a nanny at my new house. I moved out pretty much after I gave myself a promotion. Not far, just into my rich neighbours house. They still live there but as my maid and butler. Rachel and Karen are now my secretary’s/ executives of blowjobs they go around making rounds when someone needs some relief. They do a great job.

    So life was going great.

    “Knock Knock”

    Strange I wasn’t expecting anyone.

    “Come in”

    I watched as this stunning 5’4 Brunette girl with a cleavage to die for walks in. She was dressed in a simple purple top and denim jeans. Her confidence and the way she approached more was something I recognised from myself the last few months. I had a strange pulsing from my coin. It was a sickly feeling what gave me Goosebumps.

    “So James. You found yourself a coin of Anubis. Congratulations.”

    I looked at her blankly. She knows about my coin and where it came from?

    “Oh please. Don’t look so confused. This entire town reeks of the magic you’re using. You’re lucky I found you first before Dimitri and his minions did. You’re really altering a lot of people eh bud? Maybe wanna calm it down?” she continued

    I was taken back. Here I was just enjoying the gift I was given and this total stranger comes and tells me what I’m doing is too much, she doesn’t know me.

    “Look Mrs?”

    “Miss. Miss Eleanor Magowan, and you need to listen to me” she continued.

    I can’t believe this. Who does she think she is? I literally have the power of the gods in my hands and she thinks she can come in here and tell me I’m using my coin too much. What gives her the right? She needs to be taken down a peg or two. I looked at her and stood up. Focusing my magic and imaging her as my simple minded pet dog. Yeah that was perfect. After all she was being a right bitch. I focused on exactly on what I wanted to change about her first. She was going to lick lots. I twisted and moulded her personality to be my obedient loyal dog. Except nothing happened. She just stood there looking at me. A look of un-amused anger as she put her hands on her hips as if she was disappointed

    “You’re really going to try and pull that bullshit on me James? You really don’t know anything do you?

    I felt a tingling sensation. Things became fuzzy

    “You know there is more than one coin in the world don’t you?”

    I was getting confused. My cock was getting hard because of how simple things in my mind were becoming.

    “I’m going to have to let you cool off. Maybe indefinitely”

    So hard to think. I look down as I feel a cool breeze my clothing has vanished. Why am I naked?

    I get distracted by the lady speaking but her words are big and I smile at her. She’s so clever. She smiles back and I fall to my knees. I feel a collar wrap around my neck and I become so aroused. I have to jerk off.

    Something else happens in my mind, another image flashes for the briefest of moments and I feel my cock throb. It’s such an erotic image. It happens again, this time for longer. I gasp with excitement and drool escapes my mouth. I know what I’m supposed to be doing right now. I’m supposed to be sucking cock and being a good boy for my Master. Where is my Master? I hear the lady say something about taking me to him and I get really excited. She attaches a leash to my collar and I eagerly follow behind her. Things become blurry and all I can really do is follow instructions. Not a coherent thought in my own head,

    Sometime later and I’m happily bobbing my head back and fourth down on this big yummy cock. It’s so tasty and it’s all I ever want to do for my master. Sometimes he fucks me but only if I’m really good. He just mostly makes me suck him and his friends which is okay by me. Sometimes a pretty lady comes and visits. Although she just watches whilst I be a good boy.

    To be continued.


    (Click over to the original poster of the story for the other episodes, warning female mind control, not my thing so I'm only posting my favorite episodes)


    This adorable little guy is Sparky. He’s a lovely, happy, playful puppy dog. He follows me wherever I go in the house and often bounds about the yard while I’m working outside. He knows to scratch at the back door when he needs to make. I’ll open it up and he trots right out into the grass, lefts his leg and lets out a stream of pee, or squats back on his haunches to leave me a stinkier present.  

    Sparky doesn’t worry about anyone seeing him like this. He doesn’t mind when I have friends over. He licks at their feet or shoes, cuddles up on their laps when they sit on the couch, lives for a pat on his bare tummy or a scratch behind the ears.  

    He doesn’t mind at all because Sparky has no idea he was once a human like me. He doesn’t remember being Scott Johnson, a brilliant student and snappy dresser. He doesn’t know what clothes are anymore. His mind is that of a simple dog, no room for words let alone equations and theorems.  He’s mine now. He needs me to provide everything for him.  

    And all it took was a quick trip to a “counselor” to work out our troubles as flat-mates. He walked in to the office as Scott, let the nice “counselor” tap his shoulder and drop him into a deep trance, and trotted out of the office an hour later as Sparky, happily nude and yipping away with his penis flopping between his legs all the way out to my car.  I think it’s for the best really. 


    It was always tough getting Duke in the bath.  He would fight and resist like it was the end of the world. It was funny to me because back when Duke was my friend Brendan he was a real neat freak. I remember having to wait an hour for him to get all cleaned up and styled before we could go hit the clubs after a day at the beach. He was obsessed with his looks, with being clean and smelling good for the girls. 

    Now Duke is an outside dog. He spends his days rolling in my muddy backyard, romping in the flower beds, always an utter mess. You should see him after it rains. he comes trotting into the garage all wet and covered in dirt and mud stuck to his bare body and always wanting to hump my leg in that disgusting state. 

    I can’t really blame him of course. He doesn’t know any better. One look at that dumb face of his, the slobber down his chin, the tongue lolling out of his gaping mouth and it’s obvious the neat young man has long gone and Duke is no brighter than any other dumb puppy.  You only have to watch him squat down in the backyard to push out a poo or lift his leg against the bushes and you know Duke is no Brendan. 

    But occasionally I have friends over and Duke needs to get a bit cleaner. And that means a lot of struggling and putting up with barking and even some growling from my old friend and current pet. I don’t hold it against him. I’m the one that decided Brendan needed a good dumbing down.  I’m the one who slipped the drugs in his coffee to make him more suggestible. And I’m the one who guided him into a trance and told him all about his new life as Duke, a messy outdoor dog, and helped him to totally forget all about being Brendan, helped him purge his mind of every human thought.  

    Duke splashed in the bath as I scrubbed his bottom especially hard. My friends would be giving that area special attention of course. Another thing about Duke is that unlike Brendan he didn’t really care much about girls anymore. 


    “What you want for Christmas?” Tod asked his flatmate, Joe.  

    Joe laughed. “All I want is a nice long vacation. You know the hours I’ve been working the last few weeks.  But I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” 

    Tod understood what he meant. Joe was an insurance agent and he was way under his quarterly target so had been working crazy hard to catch up. It sucked because he was always at work, never home to spend time with Tod, who had secretly had a crush on Joe since he moved in. Unfortunately Joe was straight, so it could never come to anything.  

    “What about you? What would you ask Santa to bring you if you could have anything?” Joe asked, sipping a beer.  

    “Me? Oh, I guess I’d ask Santa for the same thing I wanted as a kid. A puppy,” Tod answered. But even as he said it he knew it was a lie. If Santa was real, he’d ask him for the one thing he wanted more than a puppy, for Joe to love him as much as he loved Joe.  

    Joe shook his head. “Puppies are nothing but work mate,” he reminded Tod. “We’re lucky the landlord doesn’t allow pets.” 

    Tod shrugged, thinking of other things. “Yeah, I guess so.” 


    Christmas Eve they had dinner with Tod’s family then came home just before midnight, looking forward to a BBQ on the beach tomorrow, as was their tradition.  

    But in the early morning hours Joe woke up to a strange sensation. Someone was standing over his bed, watching him sleep in the darkened room. It woke him up right away, though his body was slower to react than his mind and he just jerked backwards in his bed, now regretting he’d gone to sleep naked on the warm summer’s night. He pulled his sheets up, blinking in the darkness to see who was there. 

    As his eyes adjusted he became even more confused. It was an old man, with a white beard and round glasses, rather overweight, and wearing a fucking Santa suit. He had the look down to the last detail.  

    “What the fuck!?” Joe asked. “Who the hell are you?” 

    “Ho-ho-ho,” Santa laughed, a smile on his face. “You know exactly who I am young fellow. Come on now.” 

    “S…s…Santa?” he stammered. 

    “There you go now!” 

    “But… you’re not real!” 

    “Are you sure about that?” 

    Joe blinked and found he couldn’t deny that this man sure looked like Santa. “But, what are you doing here?” 

    “I’m here to give you the gifts that you and your friend Tod asked for this Christmas of course!” 

    “What gifts?” 

    “A nice long vacation for you and for your friend, a rare thing for me, a two for one gift,” Santa explained. 

    “Two for one?” 

    Santa nodded. “Tod wanted two things. A puppy, and for you to love him as deeply as he loves you. And it works out just perfectly, don’t you think?” 

    Joe was confused. Santa said that Tod loved him? Why hadn’t he realised that before? But how did that work out perfectly? 

    “Come downstairs with me, and I’ll show you,” Santa answered, as though reading his thoughts. 

    Joe shook his head. “I’m not wearing anything,” he admitted quietly. 

    Santa’s smile didn’t falter. “That’s perfect, you won’t be needing any clothes anyway.” 

    “What? Why not?” 

    “Well it would be pretty silly for a puppy to wear clothes,” Santa answered. 

    “A puppy?” 

    Another nod. “Of course. Puppies love their masters with all their hearts. So it makes perfect sense. Tod gets his puppy and your absolute adoration.” 

    Joe’s eyes went wide. “You’re saying you want to turn me into a puppy, with Tod as my owner!?” 

    “There you go, now you have it!” 

    “And how the hell does that give me any gift?” Joe demanded. 

    “You asked for a nice long vacation and there’s nothing more relaxing than leaving behind all your human worries and responsibilities. All you’ll have to do is play all day long, every day. You won’t have a care in the world.” 

    Joe shook his head. “That wasn’t my wish at all!” 

    Santa shrugged. “I do the best I can. You’ll see, you’re upset now but in a minute you’ll be just as happy as you’ve ever been in your life.” 

    Joe was about to correct Santa when the man yanked his bed sheet away, revealing his nude body. 

    “Hey!” he complained, covering his penis quickly. 

    Santa laughed heartily at his shame. “Don’t be silly Joe, your pee-pee is going to be flopping around for all to see in a minute anyway. Puppies don’t have any silly modesty after all.” 

    Joe kept his penis covered. “There’s no way on Earth I’m going to trot around the house naked. Give me back my covers!” 

    Santa shook his head. “It isn’t Christmas morning yet, but I’m going to have to give you your gift right now I see.” 


    “A lovely vacation from all those worries, a permanent vacation from them actually.” 

    Joe was terrified. “Permanent?!” 

    Santa nodded. “Don’t be afraid, it’s going to feel just lovely.” 

    And with that Santa rubbed his white gloved hands together and a strange glowing ball of energy appeared in his palms. Joe stared with shock at this show of apparent real magic. Then Santa lifted his hand to his lips and blew gently. The ball floated away, heading straight for Joe. 

    “No!” he gasped one more time, but before he could leap from the bed the glowing blue ball of energy reached his head and slipped silently inside. 

    He felt the warmth envelop his head and his terror was instantly wiped away. No, he felt calm, so perfectly calm. His heart rate dropped back to normal, his shoulders slumping, face relaxing first then as his thoughts went fuzzy his face slowly went slack, eyes glazing over as the intellect behind them dimmed, jaw slackening as drool began to drip from the corners of his mouth.  

    “Much better,” Santa commented. 

    A few seconds later the ball of energy reappeared, travelling back to Santa’s open hands before disappearing again.  Santa smiled at the man still sitting on his bed before him. “Merry Christmas Joe,” he said. 


    Noises from the living room awoke Tod. It sounded like someone was running around the place. it couldn’t be a robber, they were making way too much noise. In fact the next thing he heard was a dog barking! What on Earth? Had a dog got in their house somehow? Or had Joe perhaps gotten him the puppy he’d asked for?! 

    Tod got out of bed and headed to the living room to have a look.  The room was still dark, illuminated only by their small Christmas tree’s lights. But what he found stopped Tod in his tracks. 

    Joe was down on all fours, completely naked with his penis just swinging between his legs, his bare bottom swiveling about, tangled in the Christmas lights. 

    “Joe, what the heck are you doing?!” Tod asked. 

    Joe twisted around, and Tod knew something was wrong. His flatmate’s face was slack and dumb, his eyes just so obviously empty of thought. He was chewing on the lights’ cord, drool coating his chin and shining in the dim light.  He stayed on all fours, no attempt at all to cover his penis as his swung free below his body.  

    “Joe?” Tod repeated uncertainly. 

    Woof-woof! Joe barked brightly, panting and letting his tongue slip out and dangle on his wet chin.  Then he spun around in a circle, seeming to chase his own butt, tangling himself even more in the light. 

    Tod hurried over to stop him pulling down the whole tree.  Joe finally stopped spinning and stayed mostly still while Tod pulled the cord out of his mouth before he shocked himself, and got the rest off his bare naked body. He felt so awkward as he reached down to a line wrapped right around Joe’s penis, which had grown fully erect. 

    “Sorry buddy, but I need to get this off your… um… penis,” he whispered, putting his hand on the warm, stiff member. 

    Joe panted harder and began to lick Tod’s face. He didn’t mind being touched down there at all. 

    Finally free of the wires Joe pounced on Tod, licking him like crazy.  

    “Wow, you’re so affectionate Joe!” Tod said in amazement. He could see this was no act. Joe had been dangerously close to electrocuting himself chewing on the wires. His eyes were so clearly glassy too. He really was nothing but a dumb little puppy now. And he was also clearly in love with Tod, nuzzling against him between licks. 

    Finally Tod held Joe’s face in his hands, stopping his licking so he could look the man in the eye. “Joe, are you happy like this buddy?” 

    Woof! Joe blinked his big wide eyes and pawed at Tod with his curled up hands. He certainly looked happy. 

    “Okay Joe,” he started. “No, that’s not a good name for you anymore is it? How about Magic? You like that boy?” 


    “Okay Magic, that’s your name now,” Tod told him with a smile, rubbing behind his ears. 

    Magic went nuts with glee at the rub, thrusting forward and humping his still very erect penis against his master.  Tod didn’t do anything to stop him. It was what he’d always wanted. 

    “Good boy,” he crooned to the man turned puppy. “Get those creamies out buddy, you deserve it.” 

    Magic barked again and thrust faster, wrapping his curled hands limply around Tod and humping harder until he got his reward, heaving and barking as he came. 

    Tod rubbed the dumbed down man’s bare back and looked up at the tree. “Thank you Santa.” 


    Mark and I were the only two to escape from the laboratory. We ran all night across the island, though it was slow going since we were both naked and exhausted.

    When the sun came up, we both paused on a wet rocky outcropping to see if we could see the boat that brought us here with our friends. 

    “How are you holding up?” I asked.

    “I’ll live,” he panted. “Did you see what happened to the other guys?”

    I bowed my head. “Pups,” I said. “All pups. I was kept in a cage with Peter and he was the first to change. Went down on all fours after just a few hours, voice turned into growls. When they took him out, I could see all the other guys were starting to change too.”

    “Why didn’t we?” Mark asked.

    “I don’t know,” I said. “For some reason your changes seem to have stopped at your ears.” I gestured towards his furry, pointed ears.

    “What do you mean?” he said, raising a hand to touch them. “Oh, shit. They were normal last night when we escaped. We must still be – woof! We must still – aroooo!” his voice gave way to the same sounds I’d heard coming from Peter, as I backed away from him.

    “Please help,” Mark said. “Please, man, please don’t – arf!” He crawled toward me on all fours, then sat up in a begging pose, his hands curled like paws and his tongue hanging out, panting.

    I turned to run, but across the field in front of us, I spotted some movement. They had found us – a team of scientists, led by all of our friends, naked on all fours, sniffing after the familiar scent of their frat brothers.

    Get more stories of transformation, power, and control:

    I’ve been looking for a new dog for a while. Last one ran away.

    Then I saw the perfect specimen in my building. It couldn’t have worked out better. He was young, fit, and he looked like he belonged on all fours.

    All that stood in my way was his free will. All I had to do was collar him.

    Luckily I had developed a pup serum ages ago. It wasn’t perfect (the last couple had run away). But I’d perfect it eventually. For now, I just needed to infect this boy.

    Easiest way? Surprise injection.

    I kept a dose in my pocket for the next week, waiting to run into him again. Then it finally happens.

    “Hey there,” I say. “Can I talk to you for a sec?”

    He doesn’t look excited, but he’s polite enough to stop. As he stands in front of me, I search for the best injection spot.

    “What is it?” he asks. 

    “I lost my wallet around here earlier today. Have you seen it?”

    He looks around, as if he thinks he’ll find it sitting on the floor somewhere. Maybe he’s already dumb enough to be a pup.

    “Um, nope, but I’ll let you know if I see it.”

    “Thanks, I’m in apartment 6C,” I say.

    He nods and walks off. The kid’s slower than before, like he’s looking for the wallet. Like he’s playing fetch. I laugh to myself. Before he get’s too far, I come up behind him and stick the needle in his neck. Easy enough. 

    He squirms, tries to shout, but I have him held from behind, and my hand is covering his mouth. The kid has a lot of fight, but I’ve been doing this for a while; I’m not easy to escape.

    I drag him toward my apartment, luckily avoiding any other residents. 

    By the time we reach my place, he’s squirming less. I turn him around to get a good look at his face. His eyes are perfectly blank, completely dumbed down, which lets me know the serum is working. So I let go of his body, and take my hand away from his mouth.

    His tongue instantly droops out of his mouth.

    “Good boy,” I say, chuckling to myself.

    I scratch under his chin, and he’s already panting. The serum worked fast on this one. Maybe I’d finally perfected it.

    I can’t wait to see the boy get on all fours, but I know it’ll take some time. So I go to my room and get the collar I already have ready for him.

    “You want your collar, boy?” I ask.

    He pants heavily, his tongue hanging from his mouth, the drool starting to drip.

    “Good boy. See your name? It’s Buster now,” I say, pointing to the tag.

    To my surprise, he barks. I can’t tell if it’s a bark of disagreement or happiness, but it’s a bark. And that means he’s well on his way to being a pup.

    I stick the collar on him and begin stripping him down. Before I can get his socks off, he’s on the floor. Already on all fours. And his lean, muscular body is perfect.

    “Damn, you’re a good pup, aren’t you, boy?” 

    He barks in reply.

    I scratch under his chin again, and this time, I notice precum dripping from his dick as a result. This is by far the fastest transformation yet.

    “Ready for your tail, boy?” I ask, grabbing a butt plug. 

    He barks again, and this time I know for sure he’s happy. The precum is still dripping. Horny little pup.

    I slide the butt plug in his tight ass, and as soon as it’s in, he starts wagging his ass, his balls and cock swinging with it. The plug will make sure he’s nice and ready for when I fuck him. Don’t want him barking too loud after all.

    Behind his hanging tongue, I can see a pup’s smile on his dumb little face. Glee and excitement in his otherwise blank eyes.

    “Now that’s a good boy. Such a horny jockpup. You’re gonna be a good one, Buster.”

    Man, if the serum is working this well, I might have to get Buster another pup to play with.

    But for now, it’s time to enjoy my new pet. I slip off my belt and release my cock.

    “Now be a good pup and suck your Master’s bone.”

    Buster barks in anticipation. He licks and licks and licks with his tongue, and then my pup starts to suck. His wet mouth makes my dick drip. And as I scratch behind his ear, his cock leaks even more. This is going to be a wonderful arrangement for the both of us.

    “Good pup. Good boy.”


    This is just a tf story so if Pup amp doesn’t approve then I’ll remove the post asap.

    Bryan was a normal nerdy guy hanging out at a park just relaxing on a sunny but cool Saturday. He was sitting at a park bench just looking around at the dogs running around when someone sat next to him and said “Hey I’m David I see you’re looking at those happy dogs running around.” Bryan looked at David smiling and said “Yeah I’m a dog person and always wondered how fun it is for them.” David bumps his shoulder “There is real good way to know how they feel it’s like virtual reality, I can show you how back at my place.” Bryan smiles and nods yes then follows David back to his house which wasn’t far maybe a mile or two. David walks in and leads Bryan to a couch and asks if he’s ready for the VR simulation. David pushes Bryan to lay back on the couch and says “Clear your mind and let my voice guide you.” Bryan closes his eyes and almost goes to sleep. David smirks and says “Now you aren’t Bryan you’re Wolfie a nice little playful pup that I own and you want to go play with the other pups.” Bryan smiles dumbly and feels his hands curl up into fists. David tells him “Wolfie wake up and look at your paws.” Bryan opens his eyes and lifts his hands actually paws up and sees he can’t open up his fists and starts to freak out. “What’s going on?” David smirks and tells him “Wolfie you wanna see your new hood?” Bryan nods and shakes his butt and panting as well. He can’t talk but only in his mind. “Wolfie wanna get pup hood!” *No stop this isn’t what I had in mind at all I need to leave!* Bryan isn’t in control for his body anymore it’s just Wolfie the pup in control. David presents the hood to Wolfie and he waits to see how he’ll react. “Wolfie wanna wear hood Master!” David smiles and tells him. “Wolfie you gotta strip down and wear the hood so I can check it out on you.” Wolfie shakes his butt and strips clothes as he jumps on David’s bed. *No why did I do any of this and no don’t you dare put that mask on me!* David knows what Bryan is thinking as he puts the red puppy hood on Wolfie his newest pup. “Wanna go to the park Wolfie?” Wolfie shakes his butt and pants while nodding. “Ruff Master ruff!” *Maybe when I get to the park I can escape yes* They get to the park and David let’s Wolfie go loose to run and play. *Nows my chance to escape* “Ruff ruff ball!” *Right after I get this ball*

    Story made for a friend


    Thanks dude. Also I'll delete it too if amp isn't happy with us using his pic, I'll announce if that ends up happening at ask any of my followers who reblog to also respect his wishes should he ask us


    Maybe we mixed the pup potion a little too strong. My boyfriend and I weren’t expecting to have flashbacks every month. But sure enough, every full moon, we found ourselves down on all fours, barking at each other, wrestling playfully and usually fucking til we both fell asleep in each other’s arms.


    Sounds like I need that potion for some future plans.


    just being miley at the library


    He saw his friend fall onto all fours and start acting like a puppy and he turned to run, he knew the trainer was back "Where are you going Miley?" The trainer said and suddenly he dropped to all fours and pulled down his pants "ruff ruff!" He and his friend were with their trainer again, they were so happy!


    It all starts with the little things, doesn’t it?

    You’re drinking some wine with your friend from work just after you both get off, and he mentions body hair. He says that it’s silly how much importance men put on it, and you agree. He says that a guy should be able to do whatever the hell he wants in this day and age, and you agree. He says that you should both shave all your body hair off, and you agree.

    Soon you’re looking at your shaved asshole in a mirror wandering what the hell just happened. How did this friend, who isn’t even your best friend, talk you into shaving yourself like a whore? You decide never to do anything with the man outside of work again, and you find him on your couch that evening with a wine glass in hand.

    You wonder a brief moment how this happened before he stares deeply into your eyes and talks about how easy life used to be. He says that when you’re little you don’t have to worry about anything, and you agree. He says that more guys should try to act younger, and you agree. He says that we should start wearing diapers, and you agree.

    Then you can’t so much as set foot outside of the house for fear of a repeat incident like on the bus the morning after the conversation. You drench the whole front of your work pants, all of the passengers look at you like you’re mentally handicapped, and you’re trying not to accompany the tears in your eyes with a dreadful bawling like you’d like to.

    You go into to quit effective immediately the next morning only to join your boss and friend for several glasses of pinot noir in the boss’ office. You check if your friend has something in his eye for a bit, and then you all loosen up and strip down to reveal your clean-shaven bodies and diapers.  You have a pretty good time too until your friend sighs.

    The boss asks what’s wrong, and your friend tells you talks about how important family is while you and your boss maintain eye contact with your friend. He says that you should all have a family, and you both agree. He says that your boss should be his little brother, and he agrees. He says that you should be the family pet.

    You bark.


    I dislike diapers but I love dogs and hypnosis

    “It only took two months of subliminal hypnotic trance training… two months to transform you from an arrogant asshole roommate to my horny obedient Cock Hound…. do you even remember your name, Cock Hound…?”

    Rrrrrrggggmmmm… w-woof?!? W-wooff!?!?!

    “Yeah… just as I thought… you only know one thing now, Cock Hound… you know what you’re hungry for… what makes a Cock Hound like you really happy…?”

    MMmRRrRggggMMmmM… w-woof! WOOF!!

    “Oh, yeah… that’s it, Cock Hound… get yourself a good strong whiff of your Master’s musky scent… time to show your Master what a mindless, obedient, boner-sniffing puppy you crave to be…”


    “You’ve adapted to the first phase of your obedience training very nicely, Cock Hound… as a reward, I think it’s finally time you get a real taste of your very first juicy boner treat, Cock Hound…”



    “Help! I can’t—”

    I slapped my hand over his mouth. Felt his jaw fight against it.

    “Ah ah ah, boy. Those are people sounds.”

    I drove my cock into him. Slow. Hard. Deep.

    “And you’re not people.”

    His muffled yelling turned into a long moan. He was fighting it. But he was losing.

    “Maybe you were a hotshot on the soccer team. All the girls turned on by that arrogant grin. All the guys jealous of that big cock.”

    I slammed into him again.

    “But look at you now. On your hands and knees like the dumb dog you are. Fucking dick leaking all over my couch. Maybe I’ll let you lick it up later if you’re good. Puppy.”

    He shuddered at that. Moaning into my hand.

    “Aw, you like that? Want to just lap your cum off the cushions—get it all over your face? Turn into the horny little fuck puppy you know you are?”

    His breathing was getting heavier. Almost like panting.

    “Good boy. Arch your back, puppy. Stick that little bubble butt out for me. I know you want it.”

    He couldn’t help but obey. And moans turned to whimpers.

    “Now. Let’s try this again. Bark.”

    His throat tensed, but no sound came out. So horny. So scared. So close.

    “Bark, boy.”

    He strained against my hand. Fighting me with everything he had while slamming his ass against my cock. I pulled his head close to mine, and put my lips at his ear.

    “Bark,” I whispered. And rammed my dick deep into the bitch’s ass. 

    He howled.

    And he was mine.

    The former jock shot his load all over the couch. And, still hungrily fucking himself on my dick, dug his face into the cushions to lick up his spunk.

    “Huh. Spunk. Sounds like a good name for you.”

    He looked up at me then. Eyes half-lidded with lust. Cum on his cheek. Tongue hanging out. Another cocky jock turned cum-addicted pup. 

    “Good boy, Spunk. Good boy.”

    I’d seen him come into the diner every night this week—always during my shift. He’d camp out in a booth near the back with his laptop and a stack of books. Some grad student, I figured. 

    Always the same cocky attitude. Always the same shitty tip. So every night, I’d add a little bit more of the serum into his coffee. Watching as he started to bend down and lick his plates clean with his tongue. And sniff at my hand whenever I brought over a new mug.

    When I brought him his check tonight, I’d slipped my hand under his shirt and scratched his furry stomach. Dick hardening painfully in my slacks as he panted happily. I eyed his plates—licked clean.

    “Good boy,” I whispered. He moaned softly and I his cock tent his pants. It was time.

    “Come,” I said. And started walking out. He hesitated for a second, then followed at my heels. Not bothering to hide his erection.

    He was silent on the ride to my apartment, looking back and forth between me and his still hard dick. Curious. Confused. Horny. 

    I pulled him inside by the collar of his shirt—locking the door, then addressing my new boy.

    “What’s your name,” I asked.

    “Steve…” he said, voice trembling. “Steve.”

    “Huh, no. I don’t think that’s right.”


    “Nooo. Your name is Sparky.”

    “Spar…ky? Uh. No, I’m—”

    I stepped closer to him and he bowed his head, meekly. I started rubbing his neck, then scratching behind his ears. Sparky’s shoulders relaxed and he leaned into my hand. With my other hand, I was slowly undoing his pants.

    “There we go, that’s a good boy. You’re a good boy, right?”

    “Yes sir.”

    I pulled down his pants, and let his hard cock bounce out. “A good little puppy with a nice big cock, apparently.” 

    His chest puffed out at the compliment. And I rewarded him with a few swift tugs.

    “But that’s weird. Don’t puppies stay on all fours?” Slowly, I pressed on the back of his neck. Bringing him down, down, down. Till his knees were on the floor and his ass in the air. 

    His eyes flashed with almost-realization. But as I kept toying with my pup’s big dick, I saw the fear overtaken by animalistic horniness. His eyes glazed over as he started pumping into my hand.

    “That’s a good boy. A good dog.”

    He whimpered. Loud. I took a step back to admire my handiwork. Half man, half pup. Snapback still on his head. 

    “Look at that big, meaty ass. Good boy!”

    He couldn’t help himself. He wagged. Excited by the compliment from his new master.

    “Attaboy. Play with your big cock for me, Sparky. Show me what a slutty puppy you are. Looks like you won’t be finishing the semester. Too many dicks to suck, huh?”

    Sparky arched his back and started rubbing his dick for me. Moaning and whimpering like the horny pup he was.

    Should’ve tipped. 

    I caught Jeremy sniffing my jock after practice at the start of this semester. He was a freshman and I was varsity. Poor guy. He looked up to me. Admired me. Wanted my dick so bad.

    It was too easy.

    After that first week, I started dosing my jocks with the serum and leaving them around for him to find. He’d sneak them out of the laundry bin when he thought no one was looking, then bury his face in my used jock. Sniffing deep. Tasting the sweat and pre-cum I’d left for him.

    This last one I’d worn all week long—during every workout and practice. Even shot a load into it this morning. I held back after the game, taking my time in the shower. Told the other guys I’d catch up with them.

    On my way back to the locker, I casually tossed my jock in with the others in the dirty laundry. And waited.

    He tried to fight it. I’m sure he did. But he was too weak. Too addicted to the smell and the taste. When I went back five minutes later, there he was. Crouched in front of the laundry bin, moaning as he pressed my jock into his face.

    “Hey pup,” I said.

    Jeremy spun around, eyes widening in horror. My sweaty jock just hung from his mouth.

    “No, no. Don’t be scared. Here, give me that.”

    I tried to take the jock from his mouth, but he instinctively bit down on the fabric. That only made me grin wider.

    “Open, dog.”

    There was a flash in Jeremy’s eyes as he realized how he was acting.

    “Fuck. Dave, I’m—”

    “I didn’t tell you to speak, boy. And I don’t think dogs wear uniforms either.”

    He ducked his head, belittled and embarrassed. But I could see his dick getting hard in his pants. Without saying a word, he slowly started taking off his clothes. Still on the floor in front of me.

    I reached down and gave his hard uncut cock a few quick tugs.

    “Good boy,” I said.

    He whimpered—leaking pre-cum all over my hand.

    “Aw, I think he likes that.”

    “Please…don’t stop.”

    “No talking. If you want your cock touched, you’ll whimper.”

    Jeremy raised his ass up and made a pathetic pawing gesture at his dick. Then whimpered again.

    “You want my smelly jock back, boy? Is that what you want, you horny little fuck puppy?”

    Jeremy whined and looked hungrily at the jock. His dick leaked a strand onto the locker room floor. 

    “Then beg. Beg and wag that twinky little ass of yours, pup. Show me what a good boy you are.”

    His eyes glazed over with horniness and he wagged. His dick slapped against his thighs loudly, echoing around the locker room. The bitch was mine.

    “That’s a good boy. I wonder what other tricks you know, little fuck puppy? Guess I’ll have all summer to train you.”

    Yeah. He’d be spending a lot more time looking up to me. From his new place at my feet.


    First person story request about me by @hypnopup


    I parked on the street next to a big shady oak tree as Siri alerted me that I had arrived at my destination. My heart was racing, I don’t know that I’m ready to date again yet, but this guy is so cute and something about our conversations just has me hooked already! I unlocked my phone and double checked the address before taking a deep breath and step out of my car and lock the door. Shakily I walk to the front door. What’s the big deal? You used to do this all the time before you met your ex of nearly 3 years. So what if this is the first time dating again since being single? It’s just a date, what’s the worst that can happen, no second date? You’ll be fine. As I tried to talk myself into being calm, all of the thoughts of dates gone wrong begin to race through my head. What if I end up dead? *I knock on the door* What if he is nothing like his picture? Do I leave? FUCK! What was his name again? John…Josh….James…? The door opens as I contemplate these thoughts, my heart racing a million miles an hour.

    The man standing in front of me was so attractive, I felt weak in the knees. He didn’t look much like his pictures though. The shots he sent me must have been a few years old at least. The man standing in front of me is much more muscled, well defined and taller than his pictures lead on. He immediately stepped outside and wrapped me into a big hug. “It’s so nice to finally meet you!”

    I blush shyly as I mention awkwardly how attractive he is and hug him back, feeling lost in his strength.

    “I’m still finishing up getting ready, want to come in for a second while I do that?” He eyed me up and down as he spoke, taking in my every feature, not that I wasn’t doing the same thing to him. I followed him inside as he offered me a drink, which I graciously accepted. I began to sip on the beverage as I looked around, the house was spartan, not much here that you wouldn’t find in a run-of-the-mill dorm setting. I contemplated sitting on the futon while I waited for him, but it looked dingy and unclean, so I resolved to stand. 

    “Alright,” he announced as he entered the living room from the bedroom, looking even more fine than before, “I think you’re all ready.” 

    I laugh at his obvious mistake, “Ummm, I think you mean YOU’RE ready, I already was when I got here.” I bring the glass to my lips and finish the remainder of what tasted like off-brand root beer.

    “No no, I never make mistakes. You’re about to find that out for yourself pup. You should always be careful what you drink when offered from someone who is still a stranger.”

    Oh, shit, I thought. Here comes the crazy, time to make a move for my escape already. The look in his eye turned from a warm glow to a heated lust. “You know, I’m really sorry; but, this is all too much for me, I think I should go… I just got out of a long relationship and I….”

    He walked toward me and placed his hand over my mouth, stopping my talking instantly. My heart raced faster and my head felt fuzzy. “Stop talking and don’t move.” His hand traveled from my face to my jaw line and down my neck to my pec where he lightly traced my hard nipple through my shirt.

    I tried to protest, but no sounds came out. I tried to move, but my body wouldn’t respond to the signals my brain was sending. 

    “You see,” he continued, “I have a unique interest in you, which is why I had your ex break up with you. I don’t need to go on a date with you, because I can have you or not at my own choosing, and you are definitely a pup I want for my collection.” His hands traveled down my torso to my pants as he fiddled with the button. I stared at him motionlessly as my mind tried to make me to move; but, nothing was working. My head, so fuzzy. Run dammit! Why won’t I do anything!?

    “You’re probably trying to move, maybe even run right now, that is fine. Go ahead and try. I’m afraid it won’t do you any good though.” The button of my shorts pushed through the adjacent opening and my pants fell to the floor in a pool around my ankles. Without hesitating, he grabbed the full pouch of my undies, lightly squeezing and fondling my  balls and cock through the fabric. 

    “Get hard.” 

    The two words acted like an electric jolt through my body as my cock instantly swelled under his grasp. My eyes grew wide as I stared straight ahead at him. 

    “Good boy.” He grabbed at the bottom of my shirt and lifted up while instructing me to raise my arms with it. The shirt slid over my body, as I was useless to stop it. He moved to my underwear next, pulling them swiftly down my legs, leaving me completely nude in front of him.

    “Such a gooooood booooy.” His words of praise made my cock jolt again as my mind struggled to comprehend what was happening. His hand traced lightly from my balls, up my abs to my pecs and then wandered around the tattoo on my shoulder and arm. Goosebumps prickled across my whole body. 

    “How do you feel boy? You may speak.” 

    I struggled to find words in my head again and finally answered with a series of whines and an unsure “Arrrooofff.” I looked at him with horror and confusion at my sudden situation and dog-like outburst.

    “Good boy! Your mind is mine now, you’re my new doggy boy. But, dogs don’t stand on all fours, do they?” He placed his hands on my shoulders and pressed down. I could feel my body comply with his wishes as my knees and hands met the floor. I looked up at him, the action naturally making my mouth hang open as my tongue fell out like a dog panting. “Speak boy!”

    “Arrruuff Grrruuff Wrrooofff!” 

    He crouched down and scratched behind my ears and down my back. Oh my GOD! It felt so fucking good! I needed more! I ran around in circles at his feet. “Such a good pup! Good boy! I don’t normally let pets on the couch, but hop up boy and show me that puppy tail!” 

    My ass wagged back and forth excitedly as I did what he said and hopped over my pile of clothes and presented my round cheeks by placing one leg up onto the futon. My dick hard as a rock swinging beneath me. I looked over at him as he pulled off his clothes an swung his massive cock out of his tight fitting underwear. I looked at it longingly. Never mind that I’m a dog now or that I was a total top before, I couldn’t wait for him to bury his bone in me any more and let out a longing howl of desperation. 

    “There you go boy, is this what you wanted?” He came up behind me and mounted me slowly, his girth filling my entire body as I let out involuntary whines and whimpers of pleasure. “God! You feel so fucking good pup!” He began to pump into me, rubbing his cock back and forth across my engorged prostate as he grabbed my hips to propel himself as deep into me as possible. “See, you’ll be my pup forever once I cum inside of you, and isn’t it so much nicer to belong to me? Looks like you won’t have to worry about dating after all.”


    More pup hypno please :)