This Wednesday (February 1st), over 400,000 workers across the UK will be taking part in coordinated strike action. This comes in response to the government's decision to introduce further trade union legislation that will force unions to provide a mimimum service requirement when there members take strike action. This anti-strike legislation will seriously curtail the democratic rights of workers in this country to seek strike action.

    In response, several unions across the country have mobilised their members to take coordinated strike action.

    This Wednesday will see the most workers out on strike simultaneously in over a decade and marks a significant escalation in the battle between the unions and the government.

    Holy shit you guys.

    Wanna know how bad Tesla is? Like, in a way that almost trumps all their engineering fails?

    I work at a place that buys returns and remainders and auctions them off, and I just pulled an item in a Tesla box. (It is not a Tesla item, sorry.)




    How bad does your graphic design and proofing team have to be TO MISSPELL THE COMPANY NAME???


    Bronze and stone sculpture, 4th century BC, clearly demonstrating the progress in our relationships with our feline companions.  Or… lack of progress.

    Of course, it’s only been a bit over 2000 years, so there’s still hope.

    [British Museum, 3rd floor feline collection]

    (Thanks @dysfunctionalkitty for bringing this cultural addition to my attention.)


    universal constants since cats domesticated themselves


    [ID: a bronze cat with an upright tail standing on the chest of a stone horizontal bust-and-head of a sleeping person; the cat staring down at their human’s face impatiently.]

    February is here, and that can only mean one thing: it’s BlackExcellence365, back for our fifth year right here on Tumblr. This is a celebration of all things Black culture and history, and it’s not just for February—this is a community celebration every day of every week of the year. This year we will be highlighting Black artists. So join us each month, as we will be exploring Black creativity with a series of themes such as history, power and activism, and PRIDE. 

    Introducing February’s theme: Black Histor

    If you are a Black artist or creative, join in, follow, and share your art related to Black History using the tag #BlackExcellence365. Let’s lean into our creativity and explore Black Excellence through art. Selected posts will be featured, gifted free blazes🔥, or given a spot on radar. 

    Keep your eyes peeled each month for your chance to showcase your expressions of Black Excellence. You will be able to do so as we explore artists here and across Tumblr over on Meet The Artist, Artist Picks, and Artist Alley— it doesn’t matter whatever your discipline: music, writing, photography, dance, fashion, film, and anything in between. 

    Welcome back to #BlackExcellence365 ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽!


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    Born after 1990? Implying that people were less convinced the world was gonna end during the Cold War? Or was there like a 10 year gap between the end of the Cold War and 1990 wherein people were like phew, the world is going to continue to exist.


    There was an almost exactly ten year gap, yeah, but it was September 1991 (collapse of USSR) to September 2001 (9/11). Kids born during that cohort were born into a period of real hope for the future.


    WTC bombing, OKC bombing, Atlanta Olympics bombing, Columbine, Ruby Ridge, David Koresh, the Y2K scare, Rodney King, the Gulf War, Kosovo, middle of the AIDS crisis, Aum Shinrikyo and the sarin bombing of the Tokyo subways, the mad cow disease crisis in Britain, did we live through the same 1990s?