How is Dexter doing after his surgery? Is he coming along as might be expected?

    He’s doing as well as can be expected. He has to wear the cone of shame for another week. Both bandages came off a couple days ago so I’m making sure to keep the incision sites clean. He’s starting to put more weight on his leg, which is good. He’s loving his medicine. He is, however, hating the cone and the fact that he can’t play. Poor boy really wants to play but he’s not allowed to yet.

    Thank you for asking about him.

    Here’s a bonus picture of him from yesterday. He really wanted to play.


    Bro I’m still in love with someone I dated like 4 years ago but I’m in a 2 year relationship rn. It’s hard bc the girl is nice and I hate to be the person to break up

    I can understand not wanting to break up with someone, but you need to. You are leading your partner on and that isn’t fair to them. They deserve to be with someone who wants them and has reciprocal feelings. You’re still caught up on your ex.

    It’ll suck, but I think you need to break up with her.



    65. Any permanent scars?

    I’ve got a lot. One on my jaw, next to my chin, from when my dad’s dog bit me. It was almost to the bone. I’ve got 3 thin scars on my right hand by my thumb, my right bicep by my elbow, and on my chin. One scar in each place. I’m not 100% sure where they’re from, but I think they’re from when I was a baby and my parents’ dog stepped on me. And a bunch of others.

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    So I like your blog and the representation it brings however I don't see a lot of fat wlw on here or on tumblr as a matter of fact which makes me feel like it's supporting or furthering the idea of fatphobia in the gay community.

    This isn't meant to be hate. I'm just torn about the lgbt+ community on tumblr and the lack of support for fats in it even though it claims to be an open and loving community for everyone. It's just a bummer.

    I struggle with the same thing. I would love to reblog things of fatter people, but there isn’t much on here that I’ve come across. I reblog it when I see it though.

    If anyone has any blog recommendations for larger/fatter wlw, please let me know.


    It's 20:50 rn here and I'm thinking about her.

    Her - one of my best friends and I'm completely in love.

    That's a really good feeling about it. Being in love with her. But then, that's this horrible feeling too. I'm afraid of losing her one day. Our friendship as we used to be.

    We've been friends for about 11y and although I really want to be with her, I'm afraid of losing everything.

    I’d say that’s a completely understandable fear. Weigh the risks and see what you think. Go from there.

    -send me what time it is and what you’re thinking about-


    Kind of part a would you rather. Kind of just needing advice. Would you rather get your heart broken with the truth or protected with a lie? I have this great person in my life and I care about them a lot, but I’m really struggling with a lot and I feel like I can’t be there for them in a way they deserve. What should I do? I don’t want to lose them.

    It took me a couple days to answer this. There’s been so much going on and I haven’t had the mental capacity to answer this.

    I’d rather have my heart broken with the truth. Given the choice, I would always choose that. Always.

    I have been on the other side of this type of situation before. I was with someone who said they cared about me. They were also going through a rough time. They said they wanted to make things work with me, but they never had it in them to do that work. They ended up ghosting me. Now my situation could be different from yours, but if you continue to “protect” this person with a lie, then it’s just that-a lie. You would be lying to them and leading them on. The same thing that was done to me.

    Tell them the truth. Regardless of how hard it may be, tell them the truth. Regardless of how much you think it will hurt them, tell them the truth. You don’t have to go into the details of what you’re struggling with or anything like that, but they deserve to know.


    can you elaborate the work stories? why did people think you were having sex in a warehouse?

    We had walkie talkies for easier communication throughout the store. A manager, cashier, back up cashier, and furniture always had one on them so if anything was needed someone could be reached easily.

    I was working back in furniture and stacking our boxed recliners in the warehouse. Because they get stacked 3 high, whoever is stacking usually needs help. I was having my friend, and coworker, at the time, Ebony (a trans mtf and at the time was still identifying as a gay man), helping me stack them. I had the walkie talkie attached to my pants at the hip and was using my whole body to get this recliner put up with her help. We had it on the ledge of the box already in place but it slipped so I jumped underneath it to catch it before having to start over again. So we’re working on getting the box up and it was a bitch. In the process, my walkie talkie talk button was being pressed against this other box so all anyone with an ear piece could hear was grunting and swearing.

    The manager at the time, Wes, was standing with my best friend (who also worked there), and the cashier and looked at them and said, “are they…you know…in the back?” My best friend said, “really? The lesbian and the gay guy?”

    I don’t know if you wanted more about the Assassin’s Creed one or not, but you only specifically mentioned the sex one so that’s all I further said.


    All numbers ending in 3

    3. Who was your childhood hero?

    Probably Steve Irwin

    13. Bright colors or neutral tones?


    23. What’s your dream date?

    I don’t think I have one. Anything could be amazing depending on the day. I could do anything with my fiancé and be happy with the date.

    33. Do you like exercising?

    I do. I just struggle with motivation for it because all we have is streaming services. When I had cable, I would do stuff during commercials or when a show was over and knew something else was on after.

    43. What would you most likely to become famous for?

    53. Bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates?

    I’d rather receive flowers. I don’t eat a lot of sweets anymore.

    63. Is there a type of music you don’t like?

    Not really. I listen to a little bit of everything. I don’t much care for rap and country, but even then, there’s still songs I like from them.

    73. What time of day do you like best?

    Early morning or late at night. When the sun isn’t out or just starting to rise, the air is crisp, everything is pretty quiet except for crickets or whatever other critters are around.

    83. What’s your favorite piece of jewelry (or other accessory if you don’t wear any)?

    My favorite is either my Lexa necklace or the ring my grandma left me when she passed.

    93. What’s your craziest work related story?

    I don’t know. Either the time my coworkers thought I was having sex in the warehouse with another coworker or the time I Assassin’s Creed’d a coworker (the same one others thought I was having sex with). I’d say both is pretty up there with the level of crazy, I guess.

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    How would you explain the HUGE increase of ppl identifying as nb these days (mostly women to nb) ? About five years ago it was nothing like this, if anything there was an increase of identification as trans binary (against mostly women to trans men) but i feel like since the lockdown the number of trans enbies is rocketing

    I honestly have no idea. I don’t know anything about the statistics for non-binary stuff. I can only offer my thoughts/guesses and that’s that, while society still has a long way to go, it’s come far. Things that weren’t accepted 5, 10, 20, or however many years ago, are becoming more accepted. The more people that come out as non-binary, the more it’s shown and gets normalized. The more that happens, the more it shows everyone that there’s more than just boy or girl.


    As a distraction, name your favorite food that begins with each letter of the alphabet :)

    This one was kind of hard. I had to really think and look up different foods. I think there was only two I couldn’t answer.

    A- Alfredo

    B- bacon

    C- chicken (depending on how it’s cooked)

    D- donuts

    E- eggs

    F- French toast

    G- green grapes

    H- ham

    I- ice cream

    J- juice

    K-key lime pie

    L- lasagna


    N- nachos

    O- oranges

    P- pizza

    Q- quesadilla





    V- venison




    Z-zebra cakes


    how did you realize you were nonbinary? i'm always interested to know how other people made that journey

    To some extent, I’ve always known. My whole life I’ve felt like I wasn’t a girl, but it’s what I was told. I wished I was a boy a lot. As I got older (early teens), I tried identifying as such. But it didn’t really feel right either. So I went back to identifying as a girl.

    When I got older (late teens/early twenties), I discovered transitioning. I tried identifying as a boy again, lowered my voice, stuff like that. But it still didn’t feel right. Shortly after I learned about non-binary. There was a stereotype of sorts to it in my mind that I saw with it. Eventually, I learned that there isn’t a right or wrong way to be non-binary. I tried identifying with it and it felt more comfortable but still wasn’t sure. It wasn’t until a friend of mine said I was non-binary. He didn’t introduce me as such to anyone, but it was just us and I was wearing a bandana and he said something about non-binary bandana and hearing it from him made it click.