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    Tibetan women’s braids. For centuries, Tibetan women have plaited their hair in 108 braids (or as close as possible) to represent the 108 teachings of the Kan Djur, the Tibetan holy book.

    This hairstyle has been discouraged by the Chinese government as they want the Tibetan people to assimilate into modern Chinese culture. Thus micro braids faded as young Tibetan women began to cut their hair, preferring shorter hairstyles, leaving the micro braids to older Tibetan women. However, something remarkable has happened in modern-day Tibet.

    A compromise of sort. Tibetan women are allowed to wear micro braids today and braid the hair of tourists in the city of Lhasa.
    The Buddhist significance has been removed and is never mentioned. Only a few braids are placed in the tourist’s hair, usually festooned with ribbons. The good news is that poor Tibetan women are able to make a decent living braiding hair and the tradition of micro braids is being kept alive. -source

    Hunnid-Pacent, the rapper who did Knuckles’ music in Sonic Adventure 2, was not paid for his work.

    I haven’t seen any posts over here talking about it, so I thought I’d bring attention to it.

    Hunnid-Pacent did the raps for the Knuckles stages in Sonic Adventure 2, including iconic songs such as Pumpkin Hill, and according to him, <>Sega never gave him a single check for his hard work.

    Here’s the tweet.

    This is absolutely unacceptable. As someone who loves the SA2 soundtrack dearly, it saddens me greatly to know that this incredible man who brought many of these tracks to life was taken advantage of like this. We cannot let Sega get away with this.

    Here’s his Patreon as well, if you can support him!

    This is actually horrible. That soundtrack was part of what made that came one of the best

    what a deal.

    And then your hip would break because their medical staff is garage and they don’t have the same regulations as over so no you’re back to square one you fucking tool

    that is american propaganda used to justify their lack of a working healthcare system. it’s not true and even if it was what good would having slightly better healthcare do if it’s only accessible by the richest members of society?

    You absolute fucking clown. Lmao

    Damn. Spains healthcare sure isnt garage like they said

    i know there’s a lot going on but ICE are now one step closer to literally creating gas chambers. they are spraying a chemical called HDQ neutral roughly 100 times a day, every 15 minutes at the adelanto detention center (one of the biggest in the country). people are getting rashes, headaches, their insides are bleeding, etc. the guards are wearing gloves and masks but the detainees have NOTHING.

    and here’s a quick reminder - america inspired the nazis to create gas chambers when they gassed latino people during the 1917 bath riots. 

    here’s a petition to sign. it’s close to it’s goal. if there’s anything else we can do to help i’ll update this post.

    I don’t have the words to properly explain how horrifying this is. In April, the advocacy group Freedom For Immigrants published a report about unsanitary conditions at the detention center, where the immigrants were made to clean the facilities with only water, or shampoo. According to their report, there were sick detainees there - possibly with COVID-19, but it’s unclear since they weren’t being tested - and the conditions could easily lead to a situation in which the virus exploded among those there.

    <>The guards are spraying this disinfectant in retaliation for the report. To be clear - HDQ is an <>industrial-strength disinfectant, which according to the manufacturer is “harmful if inhaled” and “causes severe skin burns and serious eye damage.” The guards are spraying it on everything every 15-30 minutes, according to sources, and immigrants in the center have already experienced severe symptoms including blisters, rashes, bleeding, fainting, breathing difficulties, headaches, stomach pain, and nausea.

    And let’s be real - ICE doesn’t give a shit, either about protecting these people or about preventing a COVID outbreak. ICE, according to their own reports, currently has 25,911 people in custody, of wh<>ich only 2,670 have been tested. 1,392 of those were positive. In simple terms - less than 10% of detainees have been test<>ed. Of those, more than half are positive. We cannot estimate how many sick people ICE is currently holding, or how many more will get sick without any kind of prevention or care.

    <>ICE is killing people through neglect, and when they dared complain - they started gassing them.

    Unfortunately, with Trump in the white house, petitions aren’t doing much. What we can do, however, is donate to the advocacy group that is bringing these things to light, allowing them to continue their work and hopefully free more immigrants. Their donation page is here. Please spread this.

    i don’t know how to say it but please keep an eye on Hong Kong. it is now illegal for people in hk to speak out or ask for international support/foreign aid under the crime of collusion with foreign forces. a new national security agency is coming to hk to enforce this and they are authorized to surveillance those they suspect. The population of 7.5 million people are all expected to comply esp since they are installing officers to prevent protests in the wake of the bill

    nothing will ever top true-crime shows like forensic files did with That One narrator. to this day his openings to each episode is enough to freeze me mid-activity 

    <>forensic files narrator: for three years the murders went unsolved….until a thirty-year-old jar of peanut butter, iridescent fibers on a fanny pack, and a single toothbrush revealed the ultimate betrayal 

    <>me now fully faced towards the tv dropping everything i was holding: