Sometimes I forget the strength of my own hypno. How did I wind up turning my best friend Steven into a human cumrag?

    It started with a simple request. We were getting drunk at my place one night when he confessed that he has a problem touching come.

    “I just don’t like it,” he said. “It’s so wet and slimy. Gross. It makes me feel dirty.”

    “So?” I said.

    “So, guys get offended when I tell them I don’t want them to come on me,” he said. “Can you hypnotize me to like touching come?”

    “I can try,” I said, taking a swig of beer. I wasn’t supposed to do this while drunk, but what’s the worst that could happen?

    “Do it,” he said, grinning.

    “It’s already started,” I said. “You’ve been getting so relaxed as you get drunk. So sleepy. So tired. So cozy.”

    “Mmmm,” he sighed, eyelids drooping.

    “Drifting away,” I slurred. Fuck, I was wasted. “Drifting… drifting … drifting…”

    “Ohhh,” he breathed, eyes closing.

    “Drift,” I said, putting a hand on his thigh, and his head flopped to the side, completely under my spell.

    “You slut,” I told him. Was that too strong? Being drunk made it hard to pick the right words. “You love come. Love it. Such a horny little cumrag. You can’t get enough. Smearing it all over your body. Covering yourself. Letting it dry in your hair. Just a dirty smelly slimy come-covered slut.”

    “Fuuuuuck,” he whispered. His dick was tenting hard in his shorts. I reached over to rub it. Steven and I never played around before buy my inhibitions were down and apparently so were his.

    “You wanna?” I asked, rubbing his cock through his pants.

    “Cover me in come,” he whispered, still under my hypno.

    I must’ve blacked out right after I started sucking his dick. When I woke up the next morning, he was lounging naked on the couch, stroking himself.

    “Hey dude!” he called, seeing me stir. “Ready to go again?” He wiped some pre-come from his cock and licked it off his finger. My dick was already hard and drooling like his.

    “What… what happened?” I said.

    “You made me a fucking cumrag,” he said, rubbing his chest. Dried jizz crusted in his hair. “It’s fucking awesome. Thanks, dude.”

    “Oh… you’re welcome,” I said, rubbing my hard dick. I was normally shy about jerking off in front of guys, but for some reason I couldn’t stop.

    “And then I was so hungry for your come,” Steven went on, “so you hypnoed yourself! I didn’t even know you could do that?”

    “Oh fuck,” I said. “What did I do?” My hand was stroking faster and faster on my dick. Had to keep doing it. Couldn’t stop.

    “You made us a matching pair,” Steven smiled. “I’m your cumrag, and you’re my jizzmonkey!”

    “Your what?” I gasped, trying to stand – but I fell forward onto my knuckles, legs bowed out like a primitive ape.

    Steven laughed. “Come over here and give me your come, jizzmonkey,” he said, and I started knuckle-walking over to him, every thought evaporating from my mind except one: covering my best friend in as much come as I possibly could.

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    I saw the new guy moving in to the apartment across from mine when I came home from work. “Need a hand moving boxes?” I asked. He was super cute, and I wondered if he was gay.

    “Maybe,” he said, with a knowing smile. “Maybe I could definitely use a hand.”

    He beckoned me into the apartment, which had piles of boxes and furniture strewn around. He flopped back on the sofa, the air thick with the smell of his sweat, and pulled out his dick.

    “Oh, whoa,” I said staring at it, “I didn’t mean – I just thought –”

    “Freeze,” he said, and I instantly shut up. I couldn’t move. I was stuck.

    “I’m not gonna make you do anything you don’t wanna do,” he said. “But I can make you be 100% honest. Now. You like what you see, don’t you?”

    “Yes sir,” I said, before I could stop the words from leaving my mouth.

    “You a top or a bottom?” he asked.

    “Bottom, sir,” I blurted. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I control myself?

    “Are you a big slut?” he asked.

    “No, sir, I’m too shy,” I said, feeling the heat of my cheeks blushing. He laughed at that.

    “If I could take away all your shyness for one hour, what would you do?” he said, fingering his sexy cock.

    I didn’t know how to answer, but fortunately the words just flew out of my mouth without my having to think about them. “I’d suck your dick, sir, and worship your body, and make you come deep in my ass. I’d make you feel so good, after that hour you’d want to make me your fuckslave forever.”

    He smiled. “Let’s give that a try,” he said, and snapped his fingers. I felt dizzy for a moment, then realized I could move. And I knew the first thing I needed to to was tear off all my clothes.

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    The geek didn’t know what to expect when he started eating the gogo jock-out special. First his glasses changed to shades, then his T-shirt became a tank, all while his body filled with muscle and he got cocky and dumb with every bite. At a certain point it felt too good to keep his shirt on and keep his hands off his sensitve hot chest. Soon he won’t be able to stop feeling himself up and the urge to get up on the table, peel off his pants and gyrate his hips will take over. He’ll be a perfect new gogo boy for the club downstairs.



    Nate was helping tutor some of us Psi Alpha Alphas. He was a good dude and smart ass tutor too, but he was all stressed out all the time about making enough to meet the next tuition bill. So awesome guy that I am I decided to help him out. One quick pic in my new app was all I needed.

    I’m still getting the hang of the settings but it helps if you turn on the “naked filer” first. Makes it easier to check the progress, and damn did this scrawny ass dude need my help. I switched on auto correct to make things faster and started typing away. F-R-A-T-B-O-Y. With each letter his body stared to morph appropriately, putting on height and pounds that looked like they came from both pumping weights and chugging beers. In seconds a beefy new frat brother stood where the scrawny as Nate used to be. He was perfect but I couldn’t forget- he wanted some extra income and I knew just the thing. 

    As I typed he morphed again. While before he gained masculine mass, now he got both bigger and leaner. Pizza and kegstand body fat melted away into a fitness model physique perfect for his new gigs gyrating and thrusting at sorority girl houses, bachelorette parties, and local clubs. His ass also got noticeably rounder and cock massive enough to split out of any costume or thong. To finish things off I maxed out the “sex drive saturation” and watched as his already impressive cock became even thicker and permanently semi-hard. Finally for extra fun I dulled down the already low “cognitive brightness” to an extra low and grinned as his frozen features melted into a dull grin. Hit save and a backwards cap appeared on his head. The new Nate, fratboy stripper stud was good to go.

    I’m still craving to try out all the app settings so let me know if you want to apply.


    Hey I'm a college nerd and I am feeling way over stressed by my since classes, GPA, and just generally have a lot of anxiety. My boyfriend wants to help me out but can't always calm me down when I'm stressed, though I know he has a skater fetish. Can you please turn me into a dumb stoner skater so I can finally chill out and relax, and my boyfriend can get the kind of guy he wants out of it?

    One moment, you’re frantically cramming for your upcoming finals, and the next, you are standing outside, in the fog. The cold air is bracing against your skin, and you can see your breath misting up in front of your face. It’s spring. It shouldn’t be this cold. But that’s the least of your worries, as you’re in a city that you don’t recognize, at the corner of two streets that shouldn’t exist, in front of an imposing store front that is difficult to see through the haze.

    You could go anywhere that you want. You feel that you have that choice. You could turn around and leave, or you could follow either road that was behind you, but you don’t. Your feet carry you forward, and as you push open the door, and the bell rings, you realize with a start that you’re elsewhere again.

    You can feel the sun beating down on your back, but there’s a haze in front of your face again. At first, you find it weird, that the fog isn’t getting burned away by the bright daylight, but then you remember, silly you, that it isn’t fog. It’s smoke. You giggle to yourself, at first surprised to find how vapid and empty the sound is, only for the thought to slip promptly out of your grasp as you take another drag from the rolled up joint pressed between your lips.

    Your head feels fuzzy… Foggy… It feels wrong… At least until you inhale more smoke, and then it feels just right. You know that you’re not supposed to feel this slow, this dumb, but your thoughts are going at a snail’s pace right now, and you’re not about to win any awards for complex ideas. 

    You giggle as you realize that your ass is hanging out of your shorts. What are you doing thinking about smart stuff? What are you doing thinking about thoughts? Everyone knows that you’re not very good at those. For a moment, you feel as though that’s wrong, that you’re really a very intelligent student, but another puff of smoke makes that thought pop like a delicate soap bubble, sending a shiver of pleasure down your spine.

    “Hey babe,” someone says, as he comes up behind you and presses his crotch to your exposed ass, “thought I’d find you here… At your usual spot.” You giggle again, sounding so dumb, and so mindless, and so thoughtless that it makes your little dick hard. You grind your ass against your boyfriend’s hips and groan, begging for him to fuck you as you take another drag from your joint.

    All it takes for you to forget the rest of your previous life is the feeling of your boyfriend sliding his cock up and down your crack and into your tight little hole. It’s the best feeling in the world, and you could almost feel your brain melting into a little puddle of mush, trickling out the tip of your cock.

    Maybe you were looking for more of a temporary solution to your problem, a brief vacation, maybe, from all your smarts and all your anxiety, but doesn’t it feel so much better to be a good little stoned sexed-up, fucked-stupid slut for your boyfriend? Yeah. It does, doesn’t it?

    Not like you know any better now, anyway…

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    Thanks dude *giggle* me and him.are sooo happy now!

    This is Tim, although cute and small, he was arrogant and troublesome. His muscly roommate, Charlie, was his victim - always making fun of him for seeming braindead. It wasn’t specifically a nice thing to do, and the Doctor had no tolerance towards bullies, so one night, muttering incantations, the Doctor implanted dreams of Charlie’s naked body. Tim awoke with a jolt and covered in sweat. ‘Why the hell would I dream of that?’ he questioned himself. Looking at the clock to see it was 1am, he remembered Charlie was at the all night gym - on his way home now, most likely.

    Tim stood in the kitchen, sipping on some water, not knowing the Doctor was just in the other room, watching from the shadows with one of Charlies underwear in his hands. He walked through the lounge room at the perfect time - the Doctor finished a spell on one of Chris’ underwear that he took and jumped at Tim, covering his face with the underwear. Tim put up a struggle but gave in only seconds after being jumped, his mind going foggy before passing out. The Doctor dashed off as he heard the front door open.

    Tim woke up to the sound of the kettle, finding himself in the lounge room. He looked up to see Charlie making a cup of tea. Tim remembered having water and then it all going black. As he went to get up, Charlie turned around - making Tim sit back down. Charlie was only in his underwear, fresh out of the shower. 'So you want to tell me what you were doing with my jocks?’ Charlie asked. 'Why the hell would I touch your crap?’ Tim spat back. 'It was in your lap when I found you asleep in the middle of the room.’

    Flex, boy, a voice whispered into Charlies ear.
    'What did you say?’ Charlie asked Tim.
    'I never spoke, idiot,’ Tim answered.
    Flex and you’ll enjoy what
    s next.
    With a strong desire pulsing into Charlie, he lifted his arms and flexed.

    'What the hell are…..’ Tim started before his nostrils inhaled a strong smell - his dick going hard.
    Tim got up without another word and walked over to Charlie - Charlie keeping silent as he dropped one arm but kept flexing the other.
    'I.. I,’ Tim stuttered. The Doctors voice filled his head with chants of sniff him, worship him, obey him. 'I need you,’ he finally said, diving his nose into Charlies armpit - taking a deep whiff.

    He eagerly rubbed Charlies muscled body, groaning at how big he was, humping into Charlies leg as he continued to take in the smell. His independence dropped as his mind went hazy, forgetting all of the knowledge he learned in life. Charlie moaned as he gripped at Tims ass, enjoying this positive change for the once arrogant nerd. Charlie wasn’t surprised as Tim dropped to his knees and dropped Charlies underwear, slowly taking it into his mouth. Charlie gripped the back of Tims head and started to face fuck the small boy.

    'Take it, fag,’ he demanded. 'Take it all!’

    Picking Tim up after a while, Charlie took him to the bedroom and threw him down, allowing Tim to come back to him and worship his hard muscles.
    This is your life now, the Doctors voice filled Tims head.
    Tim accepted it as he found his ass up and a thick cock pounding into him as all he could do was continue to worship his new masters ballooning pecs. Charlie shoved his underwear in Tims face, Tim taking it and taking deep sniffs of it, moaning as his virgin ass tingled with mindblowing sensations.

    'You’re going to be my personal slut now,’ Charlie whispered in his ear. 'This is your place, bitch.’

    'Yes sir,’ Tim groaned as Charlie slapped his smooth ass. 'Always for you sir!’

    This was a request, hope you enjoyed xx

    On Tour

    “What are they doing in my bedroom? Why does it take so long?” mumbled Ben

    He raised his armpit, smelling some unfamiliar odor

    “Is this my smell? Fuck, I’m reek,”

    “Well, with biceps this massive, definitely it will reek. This biceps are not made over night tho,” he chuckled to himself, rubbing his abs

    “Wait…..this is not right…..since when do I have abs?”

    He patted his defined belly once more and then,

    “Yeah, I kinda stop working on my core, but it’s still there, better work on it before it becomes those silly looking beer gut,”

    “Fuck, what are they doing in my room? JAKE, ELLIOTT…….oh fuck, am I being too loud? Never expect my voice to be that deep……” said Ben, clearing his throat and then also his mind, “My voice is always been that deep, what is wrong with me this morning?”

    He stands up from the couch, heading to his room and at that very moment, his feet grow until it reaches a good size 13. Ripples of hair sprouted all over his now strong legs and quads and those leg days result also manifested in his now melon-sized butt that looked so round yet juicy at the same time. Expecting to found a pair of dweeb in his room, Ben stepped back for a moment when he sees Zach posing in front of the mirror with his perfectly jacked body only covered by overly loose pink tank top

    Then all in a sudden, another huge guy, Loic, stuffed in his clearly too small hoodie that smelled like extreme workout popped behind Ben and said

    “Move inside, fag,”

    They grin ear to ear when they see Ben, a huge bottom to fulfill their hunger for sex during their tour all around USA to compete in one bodybuilding competition to the other. It’s always perfect to bring your own personal slut during a long road trip

    Transformative Tattoo Artist

    I had a bad feeling when I found out that the tattoo artist my boyfriend had booked an appointment with was actually my high school bully but I presumed I was just being petty and not letting go of the past. I didn’t even think that Caleb recognized me and I certainly wasn’t going to bring up that he used to throw me into dumpsters and shut me in lockers. High school had been a pretty traumatic experience for me and I wasn’t eager to relive it any time soon.

    My boyfriend could tell that there was something wrong the moment we got home from booking the appointment. I confessed my history with his new tattoo artist and unsurprisingly Kyle just shook his head and laughed. “That was years ago now, babe,” he reminded me, “I’m sure he’s a different man entirely now.” To reassure me he placed a kiss on the end of my nose and even though I still felt uneasy I didn’t want to make a bigger issue out of it than I had to.

    In retrospect I absolutely should have insisted that Kyle had to go to somebody else to get inked. I’d had a bad feeling about Caleb who had always been a homophobic jerk when we were at school but I had no idea what kind of damage he could really do to my relationship. 

    You see, magic isn’t really something I’d ever considered to be a reality - much less magic-infused tattoos. It was obvious from the moment Kyle returned back to our shared apartment that there was something supernatural about what had happened to him because he had somehow transformed into a man I hardly recognized. While he had always been lean and enjoyed a good jog around the city every few days, he was now sporting strong muscles that pushed his shirt to the very limit as it tried to contain him. His jawline was a little squarer and his hair had both thickened and become shorter as he sport the same well-groomed look I had seen on the preppy guys I worked with. 

    My gaze was immediately drawn to the full sleeve tattoo down his right arm and I gasped. “You said it was only going to be one small tattoo!” I protested, trying not to think about how big Kyle’s biceps bulged when he shifted his arms. Even his left arm had a skull tattoo on the forearm which wasn’t his style at all!

    Kyle frowned back at me, tilting his head to the side and running his gaze up and down me. There was a look in his eye that I could only consider to be disgust and it made a shiver run down my spine. What was going through my boyfriend’s head now I’d left him alone with Caleb for an extended period of time? I was certain that it wasn’t good.

    “You got a problem, bitch?” he growled, his voice far deeper than I was expecting. Was there no limit to his changes? It was becoming more and more clear with every passing second that this was no longer the man I had fallen in love with. I wanted to confront Caleb but what was I going to say? There has to be a way to get my Kyle back…

    “What did he do to you?” I whined, backing away as he advanced, ripping his shirt off to reveal a muscle-packed torso with another tattoo of Latin words adorning the lower left side. “Come on Kyle, it’s me. You know who I am, right?” I pleaded, wondering just how far the magic had affected him.

    “Yeah, you’re the slut I keep around to get me off whenever I want it,” he snapped it, reaching out to force me down onto my knees. The sheer display of his masculine power had me strangely aroused and I couldn’t bring myself to fight back. Instead I told myself that the only way to get my Kyle back was to keep him on my side in the meantime while I investigated. Besides, I was strangely curious to see if the magic had made his cock any bigger.

    Suddenly eager to please him, I began to unbuckle his pants and admire just how much of a muscular stud those tattoos had made Kyle. He looked every bit like the dangerous bad boy I’d always lusted after but never been confident to make a move on so maybe there was a small part of me that was enjoying this for some bizarre reason.

    “It’s a good thing you look so good on your knees,” he grunted, forcing his cock between my lips and starting to fuck my mouth. “My buddy Caleb’s coming around later so you better be on your best behavior. Who knows, maybe I’ll even ask him to tattoo a tramp-stamp on you…”

    Fuck. Letting Caleb tattoo something on me sounded like a surefire way of losing my identity just like Kyle had. Then again - would it really be so bad?


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    Jim didn’t realize until it was too late that he’d just read a Dumbslut spell. He thought the spellbook was safe, but as soon as the words left his mouth he felt his body swell with muscle, his mind draining.

    “Help!” he shrieked from the bedroom, and I rushed in to see him squirming on the bed, pulling off his pants.

    “What did you do?” I said.

    “I read a Dumbslut spell!” he whined. “Oh fuck dude, I gotta get fucked!”

    As I watched, his ass grow large and round and soft and fuckable, his body hair evaporating as he arched his back.

    “Just relax,” I said, trying not to panic. “There must be a reversal spell in there.”

    “I don’t wanna read,” he said, humping the bed, “I just want your cock in me.”

    “Concentrate, Jim!” I said. “Find the reversal!”

    “I’m not Jim, I’m Jimmy,” he said, his voice high and stupid. He looked at the book. “I know what I’ll do.” And he read another spell.

    I felt dizzy for a minute, then looked down and saw to my shock that I was naked. My body was growing thick with hair and strength, bulking up as I stared at myself.

    “Jim, what did you do?” I gasped. He didn’t answer, but backed his ass up toward me. “Jimmy,” I rumbled. My voice grew deeper, my jaw square, my cock plumping.

    “You gonna fuck me now?” he asked.

    “Fuck now,” I grunted, falling forward onto my knuckles and walking over to him on all fours, climbing over his fucky body as I grew huge and horny and so very stupid.

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    I was about to walk into the conference room to defend my thesis when the stripper curse struck. One minute I was dressed in a suit and tie with a briefcase under my arm, and then there was flash of light and my clothes began to disintegrate, my body heaving as muscle grew. The professional outfit I’d picked out shrunk around my hairless body until I was wearing nothing more than a thong, and a cap and sunglasses appeared on my head. I looked down to the papers in my hand to see that they’d turned into a toy basketball, and suddenly all of my research and knowledge was gone. In its place was my job as a sporty jock stripper, obsessed with putting my tongue on balls.

    “We’re ready for you,” called a voice from inside the conference room, and I confidently strode in to begin my act.

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