When he woke up he looked like this. He had to take a photo because he was shocked and super confused. Then it all came flooding back to him he was walking home from late night studying at the library and was attacked by some huge monster. It bit him and scratched him then left. A few hours later in his dorm he felt fur growing from the wounds then spreading all over his body. His muscles bulged, hands grew into claws. His clothes ripped off his hulkimg form as his face starched out and his mind began to fill with rage and instincts. His memory of the rest of the night was hazy but he knew he became the same monster that attacked him. Then he woke up here looking completely different. His beard was thicker, muscles bigger, his shirt from last night ripped open to show the abs and pecs underneath. His head hurt and he realized it felt a lot emptier like he was dumber somehow. That shouldd have freaked him out but instead he flexed his arms at his reflection and grinned a big dumb grin "fuck yeah bro!" He shouted in a deeper dumber voice and thats when he remembered...last night he became a pledge a the Alpha pack frat!

    Request for Anonymous. So sorry this took so long, I hope it’s good. The art is not mine.

    Dan never had too many friends. He was in college and talked with people in class but once the class ended he never spoke to them again. He pretended for a while that it didn’t bother him but it did. Eventually he decided to try and meet more permanent friends through an online meet up group. The members would meet once every so often in a public safe location and could privately share personal info with those members they trusted, he considered it the safest way to meet people online. Eventually he joined an “animal lovers” group, figuring that his almost finished biology degree would let him fit in, plus he assumed it was some kind of humane group. He signed up and saw that they had monthly meetings in a county park and the next meeting was in a few days.

    After mentally preparing himself Dan got dressed in a t-shirt, some jeans, and a space themed baseball cap, and headed to the meeting, the only thing he didn’t like was how late it was, 9 pm? It was already dark by then and he was surprised the local park system would still be open after dark.

    When he got there he was upset to find a group of loud rednecks gathered by a picnic table, talking and laughing like drunken idiots. An odd thing he noticed was that the group was all male. He expected this group to be more into hunting then loving animals and almost turned around to leave not being interested in these types of people, but one of them already saw him and called him over.

    “Hey you the new guy ain’t ya?” One of them shouted with an obvious southern accent. Too late now, he had been noticed, if he left now he would seem rude, Dan was too polite for his own good sometimes.

    “Uh how could you tell?” He asked. The guy just smirked. “The groups got a list of members on our page, we had 10 but a couple days ago it said we had 11, ain’t never seen you before so I put 2 and 2 together and made a guess, the names Ace” the guy explained holding his hand out. Dan shook the guys hand and meet with the other members, they explained they weren’t exactly a humane group, they didn’t do volunteering or anything but they were more like an “animal appreciation club” Dan wasn’t sure he believed that but they didn’t have any guns or weapons around that he could see to indicate they were planning to hunt.

    After mingling with the guys for about a half hour Dan decided they weren’t his type, they were nice but into different things like sports and nascar, and had redneck gun values and such, Dan wasn’t rude so he planned to stay for this meeting and leave the group tomorrow, then message them saying he felt too shy or something and get out of any commitment. But as the official meeting seemed to be ending something strange happened. All 10 of the rednecks stood up and looked up to the moon light. They held their arms out like they wanted to soak as much of it up as possible. Dan stood there confused as the guys started to groan and moan as their body’s cracked and snapped…They were changing.

    Dan watched in horror as their clothes ripped apart, giving way to massive dark muscled bodies. The men must have grown to almost twice their heights with their muscles getting bigger, beyond body builder to some kind of monster proportions. Their skin getting dark as thick dark hair grew all over, Dan knew something unnatural was happening and he needed to get away but couldn’t, he just stood there frozen in shock. The guys quickly grew long pointed ears, their legs snapping to digitigrade as their feet became twisted into foot-paws, somewhere between human feet and paws. Their hands forming massive claws, still looking hand like but abnormal. Their faces grew out into snouts bearing long fangs, and the finishing touch was their eyes turning a bright glowing yellow as they stood on two legs and ripped off what shreds were left of their clothing and collectively let out a howl at the moon.

    The howl seemed to free Dan from his shock induced trance. Werewolves?! These people were werewolves? Was that even possible? What were they? What the fuck was going on? Dans mind was a whirlwind of questions that lacked logical answers, but none of that mattered as self preservation took over and Dan turned to run away at full speed.

    The creatures took notice and he heard snarls behind him as the guys he had been awkwardly talking with just a few minutes ago were chasing him on all fours, drooling and snarling like mindless beasts. It quickly became obvious He couldn’t outrun these creatures built to hunt as one of them tackled him to the ground and he was sure he was finished, this group must exist to trick people into becoming their food or something Dan thought as the creature chomped down on his neck, biting him. But after the bite it let go, the others no longer in pursuit. The creature climbed off of him and they all formed a circle around Dan…just standing there.

    Dan felt extreme pain from the bite but when he looked he didn’t see or smell the blood he expected, instead he saw it instantly healing…and thick dark hair spreading from it. Shit! Dan realized what was happening, he wasn’t their dinner, he was their newest member! He started to feel it, a hot energy flowing through his veins like a venom. He could feel a tingle as it spread to every cell in his body like a virus. He felt the hair spreading like a wave of itchiness across his body. His skin getting thicker and tougher and darker. He felt his muscles pulse and his bones crack as he grew taller. His back arching and ripping the back of his shirt as the fur grew and spread. His chest heaved with each deep, panicked breath and pushed out into 2 firm and powerful pecs that ripped his shirt open. He could only watch and moan as his slightly chubby stomach shrunk away before turning flat and then carving into a tight 8 pack. The detail soon became hidden by his darker skin then by the fur as well. His arms pumped up destroying the left over sleeves that covered his arms. Biceps and triceps filled with pain and oddly pleasure as they bulged out, his hands growing big and meaty to stay proportional, his palms grew pads and his nails twisted into claws.

    He was moaning the whole time, his mind a foggy mess of pain and pleasure. His legs shifted to be digitigrade as his feet stretched to accommodate his growing form. They strained his shoes until finally they burst out as long, wide hybrids of paws and feet, his nails sharpening into dark claws. They expanded to an inhuman size growing bigger then size 20 shoes. The muscles in his legs grew and ballooned out starting to rip apart his jeans. His cock grew longer and thicker before a canine sheath soon covered it, his balls swelled to the size of grapefruit. His ass swelled out becoming tight and firm as a tail sprouted, destroying what was left of his pants.

    He was now naked, and a werewolf from the neck down. His cock soon turned red and canine like as it grew out of the sheath. Why the fuck was this turning him on?! He was turning into a monster like the others. The fur and changes spread to his head where his neck grew wider and stronger, his Adam’s apple growing big as his vocal cords re arranged. His nose turned black and wet as his face forced itself out into a snout, his teeth sharpening into fangs and his tongue flattened. He sniffed the air and started to smell a musky scent that turn him on more as he realized the other werewolves surrounding him had formed a circle jerk as they whacked off to his transformation with their own canine cocks. His hair murged with the fur and his ears moved up becoming pointed and finally his eyes turned a glowing yellow like the others. The changes hit his brain last as an animalistic lust filled his mind. He wanted to hunt and eat and fuck! Those urges demanded his attention and everything else faded from his mind as his knowledge, IQ , memory and personality faded to nothing as he jerked off with his brothers. What little human resistance was left faded when he and all the others came. He opened his mouth to drink it all in and then joined the others in a loud victorious howl.

    His mind didn’t seem to record anything beyond a few foggy memories of the night. He just seemed to have fun running through the woods with his brothers. It felt exciting to have the wind going through his fur as he ran on all fours. When the sun came up it was like it was sucking away his energy and power as he shrunk back into human form. However it wasn’t his normal human form, at least Dan didn’t think it was. His beastly muscles shrank away however he was left with more then he thought he started with. His mind was foggy. His stomach shrunk down to a flat 6 pack, his pecs were still nice and lean and firm. His arms kept their nice strong biceps, but at human proportions. His face became a little more angular and manly looking. As the fur receded he was left with a light chin strap beard. His hair turned blond and get short his leg muscles became lean and strong, from running while hunting and not skipping leg day. He also realized he felt a lot dumber, the stuff he lost last night when the beats mind took over wasn’t returning. He had new knowledge in his head, like how to use a gun and a bow, how to track stuff, how to repair cars, and lots of rules about sports. He stood up when he heard a voice behind him.

    “Welcome to the pack, Buck” one guy said, after standing up, Dan realized it was Ace. Ace had been way taller then him before but now Dan was only a few inches shorter then him. He looked down and couldn’t help but grin at his impressive 6 inch soft, completely human, dick. He was naked, so was Ace. Dan remembered last night but wasn’t scared anymore.

    “Well shucks thanks man, but that ain’t my name” Dan spoke suddenly with a southern accent and a dumb sounding slang but he couldn’t help it, he couldn’t remember the proper language. “Sure it is, ya caught a huge buck last night so that’s yer name now” Ace explained and suddenly Da…Buck couldn’t remember any other name, he could barely remember his old life now except he does remember last night clearly. Ace offered Buck a new pair of boxers and jeans and Buck put back on the space hat he had from last night, apparently it just fell off when he changed, however now he wore it backwards, it was the only thing left from his old life. He was offered no shirt but he didn’t seem to want one anyway. He exchanged contact info with the rest of his pack…A brotherhood of manly men who are part animal and tough hunters, a different type of “animal lovers” Buck thought with a smile. Buck got in Ace’s truck, loving the way the awesome truck looked, and recognizing Ace as the pack Alpha. Buck was more than happy, being a werewolf had its perks, he was a hot strong redneck now and that was his life now.