For Dylan it seemed like accepting thd scholarship from HPU was a no brainer. Hawaii was such a beautiful tropical place. Very different culturally and geographically than the rest of the US but was still a US state. And he wanted his major to be marine biology, it was a island surrounded by ocean and marine life! Plus it was an excuse for the Philadelphia boy to get out of his home state for a while. When he got there it was a typical college scene. There were serious students, casual students, and the party kids who did such little studying its hard to believe they are still somehow enrolled. He wanted to focus on studying so he didn't bother with sports or most clubs. He did join a Hawaiian culture club though because he found it interesting, and he knew club participation looked good for grad school and some careers. It was a fairly low efgort club as well. Holding a weekly Hawaiian language tutoring and a monthly meeting. Volunteering twice a school year doing litter clean up which peaked Dylan's interest being interested in the environment. Though the one thing he was supprised by was the spring break beach escape as it was called. He was planning on going home for spring break but the club president insisted it was a mandatory thing. They would rent a off campus beach house and party all week. Not Dylan's thing but he liked the club and other members so he went for it. He got there and the first day of course was a beach party. He just chilled near the fringes of the party like a typical wallflower...although technically there was no wall behind him, until the club president offered him a cracked open coconut to drink from.

    He took a sipe through the straw and fekt weird right away. Dizzy and like everything slowed down as it was suddenly harder to think. His brown hair turned black the sides getting short while the top got long. He felt hot and sweaty as he ran his hand through the hair making it messy. His t shirt was beginning to feel too hot as he pulled it off looking down at his chest. Some slight chub from mostly focusing on lab work but he had been losing se swimming to prepare for the dive work he knew he'd need for his career. However je watched in awe as that fat seemed to disolve, giving way to firmimg muscles. Pecs sticking out and flat abs giving him a swimmers build as he remembered he loved swimming and surfing. His skin darkened to a deep tan and then got a little darker. The kind of tone that came only from genes as his cargo shorts shifted into blue boardies and the tan spread all over. His face got more angular and cuter as his eye color darkened and he remembered he was half Native Hawaiian. Knowledge of the language and culture, both traditional and modern filled his head as he relaxed and dumbed down a bit. He was still into marine biology just waaay less stressed about straight As. He was here on a sports scholarship anyway on the swim team. Grades didn't matter and fuck it, C gets the degree right? He remembered joining the Hawaiian culture club to help tutor the mainland students in the Hawaiian language as he sipped away more at the coconut remembering he was vice president of the club "comeon you call this a party bros?! Lets go!!" He shouted grinning and dancing and getting more into the party as the president grinned at the new Hawaiian surfer he created. Yeah the lil bro would be a lot happier now.

    Strawberry Moon - Surfer Jock

    I was on a walk past a beach in town as the sun was setting. This thin gay surfer twink looking guy suddenly ran up to me and kissed me, full make out. I pushed him back and he giggled, "see you tonight, big bro" he said with a wink and ran off. I was shocked and felt kinda violated but continued my walk. It started getting dark as the full moon came up. I laughed to myself thinking how funny it was that a strawberry moon would land during pride month. Then I started to feel weird, my skin got darker as musckes began inflating. My chest big and broad with pecs and a six pack. My pants turning into a bright red pair of board shorts with bright white waist. My shoes and socks vanish as my feet get bigger, wider, rough like I never wear shoes. My hair turns blond and short and styles itself up into a spiked up jock cut as it got harder to think. My cock started swelling bigger and thicker and longer. I grin as I think about fucking that twink from earlier. My dumb lil bro who does whatever I say. Fuckin hot twink bitch...huhuhuh. I give a dumb grin as my eyes dull and my once bright college nerd mind fades out to be replaced by surfing and sex with my boi. I turn around forgetting about home and head back to the beach to find him and have hot sex on the beach! Now I'm just a big dumb surfer jock dom!


    Andrew was the founder and president of his schools anime club. He got away with it pitching it as a group to study a foreign culture but in truth it was a ground of friends getting together to watch anime and cosplay together. They needed to raise money for going to a convention though and Abdrew decided they should do a campus car wash. Usually thats a frat type of thing but it works. Of course people wanted to have a little fun and started to spray each other. But something strange happened when the water soaked through Andrews shirt. As the wet shirt clung to him it felt tighter as his seemed to melt away. The shirt clung tight showing his new six pack that engraved itself into his stomach. His chest puffing out into pecs as his muscles start to bulk up. His wet skin darkened to a nice sun kissed skin. His dark hair lightened to blonde, the sides started to buzz itself while the top grew longer into a messy faux hawk jock style. His face got more masculine and angular as some stubble grew. There was an intense itch on his left arm as an elaborate sleeve tattoo drew itself and colored in. He started to chuckle in a deeper dumber voice as he started forgetting stuff from his classes, his botany major fading as he remembered going to school for buisness. He was a dumb hot surfer frat jock and he loved it brah! Drew grinned as his new life filled in as a member of Alpha Alpha Alpha frat and president and founder of the surf club! The other guys were turning into hot surfer jocks too as Drew grinned. He couldn't stop thinkimg of hot surfer babes and brahs! Surfing, partying, drinking, and yeah still watching anime with the boys. But now it was less about the Japanese culture and more about the action. Buff dudes fighting it out. He pulled off his wet shirt and flexed as hit girls from campus came to get their cars washed by hot shirtless guys. They would have enough money raised for that spring break trip in no time!




    Rhe changing nerd wandered the road leading to the beach scratching his hair as it styled itself a faux hawk. He should have thought it was weird when the surfer dude walked by and said he looked dehydrated and tossed him the smart water bottle. But he didn't and took a few sips from it anyway. He felt his body burning up as fat seemed to melt away, pecs puffing out forming a slight shelf. His stomach flattening before carving out into abs. His grey t shirt faded away...duh brah would would he be wearing a shirt to the beach? His cargo shorts shift and change into the swishy material of white basketball shorts that sag low exposing his boxer breifs temporarily before they turn into calvin klien's. His socks vanish as his shoes turn orange and grow out into loud cluncky sneakers. Size 12 to fit as he grows taller and his feet expand, longer and wider to support himself on a board more. Memories of skating and surfing fill up his head and he starts forgetting those old nerdy interests. No more anime, video games, and documentaries for him. Now its surfing skating and hot dudes or babes brah!