what's the mental effects of a period like?

    i have a hunch and im gonna be SO fuckin pissed if it's right


    so, for a while now after starting estrogen, ill have these random weeks outta the month where ill get really tired, moody, anxious, and kinda horny just for, like, a week

    and i straight-up thought it was BP-II i am gonna be SO PISSED if it's just my SHITTY LITTLE BRAIN *DECIDING* TO HAVE A PERIOD FOR A UTERUS I DON'T FUCKING HAVE




    oh yeah no that 100% sounds like a period


    Hose sucked in by fire Tornado


    i cant tell which is my favorite part. the frantic pulling of the hose as its getting sucked into the sky like a spaghetti noodle, the random “OH YEAH BABY!”, or the guy just chuckin a rock into the fire tornado at the end as if that’s gonna show it who’s boss


    This is like a D&D encounter that wasn’t supposed to be hard, just spray water at the fire, but nobody could roll above a 5. 


    If you had five billion you could hop from job to job, calling entitled customers idiots all across your city, putting the fear of You into every shithead in town until people become afraid to be rude to servers and cashiers, lest you emerge from the back room like some kind of manners-enforcing specter


    If you look into the GTA6 $150 price point thing, it's one of the things where companies release different editions. The standard is $60, then you can get collector's with more stuff at a higher point, etc. $150 isn't uncommon a price for collector's edition games.

    Armored Core 6 Premium Edition was $450.


    I’d add that games seem more expensive today because of inflation. When the Super Nintendo came out, games were mostly $50-60. Yeah? you might say. That’s average.

    But no, no. That’s $50-60 in 1992 dollars.

    The adjusted-for-inflation price is $110-130.

    The reason games feel more expensive now is twofold: one, getting a game used to be An Event. There was a box to open, a manual to read, possibly a map or poster, like there was A LOT that came with buying a game. Today I just…click a button on Steam. More convenient, to be sure, but I would happily have paid more money for a Fallout 4 with a booklet that explained the different weapons to me and a fold-out map of the Commonwealth I could pin to my wall for reference while playing. (In the days of SNES, the perks chart would have been on the other side, or possibly even on an entirely different poster, as it would be meant to hang up and display.)

    And two, before the internet, when a game came out it had to be COMPLETE. There was no “just download the patch.” You couldn’t just “add it in the DLC.” If you were sufficiently talented, obsessed enough, and not in need of mortal luxuries like sleep and food, you could have finished all of Final Fantasy “III” for SNES about two weeks after its release, because even though there were approximately sixty zillion moving parts they had to make sure all those parts worked before shipping. And the game is remarkably solid! There are a few glitches, but most are the kind of hyperspecific things you have to go out of your way to find. (If memory serves me, some weren’t even found until ROMs came into existence and the source code could be examined.)

    Nowadays you can slap whatever hot garbage you like onto Steam and “just figure it out later,” which makes for a less-satisfying experience.

    So you’re technically paying less, but you’re also paying it to receive less.


    The 'hyperspecific situations' polls are really once again highlighting that native English speakers tend to forget that 'foreign' doesn't mean 'non-English' or 'non-American'

    "Did you watch a foreign language movie in the past three days?" Yeah I watched the foreign movie "The Martian" with foreign actor Matt Damon


    Op why would you hide this is the tags


    “Umm it’s really obvious you have a fetish for fat people” okay i think that’s fine actually. I would prefer to be open about being attracted to fat people rather than tell other people not to be so openly attracted to fatness, something which people do to me with a strange amount of frequency


    And now please kill the idea in your head that fetishes and kinks are always malicious and bad and could never be deep and profound and mutual and affectionate


    Honestly, having a fetish for a type of body is fine as long as you're not disrespectful or talking over people.


    today the russian highest court decided that all of the LGBT "international movement" is extremist. and any queer activist could face up to ten whole years in prison. this is not a joke, and this is as extreme, horrible and absurd as it sounds.

    transitioning, both medical and legal is already banned. any form of "LGBT propoganda", both for minors and adults is already banned. this is a really hard time to fucking exist as a queer person in russia. we can't even go to a protest, and putin had been practically the president for 20+ years, and there's almost no chance he won't win the upcoming election. the elections are a known scam for us. we live in a dictatorship.

    I don't see anyone international speaking about it. this is big news. please help spread the word

    it is heartbreaking to never see anyone caring about this problems globally, like when something regarding queer rights happens in america or in western europe then the whole internet is talking about it, but when even a catastrophe like this happens over here nobody bats an eye

    this isn't said to offend you or anyone else. this is a cry for help and solidarity. like come on we queers are supposed to be a community!!!

    if anyone is interested in donating even a small amount, please PLEASE do. queer organisations have to get to stay open sonehow. we need help.

    this is the links where you can donate: this is for the one of the biggest queer news websites for us this is the biggest trans organisation that is very helpful this is one of the biggest queer organisations that provides psychological, legal and much more help another queer helping organisation this one has been helping us since 2012

    there are many and many more but this is still something

    please don't ignore this just because it isn't positive or because you don't approve of russian war in ukraine. we don't support it either

    link one

    link two

    link three

    link four

    link five

    if you can’t donate, rebloging and spreading this around is best. we can wallow in how horrible it is and it is horrible, but talk about it and send aid and keep the conversation going.

    reblogs > likes


    i know we’re all focused on the somerton thing right now but there are worse things happening to the queer community, please give this your time and advocacy too!





    This orangutan had lots of fun with the sunglasses and the zookeepers managed to get her to trade the sunglasses for some leafy greens when she was done with them. Items like this are not ideal in primate enclosures because they can break and/or ingest pieces, so the orangutan got to have her fun and (not) eat it too.

    (image ID: a series of screencaps of hbomberguy, a white bearded man with a torn lab coat, addressing the camera, with the subtitles "I want to clarify right now that if anyone harasses Somerton on my behalf, they are worse than him and will not see the light of Heaven.")

    I'm adoring the dunkfest but with the knowledge that a lot of people are learning about the hbomb video from posts without necessarily watching it, I wanted to make sure this particular bit got shared.