denying bathroom privileges is good and all but I prefer when there’s a reason behind it… stuff like “no, you were a brat earlier, so you can’t use the toilet” or “you can hold it longer, maybe that will teach you to be patient and not whine next time we’re in a line”

    just. making someone hold as a funishment… and when they start to leak and sink to their knees as they wet themselves just going “well, I hope that taught you a lesson”

    one of my favourite things in the world is casual intimacy. a small hand on your back when you’re in crowded streets. a gentle kick from where they’re sitting across the table. a head on the shoulder, a hand in your hand, a squeeze on the arm as they’re walking past you. and i think maybe love isn’t made up of grand gestures or explosive displays but that it’s made up of the little things. the little things that say i’m here and i care for you and that your life has intertwined so deeply into mine that that there’s no need to think, because casual intimacy comes easy 

    I still can’t believe Bane comes in tonight 💕 It’s about to be a double diaper girl party and adventure this month with some fun plans for content. We did double bondage in the crib last time and that was just us warming up…

    I just know it’s about to be an amazing time together I missed her so much 🥰

    Forced Regression Ideas

    Dress her in childish clothes. Put her hair in pigtails. Make her wear tutus and onesies and silly little frocks. If you really want to take her down a peg or two, dress her in nothing but her diaper.

    Make her use baby-talk. Have her speak with a lisp, or limit her to the vocabulary of a toddler, or just have her babble and coo meaningless nonsense for your amusement. Punish her if she says anything even vaguely mature.

    Have her make a mess of herself at mealtimes. Insist she gets food all over her face and bib, and even her hair, every time she has something to eat. Smack her bottom whenever she acts too mature and sophisticated while she’s eating, and she’ll quickly learn to be a messy baby.

    Make her do a silly little dance. Play some babyish music and have her put on a performance for you. Make her prance about and shake her bottom and sing along to toddler songs until she’s cringing with humiliation.

    Restrict her to age-appropriate media. Don’t let her read the news. Put parental controls on all her devices. Make her watch baby shows instead of adult television, and swap out all the songs on her phone for nursery rhymes.

    Make her play with baby toys. Make her pretend to enjoy them as well. Let her know she’ll be punished unless you can hear happy giggling and see a stupid smile on her face while she shakes her rattle and hosts tea parties with her stuffed animals.

    Make her run around naked. Strip her down to her birthday suit and send her off to play with a smack on her bare bottom. After spending some time with all her most intimate areas completely exposed, she might even start to miss the privacy of her diaper.

    Have her make childish facial expressions. Put her in front of a mirror and tell her to practice her petulant pout, her innocent look, her potty face, etc. Train her to make these embarrassing facial expressions on command.

    Make her throw a tantrum. The next time she doesn’t get her way, make it clear that she’ll earn herself a spanking unless she whines and pouts and stomps her feet like a fussy toddler. Don’t let her act like a rational adult woman.

    I’ve been at ABDreams this week and I feel like I’ve worn panties maybe two or three times for a few hours. Like out to breakfast and while getting ready some days? And have been in diapers for the rest of the time 🥰 I’ve slept in diapers every night and woken up in the crib. It makes me want to start wearing close to 24/7 when I go back home

    Realizing.. I own like no sippy cups other than my mason top :o

    And now I sad like I wanna be a big girl and somehow ended up slowly only owning bottles so now I’m just looking at all the cute ones and putting them on my wishlist for a future little reward. I feel like I go through phases but sadly got rid of a lot of sippys that were really old years ago and never got more. But recently I’m back on the kick of not wanting to use big girl cups at all when I’m home