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    Okay I’m actually curious now so i made a uquiz to test how well you can recognize car logos


    It gets harder as you go but hopefully there’s fun to be had in the frustration :)


    So far I have learned:

  • People who get one of the first two wrong are lucky to get 50%
  • There’s a few people missing the last few questions bc they aren’t sure what a make is (it’s the brand of car. car names are listed Make and Model) or they think I want them to write a model under the make
  • Please Please Please I Told You What The Right Answer Is For The Nissan Question I Want You To Get It Right…
  • anarchapella

    Please fucking lie to your employer. Like they don’t need to know your mental health issues or what drugs you do. Ffs


    its not lying if its to employers or cops

    and look up ur rights on what they can and cannot ask u many places ban asking about ur record and transportation status and things like that resources will also tell u how they reword sketchy questions so ur prepared


    Hey. Take it from a former HR person… this goes double right now.

    I just spent some time putting in some job applications myself (not for HR, lol) and got about 15 interviews. And idk if it’s because of COVID uncertainty or if places just don’t fucking care anymore because they know people are desperate for work, but the amount of straight up illegal shit my interviewers asked me was appalling.

    (That’s not even counting the questions that were technically legal but clearly fishing for information they’re not legally allowed to ask.)

    A tame example? Two questions into a phone interview, the guy on the other end of the line asked: “How old are you?” I said “Excuse me?” - giving him a chance to rethink that. He didn’t. “How old are you?” “Sir, you are not allowed to ask me that question.” “Well, I want to know. I’m asking.” “And you’re legally not allowed to ask me that. I’m not required to tell you my age.” At that point, I guess he managed to remember an old HR bulletin or something (I hope to god he wasn’t actually HR himself), and he said, “Well, I need to know if you’re over the age of 18.” (Which is what he should have asked in the first place… or not, since that was in the application that he could have read.) “Yes. I’m over the age of 18.”  And we moved on. Two questions later, he tried another illegal question. I called him on it again and ended the interview, citing that a workplace with such a clear disregard for the law, especially upon first contact with a potential employee, was not going to be a good fit. (They offered me the job anyway, lol. I didn’t send a thank-you or a response.)

    At a different interview, the majority of questions were “fishing” questions - just looking for that info they’re not actually allowed to ask. (This person was also either not really HR or an HR person who was exceptionally bad at their job.)

    I could tell they were getting frustrated when I dodged answering the personal stuff, and they actually got extremely upset when I mentioned later in the interview (re: less relevant work experience) I had worked in HR. They were super flustered for the remainder of our time, and I watched them skip over questions on their sheet they had clearly planned on asking. They KNEW they were being sketchy and were counting on me not knowing anything about HR - or my rights - and so they got upset when I did.

    These were super tame examples. I’m begging you, if you’re job searching right now, PLEASE know your rights. Please know what interviewers are allowed to ask.

    Please don’t volunteer information or elaborate more than you’re required to about personal things. Save your words (and everyone’s time) by elaborating why you’re good for the position/what you can do.

    I may create a resource list on this shit later but PLEASE PLEASE KNOW THIS STUFF BEFORE YOU TALK TO AN EMPLOYER. This goes for anywhere you’re interviewing as well as your current employer. This also goes for HR. HR may be the person you go to when shitty stuff happens, but that doesn’t mean they’re your friend (or competent).

    They don’t need to know your age (beyond 16+, 18+, or 21+, depending on the job). They don’t need to know your medical history. (For the love of god, do NOT answer the “have you been diagnosed with depression?” question.) They don’t need to know if you have kids or whatever. They don’t need to know a LOT of those things that may appear on an application, including your veteran status, whether you’re on/have been on unemployment, etc. They’re not entitled to know specifics about your transportation (unless you’re using that transportation for the job, like Uber/delivery drivers). Look this up for your state/the job’s state.

    Beware questions like “What year did you graduate?” if you’re like me and don’t put dates on your resume (I just put amount of time spent at employers, not dates of employment). They’re fishing for your age. It’s “Oh, you know, 100 years ago,” if you feel comfortable making a joke, or “About [generic number, like 5 or 10] years ago” if not.

    Also beware things like the “What do you do in your free time?” question, even if you already work there. This is not a friendly getting-to-know-you question. This is a basis for judgement. Not up to an invisible standard? They’re going to be biased against you for pay raises, promotions, etc. Mention kids/lots of family/social engagements? That’s a tick against you for not being the kind of person who lives to work (yes, it’s gross and stupid). Mention lots of solitary things? Cool, that’s their mental note to ask more from you because you’re “not doing anything anyway.” By all means, be friendly with your coworkers/talk about shared interests if you want, but it is none of your boss’s business, and be aware what could get back to them. 

    Don’t. Tell. Employers. Shit.


    People who say things like “ew I don’t want kids” but call themselves “dog moms” like I don’t know buddy kinda sounds like you do want a baby lol


    This goes for plant moms too tbh


    Why do you care and why do you think that you know what they actually want lol


    women are incapable of understanding the difference between a dog and a baby <3


    maybe its just me but pouring water over a plant every now and then and scooping some poop from a litter box is a bit different than raising something that likes to scream at the top of their lungs and that i can’t leave alone longer than two hours for at least the first twelve years of their life with the added possibility of having to pay upwards of 30k to put them through college one day but i guess since i have a cactus i should start thinking about going off the pill now


    A child is for life , a dog 15 years if I’m lucky. Damn maybe I don’t want to push something out of my body!!

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