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    Hello everyone!

    A few years ago, I wrote a little kagehina story. I decided to rewrite it. It was my first time writing, and I think I can do better now. Also, I’m doing some drawings to accompany the story.

    I'm also thinking of adding something at the end because some readers asked for a continuation lol

    Meanwhile, if you want to read "Camino a casa" you can find it at this link. The language is Spanish.


    Lo perdido nunca jamás vuelve, pero quiz… (on Wattpad) https://my.w.tt/TZlzd86Bg1 Para evadirse de la dura realidad que vive su familia, Hinata acude a su lugar especial en medio de la naturaleza. Allí conoce a un extraño chico. Su primer encuentro es brusco y poco amistoso, pero las cosas cambiarán para mejor, tanto en la vida de Hinata, como en la nueva relación.

    Nuevo capítulo!

    Lo perdido nunca jamás vuelve, pero quizá... (on Wattpad) https://my.w.tt/TZlzd86Bg1 Para evadirse de la dura realidad que vive su familia, Hinata acude a su lugar especial en medio de la naturaleza. Allí conoce a un extraño chico. Su primer encuentro es brusco y poco amistoso, pero las cosas cambiarán para mejor, tanto en la vida de Hinata, como en la nueva relación.

    Nuevo capítulo!

    Follow Part 3 The end of this little story.

    After they broke up, with calm mind, they were able to value the past and realize the things that were really necessary and the mistakes they made.

    In Kageyama's musical beginnings, he started doing things that Hinata didn’t like at all. He did it because of the influence of those who were his companions, not because Kageyama really enjoyed doing things like smoking or drinking, Hinata knew it. Hinata also knew that Kageyama could be very influential outside of his comfort space. He tried to tolerate it, ignoring it. But Kageyama also begins to behave differently, more distantly and less interested, and Hinata was angry.

    Hinata also knew that Kageyama had an important jealousy problem, even though he never verbalized it or did anything to prove it. They were slight expressions. Hinata was a very sociable person. He likes people and talk to everyone. The more friends, the better. He could also be very close physically. He knew that Kageyama wasn’t especially happy about that. He was the way he was, and he didn’t have to change. They never spoke explicitly of that and Hinata didn’t ask either, he supposed it wasn’t important since Kageyama didn’t want to talk about it.

    But Hinata realized that, despite not being completely wrong, he hadn’t faced problems in the right way. And the error was his mostly. Hinata knew that Kageyama could be very influential and do things he doesn’t want to try to have a good relationship with people. He wasn’t a sociable person, Hinata knew all the problems he had to socialize and avoid the bad impression he gave at the beginning. Instead of blaming him, he should have helped him integrate.

    His social incompetence is related to his jealousy problems, probably. Sometimes it was hard to know what Kageyama was thinking. Then, Hinata realized that Kageyama was brutally sincere, but rarely said what he thought, choosing to remain silent. That Kageyama didn’t say anything doesn’t mean he didn’t have something to say. Now he could say that when Kageyama remained silent it was because what he was thinking could hurt Hinata, and if he hurts Hinata, maybe Hinata could get away from him and not love him anymore. There were many communication problems and misunderstandings. He knew that Kageyama sometimes needed to be a bit forced to talk, otherwise he would not. Insecurity was the origin of everything. Kageyama looked like he had a confidence he didn't have, but he liked Hinata's attention, as there were times when he wanted to be alone. A delicate balance.

    For his part, Kageyama felt that he had ruined the best thing that had happened to him in his life. A person who, in some way, could endure his bad mood even in his worst days. He didn’t know what he had done to get his attention, but he did, despite feeling he didn’t deserve it. Hinata could do or say things he didn’t like, but they could be easily forgotten just by having him by his side. These are some of the things he always thought, but he never said. 

    He knows Hinata is a great ball of light and infinite energy. Hinata was friendly with everyone. Kageyama was really terrified that Hinata would find someone better than him and more appropriate, he knew it wouldn’t be difficult. He closed in on himself and didn’t express his doubts. I knew it was a big mistake. He soon found himself isolated, without really being. Hinata trusted him, and he trusted Hinata. He knew he could open up and talk to Hinata. Hinata wasn’t particularly patient. He often pushed him when he needed an immediate explanation, and Kageyama felt a lot of stress about that, but Kageyama knows, that with the appropriate words, Hinata would try to be patient and understand him. But he was afraid. The fear didn’t disappear. Now they are just friends, and if Hinata doesn’t love him anymore, he will respect him, as he always had to respect the possibility. Hinata is a very important person and simply doesn’t want to lose him.

    Aware of his problem to talk to people, Kageyama improved his communication skills, but knows that he still has a lot to learn. With safe steps. He tries to express his opinion, whatever it is, trying not to sound too abrupt. That's how he lost the members of his first music group one by one, and still the next ones. They were bad moments but he could see that it was good for him too. With time he left the bad habits in which he had fallen almost without realizing it. Nowadays he still has some relapse, but he can handle it.

    Then, he found some good companions, and it was when he realized that there were things that it was better not to do alone. The change was really good, because he realized that he didn’t have to change his way of being to please others, but to improve for his own good and only thinking about himself, then it would be good for those around him. The merit was that people wanted him for who he was, and he found them. Sometimes to move forward you have to find the right people.

    They met once again, after the show, in a different context from what was now normal. The words weren’t necessary. They only acted. Sincere action and reaction. Without a doubt.

    They have many things to talk about.

    Here Part 1  and Part

    I hope you like it!

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    Hinata was sure. While saying those words, Kageyama pointed directly at him. Kageyama was challenging him. That's how things always worked between them. Hinata could clearly feel the other's feelings through the song, they were no longer chaotic, as they used to be. Everything was clear. Everything was said.

    Kageyama was waiting for an opportunity, but he would only take it if Hinata was willing to offer it.

    Here part 1 and Part 3

    Happy kagehina/hinakage day!!!  Follow part 1

    The song that Kageyama is singing is Follow by Breaking Benjamin.

    I tried to make a small comic for today, but the time was insufficient (and I’m veeeery slow) :|

    Background story:

    Hinata and Kageyama were in a relationship in the past, but things didn’t go well. They had different goals that interfered with their relationship. One day, Hinata decided to end it. It wasn’t a good ending. Kageyama tried to make Hinata come back, without result, but time later he understood why Hinata had done it.

    They distanced themselves from each other for years and focused on their goals. After a while they started talking again. It was uncomfortable at first, it was like getting to know each other again. Both had changed and matured.

    "I still love you and I want to be with you" Kageyama was honest one day. Hinata didn’t answer him. He hadn’t expected an answer either, he just wanted him to know.

    Kageyama's small music group progressed well. One night, Hinata stopped his writing and decided it was time to go to one of the many concerts that Kageyama had invited. He hadn’t warned Kageyama, but he was surprised when the other found him easily among the audience. He was even more surprised when he recognized that song, the one they had tried to compose together when he was still a writer creating his first novel to offer to the world and Kageyama was trying to make his way into the world of music. But now the lyrics were complete.

    That night, Hinata made another decision.

    Here Part 2 and Part 3