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    Welp. That helps explain the panic attacks.

    20. Scores in the 0 - 20 range indicate No Social Anxiety

    Honestly not surprised. XD


    I got “Moderate anxiety” (score 37) that actually sounds about right honestly. 


    I got 52 ajdhsbsy




    48. Welp.


    Guys, I can’t believe it. I got 26!!!! I’ve been working with it, so I must be doing something right😁


    Yep! As I guessed. Borderline.


    25. Better than I thought


    A University of Massachusetts student was asked to remove a sign from her dorm window saying “F*** Nazis, you are not welcome”  because it did not foster a sense of inclusion.

    Nicole Parsons, a junior, said she put up the sign following an incident in which a swastika was scrawled over a Happy Hanukkah sign on campus, BuzzFeed News reported Sunday.

    “I thought maybe if I hang the sign up, maybe the person who drew the swastika will see it and see someone condemning their actions, even if the administration doesn’t do it,” she told BuzzFeed.

    However, she soon received an email from a residence director informing her that although the sign was “permitted under Freedom of Speech,” he would “also like to discuss the impact on the community that this sign has had.”

    “There are some in the community who have expressed that the sign should be taken down as it has created mixed emotions in the community on how to proceed, issues of inclusion, and the ability to be active members of their community,” the RA, Eddie Papazoni, wrote. “While Residence Education cannot force you or your roommate to take the sign down, I am asking that you or your roommate take the sign down so that all students can be a part of an inclusive residential experience, as well as having a respectful environment to be a part of here on our campus.”

    Parsons told BuzzFeed that she was in shock and that she believed the email showed that “the university cares more about the feelings of Nazis than the safety of their students.”

    The university appeared to backtrack on its request, posting on Facebook that “a poorly worded email from Residence Life staff asking students to take down the sign does not reflect the values of the campus, and it should not have been sent. UMass Amherst emphatically rejects Nazis, and any other hate group, a view expressed in the students’ sign. However, we are sensitive to the use of profanity, which some could find inappropriate. The university respects the students’ right to display the sign and it may remain up.”

    In June, the Anti-Defamation League reported that white supremacist propaganda on U.S. college campuses had risen by 77 percent over the past nine months.


    INCLUSION??? 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


    A white man was throwing racial slurs at a Black FedEx Driver. He started Punching the driver, the FedEx driver punched him back one time, killing the man with One Punch.


    Magnuson’s death from the fall was precipitated by “extremely poor health,” a medical examiner concluded, and the punch itself was not fatal, Senior Deputy District Attorney Adam Gibbs wrote.

    Warren was within his legal right to challenge Magnuson’s “racist vitriol,” Gibbs noted, and said that Warren’s decision to confront Magnuson — rather than ignore him — was not legally significant.

    Please keep up this energy of racists dropping dead on my dash.


    This sort of stuff just doesn’t happen.


    As the Prophecy has foretold!!!


    Buddy this is how 50% of archaeology happens. Someone falls in a hole and finds some cool shit.


    You know, it’s almost like that was the fucking problem in the first place you stupid bastards


    the absolute need for every online video platform to become just like cable tv despite the fact their success comes from not being like cable tv is just overwhelming 


    You know how some people like to say that physical media is dead and streaming is the future?  Well, Apple is doing a pretty good job right now of proving that theory well and truly wrong.

    Reports have started to emerge of Apple completely deleting films from iTunes accounts even when they’ve been bought, not merely rented.  And when people complain about this, they’re receiving an astonishing message from Apple telling them that iTunes is just a “store front,” and so Apple isn’t to blame if a film studio decides it no longer wants to make its titles available on iTunes.

    Even worse, it seems that if bought film titles are removed from your account you may not even be entitled to get a refund for them.  When an iTunes user in Canada complained to Apple that their initial offer of a free $5.99 rental hardly seemed suitable recompense for him having three bought films summarily removed from his account, Apple replied that “our ability to offer refunds diminishes over time.  Hence your purchases doesn’t meet the conditions for a refund.”

    The Canadian user was offered a further two free rentals as compensation.  But, of course, as well as being far less in monetary terms than the films user had bought, having short-term rental rights to a film is very different indeed from owning a film.

    While I’m hearing from others who fortunately did get a refund for their deleted films, the bottom line in all this is that Apple appears to be openly saying that if you buy a film on iTunes, you don’t really own it at all.  It may only stick around in your iTunes account for as long as the studio who really owns it decides it wants it to stick around in your iTunes account.

    The Canadian user suffering this issue was pointed to this page of Apple legalese in the response where he was told that he wasn’t entitled to compensation for his lost purchases.

    I’m also starting to receive reports today of the recent return of another major issue with iTunes movies: the downgrading of 4K HDR films to HD.  This started happening in 2017, just after the Apple TV 4K launched, as reported here.  At that point Apple suggested that there was some sort of labeling issue (where films said they were HD on their header page, but played as 4K) that they managed to (largely) fix.  And it seems that the return of this issue may still be responsible for some of the “lost” 4K movies Apple TV 4K users are seeing now.

    This doesn’t seem to explain all of the 4K to HD switches, though.  It seems that some are down to Apple’s original policy of offering free HD to 4K upgrades of films no longer applying to titles bought in HD outside of iTunes.  Say, via the iTunes-compatible Movies Anywhere platform.  Though I am recently hearing from people saying that films bought on other iTunes-compatible platforms in 4K are also now only appearing in HD on iTunes.

    In fact, I have even been contacted just today by an iTunes user who tells me that dozens of films he owns in iTunes — many of which were actually bought in iTunes — have stepped back on his Apple TV 4K to HD, having previously being available in 4K.  This includes titles that are still available in 4K on VUDU.

    It’s worth noting that the specific incident of films being completely deleted I refer to in this article happened in Canada; it’s possible that iTunes users in the U.S. and elsewhere haven’t experienced the same issue (yet…) due to differences in film rights between different territories.

    But actually these sorts of regional rights differences merely underline the fundamental point Apple seems to be doing its best to confirm right now: That the only way you can be sure you own anything is if you’re physically holding it in your hand.

    I’ve asked Apple for comment on these iTunes issues, and will provide an update if they come back with anything worth sharing.  In the meantime, though, if you’ve experienced either films you bought disappearing entirely from iTunes, or films that once appeared in 4K now only appearing in HD, please let me know (with details, if possible, of whether you bought the title from within iTunes or via another compatible platform) via the Twitter account shown at the bottom of this article.

    You don’t own anything that has DRM – not movies, not ebooks, nothing.

    Rape culture and sexual violence may be gaining ground in New Zealand because of pornography, a new survey has found.

    The survey of 622 sexual health services, youth workers, schools and families has found increasing genital injuries caused by violent sex inspired by pornography that depicts violence as normal.

    Respondents report “increased degradation, objectification and disrespect of women and girls; normalising of sexual violence and coercion; a disregard for consent; a devaluing and transactional approach to sex; advanced sexual knowledge for development age; an erosion of mutual pleasure and the normalising of painful sex particularly for women and gay males.”

    The survey does not claim to be an academic study and was done to inform a set of resources for youth, schools and parents on how to deal with porn, which will be published on October 1 on www.thelightproject.co.nz.

    An Education Review Office review of sexuality education in schools, published today, highlighted the survey as evidence that many schoolchildren “are learning about sex through pornography” on their smartphones.

    Survey organiser Nikki Denholm, a former sexual health nurse who has worked internationally on female genital mutilation and other sexual health issues, said she was inspired to do something about porn after working on child sex trafficking in the Philippines.

    “I was surprised how many young people had been filmed for the sex industry,” she said.

    Back in New Zealand, she teamed up with Auckland sex therapist Jo Robertson, sexual health nurses Lief Pearson and Melissa Powell and former child protection worker Veronia Houghton to found the “Light Project”, named “to shine a light in an area that is quite dark”.

    Schoolteachers, principals and guidance counsellors who responded to their online survey “gave many accounts of students viewing porn on personal or school devices during school hours”.

    One said: “Pornography is now the main sex educator for young people.”

    Another said: “Porn is normalising misogynistic, violent, rape culture, racist, anti-LGBTI sexual behaviour - leading to an expectation that this is okay behaviour.”

    Sexual health workers and youth workers said they saw “an increase in sexual aggression and sexual violence, including sexually coercive behaviours, increasing incidences of sexual assault (for boys and girls), an increase in sexually aggressive behaviours seen in younger children, sexual violence towards partners and increased incidences of child-on-child abuse including re-enacting porn scenes”.

    “Young people are inadvertently educated that it’s normal to endure or inflict pain,” one person said.

    A sexual health doctor said: “A number of sexual practices are becoming more common and normalised among young people, I believe as a result of watching porn. These include pubic hair shaving, anal sex, group sex, etc.”

    Health services also reported “increasing presentations of young men to Sexual Health Services with sexual dysfunction”.

    “These men are reporting problems with ‘normal’ sex not being as stimulating as pornography, causing difficulty reaching orgasm or maintaining an erection,” one person said.

    Robertson, who is completing a master’s thesis at Sydney University on the impacts of porn on adolescents, said therapists were seeing young men with erectile dysfunction that “you would have never seen in a 25-year-old” before smartphones.

    Therapists expressed concern that parents were ignoring the issue.

    “Fathers don’t realise how vital it is to talk to their boys about it. They think it is acceptable, a fad, or just a ‘fact of life’,” one therapist said.

    Denholm said the Light Project resources would include tips on how to talk to young people about porn, suggestions for schools, and resources for young people themselves about the importance of consent and where to get help.

    “We were very sobered that this is here and this is New Zealand,” she said. “Despite how enlightened adults might think we are, we have got a problem.”


    “I’m a gun owner. I have two pistols, a rifle, a shotgun…and a (now-expired) concealed carry permit. I’ve been shooting since I was a kid.
    I also support every single gun contr
    ol measure out there.
    Why? Well, because of a number of logical reasons:

    1. I go to gun shows, and I’ve witnessed more illegal cash sales than I can count. People bring guns to sell to dealers at the show and end up selling them to buyers in the parking lot who are willing to pay cash. No background check, no bill of sale, no formal transfer of ownership. Yes, this is happening, people! It is a regular occurrence and illegal in many states.

    2. Every time I go to the gun range, I witness someone doing something extremely dangerous with a gun.
    I’ve been swept more than 20 times — this means someone has unintentionally pointed a gun at me. I’ve seen the wrong ammo used (ask my husband about the time he almost lost an eye). I’ve watched people shooting guns that they lack experience with or ones that they can’t handle (take, for example, a child or a smaller adult shooting a Desert Eagle semiautomatic handgun), causing kickback that can injure them and cause them to flail their loaded gun in all directions. I’ve seen guns jam, and people continue to fire them to “clear the jam.” I’ve seen people continue to fire when the range is “cold.” All of these people consider themselves “responsible” gun owners. Nope. And these aren’t exceptions to the rule — every single time I go to the range, I see someone doing something reckless and potentially deadly.

    3. I’ve seen people handle guns when they are drunk, tired, hungover, or angry. I would never think of doing these things. It is irresponsible, and again, potentially deadly.

    4. A friend of my college boyfriend pointed a loaded gun in my face because he wanted to show me how cool his new toy was. I dropped to the ground. He forgot it was loaded. He’s a high-ranking officer in the U.S. Navy.

    5. The class you take to geta concealed carry permit in North Carolina is easy to pass. You sit through a two-day class, take a simple written test, get a background check and fingerprints through the sheriff’s office, and basically just have to prove that you can hit the broad side of a barn. That’s it.

    6. The “hero mentality” is misguided and dangerous. Unless you have combat training, the “good guy/gal with a gun” is more likely to kill another civilian or get mistaken by cops as the shooter. I’m a decent shot with a pistol. I’m a great shot with my rifle. But in a life or death situation, where people are literally being murdered in front of me, it’s completely unrealistic to think that, even with all my training, I could do anything but add to the chaos.

    7. The NRA is a terrorist organization. Yup, I said it. I used to be a member because they gave discounts on shooting-range time. I quit after one year because I couldn’t stomach the thought that my money was funding them. Their magazine and mailers are filled with propaganda about people coming to take my guns when there is absolutely zero evidence at all to suggest that is ever going to happen. Their recent ads make me sick and ashamed that I ever supported them.
    8. The home protection argument makes sense to me on some level. I had a friend who was killed during a home invasion, so I get it. But an AK-47 (and other assault weapons) is not an ideal weapon for personal defense, and it serves no purpose for “home protection.” It was designed for military use. A a 12-gauge shotgun is a better, more realistic choice for home defense. I’ve never seen any peer-reviewed study/expert/article anywhere that can refute this. Bottom line: Assault-style weapons should never be in the hands of civilians. Period. And going back to point No. 7, in a home-protection or self-defense situation, you’re still more likely to injure yourself or have your own gun used against you.
    These are my thoughts on the subject as an experienced, licensed, and trained gun owner. I’m already a member of the Brady Campaign, Everytown for Gun Safety, and will be joining Moms Demand Action. I find it impossible to understand why other gun owners like myself dont support these groups. They aren’t trying to take away my guns; they are trying to inject some freaking common sense into the equation — something we desperately need and that every gun owner should support.“ 

    ~ Addison Ashe, for Scary Mommy.


    if you cannot argue these points you cant oppose gun control the number one beef i have with people who flip out about gun control laws is they immediately say ‘responsible law abiding gun owners like me’ as being unjustly held accountable- well then you should have no trouble with laws you are already complying with, either you are responsible or not its like if i as a parent am upset with new laws that require me to feed my children, bathe them, and not beat them- and then justify my anger in that ‘im a good parent’ well if i was a good parent i wouldnt be upset with a law saying they will check i feed my damned kids just like gun laws that just check you are competent enough to be trusted with the insta-death boomstick so many drunk hillbillies wave around like a little girl waving a plastic fairy wand


    This, so perfectly this. The gun control laws we want are ones that just reinforce the ones that already exist. We want to ban guns whose only use is to cut human beings in half with multiple bullets, and nothing that is actually used for personal defense, small-arms military use, and hunting. NO ONE SANE needs a a submachine gun to goddamn HUNT. If you disagree with that–if you truly, completely, to the deepest parts of your being, believe that the only way you can bag that eight-point buck is with an AK-47…then you are a BAD HUNTER and you are PART OF THE PROBLEM.


    An Edmonton woman says she’s still in shock after being refused a cab ride when she asked a Duffy’s Taxi driver for help Monday night.

    Angela Gladue, who was in Manitoba to perform at the Winnipeg Folk Festival last weekend, said she was being chased down Portage Avenue by a strange man when she hopped in a cab for refuge.

    Gladue said she was taken aback when the driver asked for cash upfront.

    “I said ‘Yes, I do have money, but you have to go now. I will pay you, just start driving — there is a man coming and I am really scared,’” said Gladue, a powwow dancer who dances with the Ottawa electronic music group A Tribe Called Red.

    “He was, like, ‘Give me $10.’”

    Gladue said she was in fear for her safety and couldn’t think of anything else but getting away.

    She said she has been asked to pay upfront by Edmonton taxi drivers in the past and has done so, reluctantly.

    The driver wouldn’t go, even when the man who was chasing her caught up and began pacing back and forth beside the cab, she said.

    “I was, like, ‘Are you refusing me service right now? My life is in danger,’” she said.

    “Then I brought up missing and murdered Indigenous women and what he was doing felt like racism toward me, and I told him that.”

    Continue Reading.


    This is so terrible. We need to care for and protect our indigenous women!


    “[Of her twin children] ‘We keep them back from premieres and this sort of thing,’ Bassett said, speaking by phone last week from the set of her new TV drama, 9-1-1. ‘We try to keep them doing their own thing, out and away from it all. But [Black Panther] was one that we felt it was imperative that they experienced and witnessed. It’s an iconic film. It’s such positive images … They can see themselves in a light as warriors, as heroes, as kings, as queens, and potential panthers. All things positive. I really wanted them to experience something that in the way they carry themselves, how they walk through the day, with their heads held high and their chests poked out, feeling good about who they are.’”




    such a beautiful family


    China just became a dictatorship and Trump literally said he thinks that’s a good idea for us (him)


    Trump basically said “fuck due process” and “i wanna be a dictator” IN THE SAME WEEK. And republicans fuckin clapped…


    ^^^^^^^^^ reblogging again for that most recent addition to this post. 


    “ Sharon Choksi, founder Girls Will Be, decided to do something about the lack of options for girls. She said the inspiration for her new line of clothing, came from her daughter and niece, Maya and Grace, who wanted to wear clothing that wasn’t frilly, “nothing with bows” and absolutely “NO sparkles.” They were interested in “climbing trees, building LEGO creations, and playing with cars and trucks,” Choksi said. “


    from the above article:

    She collected boys and girls clothes from 10 of the biggest retailers that were all meant for kids of around the same size and age and measured them. What she found was that the girls’ shirts were one to three inches thinner. The sleeves were shorter. And the girls’ shorts were barely a third of the length.

    I know this was true when I was a kid, but it’s gotten a lot worse since then.

    Looks like the girls shorts are completely sold out right now, but let’s hope this is a trend


    HOLY SHIT YES. I’ve had SO many conversations about dress codes and stuff where people complain about how “skimpy” the clothes tween girls wear are, and I have to explain to them that those are their only options. There literally aren’t pants a tween/early teen girl can buy anywhere between capris and a 3-inch inseam. Shit, I’m 32 and wear a size 22/24 pants and I have trouble finding shorts that cover over half my thigh!


    “My grandmother wove in me a tapestry that was impossible to unwind,” Vigo said. “Since then, I’ve dedicated my life to the sea, just as those who have come before me.”

    Like the 23 women before her, Vigo has never made a penny from her work. She is bound by a sacred ‘Sea Oath’ that maintains that byssus should never be bought or sold.

    Instead, Vigo explained that the only way to receive byssus is as a gift. […]

    “Byssus doesn’t belong to me, but to everyone,” Vigo asserted. “Selling it would be like trying to profit from the sun or the tides.”

    More recently, a Japanese businessman approached Vigo with an offer to purchase her most famous piece, ‘The Lion of Women’, for €2.5 million. It took Vigo four years to stitch the glimmering 45x45cm design with her fingernails, and she dedicated it to women everywhere.

    “I told him, ‘Absolutely not’,” she declared. “The women of the world are not for sale.”


    The government is trying to evict her after shutting down her free museum to showcase her work because she refuses their demands she tell her secret.


    The link to her crowdfunding page is https://buonacausa.org/cause/chiaravigo

    She needs to raise €85,000 by November 2018 or the town will evict her. She’s only raised €6,472. The page says that there is no goal bc anything they raise is a success but the article says she needs the €85,000 in order to own her home and not be evicted. Chiara Vigo is an amazingly talented Jewish women who deserves to stay in her town close to the ocean !!


    And in other news, water is wet


    Not like women have been telling y'all this since the beginning of time or anything.


    I mean, yeah, at one point three years ago I was curled up in a fetal position literally screaming/crying/gasping for breath on my bed in my dorm room, so my response to this headline is basically, “No shit.”


    No wonder women are so likely to ignore heart disease/attack symptoms. If something isn’t as bad as my cramps, I figure it can’t be that bad.




    No seriously. There aren’t enough people who understand how important that last comment is. I lost my right kidney four years ago because of “if something isn’t as bad as my cramps, I figure it can’t be that bad.”

    My. Fucking. Kidney.

    Don’t force people with periods to internalize and silence themselves when they have cramps!


    Can confirm “can’t be that bad because period”.  I had a kidney stone and it took me like 2-3 days to realize it wasn’t my period because it basically felt like that.  Pain is normal for women (and other people with a uterus), it’s part of being a woman, and so we’re much less likely to know when the pain we’re having is bad because we deal with so much of it some much more often than men do.  Pain is not always a “something is wrong” indicator for us.  


    jesus. I never thought of it that way.


    Every woman rebloging this



    The Trump administration is considering a new “religious freedom” rule that would allow healthcare workers to refuse to treat LGBT patients.“ Please… read that again.




    He’s done more than “consider a rule”

    He’s even created an entire division that fields complaints that these people would make in case someone tries to strong arm them to do it!

    He even created a website hot button that use a help desk so it can get you a representative!

    We knew they’d try harder after the trans band failed.


    this is murder.

    Trans women have already been denied care by emergency responders, and died as a result, that has already happened. Now that fucker wants to bring that back, with legal protections for killers who do that.

    That is murder. Make no mistake, this will kill people.


    While this will affect all LGBT people this is specifically targeted at trans people. Now instead of just having to worry about getting basic gender affirmation care, a trans person (or any other LGBT person for the matter) can just be left in the middle of the road bleeding out after a Nazi tries to kill us.


    “The shoppers’ immediate response to the violent event ‘absolutely slowed’ investigation as it left authorities scanning through surveillance tapes in pursuit of the single armed attacker.

    The few innocent yet armed individuals were eventually weeded out as suspects, amid the several hour-long investigation which began Wednesday night and into Thursday morning.

    A police spokesperson confirmed after the building had been deemed ‘safe enough’ to enter, officials quickly began examining footage from inside the supermarket, according to The Denver Post.

    ‘That’s when we started noticing that a number of individuals had pulled weapons,’ said Victor Avila, who works in part for the Thornton Police Department.

    ‘At that point, as soon as you see that, that’s the one you try to trace through the store, only to maybe find out that’s not him, and we’re back to ground zero again, starting to look again. That’s what led to the extended time.‘”


    Oh! Oh, do I understand correctly that none of these innocent yet armed individuals went on to shoot the actual shooter? I feel faint with surprise


    I am shocked. Stunned even. You mean all of those good guys with a gun didn’t do a damned thing. Quick, I need my smelling salts. 


    Oh but they COULD have done something!!! They VERY EASILY could have mistaken EACH OTHER as the Active Shooter and started a full blown firefight AMONGST THEMSELVES/Arriving Police.

    The longer this infantile attidute about guns persists? The more shit like this is gonna happen and, INEVITABLY, SOMBODIE is going to pull a trigger. Then? Once THAT kind of adrenaline fueled/panic stricken shit STARTS? Luck/Fate will be the ONLY thing that determines who/how many get hurt or die.


    You mean to tell me that not only did these people with guns not instantly fix the situation like the NRA and Rupublicans love to say they would, but they actually made it worse and weren’t American heroes ? NO WAY!