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    hey can you write a story about an uptight workaholic who goes to a beach and is turned into a dumb barefoot surfer bro with a foot fetish? please and thank you!

    Peter Wilson was stressed beyond belief. He was a stock broker and constantly dealing with the stress of life. He was obsessed with his work to the point were he was a workaholic who barely did anything other than work. But eventually his boss forced him to take a vacation. So there he was on a Florida beach, wearing closed toed shoes, cargo pants, and a button up polo shirt. The closest things to casual wear he had. But as he sat there grumbling to himself a 19 year old looking surfer guy in a wet suit shirt and board shorts walked up to him "bro why you wearing shoes on a beach" and before Peter could answer the guy bent down and pulled his shoes off. He was possed and got up to chase the guy for his shoes back but as his feet touched the hot sand they started to tingle. He stopped and looked down at them starting to wiggle them in the sand. He watched as they pulse out, growing larger and wider. The toes strengthening to support better balance, the toes spread out with some gaps between them like they haven't been cramped up in tight dress shoes for decades. The soles of his feet started to calus up and harden until he could walk on burning hot sand and concrete without even feeling it. They started to get tan as the tan itched and spread up his legs as the muscles grew and strengthened. His ass firms up and his cock grew longer and thicker while his pants turned into board shorts. The tan moved up his chest, his slight gut sucked in and carved out into abs while his chest puffed into lean pecs. His arms got tanned as they muscled up and his whole body got stronger and younger while he grew taller to 6'5 and his muscles adapted to swimming, surfing and maintaining balance. His hair turned blond and grew out and messy his shirt grew longer and older and unbuttoned to show off his hot chest as his age settled at 19. But he could barely pay any attention to his hot changing bod because he was too busy admiring his feet. He couldn't help but grin as years of education, work, and stress faded from his mind, replaced by surfing, drinking, smoking weed, and... feet. He looked around at everyone else being barefooted and felt himsekf getting hard thinking about getting foot jobs from hot guys. His fantasies multiplied as Pete grinned like an idiot and ran off to get his board by his friend.


    I'm 21 male that is half white and half native hawaiian and have a hard time embracing my native hawaiian heritage since I wasn't raise in it. Could you please transform me into a full blooded native Hawaiian that is proud of his culture and customs

    I don't think I've done anything like this one before so I hope it's good.

    Dylan stared at his blank family heritage report for class. His dads side of the family was from Hawaii but that wasnt reflected in the young man who was slighty pale and nerdy in appearance. He wasn't very fit and hadn't been raised in Hawaii or exposed to much Hawaiin culture. He went into the attic to check out his familys stuff and found his grandfathers surfboard. Brushing off the dust he felt an electric shock enter him from the board. Muscles began to inflate in his arms and legs and his pecs strained against his shirt. "Dude what the fuck is happening?" He yelled out in a slow and dumber voice. His shirt finally gave away and he ripped it off with ease. His small nerdy shoes tore open to reveal big, strong surfer feet and his hair grew long and messy to frame his beautiful face that was now 100% Hawaiin. Any signs of the white blood in him faded as his skin tanned and darkened to the type of tan that only came from genes. He pulled out some board shorts and a necklace that he found and put them on, loving his heritage now, wanting to smoke and surf and forgetting all about gaming and nerdy stuff. Remembering surfing, dances, hawaiin language and things to please the ancient island gods. "Dude that was sweet!"


    Spirits of Halloween part 1

    Kevin was always jealous of his older brother Tom. Tom was a surfer and a stoner who had skipped so much school their parents had low expectations of him amd had just given up. He was dumb and relaxed all the time, always had guys and girls over and just surfed. He seemed to have it made. Compared to Kevin who was an overachiever straight A student and had finished high school with a 4.0 amd honor society membership. His parents always pressured him to do well, calling him their "future doctor" since middle school.

    So when Halloween came around as a jock he stole a pair of his brothers board shorts and got a tan colored t shirt on to be a surfer for halloween. Tom didnt notice as he was watching horrod movies with his latest date. Kevin had a lot of fun until midnight struck just when he got home. A strange pulse of energy went through him and a few others as the spirits of halloween had their last prank for the year.

    He looked down and felt strange as his shirt vanished along with his shoes, socks, and underwear. Leaving him in just the boardies. His body hair faded as his muscles grew and stretched and flexed into attractive lean muscle. His skin took on a tan and his hair grew longer and started to turn blondish. He was shocked as his hands and feet grew and his core strength improved for better balance. He was confused and about to scream when he noticed his dick starting grow longer and thicker in his shorts and began stirring as hormones and intense horniness filled him. He grined confidently as his IQ dropped along with his balls dropping further and he started to crave the weed he was smelling from his bro. Picturing hot guys and girls and sexy surfers. He moaned and started jerking off right then and there and once he busted his nut the old nerd Kevin has gone forever...replaced with Kyle the hot surfer and best bros with his bro.


    Bit of a nerd - wondering if you could make me a dumb surfer bro?

    I don’t usually do transformations, I like something with a bit more of a plot; but I’ll give it a shot…

    Story Request - Nerd to Surfer

    As you headed to the beach, your greasy hair getting beaten by the sea winds, you noticed a long board sitting straight up out of the sand, no one around in sight. As you got closer to it you feel a calling. Moving closer you feel you need to touch it.

    Reaching out towards the board, your puny arm shaking, you let your fingers graze it gently when the board begins to glow. As you try to pull your fingers away you notice they are stuck and your palm gets pulled right onto the surface of the board. 

    The glow begins to travel from the board up your hand as it travels up your arm. It feels strange, yet unusually erotic at the same time as you let a moan escape your mouth. Your forearm begins to thicken followed by your bicep as it begins to expand and bulge with muscle. 

    The light traveling to your upper body and down to your lower as the light begins to fill your very core. Your pecs erupting outward from your flat chest as hair sprouts across the thick pillows of flesh. Your abdominal area begins to become sculpted as an adonis belt forms leading down to your covered lower body.

    The light traveling through your other arm. Your bicep expanding in size to match the already sculpted left arm. A tattoo burning into your skin as the light pushes its way to your forearm as well.

    While all this is going on, your face is being remolded as your nose becomes a bit more crooked from all the injuries you’ve taken in your Surfing carreer. Your cheeks and chin become a perfect jaw as stubble begins to form and the hair grows and grows, filling out to a rugged beard across your face. Your greasy hair becomes slick wet, and starts to shorten into one more managable for your new love of the waves. 

    Your thighs and calves thickening slowly as your cock inches its way down your wetsuit, giving you a nice bulge that will make all your nerd buddies jealous. 

    Nerd buddies, what nerd buddies. Your a surfer bro now… The changes come to a halt, as you pull the board up under your hairy pit, spotting your buddies across the beach you make your way towards them. It’s time to surf…


    A perfect example of one of Eros’ victims was Chris. He was a physics major in college but spent a lot of time online doing roleplays and looking at art of dumb surfer himbos. Always shirtless and barefoot and covered in sweat and sand and sea water. He just loved that fantasy. He had a few dreams about becoming one but of course new he was on his way to his degree, then grad school where he planned to specialize in astrophysics and then his overall goal of working for NASA, so he knew he would never actually trade his success and potential away to be a dumbass.

    While he was out studying on the beach one day, he found himself distracted looking at hot guys. He noticed there was some kind of recruitment table set up for some modeling thing. He stared at it longingly as he noticed the hot guys gathered around. And it was like that, staring and half drooling that Mr. Ross noticed him and walked over, a mischievous grin on his face.

    "Hey there dude" he said to Chris in a deep, almost hypnotic voice. "Couldn't help but notice you staring, you thinking of trying out?" Chris? Try out for a modeling firm? The very idea was ridiculous, he was pale with short black hair, glasses and he was very thin, not muscular or attractive at all, not completely unattractive either but he was the type that could blend into a crowd of people as an average person. "Uh no I was just um" he struggled for the right words to say. "Just admiring my employees?" Mr. Ross said with a grin. "I mean you could use some work but you can definitely come try out" and suddenly Chris wanted to, he stood up and when he did the older man wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

    When this happened Chris felt a sudden warm, pulsing energy flow through his body. The energy ripped through his body and as they walked his muscles burned like he was getting an intense workout. His leg muscles flexed and burned as they sculpted themselves into perfect swimmer legs. His feet began to crack and stretch until they grew to huge size 13, breaking the strap of his flip flops leaving him barefoot. He felt all of this but was being dragged along by the ancient god who was telling him all about the joys of surfing and sex and the beach. The man's voice was hypnotic to the point that Chris couldn't escape his grasp or even struggle, or call for help from the beach goers. His ass bubbled out and grew nice and firm as his mind was blasted with waves of pleasure while his dick grew longer and thicker and regrew it's foreskin. His very thin stomach filled out with muscle and a six pack formed while his body hair retracted. His pecs pushed out until he had a sexy, lean torso. The man's arm moved while Chris' shoulders grew wider. The warm energy spread to his arms while they flexed with muscle. Especially in the biceps. His neck changed while his Adams apple got bigger. "You won't be needing these" the man said, pulling off Chris' glasses while his face molded into a much sexier version of itself and his hair turned blond and styled itself up.

    The god snapped his fingers and Chris' clothes changed, his shirt vanished into thin air along with his boxers, his shorts turning into blue board shorts with stripes. And a snapback cap appeared backwards on his head

    "You are a Hot, sexy, dumb, bi himbo surfer now. Surfing is your life, you live for the surf and the sand and sea" the ancient sexual being said to Chris "your new name is Chad and your the fucking king of the surf. You love to get naked, you love to fuck and get fucked and you love showing off your hot bod" and as all this was said Chris' mind was overwhelmed by the new Chad persona until there was nothing left

    "So you ready for the photo shoot dude?" Mr Ross asked his newest thrall "Huhuhuh sure bruh!" Chad replied as he got into pose. This was the first of many pictures, the advertisement, if people bought the July addition, they would get to see his nudes.

    Jared couldn’t remember very much about last night’s beach party, but he knew that he had, like, a whole new purpose now. Forget about going back to school after break, he and the other guys were gonna stay on the beach, like, forever, and have parties every night. And in the day, just lay out on the beach and surf and just be naked all the time. 

    Cause for some reason, he didn’t want to wear clothes anymore. Except maybe some board shorts if he went out to get some food, or to meet some cool dudes to invite to their beach parties. Cause that was real important too, now, finding hot young dudes and bringing them to the party. Jared just knew somehow it would change their whole, like, outlook on life, and then they could hang together. And maybe fuck.

    Huh, he hadn’t realized he was into fucking dudes until now. But that was cool. No, more than cool: awesome. He looked over at Ron, who was taking off his board shorts, and then at their buds playing out in the water, and his dick started to get hard. 

    “Dudes, wait up for me!” he called, then ran out to join in the fun…


    Michael, a.k.a @mybois2 was a bigger guy, bigger than he wanted to be. He had a things for shorter, smoother guys who were muscular but not too muscular.  He works retail because he can’t find a job with his theatre degree, I could hear his desire like a fog horn on a cold dead night. 

    I appeared in his town and created a space between the Kebob shop and the House of Mirrors, it was a weird little strip mall. I made a store that would cater the type of guy Michael wanted to be, I named it Evan Bro’s Surf and Skate, filled it with snapbacks , surfer equipment, and skater equipment. He was going to love it, snapped my fingers and some popular music began to play and an intoxicating cologne was pumped into the streets.   

    Michael walked by, not remembering seeing this store before, he was intrigued. I could see the store call to him like a Siren on a rocky crag in ocean. His ship would crash into the gloaming and would be lost forever. 

    He walked in and I greeted him with a “what’s up, mate? How are ya?” Of course, I was dressed so well and shirtless that Michael couldn’t contain himself. 

    He stammered, “ uhh I’m, I’m, jjjust lookking, ttthanks.” 

    “You let me know if I can help you, bro. Name’s Evan.” I smirked

    He quickly turned around and begin to frantically look busy. He spotted a pair of shorts and grabbed them off the shelf, running into the changing room. Michael took a breathe and looked at himself in the mirror. Unconsciously, he was undressing himself and putting on the shorts.

    The power of the shorts hit him, and he began to feel weird and tingly all over.  He watched in awwwe as he seemed to lose weight, it was literally melting away. His skin was tightening as well as he began to develop muscles, his abs began to pop out and pecs gained definition. He had never had muscle like this before. He could feel his legs become powerful and strong form the skating and the surfing, he looked more like a gogo dancer than a theatre person. As he changed, he started to feel unstable, he felt as if he was getting closer to the floor. He went from a good 6′2″ to a 5′9. He was dumbfounded, he came out and started to question me.  

    “Dude, brah-man, what the fuck just happened?” He said before he clasped his hands over his mouth not recognizing his words or his own deep voice. 

    “What are you talking about, mate” I circled him like a shark, “ I like those shorts on you.” I told him with my Cheshire grin. 

    I turned to the hat rack, and found one that would fit him nicely. “Hear, put this on, “ I said slamming it down before he could protest. 

    Michael could feel his mind in something like a mixer, the once 26 year old was losing the memories of the last 7 years of his life. He remembered just turning 19 yesterday, and getting recruited by a modelling firm and a connected gay club. College never happened for Mike, naw, it wasn’t his thing. 

    He fel another change, as his muscles grew once more and his face became stronger and a little more cut. He felt a chinstrap push its way through his skin, as his muscles expanded a little more. Mark was now a confident young gogo boy who you might see in a magazine or on a billboard. He loved to walk around shirtless, because he knew the guys were checking him out. 

    There was no shortage of sex for Mark, yeah, he isn’t as bright as he was before; that’s okay though. He was 1,000 times happier as a smooth hot stud, being objectified for pleasure. 

    I flipped the open sign over and took him in the back to break in that new body. 


    Hey are you still taking transformation applications? Just found this blog and it's great. I was wonder if you could turn my into a dumb himbo surfer? I'm white, 5'9 and a little on the fat nerdy side, but I'd love to be a tall tanned lean surfer dude!

    “Alright dude, welcome to the Amalia Aquatics Center. We have been looking for more surf instructors and you are the man for the job. The name’s Kellan and I’ll be your boss.”

    You look at the tall surfer guessing he had to be about 6′7″, almost a foot taller than you. His muscles are lean and his skin is tan. He looks like a stereotypical, but tall and slightly more built, surfer. He even spoke like one. Hardly the professional you were expecting from what you saw at the front desk.

    “I’m just here to help you get used to your job. I’m sure it won’t take long for you to fit in, brah.” He chuckled, “Now why are you wearing a shirt?”

    You look down, a little embarrassed for even trying this. You look back up at Kellan and he his simply looking back at you with a smirk on his face. Your eyes look down at the beginnings of moobs and gut pushing at your shirt. 

    “You want to be a surfer or what?”

    You grip the hem of your shirt in frustration. Struggling to pull it  off, you finally do, red in the face. Kellan is just chuckling, “See that wasn’t so hard.”

    A blush fills your cheeks again. You look down at your lean, tanned torso wondering why you wouldn’t want your shirt off. You love going shirtless. 

    “And we like our surfers to be blonde. Longer hair is preferred.”

    You run a hand through your hair, remembering you got it died a few weeks ago.


    “Oh and the clients usually like a big cock. From your swimsuit I see no problem there.”

    You smirk, thinking of the 7-inch soft torpedo in your swimsuit.

    “And our surfers always love getting fucked as a tip instead of cash.”

    Your ass suddenly feels very hungry and your cock grows to a full 9 inches at the idea at your prospects for sex. Not that your brain even knows what a word like “prospects” means anymore.

    “So dude I think your ready to start.”

    You smile dumbly, not even realizing you had changed, “Awesome dude.”


    Hot thanks bruh

    Charlie grinned triumphantly as he snuck back into his room carrying his stupid older brother’s big stupid flip flops. His ‘lucky’ flip flops he called them. Despite being only 2 years apart, Charlie 16 and Barry 18 the two had drifted far apart since Barry got those flip flops, they used to both be pretty small nerdy guys and play a lot of video games together but now Barry was a loud dumb surfer jock that only cared about his board and getting some cali girls on his dick. Once Barry got those things it was almost instant, he started hanging out with some surfer types, going to the beach and working out and surfing with them. Spending less and less time on school and video games. The two haven’t been close ever since. “What does he see in these gross things?” Charlie wondered. He could smell them from his hand, a sweaty, musky smell, “when were they last washed?!” He wondered. The plan was to hide them in his room to get back at Barry for basically abandoning him. However, he felt a sudden strange urge to test them out, despite the size 13 flip flops being way too big for his size 8 feet. The urge only grew stronger and stronger however and soon the young nerd was eagerly ripping off his shoes and socks and thrusting his feet into the lucky red flip flops.

    Suddenly a bolt of energy shot through him and his feet twitched and cracked, growing and spreading out, wider, longer, tanner and older until they were big surfer feet just like his brothers and fit the flip flops so perfectly they couldn’t come off! Charlie pulled and pulled in panic and confusion as the energy rushed through him, covering his body in a healthy glow and aging him. He grew bigger and taller, his boyish body broadened with tanned, toned muscles that ached to be stretched and flexed. His small pikachu shirt tore to pieces to reveal his beautiful, well developed chest where his small chub had vanished and his pecs bounced out. He groaned as his voice deepened and changed to be a slow cali surfer voice. His dark, greasy hair sprouting out into a lighter, fuller mane that smelled of sex and the sea. His jeans ripped as his bronzed muscular legs broke through and stretched to make him taller as they got hairier. His poor nerdy brain didn’t stand a chance as the flip flops fried his mind, shrinking it and removing all thoughts and intelligence making him a brainless surfer himbo just like his brother. “Haha sweet dude!” The new Chuck blurted out, he felt his dick surge in his newly formed board shorts, becoming thick and heavy and ready to party. He just needed to find his twin bro. Hopefully he wouldnt mind him borrowing his lucky flip flops, he really felt like getting lucky today…

    Picture from cyoc.

    Alexander was excited as he got on the plane for his first study abroad trip. He was a Junior in college and a Marine Biology major so when he heard about a trip to Australia he just had to go. Alexander was by all definitions of the word, a nerd. He wore glasses, was short, pale, had no muscles, and his dirty blond hair was always combed very neatly.

    After landing and settling into the dorm rooms he was sent by the professor to a field collection right away at the beach. He changed into a pair of swim shorts and a t-shirt so he would ruin any regular clothes. When he got there though he didn’t see anyone from the trip, just a bunch of stereotypical Aussie surfer types joking around with each other.

    As soon as the water hit his legs though he felt a strange heat flood his body. It started with his feet which cracked and snapped as they grew larger from his average size 8s to big size 13s, perfect for balancing on a board, he thought before catching himself, where had that thought come from? His legs started to get a little taller and thicker with muscle. They itched as dark black hair grew from them and a healthy tan spread across them. He felt things change further up as his cock grew thicker and longer going from 3 inches soft to 6. His upper legs and ass started to grow muscle, all of it looking lean to keep balance but he was definitely active. The waves started to hit his chest, soaking his shirt and as it stuck to him he could see his stomach flatten and carve out into a decent 6 pack. His chest also slimmed out and pushed out into lean pecs as every muscle in his body ached and flexed as if gaining years of use and experience in minutes. His torso grew taller and his arms grew longer as they gained lean muscles as well. A lighter dusting of hair grew in them as his tan spread.

    He was scared and confused this whole time as the changes spread up and his neck got thicker “what the fucks goin’ on mate!” He shouted uncontrollably, shocked by his cursing and sudden slang as his voice got a little deeper and slower, taking on an Australian accent. “Where’s my board dude?” He blurted, his voice was now slower, more relaxed sounding and had less intelligence behind it now, sounding very easy going. His face rearranged into a handsome look, his eyes improved and he threw his glasses off because they got blurry, he lost them in the water “why was I wearin’ those?” He wondered out loud. His hair turned black and wet and grew out longer becoming messy. Finally he felt his brain shrinking away as he got younger, going from 21 to 18. His interests shifted from marine biology, anime, and comics to surfing, hiking, and drinking with his mates! He could feel himself caring less about education and more about having fun! He was losing the thing he was most proud of, his intelligence, and there was nothing he could do about it as it all faded away… Alex went back to shore and pulled off his wet t-shirt, exposing his hot toned chest, why has he gone into the water without his board? He wondered and as he ran up to join his buddies and grab his board he was a bunch of people with some kinda nets and equipment come to the beach, all talking in American accents, he heard someone say something about study abroad, ha more power to them, Alex wouldn’t be caught dead at a university, he already dropped out of high school but it didn’t matter he was looking at professional sponsorships in surfing contests, if he played his cards right he could be set up for an awesome life of parties and hotties! Who needs college when you got looks and skills?


    “Size 14 flip flops and a shell necklace”

    “Yeah, dude, you should try these on”, Calvin says as he hands Dave the size 14 flip flops and a shell necklace. Dave takes them and looks at them; “I don’t know, these are huge! They are like twice the size of my feet! Plus, the flip flops kinda smell like they have been used!” “I know man, it will be funny! Go put them on”, he says as he pushes Dave into a dressing room. Dave looks in the mirror and shrugs, Why not? He quickly shucks his shirt and slides the necklace over his shirt, the shell hanging on his bare chest. He then takes off his sneakers and socks, putting on the giant flip flops. It felt a like an electric shock run through his body, and Dave groaned. His feet begin to feel like they are cramping. He groans as he feels his feel swell larger. His eyes bulge out as he sees his toes and feet stretching larger and bigger. Within a few seconds, he sees his feet fit perfectly in his size 14 flip flops. “Whoa!”, he says, feeling his new huge feet! Dave gasps as he sees thick blonde clumps of hair sprout out on the good of his feet and even on his toes. It was a sharp contrast to his brown hair. Dave sniffs the air and notice his new feet were kind of stinky. As he was examining his new feet, his next changes struck. He felt his legs swelling, stretching longer, making him taller. Muscles formed, giving him muscular and vascular legs. His brown leg hair sucked into his body, being replaced with much more blonde hair. Within seconds his legs at covered in a veritable jungle of blonde hairs. Dave felt his and contract and ache, so he groaned and grabbed them. He could feel his abs becoming hard and defined under his hand! Soon, he had a six pack of rock hard abs! Plus, he noticed a sparse trail of blonde hair creeping up past his shorts and around his navel! Dave stood back up and noticed he was now taller! His torso was stretching out too! He looked down and saw more hair around his belly button. The hairs were getting much thicker! Just then, it felt like Dave was simultaneously having an incredible orgasm and getting kicked in the balls! He moaned in pleasure and pain as he shocked his shorts. He saw a huge bulge in his boxers, much bigger than before. Diving his hands down the front he feels there is a lot more to him than before! He shucks the boxers as well, leaving them to in a pile on the floor next to his huge, hairy feet. Dave gasps at what he sees! A huge cock dangles from his groin, jutting out from a huge tangled jungle of blonde pubes. It was at least 8 inches soft.  He grasps it in his hands, feeling the girth. He let out a small moan. He see that his balls as well were much bigger, although they were hard to see with all his pubes now. Examining his cock, Dave notices that he now that a foreskin over his head. He touches it, and shivers from the sensation. His rod begins to pump full of blood, slowly filling with blood. He looks down and notice that the blond fur was travelling up his torso. His stomach was already covered in a thick rug. Dave spied thick blonde hairs spreading up his forearms too! It was so thick, and it made his arms look so manly. He notices veins pumping up and down his arms as well. He groans as he feels his biceps plump up, slowly becoming larger and harder. Soon enough, Dave had fully developed biceps, with muscular hairy arms. Suddenly, Dave felt a strong itching sensation under his arms. He reached to scratch them and notices a thick blonde bush sticking out of his pits, and it was still growing! His chest begins to itch as well, as thick hairs squirm out in the center and.around his nipples. Dave feels his chest puff up, slowly swelling with muscle. This was insane! He rubbed his hands over his pecs as they slowly swelled up to the size of an NFL player. He also felt all the hair growing as well, quickly becoming a thick rug. His shell necklace was almost totally lost in the thick curly hairs. He scratched his armpit again, noting the hair was even thicker. Dave noticed he was starting to smell a bit like BO too. As his chest finished growing, and the rug on his chest stopped in it’s growth, he grabbed his huge rod, which was fully hard. He grasped it in his now huge, calloused, hairy hands. He moaned as he pumps up and down. Dave felt thick blonde stubble sprout all over his face, giving him a thick scruff. His facial features became more brutish and masculine. After stroking his erection for a few moments, Dave was about to cum, he leaned his head back and moaned as a huge load shot out of his new cock. As he moaned, he felt a huge pressure in the.back of his neck. A massive, prominent Adams apple grows out of his neck. Dave moans again, his huge Adams apple bobbing up and down. Dave is statyled by how deep and masculine his moan was. He shot another load all over himself. As he orgasmed, his brain felt funny. He was finding it harder to think. He shot another load and a dumb look came over him. It almost felt like his brain was shrinking! After his huge orgasm had subsided, Dave sat there, naked and panting. A stupid look dawned on his scruffy face. A string of drool dribbled down his lip. “Duuuude. That felt fucking awesome”, He said to himself in his new deep,voice.  Dave searched his mind for what he was doing in this dressing room? Why wasn’t he at the beach with his surf board? He was missing killer waves right now! Plus all the hot girls were at the beach! Dave pulled up his boxers and pants, showing off an obscene bulge in his pants. He slipped into his size 14 flip flops. He opens the door and exits, heading straight for the beach. Dave was now a 25 year old surfer, dumb as a box of rocks, with his mind only able to think about fucking and surfing. He kind of stunk, showing off the fact that basic hygiene was out of the realm of Dave’s intellect. He walked out of the store as a massive, hung, hairy surfer stud, 6 foot 3, and 230 pounds. Dave headed for the beach, and headed to his new life.


    Hot as hell

    Christopher was tired of it all. He was 16 and in sophomore year of high school but he was already stressed. He was smart but school wasn't something he particularly enjoyed even though he could do it. It didn't come as easy to him as it did others, he could get A or B grades but it was a struggle. His guidance counselor, his parents, everyone was pressuring him to go to college, even society expects him to go to get a good job. That idea was horrifying to him he sort of just wished he could skip ahead to after college and be done with it. One day when his parents were both working he decided to stop homework for a bit and take the dog for a walk. He walked by the beach and decided to go there and listen to the water and relax, he was way too stressed for a teenager. He let the dog loose a little bit and looked out to the water. His dog quickly came back with a hat in his mouth, "what did you find boy?" Christopher asked taking the hat. He decided to put it on but once he did it twisted itself around as he felt a sudden pain in his body as he started to get taller and his spine fixed itself into a bit of a slouch. His muscles started to bulge out from his skinny frame. His pecs pushed out, becoming more square and firm, his nipples getting bigger. He wasn't huge like some body builder but a nice firmness, lean and strong as a 6 pack began to pop out one at a time until he had a nice firm almost cobblestone stomach. His skin got tanner as he started getting dumber and feeling a great relief as all the stress started to go away. His academic skills starting to slip away, but he wasn't worried he was more then happy to let it slip away. His glasses darkened and turned into sunglasses as his shirt vanished exposing his hot lean torso and his jeans turned into a pair of boardies and his shoes also vanished. He got broader and his face started to age a bit as his whole life was getting reshaped. The now 24 year old Chris flashed himself a big dumb grin, he was way too lazy for college but it didn't matter he got sponsored for surfing on contests, he hated school so much and he's so glad he has a skill that doesn't require school at all. (Picture from classicbros)


    Wayne the Wizard has cast his annual Halloween spell at the frat party, making all the boys turn into their costumes for the evening. Oh, and making them all gay, and extremely horny.

    So instead of two bright, promising college students, we now have a horny gay cowboy and a brainless, horny surfer dude. Wayne’s getting all the video cameras set up - the real festivities are about to begin.

    Collaboration between me and my bf, @cannibal-chow

    And as soon as his feet touched the beach, his feet grew to size 16. His torso suddenly got leaner and longer. His butt swelled into a firm bubble butt as his hair turned dark and shaggy. His mind filled with image of hot naked guys, and he realized he was gay now. His shirt turned into a white tank top for a few minutes before it completely vanished. His shorts crept up and got short. Too short, and tight; showing off his bulge. A fang necklace forming around his neck as he posed for the camera ready to play volleyball with his buddies. While they waited for the perfect wave.

    Anthony was a marine biology student, very interested in it but was expecting it to be more research based so he was surprised that he needed to go to the beach and do a field collection for a project. It was full of dumb surfers that he couldn’t stand. Afraid of ruining his expensive preppy clothes he went to the nearest surf shack and saw some bright red boardies, buying them, seeing as he had no choice. But the moment he put them on something changed. He felt a sharp pain in his head as college, most of high school, science, comic books, basically all his knowledge was being sucked into the bright red shorts where it vanished forever as a healthy tan spread over his body. Muscles rippled across his arms legs and smooth chest and his hair becoming messy and floppy, giving him an ideal beach bum look. The new Tony flashed a perfect white toothed, dumb smile and raced towards the simple joy of the water.

    Todd was a simple guy. He had no real interest in a career, or in anything requiring too much effort. Todd had low self-esteem and was a lethargic lump on his parent’s couch: 50 lbs overweight, acne-ridden, and no social skills whatsoever. Yet, he longed terribly for a life of leisure and lust. Living in Laguna Beach, the models and surfers dominated the streets, flashing their perfect chill lives to everyone around them. Even if it was only to observe them at a closer distance, he accepted a boring job at the Royal Coast Surf Company in the cargo room. All his coworkers were sexy surfers and part time Abercrombie models. And then there was Todd, sitting on the crate with his phone, stinking of patchouli. Dillon, his manager, had had enough of his laziness and terrible work ethic. “Alright boys, take the rest of the day off! You’ve been working your asses off! Except you, Toddy boy. You’ll be working the next shipment by yourself. Maybe it’ll get you off your lazy ass!” Todd didn’t once look up from his phone, deciding instead to continue reading his Reddit threads. Eventually, it became dark outside. Todd’s shift ended at 10 PM, only a few hours away. He had to get a move on. As he opened the long abandoned truck, filled with big wooden crates, he noticed a strange van parked to the right of the building. The lights were off, but the back door to the van was ajar. Upon closer inspection, the interior of the raggedy van was tricked out! A bed with black satin sheets, blacklight christmas lights, beanbag chair, and shiny black trunk filled with heavily used, though expensive clothes. Todd wondered who owned this awesome van! As he crawled out the back, ready to continue his job, he noticed a sick pair of patent leather boots. They were really broken in: the soles had clear footprints embedded on them, and they had a salty-sweet sweaty smell to them. Whether it was him fantasising about being the mysterious owner of the van, or just the fact that they looked awesome, Todd felt the insatiable need to put on the boots. “Go on, dude. there’s a reason I left the door open…” A strange wispy voice filled the relaxing van. The scent of the boots grew stronger and enveloped the room. “Just slide ‘em on bro. They’re nice and warm. Already broken in for ya.” Todd felt safe in the friendly voice, encouraged, as if his insecurities melted away with every word the chill voice said. He peeled off his bland sandals, and slowly slid his feet into the slick boots. “Ahh, good. it’s been so long since I’ve felt skin & bones.” Todd fell tired, and sat down on the edge of the silky mattress. A red manifestation began to creep up and sit down next to him. It threw a muscly, musky ghost arm around his shoulder, as if they’d been friends for years. “Aight, bro, this is how this’ll go down. I’ve been watching you for a while now. You look like a really sad lump. All the time. When I was around, I was the chillest and coolest motherfucker around. Just sayin’. So, what do you say we help eachother out?” It slapped Todd’s back, comforting him. In a trance, Todd nodded, brainless. “Siiiiick, dude. Let’s do it, bro!” The ghost pulled his muscle packed arm off Todd’s shoulder, and calmly pushed his hand into his arm. Todd felt his fingers sliding into his own, like putting on a long rubber glove. As his hand began to clutch into a fist on it’s own, he felt the ghost’s bulging muscles push out underneath his skin. Looking down, he watched as his formerly flabby arm flexed, now packing on lean muscle. The ghost giggled. “Like that, bruh?” His hand flipped a thumbs up. Todd heard more quiet laughter, as he felt the ghost’s second arm push into his own; the transformation’s pace quickened this time, his muscles bulged and veins protruded. A banded tattoo rippled onto his wrist. “Awesome. Aight, bro, this next part is pretty crazy feeling. Just get ready.” The ghost flung both rubbery legs into Todd’s, immediately bursting his cheap skinny jeans with lean, long legs and filling out the boots with size 14 feet. “My favourite part, bro.” His arms pulled his foot to his face, inhaling the amazing musk from his boots. “Get used to that smell, dude. We don’t get many showers until after the competitions.” His stomach bubbled and gurgled with the incredible feeling of abs and pecs stretching his Panic at the Disco shirt to the max. His body forced his head into his newly pungent pits, which forced his newly gigantic cock to spring to attention. “I see you like this as much as I do. We’re gonna kill it, bro. We’re gonna be so fuckin awesome.” He felt the head of the ghost slide into his ear canal, the phrase ‘so fucking awesome’ repeating in the cavernous ear canal. His mind floated in bliss, while his hair cropped into a buzz, and a handsome, manly face began to protrude from his skull. His moans evolved into a cavalcade of “Oh yeahhhh” and “Fuuuuuuck yeaah.” Eventually, Todd could only watch as his sweaty palms began furiously stroking his beautiful 11 inch cock. He threw his face into his pits again, and a continuous stream of stick cum burst from his member. “Fuck dude. We’re gonna do just fine with this. Name’s Tod, with one ‘D’.” Quickly slipping on some of his typical musky attire from the trunk: a sweat-stained white tank, well worn black jeans, and his everyday grey beanie; he unloaded the boxes quicker than any of his coworkers, motivated by talk of unreal midnight waves at Zuma that night. He pulled out his new phone, texting some old friends out in Malibu. “Let’s go, Tod, waves are waiting!” He jumped into the driver’s seat, and rolled down Sunset Boulevard toward the beach. Maybe some sexy beach bums and bettys would light up with him… Or pop his now silky virgin cherry. Tod was gonna be the best slacker there was, with a happily captive audience.

    Deane was walking down the beach just searching for sand dollars to being home and paint. Then he found an awesome surfboard and nobody was around so he thought he’d take it back to the house. He was trying to lift the board and each time he felt stronger and stronger gaining muscles in his arms and legs. He lifted the board over his head and felt his back and chest get really buffed up. Smiling as he finally was able to carry the board he started to think of all the hot guys in the surf competition next week and getting cocky his briefs felt tight as he gets a boner. His mind being turned into a pot loving surfer who wouldn’t mind spending the surf competition money in some joints. Deane laughs “huhuhuhuh” as he puts the surfboard upright into the sand and stand proudly looking off at the beach. “Tomorrow is gonna be so awesome bro!” he fist bumps and grabs his surfboard again ready to ride the waves and of course plow his boyfriend and show him who’s top.

    Bryan had made a wish to fit in. He lived in a small shore town in Florida and almost everyone his age was a surfer. Being a gamer and a Star Trek fan he didn’t exactly meet anyone with similar interests. Just a bunch of dumb, chilled out surfers who loved getting high. He didn’t hate them or judge them for that, in fact he envied them and wished he could let go of his worries long enough to get high and surfer. If he tried he would get worried about brain damage from weed, or being drowned by a big wave.

    So one night when he saw a shooting star he wished he could fit in around here. The next day he woke up and his computer was gone. His Star Trek posters where replaced with surfer posters of hot guys and girls. With that thought he realized he was bi now. His hair was brown and long, his body slightly tanned and had lean muscle. He was sleeping shirtless which is something he’d never do. The room was slightly messy and he saw there were a few surf boards on the walls. He also saw a lava lamp on his bedside table and a bong on the floor. He suddenly felt dumber and grinned as new memories filled his head. He lit up the bong and sucked on it for a little. Laughing as he watched his lava lamp.

    Shit how much time passed? He had to go meet up with his bra at the beach! He changed out of his boxers and into his board shorts, grabbed a surfboard and headed out