Welcome to St. Louis, possibly the smallest ‘city’ this country has to offer. Where everyone knows everyone and every high school has its own reputation, literally. Where almost everyone shops at the same mall, West County. And the St. Louis Cardinals are our pride and glory.

    Welcome to St. Louis. Where high school sports dominate our social lives. Thre’s no where to hang out and nothing to do. Everyone goes to the city all for the same reasons; The Loop, the Pageant, Forest Park, The City Museum, and Ted Drewes. And the Arch isn’t as fun as every tourist thinks it is.

    Welcome to St. Louis. Where you’ll converse with another person from this town and later find out you’ll have a lot of mutual friends when you add them on Facebook. Where Jefferson county is the sketchiest place on Earth and St. Charles County has all the rich kids, but all of civilization resides in St. Louis County.

    Welcome to St. Louis. It’s not a city, its the suburbs. 314.


    Welcome to St. louis. Where the weather's either blistering hot, or frost bitten cold. You'll find yourself scraping the windows layered with ice, right after you just went swimming cause of the 105 degree heat advisory.

    Welcome to St. louis. The state where Walmart is the most populated at 1:00 am. Where towns turn into farms if you drive to far on the highway. Where Nelly has the only lambo in a 500 mile radius.

    You can find me in Saint lou-ayy.