Request for anon

Mr Evans was one of the best teachers the Pineville school district could ask for. He had his master’s in mathematics and really should have been teaching in college, but he was fresh from graduate researching and calculations and didn’t want to write text books and conduct long office hours for students, he had also been teaching at the high school in order to afford grad school so he decided to just stay in district, high school wasn’t so bad and having a master’s gave him a pay raise and he could always move on to college teaching later. However he tried to make math easy for his students and often pushed students that didn’t like it, operating under the belief that with the right teacher students could learn to embrace the important subject. The toughest students to get to were the jocks. The school gave jocks a pass when it came to academics. As long as the maintained a C average they could stay on. While most of the teachers just delt with this policy Mr. Evans couldn’t. He was toughest on jock students most of all, pushing for plenty of after school studying and one on one sessions.

It was a Friday and Josh West, the quarterback of the team was in one such after school lesson instead of at practice. He failed the mid term pretty bad and Mr. Evan’s knew going to the coach or principle would be useless so he skipped straight to calling Josh’s parents instead. His mother insisted he go to the extra lessons once a week or she would remove him from the team, as the school required parent permission for sports. Josh hated it but it was miss practice once a week or stop going at all according to his mom. But the damn nerd just went on and on, the only math Josh needed was whatever math went into his plays. He hated this, and he hated this fucker for ruining his practice time. “Josh are you paying attention?” Mr. Evans asked. “Fuck no this is stupid, I got Cs in all my other classes I’m fine can’t you just let me go, I’m never gonna get this bro” Josh said, being used to getting his way with teachers. “Of course your going to get it, that’s what these lessons are for. Different things come naturally to different students, football doesn’t come as easily to some” Mr Evans pointed out. “Football is fun and a good workout, I’m gonna go pro so if I don’t need math from my job it’s a useless class” Josh said grinning as he flexed his arms, briefly letting his pit sweat into the room.

Mr. Evans was about to give a response when the students apparent B.O. hit him. He suddenly couldn’t think straight as what Josh said about math being a useless subject seemed to oddly make sense to him. It was kinda weird, especially when the numbers start getting replaced by letters. But wait didn’t he love math? It was suddenly very hard to think as his mind started to slow down. Josh just smirked as he watched.

Mr. Evans muscles started to ache in pain as the flexed and grew, expanding and contracting as the once scrawny nerd grew in size. His arms beefing up, especially in the biceps. His flat chest pushed out into a shelf of pecs and he moaned as His nipples grew slightly larger, the skin stretched out a bit over the new muscle. His stomach aching as through he had been punched in the gut while abs carved themselves out. His body hair getting sucked into his skin leaving his chest smooth although his arms maintained some hair. He absentmindedly scratched his arm pits as the hair there grew thicker. As he scratched the hair grew dense and black, soon getting covered in sweat and he started producing the same B.O. as the student at the desk.

His own smell was starting to mix with Josh’s and it made the teacher even more dizzy and confused. His legs ached and burned as if he had just done a mile run as his bones cracked and stretched into place causing him to grow from 5'10 to 6'8 in a few seconds. His spine also stretching and growing, straightening from always being upright running instead of hunched over at his desk. His shirt was getting tight from all this so he peeled it off right in front of his former student and he started getting younger. His feet grew bigger and ripped through his fancy size 8 dress shoe growing and stretching to size 12, the same as Josh. Finally what was left of Mr. Evans moaned as His cock grow longer and thicker, plumbing and snaking its way down the leg of his now very tight boxers. Good thing Josh prepared for all this and brought extra clothes.

His mind fogged over as his memories of grad school and college faded away, along with his interest in math. He looked up at the problems he had written on the board just a few minutes ago and his mind was just way to slow to comprehend. “The fuck is that shit bro?” The new Chris Evans asked in a deep slow voice. “Some useless shit, c'mon bro we need to get you changed” Josh laughed pointing to Chris’ tight pants and boxers. He pulled out a spare football Jersey and compression shorts and walked his new bro to the bathroom. Josh knew that special pit spray from coach would work.