Don’t hesitate boy, just stare into my face as you feel your jaw slack, body relax, the desire to OBEY filling your mind. You may have a pen in your hand to sign an autograph for me, but I have more plans for you boy.

    Just sit back, relax, and feel yourself filling the sleeves of that TIGERS tee, feeling your body BECOMING the TIGER Coach needs you to be. Yeah boy, let that primal urge inside your mind. Oh man, you’re feeling it good with those deep moans.

    Don’t mind all the people around you, staring, desiring what you’re feeling. They won’t mind you pulling out your tool, stroking it as u growl for your teammates, your BROS. They won’t mind watching you become a TIGER FOOTBALL BEAST.

    It was only a matter of hours since he put on his jersey and felt the primal urges of being a TIGER enter his mind when it became time for the GAME.  Putting on his helmet for the first time, he wasn’t expecting the wave of pressure clamping down on his mind…all individual thought disappearing…a deep, sensual moan escaping from his throat…his eyes going blank as all individual desire is erased by the NEED to feed on his PREY…the TEAM’s PREY…

    Yeah boy, stare into my eyes. Relax and feel that jersey tighten over your body. Feel that number seven on your chest, TIGER. You like that? Yeah, I thought you would, took you long enough to get the nerve to try it on for me.

    Boy I can see it in your eyes - the eyes of a TIGER. Fuck, yeah, moan out - let me hear the sounds of our new quarterback. Your body becoming so tight, so agile, just like the BRO you need to be for the team. Forget about your engineering class, I’ve got that taken care of for you man. Just feel the pleasure, the desire, your primal NEED for TIGER FOOTBALL.

    Oh fuck, bro, u got needs…bein the QB got u horny man? That’s what I thought, stroke that tool, show me how the TIGER QB gets his rocks off…