dumb things that are weirdly hot:

    - someone leaning over and buckling my seatbelt

    - tying my shoe for me (especially if you pat it afterwards??)

    - zipping up my jacket

    - making me hold ur hand before crossing the street

    - handing me my water bottle to make me drink it

    - slightly condescending nicknames

    - moving me by my belt loops/waist

    - “why don’t you be a good girl and *instructions*?”

    - brushing my hair out of my face

    - opening my drinks for me

    - lifting my chin to make me look you in the eye

    Underrated Dom phrases

    “Have you eaten yet?”

    “I’d watch that mouth if I were you”

    “I’m proud of you”

    “Good girl/boy”

    “It’s not too big you’re just ever so little”

    “You’re going to get a bruised ass if you carry on”

    “Don’t you dare”

    “Yes, what?”

    “Who do you think you’re talking to!?”

    “Over my knee”

    Send me ABDL asks:

    1: What is your favorite diaper?

    2: How often do you wear?

    3: What is your little age?

    4: At what age did you start with abdl stuff?

    5: Cotton feel or foil?

    6: When was your last messy diaper?

    7: When was your last wet diaper?

    8: Have you ever changed someone else?

    9: How many stuffed animals do you have?

    10: Who’s your favorite stuffed animal?

    11: What is your favorite food when being little?

    12: Are you a naughty or nice baby?

    13: Is abdl sexual to you?

    14: How many onesies do you own?

    15: What is your favorite color for pacifiers?

    16: What was the thickest package you had so far?

    17: How many people know about your little side?

    18: What was your most embarrassing moment?

    19: Do you have an abdl family (daddy, brother, etc.)?

    20: Have you been to any abdl meetings?

    21: Favorite movie/show to get into little mode?

    22: Do you have a nursery?

    23: How many diapers have you stocked right now?

    24: Who was your first contact in the abdl community?

    25: Any other kinks?

    ice cream asks

    chocolate: when was your first kiss?

    french vanilla: how old are you?

    cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?

    strawberry: a language you wish you could speak?

    coffee: favorite cosmetic brands?

    mint chocolate chip: indoors or outdoors?

    cookie dough: do you play any instruments?

    rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?

    butter pecan: favorite songs for life?

    cheesecake: what's your zodiac sign?

    toasted coconut: the beach or the pool?

    chocolate chip: what's your most popular post?

    bubblegum: books or movies?

    pistachio: manga or anime?

    salted caramel: favorite movies?

    birthday cake: favorite books?

    moose tracks: favorites for manga?

    orange sherbet: favorites for anime?

    peanut butter: favorite academic subject?

    black raspberry: do you have any pets?

    mango: when and why did you start your blog?

    mocha: ideal weather conditions?

    black cherry: four words that describe you?

    neapolitan: things that stress you out?

    raspberry truffle: favorite kind of music?

    chocolate marshmallow: favorite brands of candy?

    toffee: a card game that you're good at?

    lemon custard: do you eat breakfast?

    dark chocolate: turn ons?

    fudge: turn offs?

    peach: how do you relax?

    praline: a popular book you haven't read yet?

    superman: do you like sweaters?

    cherry: do you drink tea or coffee?

    dulce de leche: an instrument you wish you could play?

    blackberry: have you ever laughed so hard you cried?

    ginger: a new feature you wish tumblr could have?

    blueberry lemon: favorite blogs?

    almond: favorite mean girls quote?

    butterscotch: what color are your nails right now?

    cinnamon: have you ever been confessed to?

    blue moon: have you ever had a crush on someone?

    cappuccino crunch: do you take naps?

    mint: the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

    brownie batter: do you like sushi?

    key lime: where do you want to be right now?

    red velvet: do you wear prescription glasses?

    green tea: favorite flavors of ice cream?

    send me a dessert

    cherry turnover: who do you live with?

    bananas foster: do you believe in soulmates?

    glazed donut: would you rather visit a zoo or an aquarium?

    pumpkin pie: what were your interests as a child?

    lemon tart: how many languages can you speak?

    chocolate mousse: how is your relationship with your parents?

    creme brûlée: describe your style

    cheesecake: have you ever visited a sex shop?

    raspberry sorbet: favorite clothing stores?

    green tea ice cream: who was your first crush?

    chocolate chip cookie: how has your life changed over the past year?

    berry trifle: first & last concert you went to?

    tapioca pudding: favorite animated characters?

    fudge brownie: do you like your name?

    strawberry shortcake: are you good at keeping secrets?

    tiramisu: are you daring when it comes to makeup & clothing or do you like to play it safe?

    oreo milkshake: do you sleep a lot?

    apple crisp: how do you relax?

    carrot cake: who is your celeb look alike?

    macaron: what is your ethnicity?

    cinnamon bun: favorite salty snack?

    red velvet cupcake: ask any question of your own

    creepy girl ask meme

    doll: some of your favorite makeup products

    bruise: the worst wound you've ever received

    taxidermy: your favorite animal(s)

    eyeball: some of your favorite films

    syringe: someone you trust with everything

    porcelain: your favorite article of clothing

    plush: your favorite childhood toy

    blood: some of your favorite foods

    pentagram: your faith or spirituality

    splatter: your favorite artists or art pieces

    teacup: some of your favorite beverages

    corpse: something you would love to do but can't

    knife: something you're good at cooking or baking

    lollipop: some of your favorite candy

    monster: your worst habits

    pills: something you'd change about yourself

    potion: something you'd change about humanity

    asylum: your favorite place in the world

    mantis: your sexual orientation

    stitches: some of your self-care habits

    velvet: your favorite era for fashion and aesthetics

    teeth: something that makes you laugh

    piano: something that makes you cry

    witch: a power you wish you had

    chainsaw: your favorite sound

    ribbon: your favorite color combinations

    pigtails: how affectionate you are

    succubus: your weirdest kinks

    ghost: a historical figure you're drawn to

    lullaby: songs you love to sing

    Girl on tumblr: *posts a nude*

    Girl followers: oh my gosh!!!! Goddess!!!! Your skin is so pretty!!!! I love your thighs!!!! That contour is amazing!!!! You're so gorgeous!!!! I love seeing you!!!!


    daddy comes home and sees a band-aid on my leg

    Daddy: What happened Princess ?! *grabs my leg and examines closely*

    Me: *embarrassed* ummm ... I tried to shave my legs in the shower... and it bled...

    Daddy: Silly girl, little babies don't shave their legs.

    Me: ... but I'll be prickly like a little cactus *looks down*

    Daddy: That's okay, Daddy doesn't mind having a cute little cactus. *hugs me and pets my head*

    Me: *buried in Daddy's chest feeling so loved and so little*

    Daddy: *tilts my chin up and looks at me in the eyes* wait for Daddy to help you next time. Razors are sharp and dangerous.