Okay, so because of comments, I looked this up.

    This beaver is a rehab animal. He was found on the side of the road when he was no bigger than a potato. He is still young in this video (you do not realize how big adult beavers are, trust me) and is not ready to leave his home or family. Yes, beavers are social and they live in families. For him, his rescuer is his family. But he will be ready to leave at the age of two or three, when a wild beaver would leave his parents and seek out a territory of his own.

    Anyway, he gets plenty of outdoor time and is also being taught to swim and do normal beaver things. He WILL eventually be released. So him building a dam out of plushies is not as sad as it might seem.

    The truth is, animals are typically happy if they get to exercise their instincts, even if the environment is an artificial one. But in general, a wild animal should be either in the wild or in a captive setting that replicates its natural environment. Beavers are NOT good pets. Fortunately, this guy is not being kept as a pet. So it’s okay. Enjoy the video, and check out Raising The Wild on YouTube if you want updates.


    This is honest to god the funniest thing I have ever seen in my entire life


    This 1️⃣ goes out to all the horny 💏 couples out there who are thinking 🤔 of getting rowdy 🔞 this 💌Valentines💮 day evening: 👍 👎DO ❌️ NOT👍 👎 If you do your child will be born 👏 a ♏SCORPIO♏
    Now, why ❓️ don’t ❌️ we like Scorpio's♏?
    For starters, “Scorpio” has 7️⃣ letters 🔠. 7️⃣ letters 🔠: 7️⃣ deadly ☠️ sins ✝️ 🙅‍♀ Now, what are the 7️⃣ deadly ☠️ sins? Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy 👏👏 Envy is associated with the color GREEN 💚 What else is green 💚? Marijuana. Just 1️⃣ more pothead in the world 🗺️. LAME.
    Now where is pot 🍲 legal? Canada 🇨🇦, Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Alaska, airplane ✈️ bathrooms if the pilot’s 👨‍✈️ chill. And where can 🥫 planes ✈️ take you? California 🕶. And what’s on California’s state flag 🚩? A BEAR 🐻. Your child 🧒. Is gay 👨‍❤️‍👨.


    kpop fandom dead at 3:27 AM in a miami hotel bathroom floor


    yeah this needed to be said cause ive seen those comment sections and yall are disgusting to say the least...


    the fact that the notes on this post are like, largely people arguing about how “18-24 year olds are still baby” says a lot about how y’all would rather miss the point on purpose than like, change the way you talk to/about asian ppl


    Le Boléro de Ravel

    December 9 2022


    Mindig csodálattal halgattam!


    Music…makes life better


    Goosebumps from head to toe. Heart racing. I may never recover from this 💜🎺🎶🎻🎶🥁💜 (if I'm lucky)


    I’ve seen several variants on this, but this is one of the best. For one thing, Bolro is particularly well suited to the multiple entrances, but also the players executed very well. My favorite part is about two minutes in, where the woman in the red coat looks thoroughly shocked by the trombone’s entrance.


    begging everyone to watch the French contestant introducing herself at Miss World she's last if you want to skip some other fucking wild deliveries




    If you know someone who speaks dismissively of people working service or retail jobs, please remind them that they are bad.


    “I want this service to exist because I love it and use it all the time, but I think the people providing me with this service should suffer and struggle.” <–  If that’s been your opinion, please reflect on what kind of person that makes you, and perhaps change said opinion.


    Also a friendly reminder that someone simply love what they do no matter what. Some people love delivering pizza, making coffee, attending others, but they can’t make a living or career out of it.

    Always be kind and understanding of the work of others and remember that sometimes they are just working there, they can’t change rules nor have a say in it.


    Dutton, your sexist mindset is showing.


    This is the man who wants to run the country.

    For non Aussies, Dutton, the man having trouble with pronouns & titles, is leader of the Liberal party. The Australian Liberal party is Right Wing and generally garbage humans.

    So if an Australian is cursing out the Liberals, they probably have a fair point, and it’s not the same sentiment as an American making the same statement.