i put “All I Want for Christmas is You” through a MIDI converter, and then back through an mp3 converter

    the result is this garbage


    I’m driving myself up the wall because I swear I can hear the vocal line but I don’t know how that could be if it was truly converted to MIDI. Unless you can replicate speech sounds entirely with modulated MIDI notes, in which case I’m actually impressed with this tire fire of an MP3.


    the holiday season is almost upon us and I’d like to bring back this absolute fucking monstrosity of an audio file


    With the understanding that I am not complaining AT ALL about the weather where I am (Phoenix), I want to tell you all the weather here is also abnormal. The temps are relatively normal for this time of year, but it is ABSURDLY humid—26% right now. (To put that in perspective, “normal” humidity in Phoenix is 1-3%, and it’s not unusual for it to hit 0%.) And two hours north of me? It’s absurdly WARM. Flagstaff is in the mid-fifties right now. I know, boo-hoo Flagstaff, but this is concerning because right now in Flag it should be about 35. It is 20 degrees too warm for this time of year.

    I bring this up not to detract from the plight of the vast majority of the country (seriously y’all please stay safe), but because I want you to know this storm is even bigger than that swath of purple makes it look. Arizona weather right now is FUCKED. My hometown in Pennsylvania is hitting temperatures I’ve seen before, but they’re once-in-a-generation type temps. It’s a solid zero degrees Fahrenheit there right now. I just checked in with my best friend and the windchill is -29.

    This is literally causing repercussions nationwide. This is a continent-sized storm.


    So I found this CD on the street today on my way to work, right? So I decided I’d bring it home and listen to it.

    And it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.


    LOL at all the people comparing this to ‘80s / ‘90s anime openings. My dad, who grew up Orthodox Jewish, flipped his shit when he heard the battle theme for Final Fantasy VI because it resembled Hasidic music. What is even going on, Japan?


    Well this is kind of a revelation. This missing half of the equation.

    Prog Rock + Hasidic tunes = 90s JRPG battle music.


    OK but this post led me down a rabbit hole and I learned Hasidic music is really popular in Japan so I doubt any similarities to game / anime music is a coincidence. Holy shit u guys.


    i’m glad this has resurfaced w/ v interesting commentary!


    Chip the glasses and crack the plates!
    Blunt the knives and bend the forks!
    That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates —
    Smash the bottles and burn the corks!
    Cut the cloth and tread on the fat!
    Pour all the milk on the pantry floor!
    Leave the bones on the bedroom mat!
    Splash the wine on every door!
    Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl;
    Pound them up with a thumping pole;
    And when you’ve finished, if any are whole,
    Send them down the hall to roll!
    That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!
    So, carefully! carefully with the plates!
    That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!
    So, carefully! carefully with t
    he plates!


    I LOVE the tags on this post, they make me so happy:


    every july. every fucking july this post gets reblogged to shit. why. why does this god forsaken website love egg. i gave egg a voice in 2013 and it always comes back. i try to forget egg. i bury egg as far as i can but somehow someone always finds fucking egg post. this post could be dead for months but it always managed to come back like some sort of zombie egg. enough egg. no more egg. fuck eg


    I now have this scheduled to reblog every year on July 1st at exactly midnight


    For the “egg” connoisseur in our tribe….@instructor144 …. what say you?


    I for one salute this sensible annual July 1 tradition.


    Well as long as we’re talking about the ancient internet, who remembers this.


    … I just realised that some of my mutuals are Too Young to get flashbacks from this. I hate the internet.


    THIS WAS SUCH A MEME WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE. People would just randomly burst out into AAAAALLLLWAYYYYYS I WANNA BEEEEE WITH YOU when they were walking across campus with friends, especially as you got later in the night. It was supposedly a dry campus, but…it totally wasn’t.

    Episode 68: Tea and skyscrapers - When words get borrowed across languages

    When societies of humans come into contact, they’ll often pick up words from each other. When this is happening actively in the minds of multilingual people, it gets called codeswitching; when it happened long before anyone alive can remember, it’s more likely to get called etymology. But either way, this whole spectrum is a kind of borrowing.

    In this episode, your hosts Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne get enthusiastic about borrowing and loanwords. There are lots of different trajectories that words take when we move them around from language to language, including words that are associated with particular domains, like tea and books, words that shift meaning when they language hop, like “gymnasium” and “babyfoot”, words that get translated piece by piece, like “gratte-ciel” (skyscraper) and “fernseher” (television), and words that end up duplicating the same meaning (or is it…?) in multiple languages, like “naan bread” and “Pendle hill”. We also talk about the tricky question of how closely to adapt or preserve a borrowed word, depending on your goals and the circumstances.

    Read the transcript here.


    The LingComm grants have been announced! Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible, and congratulations to all our grantees. Go check out their projects as they keep rolling out over the rest of this year for a little more fun linguistics content in your life.

    In this month’s bonus episode, originally recorded live through the Lingthusiasm Discord, we get enthusiastic about your sweary questions! We talk about why it’s so hard to translate swears in a way that feels satisfying, how swears and other taboo words participate in the Euphemism Cycle, a very ambitious idea for cataloging swear words in various languages, and more.

    Join us on Patreon to listen to this and 60+ other bonus epis
    odes. You’ll also get access to the Lingthusiasm Discord server where you can play and discuss word games and puzzles with other language nerds!

    Here are the links mentioned in this episode:

  • Snopes entry ‘Did Coca-Cola translate its name into a Chinese phrase meaning ‘bite the wax tadpole’?’
  • Auslan.org dictionary entry for ‘ham’
  • Wikipedia entry for ‘false friend’
  • @OlaWikander‘s tweet about tungsten
  • Wikipedia entry for ‘tungsten’
  • Wikipedia entry for Polish ‘herbata’
  • The Language of Food blog entry about the etymology of cha/tea
  • Map of tea vs cha spread via Quartz
  • WALS entry for words derived from Sinitic ‘cha’ vs words derived from Min Nan Chinese ‘te’
  • Wikipedia entry for ‘calque’
  • Wikipedia entry for ‘Uncleftish Beholding’
  • Lingthusiasm episode ‘You heard about it but I was there - Evidentiality’
  • ‘Morphological Complexity and Language Contact in Languages Indigenous to North America’ - by Marianne Mithun
  • Wikipedia entry for ‘Pendle Hill’
  • En Clair - The Pendle Witch Trials
  • All Things Linguistic post on loadwords creating duplicates (including the TikTok video about pav-roti)
  • Wikipedia list of tautological place names
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    Back in 1997 a group of guys decided to do research in to what people liked in music and hated in music. From that they engineered two songs. "most wanted music" witch was basically what pop music was at the time and "most unwanted music" and oh boy it's undiscribable


    @that-house what's your opinion on this?


    i've never had an erection so painful or long-lasting before


    i’ve never had an

    erection so painful or

    long-lasting before

    Beep boop! I look for accidental haiku posts. Sometimes I mess up.


    This is a spiritual experience.


    Now this is music


    For the voice meme: #1, recite a poem. I selected Paranoid: A Chant by Stephen King.

    Warning, I think it’s around two minutes there’s a bit of shouting. (Which was accomplished without ever actually raising my voice, if you want a real mindfuck.)


    By the way, if anybody saw my tags saying the poem that burrowed into me and never came out was Paranoid: A Chant, here’s a reading of it I did many years ago for a meme here on Tumblr.


    I wanted to download We Will Rock You, but…


    everytime i hear this my lungs hurt from laughing






    No, no, these .gifs are terrible to go with this song.

    You need something like this:




    I’m crying pls listen




    I always troll my friends with this


    This sounds like it’s being sung by a passive-aggressive 1920s radio host wearing a very dapper suit and threatening me with a cartoonishly small pistol, bearing a large grin on his face that indicates that he will not hesitate to put a hole in my forehead, not for a second


    Wh? Why did someone make this? How did OP stumble across this without just downloading a normal version successfully? How did that guy in the thread tag their friend without the @, just invoking them like a rogue spirit? Why did the OTHER guy unironically refer to them as .gifs, including the period??? I have questions?????


    what the fuck is this post


    Mercury would have loved this