Chris was somewhat of a nerdy guy, small, weak, pale, hated being outside or doing anything active. He was currently in a graduate program for chemistry. One day he woke up same as always and got ready for class but when he went into his closet all his shoes were gone. Replaced with one pair of size 13 soccer cleats, far to big for his average sized 7 feet. But he couldn’t go to class with no shoes on so against his better judgement he tried to fit the big shoes on his feet as best he could and was about to leave when suddenly he felt strange.

    It started with a numbing, pins and needles feeling in his feet as they suddenly exploded in size growing and stretching to fill the cleats until in just a few minutes they fit perfectly. The feeling spread up his legs as they grew bigger with muscle and started to stretch, getting longer and taller as a tan started to spread. His socks started to grow longer and crawl up his legs while his khakis changed length and material, turning red and shrinking into a pair of shorts. The numb tingly feeling left his feet and legs and moved to his chest where a pair of pecs swelled and his stomach fat shrunk away to give way to a flat stomach. His spine expanding and growing also adding to the new height his legs just gave him. The tan also spread through his chest and arms as they also grew some muscle but most of his strength was in his core and legs from running and kicking and balancing himself in soccer…Wait in soccer? That made no sense didn’t he hate sports? No way why the fuck did he think that, soccer was his life! The changes started spreading to his head as his face rearranged, becoming handsomer and more manly. His hair became shorter as his skull got harder and tougher from hitting the soccer ball with his head more then a few times. His brain physically shrinking as it drained of all his graduate work and he started to get younger, until he was 20 years old.

    He forgot a ton of information from college and high school but new memories took their place. He was a soccer star back in high school and earned a full ride sports scholarship for college. His major was sports science since it was easy enough and the only thing that really applied to what he was doing. His dressy button up shirt softened and morphed into a plain white t-shirt.

    Finally the tingling feeling died down and his apartment morphed around him into a college dorm. Shit he was gonna be late! He headed down to the field for soccer practice. After several long hours of practice he got changed in the locker room and changed out of his now smelly cleats. Later in the day when he went to a class something came over him and on autopilot he took the cleats out of his backpack and into the backpack of the math nerd sitting in front him, something about the guy seemed familiar, did they used to be friends? Impossible but somehow, almost by instinct he knew by tomorrow he’d have a new best bud at practice…

    Corey was jealous of his big stupid brother off living in a dorm. His parents loved him even though all he cared about were his muscles, his parties and his girls. One day Corey found a spell online that would help him steal his brothers perfect life. Reciting it in his room alone one night he felt a pleasant warmth that let him know it was working. It started with his brothers big feet bursting out from his small tennis shoes and his legs itching and growing manly hair all over while they swelled with thick muscles from playing soccer for the school team. His arms grew into pythons of thick muscle with big brutish hands and his flimsy pokemon shirt ripped off to reveal his brothers bulging, bouncing pecs and perfect abs. “Yes” he shouted in a deep voice while his face matured and hair darkened and shortened “I’m fucking sexy with these muscles dude… I’m… shit I’m thinking like Trevor” he paniced as his dick grew huge and hard in his new shorts and a backwards cap appeared on him, the room melted away into his new dorm while his smart brain was squished into his brothers dumb jock one “duh of course of Trevor huhuhuh why would I ever think I was my lame geek bro Corey?” The new Trevor flashed a cocky grin thinking of what hot girl he might call over tonight.