Finding Myself

 Potential Lover(s) This is me, my aspirations, and my life. Not all these pictures are mine but all the thoughts are @TeejayHughes

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2021-06-12 00:11:11

    I'm excited to share with you my first big push into YouTube. You all have given me the most incredible support over the years, so I'm excited to see how my channel grows with you all ❤ So here we go, my intro video into my travels in Southeast Asia. More in-depth videos of each place soon to come. 🌏 Checkout the full video on YouTube; link in my bio!


    1. What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before?

    I let myself be more free, and expressed my emotions more to people. I’m actually really proud of myself, because I’ve gone years not letting even the closest people in. I finally feel like I’m surrounded by people that know how I feel and...


    So this was my 2013 haha. oh the memories. 


    I hate when I absolutely have to express my feelings towards someone. Its either about how I feel about them or how I feel about a problem in general. I hate it and if I could avoid it I would.

    I hate it down to the point where it makes me uncomfortable. To the point where it makes me quiver....


    Your words are golden and so relevant.