Swords, clexa and pvris for some reason hahah

    Can’t tell if this is meant to be a sarcastic “for some reason” because it can be obvious that I love those things or a genuine guess “for some reason.” Either way…

    Those are all very accurate! My fiancé gave me a sword that’s almost as tall as I am. And my gay ass died when I got to meet Lynn Gunn (and Alex and Brian).

    -what are 3 things you associate with me-


    🍅 Tomato: Have you ever gardened, and if so, what is your favorite thing to grow?

    I gardened a lot growing up with my grandma. I helped with so much stuff from plants to fruits and vegetables. I think my favorite was strawberries. We’d have strawberry shortcake for desert in the summer and I loved picking them fresh from the garden.

    I wish I had done it more. I miss her.

    -cottagecore asks-


    3, 15?

    3. Do you feel your age?

    Sometimes. When I see people I went to school with buying houses and brand new cars and shit, then I don’t. But try to remind myself that everyone works at different speeds.

    15. Which new ship/fandom has taken up a lot of your time, attention, and tears?

    No ship or fandom has ever taken up nowhere near as much of my anything as Clexa has. And I doubt anything else ever will. You never though.

    -end of the year asks-