So this isn’t what I normally post on here but over the past few days my cat has become extremely ill. I’ve had to take him to emergency multiple times and now he’s hospitalized in the animal ICU. It’s been terrifying and horrible 😞 it’s also been really expensive. I could use some help to save my kitty.


    My kitty had to get another blood transfusion this morning. 😭 I’m so scared for him. The bill for his stay passed $7k so I could still really use support if anyone feels like it. If you’ve enjoyed my content all this time, please consider helping to save my kitty 💔


    My lovely angels deserve a safe home, please even if you can’t donate signal boost! ❤️


    Of course we ( me and @peachflavoredtrash ) are saving up as much as we can on our own but donations would help out so much and get us both into safer environments quicker.


    ^^^ also forgot to mention that, yes we are saving up on our own as well. But anything helps. If even half of our followers donate even 1 dollar we would be able to move by the end of the up coming month. Which is around the time we really need to leave. If anyone has questions feel free to dm me for the full story.