Scott found the green bandana tied around his bike handle, almost like a warning from the skater jocks who patrolled his neighborhood. Later that day as he was riding his bike to the store he realized he left his mask at home. With no other choice, he wrapped the bandana around his face, smelling cheap axe and sweat from the skater who wore it last. As he walked inside his muscles begin to strain and stretch. His flat chest getting longer and buffer. His arms and legs getting longer. He raised his arms with a new confidence and easily discarded his shirt, store couldnt make him wear one of those, he mused. His large hands rubbed his muscular pecs while tattoos etched themselves on to his arms. His face hardened and matured with shorter hair and a firm jawline. His feet grew large and masculine with each step. By the time he made it to checkout the only item he had was a pack of cigerettes and the bike had turned into a skateboard. "Yo, wanna try this on?" He asked in a smooth commanding voice before forcing the sweaty bandana on the nerdy cashier...


    I know you probably don’t take requests but how about one where a highschool teacher gets regressed and turned into a dumb skater/surfer by his students?

    Old request sorry I just got to it.

    Mr. Kent was a good math teacher but of course his students didn't think so. To them he was a total stick in the mud who was always correcting them for smoking weed, skating on school property, and not doing homework. Finally a few of the guys decided to do something about it. The one guy stuck a piece of chewed gum to the bottom of Mr. Kent's desk before class so it would still be fresh. Thomas Kent walked into the classroom to set up for a lesson. When he put his hand down on the desk it stuck to the gum and he was grossed out. But as he lifted his hand the gum was oddly tempting looking to him. He pops it into his mouth without thinking and started to chew and as he did. He felt an itch in his hair as it turned blond and grew out slightly. His skin itched as his body haur retracted in and his skin took on a deep tan. He felt a breif sharp pain as his whole body seemed to compress, arms, legs, and torso shrinking, his clothes becoming baggy before they suddenly change. His black dress pants change into denim and his belt becomes designed. His feet grow larger despite his loss of size and age, he feels pressure around his leather dress shoes until they bulk out to a pair of size 12 Osiris shoes, brightly colored in red and clunky looking. His shirt simply vanished showing his leanly muscled teenage chest. A white backwards hat appears on his head as he aged down to barely 18 feeling his intelligence drain as his head fills with hormones, music and skater skills as he sits on the chair with his feet up on the teachers desk. Todays lesson was gonna be very different, maybe they'd calculate how many letters Tom could burp using only one can of coke, or how high he could kickflip.

    Ryan was walking home from his college class when he saw the skateboard just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk. No one was around. It seemed abandoned. Out of curiosity to humor himself he got on it. It was tricky to keep his balance but he quickly got it. He felt strange as his feet began to smell amd hurt, getting larger and bursting through his sneakers. He kicked off the remains of his shoes and felt the soles of his feet get rough from being barefoot all the time and felt really good using his toes to grip the board. A tan began to spread across his feet and up his legs while muscle grew and hair on his legs vanished. The tan spread as his jeans turned into shorts and he felt his average torso firm up with muscles. As his abs tightened his balance improves whike his pecs pushed out and his shirt dissolved. The tan reached his face as he got younger and cuter, looking about 18 or 19. His hair turned blonde and itched as it grew out, the back and sides short whike the top grew long and flopped over. Ryan grinned as he started to ride the board with ease, even doing tricks. The stressful life of a college student was behind him now, and his new life as a relaxed carefree skater dude was just getting started.

    Scott had always looked out enviously at the hot surfer/skater guys that went by his house to the beach nearby. Living in a  Florida shore town he was used to seeing a lot of them. He was a skinny nerd and spent most days indoors. One day when he casually wished he could be like the hot guys out his window he didn't think for one second that a recently freed genie passing by would take pitty on him and grant his wish. He felt a sudden pain in his spine as he shrunk down a bit, any body hair he had vanished while his fat melted away to form toned muscles. His new muscles on display once his shirt vanished. His hair got shorter and styled into a cool cut. His shoes and socks vanish as his feet grow larger and wider, the soles harden as if he never wears shoes. He felt so much better without them. His pants shrink down to a light blue pair of board shorts. He feels a sharp shiver through his whole body as his skin takes on a deep tan. A backwards cap appears on his head, cool sunglasses on his face and finally a board appears in his hand. His mind blanks out and he forgets his previous life and a new one fills in the blanks. Scott is a hot cool 19 year old skater dude. He hurries outside to catch his bros on their way down to the beach.

    What do you mean I'm a dumb skater? I'm nothing like one

    What? No I'm not your "bro" I don't even know you.

    Well I don't really workout but I guess I'm looking decent lately...

    Yeah it is kinda hot out, yeah you def got the right idea with no shirt on dude...I meam bro...I mean, what the fuck?

    Yeah my head fuckin' hurts.

    What? Ur gonna do the thinking for me bro? That'd be sick dude.

    Hell yeah I wanna skate! Sure thing bro we can take a pic first huhuhuh.

    @mybois2 You invited yourself over thinking I could change you. I told you it wasn’t anything I was doing, but let you come in to hang anyway. Turns out you were fun to talk to, if not a little nervous, and we had a lot in common- beyond just the affinity for muscle. But you insisted you wanted to change. So I told you I found a new track online that you might like. As you started to listen the music it did it’s work. Any trace of fat melted off you as the beat pulsed through your veins and your muscles toned and pulsed larger. The loud reverb even shook your clothes, your shirt shimmering into nonexistance and your jeans slowly sliding shorter and shorter up your toning legs. For a second you had a panicked look in your eyes. Maybe it was a little regret as you felt the music pound in your head, rewriting your personality, emptying it of any knowledge or intellect you ever had. But the bulge in those shrinking shorts was already throbbing larger with each pulse of the bass bass and the need was taking over as you’re eyes glazed over with lust. Too bad, I kinda liked hanging with who you were, not just the dumb cocky jock you’re about to become. But the music’s not even done yet. There’s a whole album to listen to and a whole lot more muscle if you want it. And of course now all you want is more. Maybe I’ll unplug the headphones and let it play on the speaker so we can listen together.

    Introducing our new line of transformation headwear: Beanie Brainies

    A beanie that will warm your skull down to the brain.

    Each beanie, when placed on the head, will alter the mind of the wearer in a different way based on its color. However, no matter the color, it’s our guarantee that every beanie will make the wearer gay, dumb, and obedient. We will be releasing the following colors this season:

    Green- Give him a fresh start by clearing out that brain of his, completely. Its your job to fill it back up. Recycle. Reuse.  

    Black- Make your man dominant. Let him take control.

    Gray- Show your boy who’s boss. He will be truly submissive in this hat.

    Blue- He skates. He smokes. He has tattoos. He loves coffee. He’s your hipster plaything.

    Oliver looked down at his phone. He had just gotten a text from a number he didnt know. It was a gif of a hypnosis spiral and even though he opened the text and only quickly glanced at it he was now locked onto it. Then the texts started to come in.

    "Why are you wearing a shirt bro?" And suddenly Oliver began to ask himself the same question. He was a little overweight and very pale, he was always ashamed of himself and very body shy, but suddenly he couldnt remember any of that, the question just kept repeating itself like an echo in his mind. Why was he wearing a shirt? He was having trouble thinking of a good answer, it was a hot day and the shirt was making him feel sweaty and constricted so he took it off, not even bothering to hold onto it, he just abandoned it on the sidewalk.

    "Don't you wanna show off your boxers?" The next text said. That was weird Oliver usually hated people who sagged, he thought it made people look so dumb and ghetto, but as he looked at his waist band he wonder what it would look like. He tugged his shorts down, even redoing the belt so they sat that way. Instead of his lagend of zelda boxer briefs though there was a silly pair of purple Calvin Klein boxers. The purple contrasting nicely against his tan...wait what tan?!

    "Nice kicks dude" the next text said and as Oliver looked down he saw his boring shoes had morphed into a big clunky pair of size 12 Nike air force 1s. Since when was he wearing those?

    "Huhuh since always bruh! I never take these babies off!" He suddenly shouted in a deeper dumber voice than his usual.

    "Your one hot skater dude!" The next text said as he felt his sick grow longer and thicker and stiffer in his shorts as his mind was flooded with skater knowledge along with dicks and tits as he became bisexual, a stark contrast to the practically asexual nerd he once was. His face became more mature as a chin strap beard grew, his hair buzzed shorter.

    "Nice hat" the next text read as a black baseball hat formed on his head, twisting itself backwards and draining out his intelligence and old, shy personality.

    "You know it bro! I'm Ollie, the fucking skater king yo!" The new Ollie texted the mysterious number before putting away his phone and going jogging to the skate park, feeling his pecs bounce as he ran and the sweat getting stuck in the thick hair on his flat stomach as he went to join his new friends.


    Hey I'm a college nerd and I am feeling way over stressed by my since classes, GPA, and just generally have a lot of anxiety. My boyfriend wants to help me out but can't always calm me down when I'm stressed, though I know he has a skater fetish. Can you please turn me into a dumb stoner skater so I can finally chill out and relax, and my boyfriend can get the kind of guy he wants out of it?

    One moment, you’re frantically cramming for your upcoming finals, and the next, you are standing outside, in the fog. The cold air is bracing against your skin, and you can see your breath misting up in front of your face. It’s spring. It shouldn’t be this cold. But that’s the least of your worries, as you’re in a city that you don’t recognize, at the corner of two streets that shouldn’t exist, in front of an imposing store front that is difficult to see through the haze.

    You could go anywhere that you want. You feel that you have that choice. You could turn around and leave, or you could follow either road that was behind you, but you don’t. Your feet carry you forward, and as you push open the door, and the bell rings, you realize with a start that you’re elsewhere again.

    You can feel the sun beating down on your back, but there’s a haze in front of your face again. At first, you find it weird, that the fog isn’t getting burned away by the bright daylight, but then you remember, silly you, that it isn’t fog. It’s smoke. You giggle to yourself, at first surprised to find how vapid and empty the sound is, only for the thought to slip promptly out of your grasp as you take another drag from the rolled up joint pressed between your lips.

    Your head feels fuzzy… Foggy… It feels wrong… At least until you inhale more smoke, and then it feels just right. You know that you’re not supposed to feel this slow, this dumb, but your thoughts are going at a snail’s pace right now, and you’re not about to win any awards for complex ideas. 

    You giggle as you realize that your ass is hanging out of your shorts. What are you doing thinking about smart stuff? What are you doing thinking about thoughts? Everyone knows that you’re not very good at those. For a moment, you feel as though that’s wrong, that you’re really a very intelligent student, but another puff of smoke makes that thought pop like a delicate soap bubble, sending a shiver of pleasure down your spine.

    “Hey babe,” someone says, as he comes up behind you and presses his crotch to your exposed ass, “thought I’d find you here… At your usual spot.” You giggle again, sounding so dumb, and so mindless, and so thoughtless that it makes your little dick hard. You grind your ass against your boyfriend’s hips and groan, begging for him to fuck you as you take another drag from your joint.

    All it takes for you to forget the rest of your previous life is the feeling of your boyfriend sliding his cock up and down your crack and into your tight little hole. It’s the best feeling in the world, and you could almost feel your brain melting into a little puddle of mush, trickling out the tip of your cock.

    Maybe you were looking for more of a temporary solution to your problem, a brief vacation, maybe, from all your smarts and all your anxiety, but doesn’t it feel so much better to be a good little stoned sexed-up, fucked-stupid slut for your boyfriend? Yeah. It does, doesn’t it?

    Not like you know any better now, anyway…

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    Thanks dude *giggle* me and him.are sooo happy now!


    Bit of a skinny nerd. Any chance you could push me towards becoming a dumb bad boy skater dude?

    What are you talking about! You’ve always been one, or are you referring to the day that everything changed? Someone must’ve thought you spent too much time inside because when you got home you found your keys missing and the door locked. No matter how much you pounded on the door or smashed that doorbell button, no one was coming. Stubbornness got the best of you and you didn’t give up for a while, but eventually even you were defeated and decided to just go on a walk. 

    Surprisingly it was a nice day out for November, 70′s and sunny. Why not take advantage of such a nice day? You probably thought to yourself. The walk took about 30 minutes before you finally stopped at the skate board park. You walked by slowly wishing you could be like those guys out there who were doing tricks and had tattoos and all that stuff, but that wasn’t the type of body you’d been given. Sighing you went to continue on, but someone shouted! “He’s here!” People were getting excited and rushing over to you. “Oh man you gotta show us some of your moves! Please!” You blinked shocked as at least 15 skater guys and girls surrounded you. “Please!” They begged, one even shoving his board at you. 

    You turned red with embarrassment, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer. You gulped and took the board walking back to the park, all of them following behind you hooting and hollering in excitement. You approached the bowl and gulped setting the board down. “I’m going to break my neck,” you whisper to yourself, but you still put one foot on the board. Next thing you know you’re going forward down into the bowl, a strange tightness encases you as a new found confidence soars through your limbs. 

    Underneath that polo shirt, your muscles grow. Your flat stomach becomes marbled with abs from days of working your core balancing on the skateboard. Your legs and thighs bulk up from pushing yourself on the board. You gasp as you near the other side of the bowl, you come up. Instinctively your hand reaches out as you invert and then switch coming back the other side. Your arms blow up with muscle to keep you up. It felt wonderful I’m sure. No one would’ve guessed this was your first time, more like your thousandth time on a board. You come back down as your shirt is pushed out more, the seams starting to burst as the shirt adapts to fit you better. You come up on the other side and land. Everyone bursts into claps and cheers, you give them a grin and hand the board back to the kid. You wink and nod. He just beams with a smile.

    You walk back to the benches where you left your stuff, a long board and backpack already waiting. “I’ll see you guys later, gotta go meet up with my boyfriend.” You shout before riding off on the board.


    Michael, a.k.a @mybois2 was a bigger guy, bigger than he wanted to be. He had a things for shorter, smoother guys who were muscular but not too muscular.  He works retail because he can’t find a job with his theatre degree, I could hear his desire like a fog horn on a cold dead night. 

    I appeared in his town and created a space between the Kebob shop and the House of Mirrors, it was a weird little strip mall. I made a store that would cater the type of guy Michael wanted to be, I named it Evan Bro’s Surf and Skate, filled it with snapbacks , surfer equipment, and skater equipment. He was going to love it, snapped my fingers and some popular music began to play and an intoxicating cologne was pumped into the streets.   

    Michael walked by, not remembering seeing this store before, he was intrigued. I could see the store call to him like a Siren on a rocky crag in ocean. His ship would crash into the gloaming and would be lost forever. 

    He walked in and I greeted him with a “what’s up, mate? How are ya?” Of course, I was dressed so well and shirtless that Michael couldn’t contain himself. 

    He stammered, “ uhh I’m, I’m, jjjust lookking, ttthanks.” 

    “You let me know if I can help you, bro. Name’s Evan.” I smirked

    He quickly turned around and begin to frantically look busy. He spotted a pair of shorts and grabbed them off the shelf, running into the changing room. Michael took a breathe and looked at himself in the mirror. Unconsciously, he was undressing himself and putting on the shorts.

    The power of the shorts hit him, and he began to feel weird and tingly all over.  He watched in awwwe as he seemed to lose weight, it was literally melting away. His skin was tightening as well as he began to develop muscles, his abs began to pop out and pecs gained definition. He had never had muscle like this before. He could feel his legs become powerful and strong form the skating and the surfing, he looked more like a gogo dancer than a theatre person. As he changed, he started to feel unstable, he felt as if he was getting closer to the floor. He went from a good 6′2″ to a 5′9. He was dumbfounded, he came out and started to question me.  

    “Dude, brah-man, what the fuck just happened?” He said before he clasped his hands over his mouth not recognizing his words or his own deep voice. 

    “What are you talking about, mate” I circled him like a shark, “ I like those shorts on you.” I told him with my Cheshire grin. 

    I turned to the hat rack, and found one that would fit him nicely. “Hear, put this on, “ I said slamming it down before he could protest. 

    Michael could feel his mind in something like a mixer, the once 26 year old was losing the memories of the last 7 years of his life. He remembered just turning 19 yesterday, and getting recruited by a modelling firm and a connected gay club. College never happened for Mike, naw, it wasn’t his thing. 

    He fel another change, as his muscles grew once more and his face became stronger and a little more cut. He felt a chinstrap push its way through his skin, as his muscles expanded a little more. Mark was now a confident young gogo boy who you might see in a magazine or on a billboard. He loved to walk around shirtless, because he knew the guys were checking him out. 

    There was no shortage of sex for Mark, yeah, he isn’t as bright as he was before; that’s okay though. He was 1,000 times happier as a smooth hot stud, being objectified for pleasure. 

    I flipped the open sign over and took him in the back to break in that new body. 


    Bit of a skinny nerd wanting to be a dumb skater boy. Any packages for me?

    I have the perfect package for you. It’s a small box with a green drink I will send to you. When you drink it your brains will be replaced with skating skills so you can join your friends after, and during, school to skate and have fun. Who needs brains today? Your wardrobe will change with you too. you need more casual clothing now. Otherwise your friends will not like you. The drink will help you gain some muscle to perform the tricks you want to do. Just be careful and don’t drink the whole bottle. The effects may become too extreme then. 


    You came home to find this on the floor of your kitchen. That was strange you thought. You don't normally where shoes like that, and sniff them? What the fuck? They looked all beat up like they had been well worn for a few years...being stunk up by some big ass skater feet...woah you lost your train of thought there. You couldn't stop yourself as you dropped your backpack on the floor and leaned in. You got on all fours and started to sniff. One part of your mind saying it smelled nasty but the other part loving it as you felt yourself get hard. You took the one shoe and held it up to your face while you pulled down your pants and put the other over your dick, unconsciously humping it. Your body started to tone up, abs forming, pecs pushing out, biceps forming. Your dick getting longer to fill the show more as you felt your mind slowing down. And that's when I walked in and smiled. My stink is so hard to resist. And I had another good skater slut to add to my collection (Story for @cannibal-chow hope you like)


    Kevin was walking and suddenly feel very hard. He looked and saw he stepped on a skateboard and lost his footing, who puts a skateboard there? Then he noticed his shoes shifting into new styles sneakers, his shirt melting into an orange adidas shirt. His skin tanned and his hair turned dirty blond and styled itself. He looked down as his mind emptied out of everything and refilled with skater knowledge. “Damn dude I haven’t wiped out like that in years” he groaned and got back on his board, skipping school again to go to the skatepark with his dudes.


    The hat pulls out the essence of the current owner and replaces it with the previous.

    This dude got lucky, sorta. The last owner was a hot boarder jock. The last owner was sexy as fuck. The last owner was dumb as a rock.

    It’s cool Bruh, just go skate. Not everyone is cut out to actually make a difference. There’s gotta be eye candy. Plus you were sick of that old life anyway. Better go please that cock bro. It’s the only thing you got going on for you, that and your pretty face.

    The more you look at the shoes the more you need them. The more you want to wear them on your bare feet, no socks necessary. You need to get them nice and musky, you never had a shoe fetish before but damn you want them so fuckin bad. You wanna skate in them, wait your not a skater. Yeah you are and you gotta break in those new Osiris!


    Only Skating posts


    It was a weird sign to be put up on the road leading to the coul de sac, considering no one in the area skated. The town said drivers were complaining about skaters in the area so they put up this sign to both protect the boarders and shut up the drivers. Shortly after it was up suddenly most of the kid boys and teen boys in the area started to take up skating. At first as a joke because of the sign but later got real serious about it. Getting the clothes, the piercings, the tattoos, the attitude. All the guys just acting like dumb skaters all of a sudden. Even starting to do bad in school. And it soon started spreading around town, all after that dumb sign was put up...

    Bryan was kind of a nerdy guy who wore some t-shirts and cargo shorts. He liked playing video games a lot like Kingdom Hearts and Garry’s Mod but still went out with friends. But last night after he was coming home from a friends house he saw an awesome skateboard. Thinking about skaters he grabbed it since he loves the style that skaters have. Finally he got home and took the skateboard up stairs and starting to play one of the games on his PC. He put his feet on the skateboard like a little stool and started playing. “Yeah this level is gonna be easy” Bryan was laughing as he was grinding to find a certain item. He didn’t notice but his shoes started to morph from high top converse to wide and plush skater shoes. He looks down “what happened to my shoes but…damn they feel so nice and plush” he wiggles his feet as they shoes become size 13 and his size 9 feet catch up cracking and stretching. Next thing he knows his socks disappear. “why did that happen that’s so gross?” he moans with a dumb grin “that feels ten times better” his shorts turn into basketball shorts as his crotch warms up and he gets hard. “oh god this feels so nice dude” his legs start sprouting a bunch of hair. He pulls out his dick as he see it grows from 3 or 4 inches to almost 8 inches. “oh yeah dude this is awesome no wait this isn’t right” he’s jacking off when his shirt’s sleeves shrink and it becomes a sleeveless t-shirt with some band name on it. His skin gets tanner to show he’s in the sun more. “dude I’m gonna be the best skater no no no I’m not a skater dude I’m a PC gamer” Bryan is getting more and more skater-like in his mind and appearance. He tries to pull his hand away from his dick but he can’t then his ear lobes open for his gauges to fit in and a beanie appears on his head. “awesome dude I need to get off this nerdy thing and go skate with my bros” he moans as he cums all his old memories and old Bryan out and his new skater life comes in. He takes a hit of the bong that just appeared next to him and shouts “gotta go skate bro cuz skating is life!”