🍼" You’re Too Little To… “🍼

    ” Aw, baby. You’re too little use the grown-up potty. Sit on my lap, relax, and go potty in your diapee/pull-up. I’ll help you if you need it. “

    ” Do you need to go potty? Oh no, you’re too little to use the grown-up potty. I’ll take you to your little potty chair. “

    ” Let me cut your food up for you, sweetheart. You’re too little for such big bites. You could choke! “

    ” Here’s your bottle, baby… lay in my lap, you’re too little to drink it yourself. We don’t want it to spill on your clothes, do we? Let me hold it for you. Just put your hands on your tummy and relax~. “

    ” Uh-uh-uh! Those are adult clothes! You’re much too little for those! Let’s get you in a snug diaper/pull-up–after all, we don’t want you having an accident in big kid clothes~. Stains are hard to get out. We’ll find you more age-appropriate clothes too. “

    ” Uh-oh, did someone make piddles in their diaper/pull-up? Aw, don’t cry. You’re too little to know when you have to go potty. Let’s get you cleaned up. “

    ” Nap time, baby~. What’s that? You’re not sleepy? Don’t be silly, you’re too little to go without a nap, you’ll turn into a fussypants. “

    ” You know the rules; you hold my hand when we’re out. You’re too little to wander around by yourself. You stay by my side at all times. Or do I need to put you in a stroller? “

    ” Oh no, baby. The public bathrooms are for adults. You’re too little for those. Just go in your diapee/pull-up, and I’ll change you as soon as we get back to the car. “

    ” You’re too little to check yourself to see if you’re wet or messy. That’s my job~. And no, you can’t change yourself. “

    ” In the back seat, let me buckle you in nice and safely. Of course I’m using the child-locks. What’s that? You wanna sit in the front? Nuh-uh, you’re too little! “

    ” Oh, you silly baby! You’re too little to dress/undress yourself! Let me help you. “

    ” I bought you a nice, big playpen to put you in, so I can keep an eye on you. You’re too little to wander around the house without my supervision! You could get into things you’re not supposed to. “


    Chyaaa. Given me all kinds of ideas.