Drew was pacing nervously in his room thinking about what his exgf had said. She caught him cheating and claiming herself a witch cursed him to become a creature of pure hormones the next time he got horny. Since then Drew had refused to date. A green glow brought his attention to his tv screen which was suddenly playing porn. Drew tried to block it out and covered his hears to the moans but it was no use. He already felt his socks being torn apart as the skin hardened and his feet became large hooves. His light body hair itched and expanded becoming a forrest of fur that engulfed most of his lower body and his chest. His athletic abs that he prided himself on sagged, hidden now beneath a slight beer gut to his horror and his pecs grew a bit with a mix of fat and muscle. He tried to stop the tv but it merely switched to gay porn which he found he was also now attracted to as sex became more and more important to him regardless of who it was with. Entranced by his new horniness the changing man ripped off the remains of his clothing revealing strong furry legs and a new dangling dick standing firm at attention. He moaned in a deepening, musical voice as scruff overtook his formerly clean face. And his boyish charms were lost behind a thick beard and older features. Finally two large horns ripped through his shaggy hair as the new beast spewed his load all over the screen, blasting the last of his brains and old self out. He was now ready to go out and make more sex crazed satyrs!