Fan Service

    Apologies for the sparse activity on this blog - I have some stories & challenges planned in the coming weeks, but for now here’s a quick story that came to mind last night. Enjoy! And thanks for sticking with me.

    All characters are fictional.


    Miles was a product of his generation. Kind, intelligent, charming. He came out of the closet before he even made it to high school, and he educated himself on other cultures and their entertainment long before the popularity spike.

    He had a loving boyfriend, a scholarship to a prestigious college, and a huge crush on his favorite K-pop idol, Hyeon. He was the lead singer for one of the newest bands to make their debut, and already he had captured Miles’ heart.

    It was all playful, of course. Miles had a wonderful guy in his life, and a comfortable future, not to mention that if the tabloids were correct, Hyeon was totally straight. He’d be lucky to ever get a picture with the guy.

    But still, he was infatuated, and so desperate just to be near the handsome singer. He was flawless, and his voice was heavenly, and Miles just wanted to be in his presence for a mere moment. So he spoke those ill-fated words.

    “I just wish I could be around him.”

    And it should have been simple, and innocent. Until his eyelids started to flutter, and everything warped around him, until suddenly he was left with the sensation of a clearing headache and the surroundings of a private jet around him.


    And he… he was different. He looked down to see the flashy suit he was now wearing, the rich fabric and fine details, but then his attention shifted to body beneath it all. It wasn’t his. Everything was tight, and bloated. Huge.

    It seemed like one movement would send his new pecs spilling out, or a thigh shredding through the leg of his pants. All he could do was flex his new sausage-like fingers, making the gold rings on his hands clang together.

    His hips and ass filled up the whole seat, his shoulders stretching beyond the backrest, he was an absolute unit of a man. And for some reason, he couldn’t stand up, or shout, or express any of his confusion.

    His posture was solid, and straight, like he was waiting for orders. It’s like his mind had been transported into the body of a living boulder, crying out in fear and anxiety, but unable to control the massive hunk of muscle. Unable to move.

    Until he grunted like some sort of animal, and reached down a meaty paw to adjust the bull nuts being squeezed by his tight trousers. And then he mumbled something in frustration, but the voice wasn’t his. Not even the language.

    It was deep, and bovine, short and to the point and so dumb-sounding. His whole body vibrated with the sound of it, but more than that, he could vaguely recognize the strange words coming out of his mouth as Korean.

    “Too tight. Too big.”

    He shouldn’t have been able to understand, but something about his new brain was wired differently. He could speak Korean now, or at least this beast he was trapped inside of could. He felt his lips twist into a smirk fit for a proper douche.

    “Nah. Never too big.”

    And then the bathroom door swung open, and the stewardess stumbled out with a look of ecstasy across her features. Giggling. And then there was a flush, and the sound of zipping, and out walked Hyeon. He adjusted his package.

    Miles could feel his heart start to race, or at least it should have been. He wanted to rush over to him, to ramble on and on about how incredible of a performer he was, but all he did was smirk once again. And chuckle.

    “You satisfied, Boss?”

    His celebrity crush lowered himself into the seat across from him, running a hand along his cheek like a true fuck-boy and licking his lips. “Yeah. Sure am.” Miles was panicking even more now. What was happening?

    He kept his gaze on Hyeon, but even though his mind told him that he should be swooning, he simply sat there. He didn’t blush, didn’t compliment the idol on his fashion or perfect hair, he just rolled his shoulders and grinned.

    “I’ll have to hunt some pussy for myself. After your concert.”

    Miles froze inside of himself, looking at Hyeon, looking at anyone, hoping to place the words to another mouth. But then his chest shook again, and he laughed, and Hyeon started laughing, too. The heartthrob slapped his shoulder.

    “My bodyguard, the pussy-hound.”

    It was all he could do to scream in his mind. He was straight? Korean? The bodyguard of the man he idolized? The wish played itself out in his mind once more, wishing just to be around Hyeon, and he hated himself for it.

    Because it came true.

    Here he was, right across from the guy that starred in all of his dreams, in a body that felt no attraction or respect for his talent. They simply talked about all the hot chicks they had conquered, and their gym routines.

    Miles had been transformed into the one male who could spend all of his time around Hyeon. Not a gay white boy, but a hulking, straight Korean monster of a man. His life was lived on autopilot, forever serving his crush as his bodyguard.


    When he was away from Hyeon, his body was at the gym. Tearing into anything with raw protein, pumping weights until his massive body was sore, until he was pouring sweat and making all the passersby cover their noses in disgust.

    Miles was forced to watch as this man uploaded selfies to his new social media, crying at how lazy and straight it all was. He looked like a balloon filled with meat, not even facing the camera, unashamed of how manly he was.


    He was stupid, and immature, but so strong. The perfect man to protect and serve one of South Korea’s newest treasures. And Miles was there for all of it, experiencing everything through this vessel he had wished for.

    Watching as Hyeon partied his way through life, fucking any girl that would spread her legs, and even being forced to watch his own body plow women during his breaks from work. He would stare down at the bouncing tits.

    Feel his cock swell. Feel his smirk start to form again. Crying out in Korean as he filled the slut with his alpha sperm, as Miles cried out at the existence that had been robbed from him. He hated this person. He hated himself.


    His new name was Dong-hyun, a douche who loved to crack jokes about his own massive dong, who told people to call him Kong. Because he was a king, a man in his most primal state. Everything about him screamed masculinity.


    He loved his best bud, Hyeon, the man who paid his bills and took him around the world. Not that he had ever listened to any of his music, much as the voice in his mind would argue, and not that he thought the guy was really all that special.

    He was skinny, and weak, and much too feminine. But he was loaded, and had a hunger for women, and that was all it took to win Kong’s respect. He lived the lifestyle of a true playboy, all the while keeping the pretty boy safe from harm.


    And Miles is still trapped inside.


    Forced to travel the world in luxury.


    Forced to spend his time around other straight muscle monsters.


    Forced to take douche-selfies for the ladies.


    Forced to spend the rest of his life at the side of Hyeon, taking his orders, laughing and joking and swaggering his way through life. Because he’s fucking Kong now. He’s the king of this castle. The uncontested alpha.

    Even if he doesn’t pay the bills.

    At least he gets the most pussy - right, Miles?


    Hey man. Sorry to cancel last minute but I can’t make it. I know it’s a first date and all but Im not in the mood for drinks right now. Maybe we can do something else another time? 🙏🙏🙏

    Oh ok. Now worries. Let’s meet another time.

    So you’re not pissed?

    No it’s ok. I figured you’re out of my league. I’m kinda used to being stood up.

    Really? I thought with your looks you’d have guys lining up 😆

    My looks? I know I’m average. Please don’t make fun of me

    No way man. Do you look at your own selfies? You’re face is the perfect combo of cute and sexy 😘

    Haha thanks. If only my smile was enough to get you on a date. Do you not like my body?

    Dude your bod is hot 🔥🔥🔥

    You find skinny guys hot?

    Skinny? Dude you’re jacked! With all that muscle you must hit the gym every week

    Lol its everyday lol

    Must be all you have time for. Looking that good and constant hookups

    Gym is life dude. But hookups? I’m lookin more for LTR

    Huh? No you’re not. You profile is all shirtless pics, eggplant emojis, and right now. I want a peice of that monster cock 😈

    Lol sure is. Always looking to fuck. So where you at? I wanna pin your ass down.

    On my way


    I was so excited to finally get my driver's license. At 24 years old I was excited I finally got over my anxiety and got my license. When I got home I pulled it out of my wallet to admire but noticed it was different. The picture was of a tan guy with short dark hair and a chinstrap who didn't look like me at all! And instead of saying "basic deivers license" it now said "Tractor/farm equipment license" which was shocking. Suddenly my sweat pants turned into a pair of jeans, a belt with a confederate flag belt buckle appeared around my waist! My dragon ball z shirt melted away and dissappeared leaving me shirtless. My stomach suddenly grew out with a mix of muscle and fat as my chest did the same. My arms beefed up with fat and muscles as my skin itched with a spreading tan and hair. My biceps buldged with strength as I couldn't help but flex! Damn I looked good! Wait....that was a weird thought. There was a more intense itch like a burning fire as a tattoo formed on my upper right arm. My pits became bushy and smelly with thicj dark hair. My legs enlarged with fat and muscles, widening my stance and burning with a tingly itch as dark hair and tan took over the skin, feeling itchy in my jeans. My feet cracked and painlessly grew longer and wider at first ripping through my socks as they became big size 13 manly feet. Big and wide to support my larger frame as my spine cracked longer and I became 6'2, a huge difference from my previous height of 5'9. The remains of my socks reformed into a big pair of work boots with no socks under as they filled with a musky scent and felt way better than lame sneakers! My ass grew out filling out my jeans as my balls grew and swelled and filled with manly rebel cum and started to flood my body with more testosterone as I got a headache and my cock grew hard. It started to get longer than it ever had even when hard. My cock grew longer and thicker becoming a sexy 10 inch long piece of meat, a sexy bulge showing in my jeans. I couldn't help but grab my junk and moan as I felt an itch down there with a thick bush of dark hair growing around it. My moaning grew deeper as my adams apple pushed out and my neck thickened. The tan spreading up my nect towards my face. My jaw itched as small dark hair started to sprout out as a thin chinstrap errupted from my face. My face reshaped as my eyes became dull, the light of intelligence in them faded. My brown hair darkened to a dark black color. My hair also got sucked back into my head becoming short as my face bones rearranged themselves into a cock alpha look. Finally a white cowboy hat appeared on my head.

    Thats when I felt the pressure of the hat and the flood of testosteron effected my thinking as I began forgetting my college education and most of high school. Memories of studying and playing video games became getting drunk at parties and plsying football. My memories being a straight A student became memories of barely getting C's. My IQ was dropping like a rock as I remember growing up in the country and working on my parente farm. I was damn proud of myself as I look down at my tractor license, not that I needed one as I been helping with the tractor since I was 8 years old! I was now a 19 year old country stud and a proud fucking rebel!

    Himbo on Campus

    Sam was dissatisfied with his life. He was cute, extremely smart and had a very loving family. A family that even supported him when he came out as gay. But Sam’s life was permeated with a sense of longing. He wanted more.

    Sam had always loathed his skinny stature. Sam always prioritised his education and his intelligence over exercise. He liked being smart. But he couldn’t help but be jealous of all the sexy muscular models on his Instagram feed. Their bodies. Their popularity. He envied them. Sam let out a sorrowful sigh and mumbled:

    “Life must be so easy for those big popular jocks. I wish my life was that simple.”

    As soon as the words left his mouth, Sam began to get dizzy. It felt as if the entire room was spinning. Sam stumbled towards his bed. He sat down as the spinning slowly came to a halt. He knew that something was different but he didn’t know what.

    Suddenly, Sam felt his chest began to tingle. Sam hopped up from his bed as the tingling sensation became more intense. Too intense for Sam to handle. Sam began moaning and writhing. He looked down at his chest and let out a big shriek. His chest was inflating. Becoming bigger. Growing meaty and thick. Rounder and fuller. Sam was in shock. His huge pecs were unnaturally large for his skinny frame. It was as if the skinny nerd had developed a hefty set of perky breasts.

    Sam didn’t have time to panic. The tingling feeling began to change his entire body. His legs became defined and beefy. His skinny stomach filled with muscle and a six pack began to form. His biceps inflated becoming the size of footballs. His ass got juicier and fatter becoming more round and voluptuous. His body looked like that of a sexy quarterback.

    Sam looked at his body in awe. He was beautiful. He had the body every gay man dreamed of. He had an ass that every top would want to dominate. Sam jumped with glee causing his new fat ass to jiggle and his new perky tits to bounce. He finally had it all. He had always been smart but now he was sexy and handsome too. He was every gay man’s wet dream.

    Sam heard his phone buzz. He was shocked to see that his phone was blowing up with messages from the most popular girls in his college. The messages were filled with heart emojis and flirty comments. Some woman even sent Sam explicit photos of her breasts. Sam was confused. He was openly gay. They knew he wasn’t interested in girls. Why were they they texting him?

    Sam’s face began to tingle. Sam examined his face in the mirror. His face began to change. His jaw became more pronounced and squared. His brows became more pronounced. His lips grew fat and fuller.

    “Perfect dick sucking lips” Sam joked.

    His face was now the epitome of masculinity. He looked like every stereotypical college football jock. Just when Sam thought the transformation was over, he began to feel the tingling sensation invade a part of him that he hadn’t expected it to. His brain.

    Sam’s brain began to tingling intensely. Sam slowly felt his intelligence drain from his brain. Years of studying and hard work lost. With each IQ digit lost, Sam became more relaxed. More happy. More dumb. His smarts slowly becoming drool that would gather in his mouth and eventually dribble out onto his bedroom floor. Sam couldn’t help but let the drool slowly drip out of his mouth. He couldn’t close his mouth. It felt so natural for Sam to leave his mouth open. It made him look like he was always confused. His dumb vacant expression made it so people could tell that he was just a big booty himbo. A dumb himbo who will never achieve anything in his life. Sam’s expression became more and more vacant until eventually all he could let out was let out a dumb chuckle. He looked at his new self in the mirror and mindlessly bounced his new big tits. He let out a big dumb laugh as his squeezed his pecs together, pretending they were breasts.

    “Me dumb” he chuckled at the mirror as he brainlessly poked his new reflection and made a stupid face.

    Sam stood staring vacantly at his new naked reflection. His hair turned into a light blonde, the perfect colour for a dumb himbo like him. The tingling traveled down through Sam’s body and made it’s way to the dumb jock’s cock and balls. Sam, or Sammy as his bros like to call him, was completely oblivious. The tingling targeted the weaker sperm in his balls. The tingling eradicated any evidence of weaker sperm and replaced it with thick potent alpha sperm. His average sized ballsack inflated, becoming fat and droopy as it slowly filled with new potent cum. His penis shot forwards in length giving Sammy a nice thick 10 inch cock.

    Suddenly, the gay pride flag on Sammy’s bedroom wall began to disappear, being replaced by posters of sexy women who’s breasts were almost bursting out of their bikinis. The jock slowly began to lose all memories of having slept with men or being attracted to men. Sam’s memories of getting fucked by guys were replaced with memories of his new jock body breeding women. As Sammy became straighter and straighter, his body oder became more pungent. He didn’t care for showers or hygiene anymore. In fact, Sammy found body oder funny. He loved messing with his bros by shoving their faces into his smelly pits and forcing them to take a big whiff of his stench. Sammy also loved to burp and fart around his bros. He would chug his protein shakes, whip out his ass and then release a big groaning protein fart onto his bros’ faces and sometimes even their food. But his bros were disgusting too. They found it funny to eat the food that had been subjected to Sammy’s fowl gas. They also found it hilarious when Sammy farted directly into their faces. It was just bros being bros. Sammy loved his bros and they loved Sammy. But more importantly, Sammy loved the hot babes on his campus.

    “I so horny. Need fuck” he grunted like some kind of animal.

    Sammy’s asshole began to be changed by the tingling sensation. Sam’s loose hole that had seen many years of penetration began to close up. It tightened. It became so tight that no penis would ever be able to enter his ass again. His ass would only be used for farting in his bros’ faces and shitting. Not any gay shit.

    Sam’s old personality and his homosexuality were banished into the himbo’s balls. Sammy’s boner does the thinking for him from now on. Sammy dumbly chuckled and browsed through the girls’ messages. When he saw the image of the girls’ big bouncing tits, he immediately shot his potent load all over himself. It was like a waterfall. Along with the potent sperm, Sammy also shot out his smarts, his homosexuality and his old personality.

    Sam was now nothing but an empty headed horny himbo. A big dumb jock who’s only purpose in life is to look sexy and dumb. Just like he always wanted. His life was so much simpler now. All Sammy does is drink protein shakes, work out, fart on his bros and impregnate. How much simpler could someone’s life get?


    When the government announced that anyone who was unemployed was required to take a job that was selected for them Henry was quite worried. He had just been become unemployed himself after the start up he was working at as a developer went bankrupt. When the letter confirming his new job came though he was slightly shocked to say the least. He had expected the government to take account of his qualifications and his work experience when placing him, but the letter told him her would become a builder. He had no idea if he could even do the job, he had never done any sort of manual work in his life. Unfortunately, it was the only hope I had at having any kind of money coming in as I was getting no responses from my other job applications. Arriving at the building site where the letter said to go, the sight of all the large men working made him real as out of place as he expected. Awkwardly walking towards the cabin that said ‘Site Office’ he knocked on the door and waited. The door swung open revealing a rather large muscular and hairy man. He introduced himself as the sites foreman and invited Henry into the office. “So, you’re our new labourer eh mate?” he said with a smile as he slid a glass of water over to Henry, which he gladly accepted. He always got nervous at job interviews, and the situation was making him even more nervous. He chugged the water down in one, causing the foreman to let out a small laugh. “Must be thirst eh boy” he smiled, “must say, I think you’ll fit in quite well”. This caused Henry to raise his eyebrow. “Really?” he asked scratching his face awkwardly, he could feel stubble under his fingers as he scratched, which was strange, he could never really grow much facial hair and the little he did have he shaved this morning. He frowned slightly at this but tried to ignore it. “I’ve gotta say, based on your past experience, I wouldn’t have placed you as a computer programmer, looks like you’ve been a labour since you finished school” he smiled, looking Henry up and down. “Thanks” Henry muttered, although he didn’t know what would make him think that, he had always been interested in computers, although now that he thought hard about it, he couldn’t seem to remember much about computers. He shifted awkwardly and loosened his tie slightly, it seemed as if it was getting tighter, he undid the top button at the same time giving a small sigh of relief as he did so. “Well… lets get you introduced to the other” the foreman said, throwing Henry a high-vis vest. “Might want to take your shift off as well” he said with a wink, “gets a bit mess outside”. Henry looked at the high-vis vest in his hand and without much thought he unbuttoned his shift, letting he body breath, his shift was now much to small for him. He looked down at his body with slight confusion, was he always this big, he remembered being small and skinny. With a shrug he put the high-vis on and looked at his boss, something seemed off slightly. “Don’t forget your hat boy” said the boss as he put the hat on Henrys head. All memories of his previous life as a developer left his head, along with all his college education. In its place was knowledge of a building site, how to build walls, dig holes and lift heavy things. “Hope you’re ready to work” said his boss, “Lots of heavy lifting today”. Henry laughed and flexed his muscles, “No worries about that boss” he said with a grin.

    You were at a gay pride protest trying to advocate for equal gay rights. Suddenly two shirtless rednecks walked past and looked at the gay marriage sign you were holding up.

    "Hahaha...That's funny, faggot...queer marriage. What's next, people marrying trees?" One of them asked while he and the other laughed.

    You wanted to correct them, yell at them for being homophobic redneck assholes. But instead as you heard what they said you realized....yeah it was pretty funny. You started laughing along with them but it came out as a deep dumb sounding chuckle just like theirs. Suddenly you start to feel hot and uncomfortable in your pride shirt and seeing them shirtless gives you an idea as you pull off the shirt and throw it on the ground. You look down at your chest and see fat melt away and your chest and arms buff up with muscle. Your pecs pushed out into a nice shelf and your stomach flattened. You felt an itch as hair started to spread across your chest. It went down your stomach forming a thin big nice treasure trail. Your arms and legs got hairy as you felt dark dense hair grow in your pits. You felt an itch down below as a nice thick bush of hair grew around your crotch.

    Your legs felt itchy a bit and your shorts felt heavy. As you looked down your shorts turned blue and changed to denim and grew out into jeans, held up by a belt with a nice big shiny buckle. You liked looking at the buckle. The top of your boxers were showing. Your sneakers morphed into big dirty work boots and your socks vanished. Letting your musk fill the boots. Your face itches as you grew a chin strap beard and your head hair buzzed down getting short.

    You felt a sudden weight on your head as a cowboy hat appeared and you felt all your college and high school learning get pushed out along with being gay and having liberal values. Instead you felt proud of America, gaining conservative Christian values. You loved guns and women, gay people are gonna burn in hell along with all the commies. Why the fuck were you at some gay pride rally? Oh yeah to make fun of the dumb lefty faggots duh. You chuckle and make jokes about the various things people could get married too and walk off with your bros forgetting your old life as a gay college student. Walking off to your new life as a straight stupid redneck.

    Request for anonymous It was rough growing up country, interested in country culture, but being in a family that didn't share those views. Your family was just the average American one, living in a suburb rather than a wide open rural community. Your father a local banker and your mother a teacher. Both were very forward thinking, somewhat liberal, college educated folks and they by no means wanted to be seen as redneck just because of their geographical location. You on the other hand did what you could like wearing camo and dressing like a cowboy but you still felt you missed out on a lot, like fishing, hunting, using a gun, mudding, and using a makeshift pool in the back of a pickup truck. For gods sake your local school district even closed for the first week of hunting season because so many kids wouldn't have been there if it was open. You were fed up with trying to convince them and looked up some more unconventional means. You eventually stumbled across a cheaply made website that looked like it belonged in the late 90s internet, it claimed to be run by a cult that worshiped an ancient god who had the power to change reality and that in order to continue to use his powers they had to use it on a certain number of other people per year. The website collected random people's requests for them to use and you only hesitated a little due to your Christian upbringing but decided that it's ok since nothing said you had to join the cult so you filled in your request and hit send. The next day while you were outside fixing your car, it happened. You felt a wave of dizziness come over you as you got a sudden headache. You started forgetting your book learning very rapidly, your brain was on fire, destroying old connections and forming new ones while it physically shrunk in size and your intelligence dropped. You gained knowledge of how to handle different types of guns, how to set traps, how to track deer and bears, various hunting techniques. You also suddenly remember how to fish, and the different equipment involved. The burning shifted and started to effect your memories. Instead of growing up in the suburbs with educated parents you suddenly remembered growing up on a farm, miles away from your nearest neighbor. It took half an hour to get into town to go to school each day or shop. Your pa ran the animal part of the farm while your ma handled the crops. The burning sensation moved from your head down to your chest as it pumped up with muscle. Your pecs squaring out while your stomach carved itself into a nice 6 pack. Your arms began to burn as your shoulders broadened and your bicepts began to grow. Your hands got bigger and stronger as clauses formed on the skin. Your upper body gaining the lean muscle that comes from daily labor on the farm, doing the heavy lifting menial tasks that your parents didn't want to do. You haven't spent a day of your life in the gym, this all comes from your lifestyle. Your legs started to firm up with muscle and hair as the knees snapped and stretched causing your to grow taller as your spine also elongated until you were about 6'3. Your feet grew put and stretched to size 14 causing a pressure to build up in your shoes until they ripped to shreds. Once your feet were done growing the tattered remains of your shoes reformed around your feet as nice big clunky country boy boots. Your camp pants adjusted to fit your new height. And finally your skin deepened to a nice southern tan from being outside all the time. Your surroundings had changed too, you were on the farm now and as you looked around, the burning sensation fading away, you saw a large man in boots and a pair of overalls, mixed muscle and fat, walking over to you and you instantly recognized your pa. "Well boy you ready to go huntin'?" He asked in a thick country accent. "Hell yeah I am Pa!" You shouted suddenly having a thick accent too. You got in his truck noticing some guns he had in the back as you drove out to the woods to go hunting with your pa. Your memories altered so you don't even know, but your finally living the life you've always wanted

    Mitch watched from the window of his old room as his little brother Carter and his friends argued over their game of street football. Unlike his athletic little brother, Mitch was quiet and nerdy. He was almost done with his biology degree and was home for the summer but was constantly annoyed at Carter and his friends making noise, running around half naked and reeking of sports. Tonight it seemed one of Carter's friends didn't show up leaving them with an odd number and unable to play football. Mitch stomped down to see what all the yelling was about. Carter sarcastically apologized and promised if Mitch would fill in for their game they would never bother him again. This was tempting but Mitch didn't even own any athletic wear so Carter talked him into putting on his extra pair of mesh shorts. Grumbling, Mitch agreed, stretching the shorts over his small gut and joining his brothers team. "You have to take your shirt off Mitch, were skins!" One of them shouted. Mitch groaned, shy about his body but slowly removed his shirt and they started playing. As he caught and passed the ball he didn't notice a gradual tan spread across his bare body. A slight red tinted his exposed arms and shoulders from long days in the sun. He even started enjoying the game and becoming better. "Good job bro" Carter shouted as he high fived Mitch. Mitch's spindly hands shrank down, the long fingers got stubby and calloused. Mitch didn't even realize he was getting shorter and more muscular. His belly shrank in forming a hard flat stomach and a fresh treasure trail formed leading down to his shorts while his pecs became slightly larger and firmer. His long greasy hair retracted into short, sweaty spikes that framed his round boyish face that was looking more and more like Carter's. As Mitch got younger he also got dumber sweating out all that useless college knowledge and intellectual stuff becoming a jock boy like his twin brother... "Fuck bro I feel great let's wipe them" the new Mitch shouted unaware of how reality changed around him, not that he'd care if he ever found out.

    Sam opened the mass Snapchat from Gary. "Shirtless indoors?" Was the caption displayed over Gary's dumb, grinning face. Despite their friendship Sam and Gary couldn't be more different, Sam was a nerdy senior about to graduate in biochemistry and Gary was a carefree freshman without a major. Sam was often annoyed at Gary who was big hearted but kind of dumb and still acted like a high school jock boy, always shirtless and working his muscles on his pull up bar or his dick on a new girl. For some reason the message got into Sam's head and he found himself asking, "shirtless indoors?" Sam suddenly grabbed a pull up bar from under his bed, the same one Gary had given him once as a gift that he had never used and stuck it in his doorway, lifting himself up. His skinny arms ached from the unusual exercise but with each lift they seemed to swell, veins flaring out as the pasty, oily skin became clear, young and tan. Shirtless indoors? Sam thought again, as it echoed in his head, feeling a new temptation to take his shirt off for no reason. The thought got louder until Sam couldn't help but slide his shirt up and off his slim body, as it passed over his frail chest two firm jock boy pecs burst forward and hard abs formed under them. His previously shaved stomach sprouted a fine treasure trail leading down into his shorts. Sam became absorbed in his reflection, watching his pecs bounce the way Gary's did and seeing his shoulders broaden. He didn't seem to notice or care as he got younger and shorter, it only made his muscles stand out more. He carelessly kicked off his old nerdy shoes which no longer fit his slightly bigger feet. He turned and watched his legs expand with strong, stout calves and thighs, and his rear formed a perfect muscular bubble butt. Sam felt a dopey grin take over his face while his intellect dulled and he groomed his new curly locks, the grease dissolving into ample hair gel, forcing his hair up. He pulled on a new hat letting it sit on his hair and sent out a new snap "Shirtless indoors?" Unintentionally spreading the infectious message.

    Tyler was always frustrated with his dormmate, Josh. Josh had everything he wanted, height, looks and a phone that never stopped ringing. Tyler was just a regular college freshman, average looks, average height and a phone that rarely rang. Josh was always out on some hot date probably banging all the girls that avoided Tyler and when he was home all he did was take shirtless selfies. One night Josh left, forgetting his phone. Tyler couldn't help but feel smug, hearing the phone buzz and buzz and knowing Josh was missing texts, probably from all his girlfriends. The temptation clawed at him for an hour or so and finally he reached over and picked up the phone. To his shock, Josh had been recieving pics of half naked guys! "So he's gay, no wonder hes always shirtless around me...does he wanna fuck me or something? Thinks being shirtless will win me over or something?" Tyler wondered to himself. As he thought about what he could do with this info he suddenly found his body moving on its own. His hands were removing his shirt and his legs carried him to the mirror where he posed with the same cocky smile as Josh and took pictures, sending them to all the contacts. As each message sent a wave of electricity shot from the phone across his body. His hands flexed painfully growing bigger and bigger as his fingers grew longer and easily covered the entire phone! Tyler could only gasp and moan in pleasure and pain as he heard and felt all his bones cracking and expanding. His arms started growing longer and longer, looking ridiculous on his disproportionally small body. They filled with smooth toned muscles and a sexy tan. His chest expanded into an attractive set of pecs and perfectly sized nipples while his spine continued to stretch until he filled the door frame with his hot body. Tylers feet burst through his socks and his toes lengthened to balance out his giant stature and his legs became long and powerful with only the slightest dusting of hair over the tight muscles. The changing teen started to moan louder as the phone blew up with texts telling him how hot he was and begging him for more, each text sending more messages to his brain and more hormones through his body making him gayer, cuter and cockier. Soon he was posing and flexing and snapping more pics. His face softening into Joshs innocent but mischievous one and cute dirty blonde hair. When he couldn't resist any more he pulled down his way too small shorts to reveal his newly enlarged dick which stood rockhard from the attention and made a few more choice pictures for his fans as he debated which one of his call boys to fuck tonight. His mind shifting and adjusting as Tyler's mind gave way to a copy of Josh's dumb, cocky, horny, gay mind and reality itself shifted around him. Yeah, it was hard being Josh, the cutest freshman in his class. So many adoring fans to choose from. He knew that stuck up roommate of his wanted this too, maybe if he showed this sexy chest off for him enough he'd finally loosen up and admit he wanted some too.

    Chris was somewhat of a nerdy guy, small, weak, pale, hated being outside or doing anything active. He was currently in a graduate program for chemistry. One day he woke up same as always and got ready for class but when he went into his closet all his shoes were gone. Replaced with one pair of size 13 soccer cleats, far to big for his average sized 7 feet. But he couldn’t go to class with no shoes on so against his better judgement he tried to fit the big shoes on his feet as best he could and was about to leave when suddenly he felt strange.

    It started with a numbing, pins and needles feeling in his feet as they suddenly exploded in size growing and stretching to fill the cleats until in just a few minutes they fit perfectly. The feeling spread up his legs as they grew bigger with muscle and started to stretch, getting longer and taller as a tan started to spread. His socks started to grow longer and crawl up his legs while his khakis changed length and material, turning red and shrinking into a pair of shorts. The numb tingly feeling left his feet and legs and moved to his chest where a pair of pecs swelled and his stomach fat shrunk away to give way to a flat stomach. His spine expanding and growing also adding to the new height his legs just gave him. The tan also spread through his chest and arms as they also grew some muscle but most of his strength was in his core and legs from running and kicking and balancing himself in soccer…Wait in soccer? That made no sense didn’t he hate sports? No way why the fuck did he think that, soccer was his life! The changes started spreading to his head as his face rearranged, becoming handsomer and more manly. His hair became shorter as his skull got harder and tougher from hitting the soccer ball with his head more then a few times. His brain physically shrinking as it drained of all his graduate work and he started to get younger, until he was 20 years old.

    He forgot a ton of information from college and high school but new memories took their place. He was a soccer star back in high school and earned a full ride sports scholarship for college. His major was sports science since it was easy enough and the only thing that really applied to what he was doing. His dressy button up shirt softened and morphed into a plain white t-shirt.

    Finally the tingling feeling died down and his apartment morphed around him into a college dorm. Shit he was gonna be late! He headed down to the field for soccer practice. After several long hours of practice he got changed in the locker room and changed out of his now smelly cleats. Later in the day when he went to a class something came over him and on autopilot he took the cleats out of his backpack and into the backpack of the math nerd sitting in front him, something about the guy seemed familiar, did they used to be friends? Impossible but somehow, almost by instinct he knew by tomorrow he’d have a new best bud at practice…