Ever have somebody else pee in your diaper?

    I’ve peed in someone else’s diaper and had someone pee in mine c:

    Do I get bonus points for letting someone pee in my pull up after I went and making them wear it on their head while embarrassing them?


    How often have you been wearing since you have a daddy now?

    I wear close to 24/7 when I’m with him and since meeting him I just wear everyday. It doesn’t feel deliberate just kind of happened since he’s so close we see each other often. Sooo I’m put in diapers a lot, pull ups have kind of become the alternative to panties and now training pants make their way in too. Wearing a lot normally doesn’t have an effect but I did pee myself without ever realizing this weekend.. I didn’t know until he took them off and asked when I had an accident. I’m still trying to figure out when and how I peed myself like a total baby.

    From a morning change, sometimes I try to be good and stay in it until he’s off work and wait for daddy to change me 🥰


    Do you like edging or diaper sex?

    I loooove diaper sex ( I have a handful of diaper sex clips here having sex in pampers, pull ups, thick diapers, inside and outdoors haha)

    Honestly it's my fetish so being in diapers or anything relating or even the idea of being put into a diaper or changed gets me off. I can't say they started as a sexual attraction but even by myself a hitachi over a diaper is my favorite.. okay I probably said too much here haha


    what was your first intercation with diapers as a "adult"

    My first interaction was an aww so cute adult diaper ( I reblogged some of my very first diaper pics ever posted below) if we’re not counting pull ups beforehand for a few months while I kept denying how much I wanted to wear diapers 😅. I ordered them after my 19th birthday, my ex said diapers were a hard limit so right after we broke up I ordered them. They felt so much bigger than I had imagined getting to really hold them and feel one on myself. Beforehand it’s all just built up in your head through photos and videos so it felt surreal and kind of hits you hard that you’re into diapers to the point of really wearing them?