can i please request a story about two nerds who get hypnotized to become shirtless barefoot rednecks?

    William and Joseph were two psychology grad students working on their thesis research. Their research was a study to determine whether or not hypnosis couldn't be used to radically alter a person's personality. There would really be no ethical purpose for this research but the point of their study was to show that hypnotherapists needed to be highly trained and regulated because of the amont of influence they have over their subjects. If proven right their study could cause major alterations to the monitoring and ethics of hypnotherapy.

    One day though while they were looking through their computer suddenly the screen glitched and the hypnosis program activated. They both paniced and tried to shut it down but they both ended up lost in the subliminals. The system read that they were both well dressed, highly educated, nerds. So it started to program them to be the opposite. They felt years of grad school, college, even most of high school fading from their minds as their IQs dropped to the point where they could never fix this. Their thoughts of academic pursuits shifted to They wanted to be outdoors all the time. They were so convinced they had spent their lives doing farm work and working out that theur muscles pushed out and swelled. Their stomachs flattened and hardened into abs. Some stubble started to grow on Joey's face as both of them felt a tingle go up their whole body as their skin took on a deep country tan. Suddenly they each pulled off their shirts because their chests felt hot and like guys should always be shirtless. They kick off the shoes and socks for the sane reason. Their feet hardened and callused from always being outside barefoot. The program ends and now they are Billy and Joey, two dumb shirtless and barefoot redneck guys who don't know what all this fancy ass equipment is for. The camera on the computer took a quick picture as the virus inside it put the subliminals into the picture to change others too.

    He posted the pic online not remembering that in doing so he was spreading the virus. It was like a computer virus called redneck.jpg

    No one knows exactly who started it or with what picture. But any male who viewed it, regardless of age or where they lived, would begin getting these redneck urges. Being shirtless, wearing cowboy hats, boots, jeans and big belt buckles. They wanted to move out to the country (or move to America if they had originally been foreigners). They would work out outside to get tan and nice muscles. And finally after a few months they would be driven to take a shirtless selfie and post it online or send it to friends. This pic would become the new redneck.jpg file and have the same effect as the original. It is unknown exactly how many different photos contain the virus at this time.

    But I guess it's starting to get to me now because I just realized, did I just infect myself to post this? And didn't I just inject all of you who are reading this?...

    Yet another example of what is most likely a redneck.jpg image. Why do I feel the need to track them down. A part of me says to raise awareness but is that really it? If you guys get infected from this image does it really matter if you know (or knew) the truth anymore? As a redneck you wouldn't care. But I just can't stop myself. This guy was probably like about to be the top of his class or something, now he's just a dumb redneck