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2021-03-07 11:47:47


    I’m back from a 3 month hitaus filled with commissiones,zines, school and more, oh lovely, but it’s summer and I’ll be posting more again very very soon!!!

    So please enjoy this fantasy redo!!! It’s such a Huge improvement from my old old one, so I’m so happy on how it turned out!

    Thanks to all the new followers and to the ones I have rnw, please expect more!!! 💕😖💕

    wow the new chapter was great on so many accounts

    i’ll just leave you with this:

    maybe “you also have two quirks” can be the new “are you all might’s secret love child or something”

    i better start making ‘two quirks’ jokes now

    the funniest thing is he again buys deku’s explanation without question like how much do you have to trust him to do that

    Bakugou nailed it here: Todoroki’s guesses are always half-accurate, half-really-off. Todoroki himself is half-majestic-powerful and half-total-meme. He half-wants-to-text-Endeavor and half-doesn’t