That roll coaster of emotion you go through when you see clothes you want on tumblr.

    Me (Mini heart attack): OMG.

    Me (Happiness I feel imagining them on me): I've been waiting my whole life for this.

    Me (Basking in the beauty):

    Me (Coming back to reality): Where. WHERE. WHERE can I FIND THIS.

    Me (Mini heart attack): I can't find them...

    Me (Dying):

    Me (Crying):

    Me (Crying):

    Me (Coming back to reality): I don't have money even if I did find them...

    Tumblr Dashboard: Scenery

    Me: Why can't I live there

    Tumblr Dashboard: Hipster clothes

    Me: Why can't that be my outfit

    Tumblr Dashboard: Words that cover up a beautiful landscape and don't relate to the picture at all.

    Me: HAHA... why can't I be funny

    Tumblr Dashboard: Porn

    Me: Why can't I be having sex right now.

    Tumblr Dashboard: Hipster

    Me: Why can't I be beautiful

    Tumblr Dashboard: Couple

    Me: Whore.

    Just happened.

    Stranger: Omg you're so handsome!

    Me: haha, well thank you.

    Stranger: my god, how tall are you?

    Me: 6'3"

    Stranger: AHH, how old are you? Do you have a girlfriend?!

    Me: *smile* haha 19, and no.

    My mom: This is my other son.

    Brother: hi.

    Stranger: hi.

    Lmao, he's so hurt.