I've gotten tired of my boring college life could you transform me into a dumb country farm boy so I'll have a way more fun 2021

    Sure thing here's some beer. Drink it right before bed and when you wake up 2021 will be a LOT simpler.

    You hesitantly down the can and then go to bed. Its a rough night sleep though as your muscles start to pulse and ache as the grow strong but lean from a lifetime of work. Your skin darkened from being outside all the time as your hair became messy. An intense itching on your face as a rugged beard sprouted. Hair grew all over your body as your intelligence faded. You started to remember growing up on a farm. Working hard with your Pa and your brothers. Coming in at meal times to get food from your Ma. Your mind and life feeling so simple now. You wake up at just the first rays of sunlight in a old bed in a mostly empty room. You barely spend any time inside anyway. You get dressed in a pair of jeans, boots, a bandana to stop your neck from getting sunburnt and your cowboy hat as you eat breakfast with your family and head out. Its hard work but simple, easy, repetitive. On weekends you get to drink and BBQ with your family and other redneck guys and go mudding on the ATV. This is your life now. 2021 will be so much more fun.


    can i please request a story about two nerds who get hypnotized to become shirtless barefoot rednecks?

    William and Joseph were two psychology grad students working on their thesis research. Their research was a study to determine whether or not hypnosis couldn't be used to radically alter a person's personality. There would really be no ethical purpose for this research but the point of their study was to show that hypnotherapists needed to be highly trained and regulated because of the amont of influence they have over their subjects. If proven right their study could cause major alterations to the monitoring and ethics of hypnotherapy.

    One day though while they were looking through their computer suddenly the screen glitched and the hypnosis program activated. They both paniced and tried to shut it down but they both ended up lost in the subliminals. The system read that they were both well dressed, highly educated, nerds. So it started to program them to be the opposite. They felt years of grad school, college, even most of high school fading from their minds as their IQs dropped to the point where they could never fix this. Their thoughts of academic pursuits shifted to They wanted to be outdoors all the time. They were so convinced they had spent their lives doing farm work and working out that theur muscles pushed out and swelled. Their stomachs flattened and hardened into abs. Some stubble started to grow on Joey's face as both of them felt a tingle go up their whole body as their skin took on a deep country tan. Suddenly they each pulled off their shirts because their chests felt hot and like guys should always be shirtless. They kick off the shoes and socks for the sane reason. Their feet hardened and callused from always being outside barefoot. The program ends and now they are Billy and Joey, two dumb shirtless and barefoot redneck guys who don't know what all this fancy ass equipment is for. The camera on the computer took a quick picture as the virus inside it put the subliminals into the picture to change others too.


    can you write an age regression story of a guy who discovers a park where there's a bunch of happy barefoot guys playing around like a bunch of kids, and as soon as his feet touch the grass, he becomes a kid too? tysm!

    I like mental AR but writing it is a bit different than my usual so not sure how this will go but here you go.

    Dan was walking around his old home town. He was back after college and for now until he got a job needed to stay with his mom. He hasn't been here for years so he wanted to take a walk and look around. While out he passed a newly built park. The park was always there but the playground that was there now wasn't. When he was a kid it was a run down rusted piece of junk that only the least attentive parent would think to allow their child to climb on. It was populated by several people playing but Dan noticed something strange. The people playing were all grown adults. All grown men in their 20s and early 30s, grinning from ear to ear like idiots. Climbing and swinging and sliding down slides and giggling, playing tag and chasing. They all wore t shirts and shorts though some were in various states of undress. Some were shirtless, some in just breifs, even a few were naked. One thing was common among all the guys, they were all barefoot. Oddly enough there were no abandoned shoes anywhere though, like they came without them. He was so confused by the situation that he had wandered onto the grass of the park without realizing it.

    He felt some strange tingling in his shoes as he looked down watching his shoes suddenly vanish and then a moment later his socks faded too causing him to be barefoot. He felt the grass and dirt under his feet and between his toes. He felt weird as it was like energy shot up from his feet straight to his brain. It was like nothing he ever felt before as his pants changed to a pair of basketball shorts and his shirt vanished. His hair got a bit messy and turned blond as his skin tanned. Suddenly he forgot everything from college as a dumb grin started to form on his face as he started to laugh. He felt almost high and giddy. He was forgetting high school and middle school, losing his manners, his personality changing from a quite studious stressed college student to a wild hyperactive dumb outdoorsy kid. He felt like something was wrong but he couldn't focus suddenly as he laughed amd ran towards the playground equipment and playing with the other guys laughing his head off. Eventually he'd go home and his mom would find she had a happy mentally damaged son to take of from now on.


    hey can you write a story about an uptight workaholic who goes to a beach and is turned into a dumb barefoot surfer bro with a foot fetish? please and thank you!

    Peter Wilson was stressed beyond belief. He was a stock broker and constantly dealing with the stress of life. He was obsessed with his work to the point were he was a workaholic who barely did anything other than work. But eventually his boss forced him to take a vacation. So there he was on a Florida beach, wearing closed toed shoes, cargo pants, and a button up polo shirt. The closest things to casual wear he had. But as he sat there grumbling to himself a 19 year old looking surfer guy in a wet suit shirt and board shorts walked up to him "bro why you wearing shoes on a beach" and before Peter could answer the guy bent down and pulled his shoes off. He was possed and got up to chase the guy for his shoes back but as his feet touched the hot sand they started to tingle. He stopped and looked down at them starting to wiggle them in the sand. He watched as they pulse out, growing larger and wider. The toes strengthening to support better balance, the toes spread out with some gaps between them like they haven't been cramped up in tight dress shoes for decades. The soles of his feet started to calus up and harden until he could walk on burning hot sand and concrete without even feeling it. They started to get tan as the tan itched and spread up his legs as the muscles grew and strengthened. His ass firms up and his cock grew longer and thicker while his pants turned into board shorts. The tan moved up his chest, his slight gut sucked in and carved out into abs while his chest puffed into lean pecs. His arms got tanned as they muscled up and his whole body got stronger and younger while he grew taller to 6'5 and his muscles adapted to swimming, surfing and maintaining balance. His hair turned blond and grew out and messy his shirt grew longer and older and unbuttoned to show off his hot chest as his age settled at 19. But he could barely pay any attention to his hot changing bod because he was too busy admiring his feet. He couldn't help but grin as years of education, work, and stress faded from his mind, replaced by surfing, drinking, smoking weed, and... feet. He looked around at everyone else being barefooted and felt himsekf getting hard thinking about getting foot jobs from hot guys. His fantasies multiplied as Pete grinned like an idiot and ran off to get his board by his friend.


    Hey welcome back could you transform a preppy college kid into a musky dumb redneck

    Michael was lucky to come from a wealthy, educated family because he was all but guaranteed to be successful in life. He went to an elite private university and was on his way to become a doctor to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather all had done. He was so proud of himself nearing the end of med school when he would begin his internship at a hospital, but was upset to find the only available hospital was in the middle of nowhere. The hospital that had an opening was a small one in a small farming town in the middle of Hicksville.

    After a few days there he was invited to a bar with one of tge patients and feeling like he needed a break from the endless cycle of long hours followed by sleeping at home he decided to go. They started talking and he found he had nothing in common with the other man whom he considered a dumb redneck. But as they drank he slowly started to agree with him more on topics like gun rights and politics. He began to feel a growing interest in the sports on the bar screen. His hair started to get shorter as his skin itched and tingled and tanned. Years of stress and sleepless nights faded from his face as he youthened. His muscles swelling and he felt uncomfortable in his suit but only for a moment as the clothes faded and changed. His shirt becoming an old sleevless shirt that basically had no sides to them. His pants turned to jeans and his shoes shifted to large steel toed work boots and his socks faded as his hands and feet pulsated bigger to size 12 feet. He felt a headache as his mind emptied of med school, college, even most high school as the only thing he was good for anymore as lifting heavy stuff in his new manual job as a lamdscapper. Now he wasn't a medical intern put to drinks with a patient he was just some dim redneck guy hanging out with his bro.


    I know you probably don’t take requests but how about one where a highschool teacher gets regressed and turned into a dumb skater/surfer by his students?

    Old request sorry I just got to it.

    Mr. Kent was a good math teacher but of course his students didn't think so. To them he was a total stick in the mud who was always correcting them for smoking weed, skating on school property, and not doing homework. Finally a few of the guys decided to do something about it. The one guy stuck a piece of chewed gum to the bottom of Mr. Kent's desk before class so it would still be fresh. Thomas Kent walked into the classroom to set up for a lesson. When he put his hand down on the desk it stuck to the gum and he was grossed out. But as he lifted his hand the gum was oddly tempting looking to him. He pops it into his mouth without thinking and started to chew and as he did. He felt an itch in his hair as it turned blond and grew out slightly. His skin itched as his body haur retracted in and his skin took on a deep tan. He felt a breif sharp pain as his whole body seemed to compress, arms, legs, and torso shrinking, his clothes becoming baggy before they suddenly change. His black dress pants change into denim and his belt becomes designed. His feet grow larger despite his loss of size and age, he feels pressure around his leather dress shoes until they bulk out to a pair of size 12 Osiris shoes, brightly colored in red and clunky looking. His shirt simply vanished showing his leanly muscled teenage chest. A white backwards hat appears on his head as he aged down to barely 18 feeling his intelligence drain as his head fills with hormones, music and skater skills as he sits on the chair with his feet up on the teachers desk. Todays lesson was gonna be very different, maybe they'd calculate how many letters Tom could burp using only one can of coke, or how high he could kickflip.


    Welcome back! Can you maybe write a story about a nerdy big city guy who goes to a small town for Christmas and meets a dumb barefoot redneck hick who turns him into a dumb barefoot redneck hick too? I've been watching too many Hallmark movies and need something kinkier lol

    Ben pulled up to the run down old farm house of his parents and groaned. He hadn't really wanted to come when they invited him home for Christmas. There was a reason he decided to break from the families blue collar tradition and go to college for buisness finance. He moved to New York and got a job at a big bank. He was a big shot, well dressed, well educated but rather busy from his work. He didn't have time or patience to care about Christmas or his hometown in Texas. He went through moving his bags into his old room and then was encouraged by his parents to try and see where people from high school were not like he cared.

    As he walked around he saw some guy with a scruffy beard, hairy, shirtless and walking barefoot down the street. He couldn't look more like a stereotypical hick if he tried. But the guy looked at him and grinned. "Holy shit, Buck! I ain't seen ya in years!" The man shouted but Ben had no idea whst the guy meant, his named wasn't Buck. But the man was grabbing him and popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. Ben started to cough and grabbed the cigarette out as he had never smoked before. But then the coughing subsided and it suddenly tasted good as he started walking with the guy and taking more inhails. His mind started to slow down as his education began to fade. He started to feel hot in his shirt as he pulled it off, watching his skin tan and his skinny body bulk out with some weight. Some hair started to grow and sprout. His feet started to feel hot and cramped in his shoes as he looks at the guy he's walking with. His barefeet look so comfortable on the concrete. It reaches a point where Ben....Buck can't stand it anymore so he pushes his shoes off and wiggles his toes against the ground. The soles of his feet harden and get tougher so the hot concrete doesn't feel as bad as it could. His memories start to alter and he follows his new friend over to his house to drink some beer and do some shooting practice in the back yard. He wouldn't be going back to his office job in the city anytine soon, instead he'll be drinking and laughing with his friends and family for Christmas, and he'll probably get a constrution job and maybe go hunting with his friend. Always barefoot and usually shirtless. Buck fits right in at his home town now.


    welcome back, we've missed your awesome stories! i saw you were accepting stories and idk if you still are, but i was wondering if you could write one about a stressed and uptight college student who just started winter break and smokes weed for the first time and becomes a blissed out hippie stoner dude? thank you!

    Steve was finally home. This last semester had been a rough one, he knew he probably should have chosen an easier major than Biology with a pre med track. Still he'd be damned if he ended up like his parents, living paycheck to paycheck skipping a few bills each month so there was rnough money for food....and that was with 2 incomes. All the stress, the late nights, the skipped social life, the crying in the bathroom before a final he knew he wasn't prepared for, it would all be worth it once he was making a doctor's salary and able to support his own family someday. But for now he was home on winter vacation with finals behind him and next semester scheduled he could finally relax. He was going to school in New York but his home was in New Jersey. And he had recently found out, to his shock NJ had passed a law allowing recreational weed. He never thought that would happen but he guessed the hippies fought long and hard for that to slowly be legal. Since so many brag about it and its calming properties he decided to try it out. He couldn't get in trouble and now didn't have to know anyone to buy it. He found out where to get it and came home.

    After taking a hit he felt more relaxed. Another hit he felt dizzy. Another hit and he fekt like he was forgetting shit and as he felt his intelligence fade away he felt a smile creep across his face. Facial hair began to sprout getting scruffy and itchy, his hair started to get messy. He started to get slimmer and felt great about himself as the bags under his eyes lifted. All signs of stress left him. His medical knowledge faded in favor of alternative stuff like weed and essential oils. He grinned as he accepted his new life as a stoner.


    Hey, first of all you're one of my favorite tf blogs on Tumblr. Second maybe you could do a transformation story where after a few years a jock brother turns his nerd brother into his twin forcefully

    John and Josh were brothers but you'd never tell from looking at them. John was on the college baseball team and sleeping throug a degree in sports medicine while going to all the parties and getting drunk all the time. Meanwhile Josh was quiet and intelligent, nearing the end of his masters in marine biology and looked little like his brother from all the days locked in his room studying. John wanted to change this though so he could have a brother to party and meet hot girls with so for his birthday he guilted Josh to come to the bating range with him. John egged him into giving it a try and to his surprise he was good, hiting the balls like it was nothing. He didnt notice with each swing the years started to fall of him. Early wrinkles and the bags under his eyes from stress disappearing as the bit of fat sucked in and turned to pure muscle. It wasn't long before the sweaty Josh pulled off his shirt revealing big tan pecs and abs that looked identical to his brother's.  "Woah when did I get so muscular?" He started to get scared as his face got handsome and chiseled, becoming identical to John in every way. His body got buff, tan and tall. Soon his mind started to go. He forgot all about school and smarts and only cared about sports and hot sorority girls. The new dumb jock blinker open his eyes and gave a dull grin.  "Best birthday ever twin bro!" John smiled, finally he had a bro to be proud of.


    I'm 21 male that is half white and half native hawaiian and have a hard time embracing my native hawaiian heritage since I wasn't raise in it. Could you please transform me into a full blooded native Hawaiian that is proud of his culture and customs

    I don't think I've done anything like this one before so I hope it's good.

    Dylan stared at his blank family heritage report for class. His dads side of the family was from Hawaii but that wasnt reflected in the young man who was slighty pale and nerdy in appearance. He wasn't very fit and hadn't been raised in Hawaii or exposed to much Hawaiin culture. He went into the attic to check out his familys stuff and found his grandfathers surfboard. Brushing off the dust he felt an electric shock enter him from the board. Muscles began to inflate in his arms and legs and his pecs strained against his shirt. "Dude what the fuck is happening?" He yelled out in a slow and dumber voice. His shirt finally gave away and he ripped it off with ease. His small nerdy shoes tore open to reveal big, strong surfer feet and his hair grew long and messy to frame his beautiful face that was now 100% Hawaiin. Any signs of the white blood in him faded as his skin tanned and darkened to the type of tan that only came from genes. He pulled out some board shorts and a necklace that he found and put them on, loving his heritage now, wanting to smoke and surf and forgetting all about gaming and nerdy stuff. Remembering surfing, dances, hawaiin language and things to please the ancient island gods. "Dude that was sweet!"


    Always had a thing for someone being transformed by their collar being popped, into a preppy/chav/frat boy. Don’t know why but maybe it could give you some inspiration?

    Brian was looking around the party wondering why he bothered to show up. Alpha Gamma Phi, the schools frat invited all the freshman to a beginning of the year party. He wasn't the type to party, being a nerdy physics major, so why did he even bother coming? But before he could think about it more someone came up behind him "Brody! You made it!" Soms guy shouted, grabbing the collar of Brians shirt and popping it up, looking like the way dumb bros typically wear it. As soon as that happened his head hurt as he started forgetting physics, starting to remember taking classes in sports science. His hair started to get longer and tint a dirty blonde. His skin started to tan as muscle grew mixed in with a bit of a beer gut as the soda in his hand became a beer and he started to feel drunk as he got dumber. He started dancing and flirting with the hot sorority girls who were there. His identity shifted as he now thought of himself as Brody, the hot frat boy and sure as hell not Brian the nerd!

    You shouldn’t have followed me into the locker rooms after school, but you did. You shouldnt’t have put on that sweaty jock strap you found in my locker, but you did. You shouldn’t have inhaled that sweet, musky odor but you did. You were a nerd, a nobody, always following around the quarterback ever since that day I told my boys to leave you alone. You did whatever I told you and when I offered you my jockstrap to make you stronger you didn’t even ask questions, you stripped down, showing off your pale nerdy body. Blushing to have your boney little frame exposed to me. Then you slid my moist jock up your skinny legs. You started to breath in the scent and with each breath your chest swelled out and out. Tanner, stronger, big pecs pushing away from those scrawny shoulders. Your body filling with heat and power. Your height going up and up until you were as tall as the lockers. Your little size 8 feet stretching across the floor. Getting big, meaty and calloused. Swelling into some nice size 14 boats. Reeking to Hell with jocksweat as your big new toes grew coarse black hair that echoed across the backs of your feet and up your legs. The sight of those manly feet and pecs must have scared you a little bit. You tried to fight it but it was too late. I put my arms around your shoulders, forcing you to breath my musk in deeper and your body slackened. Your mind went blank as a dumb grin spread across your face. I could see the jockstrap stretching as your dick grew and hardened. The jock hormones reprogramming you to be horny all the time and secrete more jock sweat to convert more team mates. No matter how much you showered you would always stink. Not that youd ever try to clean, you filthy jock. As your muscles continued to grow in your arms and legs, you easily pushed me off and against the lockers. You kissed me, letting my jock DNA right in your mouth. Your hair shortened and styled itself up and your face rapidly aged and hardened. Gaining stubble and a hard jawline. You stood there, horny and dazed as the last of your nerdy brain cells died and all that was left was a sweaty, stinky beast that liked to play and fuck. Whose a good dumb jock? Yeah, that’s right, you.

    Request for anonymous It was rough growing up country, interested in country culture, but being in a family that didn't share those views. Your family was just the average American one, living in a suburb rather than a wide open rural community. Your father a local banker and your mother a teacher. Both were very forward thinking, somewhat liberal, college educated folks and they by no means wanted to be seen as redneck just because of their geographical location. You on the other hand did what you could like wearing camo and dressing like a cowboy but you still felt you missed out on a lot, like fishing, hunting, using a gun, mudding, and using a makeshift pool in the back of a pickup truck. For gods sake your local school district even closed for the first week of hunting season because so many kids wouldn't have been there if it was open. You were fed up with trying to convince them and looked up some more unconventional means. You eventually stumbled across a cheaply made website that looked like it belonged in the late 90s internet, it claimed to be run by a cult that worshiped an ancient god who had the power to change reality and that in order to continue to use his powers they had to use it on a certain number of other people per year. The website collected random people's requests for them to use and you only hesitated a little due to your Christian upbringing but decided that it's ok since nothing said you had to join the cult so you filled in your request and hit send. The next day while you were outside fixing your car, it happened. You felt a wave of dizziness come over you as you got a sudden headache. You started forgetting your book learning very rapidly, your brain was on fire, destroying old connections and forming new ones while it physically shrunk in size and your intelligence dropped. You gained knowledge of how to handle different types of guns, how to set traps, how to track deer and bears, various hunting techniques. You also suddenly remember how to fish, and the different equipment involved. The burning shifted and started to effect your memories. Instead of growing up in the suburbs with educated parents you suddenly remembered growing up on a farm, miles away from your nearest neighbor. It took half an hour to get into town to go to school each day or shop. Your pa ran the animal part of the farm while your ma handled the crops. The burning sensation moved from your head down to your chest as it pumped up with muscle. Your pecs squaring out while your stomach carved itself into a nice 6 pack. Your arms began to burn as your shoulders broadened and your bicepts began to grow. Your hands got bigger and stronger as clauses formed on the skin. Your upper body gaining the lean muscle that comes from daily labor on the farm, doing the heavy lifting menial tasks that your parents didn't want to do. You haven't spent a day of your life in the gym, this all comes from your lifestyle. Your legs started to firm up with muscle and hair as the knees snapped and stretched causing your to grow taller as your spine also elongated until you were about 6'3. Your feet grew put and stretched to size 14 causing a pressure to build up in your shoes until they ripped to shreds. Once your feet were done growing the tattered remains of your shoes reformed around your feet as nice big clunky country boy boots. Your camp pants adjusted to fit your new height. And finally your skin deepened to a nice southern tan from being outside all the time. Your surroundings had changed too, you were on the farm now and as you looked around, the burning sensation fading away, you saw a large man in boots and a pair of overalls, mixed muscle and fat, walking over to you and you instantly recognized your pa. "Well boy you ready to go huntin'?" He asked in a thick country accent. "Hell yeah I am Pa!" You shouted suddenly having a thick accent too. You got in his truck noticing some guns he had in the back as you drove out to the woods to go hunting with your pa. Your memories altered so you don't even know, but your finally living the life you've always wanted

    Request for anon

    Mr Evans was one of the best teachers the Pineville school district could ask for. He had his master’s in mathematics and really should have been teaching in college, but he was fresh from graduate researching and calculations and didn’t want to write text books and conduct long office hours for students, he had also been teaching at the high school in order to afford grad school so he decided to just stay in district, high school wasn’t so bad and having a master’s gave him a pay raise and he could always move on to college teaching later. However he tried to make math easy for his students and often pushed students that didn’t like it, operating under the belief that with the right teacher students could learn to embrace the important subject. The toughest students to get to were the jocks. The school gave jocks a pass when it came to academics. As long as the maintained a C average they could stay on. While most of the teachers just delt with this policy Mr. Evans couldn’t. He was toughest on jock students most of all, pushing for plenty of after school studying and one on one sessions.

    It was a Friday and Josh West, the quarterback of the team was in one such after school lesson instead of at practice. He failed the mid term pretty bad and Mr. Evan’s knew going to the coach or principle would be useless so he skipped straight to calling Josh’s parents instead. His mother insisted he go to the extra lessons once a week or she would remove him from the team, as the school required parent permission for sports. Josh hated it but it was miss practice once a week or stop going at all according to his mom. But the damn nerd just went on and on, the only math Josh needed was whatever math went into his plays. He hated this, and he hated this fucker for ruining his practice time. “Josh are you paying attention?” Mr. Evans asked. “Fuck no this is stupid, I got Cs in all my other classes I’m fine can’t you just let me go, I’m never gonna get this bro” Josh said, being used to getting his way with teachers. “Of course your going to get it, that’s what these lessons are for. Different things come naturally to different students, football doesn’t come as easily to some” Mr Evans pointed out. “Football is fun and a good workout, I’m gonna go pro so if I don’t need math from my job it’s a useless class” Josh said grinning as he flexed his arms, briefly letting his pit sweat into the room.

    Mr. Evans was about to give a response when the students apparent B.O. hit him. He suddenly couldn’t think straight as what Josh said about math being a useless subject seemed to oddly make sense to him. It was kinda weird, especially when the numbers start getting replaced by letters. But wait didn’t he love math? It was suddenly very hard to think as his mind started to slow down. Josh just smirked as he watched.

    Mr. Evans muscles started to ache in pain as the flexed and grew, expanding and contracting as the once scrawny nerd grew in size. His arms beefing up, especially in the biceps. His flat chest pushed out into a shelf of pecs and he moaned as His nipples grew slightly larger, the skin stretched out a bit over the new muscle. His stomach aching as through he had been punched in the gut while abs carved themselves out. His body hair getting sucked into his skin leaving his chest smooth although his arms maintained some hair. He absentmindedly scratched his arm pits as the hair there grew thicker. As he scratched the hair grew dense and black, soon getting covered in sweat and he started producing the same B.O. as the student at the desk.

    His own smell was starting to mix with Josh’s and it made the teacher even more dizzy and confused. His legs ached and burned as if he had just done a mile run as his bones cracked and stretched into place causing him to grow from 5'10 to 6'8 in a few seconds. His spine also stretching and growing, straightening from always being upright running instead of hunched over at his desk. His shirt was getting tight from all this so he peeled it off right in front of his former student and he started getting younger. His feet grew bigger and ripped through his fancy size 8 dress shoe growing and stretching to size 12, the same as Josh. Finally what was left of Mr. Evans moaned as His cock grow longer and thicker, plumbing and snaking its way down the leg of his now very tight boxers. Good thing Josh prepared for all this and brought extra clothes.

    His mind fogged over as his memories of grad school and college faded away, along with his interest in math. He looked up at the problems he had written on the board just a few minutes ago and his mind was just way to slow to comprehend. “The fuck is that shit bro?” The new Chris Evans asked in a deep slow voice. “Some useless shit, c'mon bro we need to get you changed” Josh laughed pointing to Chris’ tight pants and boxers. He pulled out a spare football Jersey and compression shorts and walked his new bro to the bathroom. Josh knew that special pit spray from coach would work.

    Request for tryingtobecomejocked

    You don’t know why you decided to do this. You were in the closet about being gay and especially about your fetishes. You had a fetish for fat bearish men, with thick hot beards and older then yourself. You finally sucked up your fears and went online for a date eventually finding a hot man who wanted to meet up. He insisted you 2 go out on a date at his favorite restraunt. When you got there you found it to be a steakhouse with an all you can eat menu. You felt nervous the whole time but met up with him at the table, he got there before you.

    “So what do you do for work?” You ask him. “Im a trucker” he responds in a gruff voice. He asks you the same thing,

    “nothing right now, I just graduated college so im still looking” you said. “What are your interests?” You asked him.

    “Trucks, NASCAR, beer and FOOD!” he shouted laughing. You were getting hard from this simple minded redneck bear, blushing as he was basically a living fantasy sitting right across from you.

    Then suddenly a waiter arrives with food plates, turns out he already ordered and got the bottomless steak for you. He stopped the awkward chit chat and started eating, insisting you do the same. You start eating and suddenly realize it tastes soo good, better then anything you’ve ever had before. You start to notice your suddenly really hungry, hungrier then you’ve ever been in your life. Before you know it you’ve finished your first plate and asking for a second one and a third and a forth. You don’t notice your gut slowly inflating as you eat. Rather then getting full your stomach just seems to be making more room. He was eating too but mostly watching you. Your stomach starts to show under your shirt as your shirt starts getting too tight and rides up your gut it starts to itch as hair starts to sprout all over it, your happy trail spreading to cover your gut. Your chest starts to sag into moobs. They firm up a tiny bit to imply that there is some strong muscle under the layers of fat. You finally start to notice the changes.

    “What’s happening?!” You ask with your mouth full

    “Keep eating your steak, cub ” the man orders and your stomach growls making it impossible to resist as you keep eating. What is this your 10th plate? You’ve lost count. Your arms start to become thick and meaty as do your legs, your thighs especially. Your ass starts to swell in size and your feet grow wider to support your new weight more evenly. Your whole body swelling, your fat getting more evenly distributed as dark hair starts to lightly coat your arms and legs and chest Your face starts to swell your cheeks getting rounder as a beard sprouts on your face and the hair on your head retracts back in giving you a buzz cut.

    As you keep eating your mind starts to slow down, your internal voice develops a redneck southern accent, your thoughts start to shift to how fucking good food tastes, how fun it is driving trucks across the country with your best bud, you love drinking and eating with him and all your other trucker friends. Your IQ dropping drastically

    Your panic and confusion about all this starts fading away in favor of just endless ravenous hunger. Until finally you burp loudly, finally full, your friend long finished and just laughing.

    “Ya sure we’re hungry Rick!” he said laughing

    “I got a big belly to full, Chuck” you said in a deeper, manlier voice as you felt a lot older then 23. The 2 of you pay then leave, getting back in the truck you pull off your tight shirt, you really fucking hate that places make you wear them, Chuck does th e same and the 2 of you get back on the road, you got 2 more days on the interstate ahead of you so you better get going.

    Request for Anonymous. So sorry this took so long, I hope it’s good. The art is not mine.

    Dan never had too many friends. He was in college and talked with people in class but once the class ended he never spoke to them again. He pretended for a while that it didn’t bother him but it did. Eventually he decided to try and meet more permanent friends through an online meet up group. The members would meet once every so often in a public safe location and could privately share personal info with those members they trusted, he considered it the safest way to meet people online. Eventually he joined an “animal lovers” group, figuring that his almost finished biology degree would let him fit in, plus he assumed it was some kind of humane group. He signed up and saw that they had monthly meetings in a county park and the next meeting was in a few days.

    After mentally preparing himself Dan got dressed in a t-shirt, some jeans, and a space themed baseball cap, and headed to the meeting, the only thing he didn’t like was how late it was, 9 pm? It was already dark by then and he was surprised the local park system would still be open after dark.

    When he got there he was upset to find a group of loud rednecks gathered by a picnic table, talking and laughing like drunken idiots. An odd thing he noticed was that the group was all male. He expected this group to be more into hunting then loving animals and almost turned around to leave not being interested in these types of people, but one of them already saw him and called him over.

    “Hey you the new guy ain’t ya?” One of them shouted with an obvious southern accent. Too late now, he had been noticed, if he left now he would seem rude, Dan was too polite for his own good sometimes.

    “Uh how could you tell?” He asked. The guy just smirked. “The groups got a list of members on our page, we had 10 but a couple days ago it said we had 11, ain’t never seen you before so I put 2 and 2 together and made a guess, the names Ace” the guy explained holding his hand out. Dan shook the guys hand and meet with the other members, they explained they weren’t exactly a humane group, they didn’t do volunteering or anything but they were more like an “animal appreciation club” Dan wasn’t sure he believed that but they didn’t have any guns or weapons around that he could see to indicate they were planning to hunt.

    After mingling with the guys for about a half hour Dan decided they weren’t his type, they were nice but into different things like sports and nascar, and had redneck gun values and such, Dan wasn’t rude so he planned to stay for this meeting and leave the group tomorrow, then message them saying he felt too shy or something and get out of any commitment. But as the official meeting seemed to be ending something strange happened. All 10 of the rednecks stood up and looked up to the moon light. They held their arms out like they wanted to soak as much of it up as possible. Dan stood there confused as the guys started to groan and moan as their body’s cracked and snapped…They were changing.

    Dan watched in horror as their clothes ripped apart, giving way to massive dark muscled bodies. The men must have grown to almost twice their heights with their muscles getting bigger, beyond body builder to some kind of monster proportions. Their skin getting dark as thick dark hair grew all over, Dan knew something unnatural was happening and he needed to get away but couldn’t, he just stood there frozen in shock. The guys quickly grew long pointed ears, their legs snapping to digitigrade as their feet became twisted into foot-paws, somewhere between human feet and paws. Their hands forming massive claws, still looking hand like but abnormal. Their faces grew out into snouts bearing long fangs, and the finishing touch was their eyes turning a bright glowing yellow as they stood on two legs and ripped off what shreds were left of their clothing and collectively let out a howl at the moon.

    The howl seemed to free Dan from his shock induced trance. Werewolves?! These people were werewolves? Was that even possible? What were they? What the fuck was going on? Dans mind was a whirlwind of questions that lacked logical answers, but none of that mattered as self preservation took over and Dan turned to run away at full speed.

    The creatures took notice and he heard snarls behind him as the guys he had been awkwardly talking with just a few minutes ago were chasing him on all fours, drooling and snarling like mindless beasts. It quickly became obvious He couldn’t outrun these creatures built to hunt as one of them tackled him to the ground and he was sure he was finished, this group must exist to trick people into becoming their food or something Dan thought as the creature chomped down on his neck, biting him. But after the bite it let go, the others no longer in pursuit. The creature climbed off of him and they all formed a circle around Dan…just standing there.

    Dan felt extreme pain from the bite but when he looked he didn’t see or smell the blood he expected, instead he saw it instantly healing…and thick dark hair spreading from it. Shit! Dan realized what was happening, he wasn’t their dinner, he was their newest member! He started to feel it, a hot energy flowing through his veins like a venom. He could feel a tingle as it spread to every cell in his body like a virus. He felt the hair spreading like a wave of itchiness across his body. His skin getting thicker and tougher and darker. He felt his muscles pulse and his bones crack as he grew taller. His back arching and ripping the back of his shirt as the fur grew and spread. His chest heaved with each deep, panicked breath and pushed out into 2 firm and powerful pecs that ripped his shirt open. He could only watch and moan as his slightly chubby stomach shrunk away before turning flat and then carving into a tight 8 pack. The detail soon became hidden by his darker skin then by the fur as well. His arms pumped up destroying the left over sleeves that covered his arms. Biceps and triceps filled with pain and oddly pleasure as they bulged out, his hands growing big and meaty to stay proportional, his palms grew pads and his nails twisted into claws.

    He was moaning the whole time, his mind a foggy mess of pain and pleasure. His legs shifted to be digitigrade as his feet stretched to accommodate his growing form. They strained his shoes until finally they burst out as long, wide hybrids of paws and feet, his nails sharpening into dark claws. They expanded to an inhuman size growing bigger then size 20 shoes. The muscles in his legs grew and ballooned out starting to rip apart his jeans. His cock grew longer and thicker before a canine sheath soon covered it, his balls swelled to the size of grapefruit. His ass swelled out becoming tight and firm as a tail sprouted, destroying what was left of his pants.

    He was now naked, and a werewolf from the neck down. His cock soon turned red and canine like as it grew out of the sheath. Why the fuck was this turning him on?! He was turning into a monster like the others. The fur and changes spread to his head where his neck grew wider and stronger, his Adam’s apple growing big as his vocal cords re arranged. His nose turned black and wet as his face forced itself out into a snout, his teeth sharpening into fangs and his tongue flattened. He sniffed the air and started to smell a musky scent that turn him on more as he realized the other werewolves surrounding him had formed a circle jerk as they whacked off to his transformation with their own canine cocks. His hair murged with the fur and his ears moved up becoming pointed and finally his eyes turned a glowing yellow like the others. The changes hit his brain last as an animalistic lust filled his mind. He wanted to hunt and eat and fuck! Those urges demanded his attention and everything else faded from his mind as his knowledge, IQ , memory and personality faded to nothing as he jerked off with his brothers. What little human resistance was left faded when he and all the others came. He opened his mouth to drink it all in and then joined the others in a loud victorious howl.

    His mind didn’t seem to record anything beyond a few foggy memories of the night. He just seemed to have fun running through the woods with his brothers. It felt exciting to have the wind going through his fur as he ran on all fours. When the sun came up it was like it was sucking away his energy and power as he shrunk back into human form. However it wasn’t his normal human form, at least Dan didn’t think it was. His beastly muscles shrank away however he was left with more then he thought he started with. His mind was foggy. His stomach shrunk down to a flat 6 pack, his pecs were still nice and lean and firm. His arms kept their nice strong biceps, but at human proportions. His face became a little more angular and manly looking. As the fur receded he was left with a light chin strap beard. His hair turned blond and get short his leg muscles became lean and strong, from running while hunting and not skipping leg day. He also realized he felt a lot dumber, the stuff he lost last night when the beats mind took over wasn’t returning. He had new knowledge in his head, like how to use a gun and a bow, how to track stuff, how to repair cars, and lots of rules about sports. He stood up when he heard a voice behind him.

    “Welcome to the pack, Buck” one guy said, after standing up, Dan realized it was Ace. Ace had been way taller then him before but now Dan was only a few inches shorter then him. He looked down and couldn’t help but grin at his impressive 6 inch soft, completely human, dick. He was naked, so was Ace. Dan remembered last night but wasn’t scared anymore.

    “Well shucks thanks man, but that ain’t my name” Dan spoke suddenly with a southern accent and a dumb sounding slang but he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t remember the proper language. “Sure it is, ya caught a huge buck last night so that’s yer name now” Ace explained and suddenly Da…Buck couldn’t remember any other name, he could barely remember his old life now except he does remember last night clearly. Ace offered Buck a new pair of boxers and jeans and Buck put back on the space hat he had from last night, apparently it just fell off when he changed, however now he wore it backwards, it was the only thing left from his old life. He was offered no shirt but he didn’t seem to want one anyway. He exchanged contact info with the rest of his pack…A brotherhood of manly men who are part animal and tough hunters, a different type of “animal lovers” Buck thought with a smile. Buck got in Ace’s truck, loving the way the awesome truck looked, and recognizing Ace as the pack Alpha. Buck was more than happy, being a werewolf had its perks, he was a hot strong redneck now and that was his life now.

    Dan was scrolling through a dating app one day trying to find a hook up. He was gay and meeting people through friends or just in regular life like school or work wasn't going to happen. At one point he found the profile of this one bearish guy named Ted on the site, who seemed his type. Dan was small and twinkish and although he just liked guys without much preference, he did like bear types, if only for a hook up. They worked out when and where to meet and Dan got ready and headed out. Once he got there Ted went straight into foreplay, insisting that Dan wear one of his large and smelly red plaid shirts. They began some role play where Ted was the dom (obviously), calling Dan things such as "big cub" and "fat lumberjack" which was odd considering Dan was a small weakling. Suddenly though Dan began to feel a strong and strange rumbling in his stomach as it suddenly expanded outwards quickly growing into a gut but underneath he felt muscles firming up, just layer after layer of fat blocked them from view, however that didn't make them useless to him. His small skinny chest grew into a pair of strong pecs before quickly sagging into a slight pair of moobs. His chest grew itchy as dark, dense bearish hair grew all over his chest and belly. His expanding chest popping open the buttons of the large plaid shirt. The more open the shirt got the better he felt as he was less and less itchy once there was less and less material rubbing up against his chest. The mixture of fat and muscles spread to his arms. Though they had more muscle then fat as his biceps puffed out and memories of swinging an axe and cutting wood out in nature passed through his mind. Dan was confused and eventually had to roll up the sleeves of the plaid shirt which now fit perfectly, maybe was even a little small, when his arms get intensely itchy as dark thick hair quickly covered them. His hands cracked and expanded into rather big manly hands with some calluses on them from his hard work. A rather colorful tattoo began drawing itself on his one forearm. His jeans grew tight when his ass started to fill up with fat and muscle and the same happened to his legs, strong enough to support his axe swinging but also expanded enough that he'd have to spread them so they didn't rub together all the time. Thick hair also took root on his legs and his feet grew bigger and wider to support his new strength and weight. His sneakers ripping open as his feet grew to a size 12, only briefly exposing his larger feet for only a few seconds until the torn remains of his sneakers reformed into a dirty pair of size 12 boots. Finally his face started to push out with fat and grew itchy as a thick beard grew and spread and he found he actually liked it. The whole time Ted was rubbing the changing mans chest and stomach complimenting him for being "such a good, big cub" while the changes themselves didn't even seem to phase him as if this were normal. Once Dan's hair grew thicker and turned a darker brown he felt the changes take root in his mind. He was still gay, and definitely still a sub, but suddenly he felt more manly. His thoughts changed. Thoughts of being neat and clean were replaced with getting sweaty and dirty on the job, out working on cutting trees. His fashion tastes changed for sort of preppy semi formal preppy clothes to jeans and plaid, or sleeveless shirts. His interests changed from college to sports, drinking, and trucks, man stuff! His mind was also proud of being gay, instead of hiding it on his dating hook up apps he'd be dressed up in gear publicly at clubs. Plus now he had his big strong papa bear, so why would he be afraid of anyone judging? Papa bear would just kick their ass if anyone tried to say or do anything rude to him. Danny knew his place now as a big strong cub for his big bear. He laid down on the couch and spread himself out before getting ready to be fucked "ready for Papa bear, big cub?" The man asked as Danny could do nothing but grin.

    Chris was somewhat of a nerdy guy, small, weak, pale, hated being outside or doing anything active. He was currently in a graduate program for chemistry. One day he woke up same as always and got ready for class but when he went into his closet all his shoes were gone. Replaced with one pair of size 13 soccer cleats, far to big for his average sized 7 feet. But he couldn’t go to class with no shoes on so against his better judgement he tried to fit the big shoes on his feet as best he could and was about to leave when suddenly he felt strange.

    It started with a numbing, pins and needles feeling in his feet as they suddenly exploded in size growing and stretching to fill the cleats until in just a few minutes they fit perfectly. The feeling spread up his legs as they grew bigger with muscle and started to stretch, getting longer and taller as a tan started to spread. His socks started to grow longer and crawl up his legs while his khakis changed length and material, turning red and shrinking into a pair of shorts. The numb tingly feeling left his feet and legs and moved to his chest where a pair of pecs swelled and his stomach fat shrunk away to give way to a flat stomach. His spine expanding and growing also adding to the new height his legs just gave him. The tan also spread through his chest and arms as they also grew some muscle but most of his strength was in his core and legs from running and kicking and balancing himself in soccer…Wait in soccer? That made no sense didn’t he hate sports? No way why the fuck did he think that, soccer was his life! The changes started spreading to his head as his face rearranged, becoming handsomer and more manly. His hair became shorter as his skull got harder and tougher from hitting the soccer ball with his head more then a few times. His brain physically shrinking as it drained of all his graduate work and he started to get younger, until he was 20 years old.

    He forgot a ton of information from college and high school but new memories took their place. He was a soccer star back in high school and earned a full ride sports scholarship for college. His major was sports science since it was easy enough and the only thing that really applied to what he was doing. His dressy button up shirt softened and morphed into a plain white t-shirt.

    Finally the tingling feeling died down and his apartment morphed around him into a college dorm. Shit he was gonna be late! He headed down to the field for soccer practice. After several long hours of practice he got changed in the locker room and changed out of his now smelly cleats. Later in the day when he went to a class something came over him and on autopilot he took the cleats out of his backpack and into the backpack of the math nerd sitting in front him, something about the guy seemed familiar, did they used to be friends? Impossible but somehow, almost by instinct he knew by tomorrow he’d have a new best bud at practice…