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    I can only read “dogs” and only see anything in one other. I see nothing in any other.


    8/10 but fuck, OW.


    c'mon everyone who got ten is lying please tell me you’re all lying i can’t see shit past the first two



    Take that, teachers who gave me a skeptical look when I said I had trouble reading when they wrote in red marker.


    Please pleass PLEASE share. This is very important to me. People have been abducted, tortured and murdered in the past 6 years and Thailand needs the world's spotlight NOW!!! We need to reform the system, we live under dictatoriship and if this escalate we will have another massacre.

    We need the world to be our witness. PLEASE let them know you're watching





    El-Waylly’s job at Bon Appétit wasn’t meant for someone with so much experience, but she took it anyway. In May, her $50,000-a-year salary was bumped to $60,000 when it became clear she was doing work above her pay grade. About five months into the job, she says, management wanted to create a more junior position underneath her to do the cross-testing she had originally been hired for. “They really wanted to hire someone Black, which I know you’re not allowed to say legally, out loud,” she says. “And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.” (Through a Condé Nast spokesperson, Morocco stated that this conversation did not happen.)

    “They couldn’t find a single Black person who they thought was good enough to work in the Test Kitchen,” she continues, “but they were bringing in really experienced people, who have been in the industry longer than me, to work below us. Think about it: Every other person who’s had this job, this was their first job, because this is an entry-level position. But when they want to hire a person of color for that position, we need to have a million years of experience.” Disturbed by the hiring process, El-Waylly says she spoke to Morocco about it as well as Condé Nast HR and the company’s head of diversity, but saw no changes in procedure. (Condé Nast would not respond to questions regarding the junior position but released the following statement through a spokesperson: “Chris Morocco is not responsible for hiring practices and personnel matters, for Sohla to suggest that he is, is disingenuous and false.” Multiple sources in a position to know told Vulture he was intimately involved with hiring. When pressed about this, a Condé spokesperson clarified that Morocco was involved, but wasn’t solely responsible. Morocco did not respond to requests for comment.)


    as per Jessica: Chris Morocco Go To Hell Challenge, gotta name and shame the devils, racism isn’t polite so why should we be?


    Y’all better be protecting Anthony Mackie with the same ferocity you have for your white faves. He put everything on the line to say this.


    read this!

    a lot of big businesses, including disney, will post a black square and donate some money but won’t actually make any changes to combat the racism in their own companies and its fucking bullshit

    it feels like they haven’t made any other efforts towards true diversity because at the end of the day they just don’t care

    also notice how it’s really only ever the Black mcu actors who bring up the racism/lack of diversity in marvel/hollywood ?

    white hollywood saying they’re anti-racist/acknowledging white privilege ≠ activism

    the USPS is now REMOVING MAIL SORTING MACHINES. the shit is hitting the fan. i need to reiterate that signing petitions or texting a number that sends an email isn’t going to cut it. dont send complaints to louis dejoy’s office or any bullshit like that. don’t waste your time. people who live in the US need to CALL their Senators and House reps. you need to post about this constantly. you need to make a big deal about this with friends and family. get them do it too.

    if you want to save the USPS i am BEGGING you call your representatives directly to DEMAND they co-sponsor and vote for:

    1. the Delivering for America Act (call HOUSE reps). This attempts to reverse the bullshit Trump is doing.

    2. USPS Fairness Act (call SENATORS). This is a MAJOR repeal of the bullshit the Bush admin and the Republicans did in 2006 that fucked over the USPS in the first place.

    3. HEROES Act (call SENATORS). This is the coronavirus omnibus that includes IMMEDIATE USPS relief. Make it clear you want the USPS portion to be included.


    this changes fucking everything


    Greg Fischer murdered Breonna Taylor. Gentrification murdered Breonna Taylor. Police murdered Breonna Taylor. And none of them have been arrested.

    this list is soooo good and I’ve only read like 4 of the books they suggest… this is my new reading list

    a break from edwardian things to share this article - i know cards against humanity is the darling of tumblr because it ‘says it how it is’ in those customer service emails, but read this and tell me it’s okay to play. i once tried to play and was given a deck of cards about paedophilia and the holocaust, and when i suggested we took all cards that made fun of marginalised groups or definitely unfunny, unethical subjects, what were we left with? lewd references to bodily fluids and the odd name-drop of a politician or celebrity. this game isn’t funny, and it isn’t clever, and buying - or even playing - is being complicit in the racism of the company. to play cards against humanity is to be complicit in a black writer being placed in a mental ward against his will for five days by his bosses.

    Did you know that on any night there are half a million Americans sitting in jail who are eligible for bail? There are so many people who were arrested for nonviolent/minor infractions who can’t go home to their family or go to work because they can’t pay bail. And they’re just sitting, awaiting trial. That can take months!

    The Bail Project pays bail for people that are unable to afford their bail or have unreasonably high bails. They let out people that are legally innocent — not a threat to society.

    The cash-bail system is hella fucked and disproportionately affects low-income communities and people.

    Check em out or donate:

    The state is reconsidering its policy after a hacker released a script that automatically submits junk data to its ‘COVID-19 fraud’ website, which allows employers to report workers who refuse to work during the pandemic.

    And so the pandemic reinforces another old lesson: Corporate gratitude has its limits. Hero pay was a helpful marketing stunt for Kroger, at least for a while: The company could appear altruistic, and the bonus may have helped it retain workers in the earlier weeks of the pandemic, when stores were desperate to keep up with a sudden surge in demand. But circumstances have changed. Kroger likely knows that given high rates of unemployment, it can replace workers if they get sick, or die, or quit because they’re too afraid to go to work. Hero pay didn’t outlast the virus; it just outlived its usefulness to Kroger.

    This is an amazing article about the last survivor of the transatlantic slave trade.

    Some facts from the article:

  • Her name wasMatilda McCrrear.
  • Matilda was captured at 2 years old and enslaved in Alabama, USA along with her mother and sister (1860). 
  • Her father had passed, and her two brothers were left behind in West Africa.
  • The family escaped the plantation but were recaptured.
  • After slavery was abolished (1865), the family still worked on the plantation as sharecroppers.
  • Matilda changed her name from Creagh (the slaver’s name) to McCrear.
  • Matilda had a common law marriage with a white German man, also believed to be Jewish. They had 14 children. 
  • She passed in 1940 at 83 years old (in Selma, Alabama).
  • Please visit the article to read more about her life.



    Well I don't love this.


    I’m not going back out in the world until there’s a vaccine. 


    I read this last night and it kept me up


    Reblogging because of the very important info at the end of the article - if you experience symptoms of a stroke, seek help IMMEDIATELY because even large strokes are treatable, but time is of the essence.


    I just grabbed this from Google because the article didn't have any easy info on stroke identification. Remember the basics:

    F- face, is it under control?

    A - arms, can you raise them both at the same time?

    S - speech, can you talk or are you slurring?

    T - time is of the essence, go to a hospital IMMEDIATELY

    This is scary stuff. Stay informed lovelies.

    Everyone needs to read this.


    Oliver then proceeded to detail how with $50 and knowledge of the law he was able to successfully apply online to create a debt buying company named “Central Asset Recovery Professionals,” or as Oliver put it, “CARP” named after “a bottom-feeding fish.”

    After setting up a rudimentary website for CARP, the satirical, but still real company was offered a $15 million package of medical debt for $60,000.

    Oliver explained that the debt was out of statute, which means it is the kind of debt that a collector can only continue to collect, but not sue the debtor for.

    Then, instead of chasing down the 9,000 debtors in the debt package as a normal collection agency would, Oliver decided to stage the largest one-time giveaway in television history and work with the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt to forgive the $15 million with no consequences for the debtors.


    Okay but now I know what I want to do of I get rich?


    You dont have to be rich to do a bit of this actually

    RIP Medical Debt is a charity (and therefore takes donations). They buy the rights to medical debt and then forgive them. So far they've forgiven over 1B in medical debt.

    So a little ray of hope for someone out there today.


    Please sign this petition to save the Wampanoag reservation! Trump is trying to do away with this reservation because of a personal grudge with the tribe, we can't let him do this. Please sign.


    This fight still isn't over




    Further update after reading the article:



    Firing people for organizing a union is Very Very Illegal

    New York State Attorney General Letitia James said her office is considering all legal options” in response to the termination, which she called “immoral and inhumane,” and is urging the National Labor Relations Board to investigate. On Tuesday, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he had ordered the city’s Commission on Human Rights to “investigate Amazon immediately” to determine if Smalls was retaliated against.


    Some highlights:

    Everything is sourced in the article


    Led the fight against desegregating schools and continued it years after it had been proven a success and was even being defended by Republicans. His bill to stop busing was so unpopular even a Senator who was a leader in the KKK opposed it.

    As part of his crusade against desegregating schools he was the only member of the Senate Judiciary Committee to block two black appointees to the Department of Justice.

    Chooses to work with and passionately support many of the worst racists and segregationists in America. [Expanded 1/30]

    Continues to lie about marching in the Civil Rights movement and participating in sit-ins at least 31 times, despite admitting this was not true in 1987. Also seems to lie about attending an HBCU. [Expanded 1/30, 2/23]

    Has a very, very long history of racist comments.

    Generally has no understanding of racism in America.

    Told black voters to “reject” Jesse Jackson, whom he condescendingly referred to as “that boy,” despite being younger than him, a common racist tactic. [Added 3/8]


    Voted to expand deportations and indefinite detention multiple times and opposed amnesty for immigrants.

    As VP his administration deported more people than any other in American history, deporting people at a higher rate than Trump’s administration even according to ICE themselves.

    As VP his administration built the inhumane concentration camps in which children separated from their families are still illegally caged, beginning the practice which Trump has now continued.

    As VP his administration’s inhumane treatment of detained migrants led to the ongoing lawsuit claiming that ICE is violating the Flores Agreement by not providing basics like toothpaste and soap.

    As VP he expanded the anti-immigrant system Trump now uses by 3,600%.

    Voted to build border walls and supported sending military to the border long before Trump.

    Voted to ban immigrants with HIV, locking up Haitian refugees in Guantanamo Bay.

    Spearheaded the Alliance for Prosperity, which increased deportations, border militarization, privatization, and oil pipelines for American exploitation while worsening the refugee crisis.

    Supports the Republican talking point of requiring immigrants to learn English.

    He still refuses to answer for his record and has told immigration activists to vote for Trump and called the police on others for passing out flyers.

    Tell me again how Biden is better than trump? They’re both pretty much the same.


    Just shared this article in my family's group chat. Doing my part to make sure the older gen of Black Americans understands what exactly they'd be voting for if they select Biden over Bernie.


    It has been 5 months.


    After 7 months they have finally decided to restore social media access to the valley. Except- Kashmiris will only be able to use social media via 2G networks.