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    When everyone is screaming about the new iPhone X and you’re screaming about merch announcements

    New Year’s Translations!

    Deku: “I want to be the greatest hero!”

    Baku: “I will definitely be number 1!!”

    Ura: “I want to eat mochi ‘til I’m full!”

    Iida: “I want to continue being class rep!”

    Todo: “I want to eat soba.”

    Tsuyu: “Rainy seasons”

    Kiri: “MANLY!!”

    Kami: “I want a girlfriend!!”

    Hand Crusher the series ft Aizawa who just wants some quality drama. I gotta stop posting late but I just gotta ;A; Adapted once again from the lovely @goodly-otaku ‘s post!  

    The first thing that came to mind was a telenovella when I saw it and I really wanted someone to be actually watching it so who better to support 1A’s antics than mr eye-drop himself ;_; !