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    The ancient greeks really had graves for dogs. And they carved stuff on the stone like “carrying you here, I now feel as much grief as I felt joy when I carried you home” and “you never barked without reason, but now you are silent”. The human urge to tell a story spans centuries and millennia, and the loss of a really good dog makes you want to tell people - even people centuries in the future, who will never know your name - that there once was a dog who was a very good girl, but now she no longer is and you aren’t sure what to do with all this sorrow.


    so my bf's legs are uneven so when he walks he tends to drift left and my hips are twisted I tend to drift right so when we hold hands we cancel out


    jk he pulls me closer to him constantly bc I don't pay attention to where I'm going and my body is dead set on making me walk off of the edge of the sidewalk


    my left hand/his right hand = cancels out mostly, I still drift a little

    my right hand/his left hand = collision course


    hang on I gotta google some stuff


    yeah this is funny


    Drift Compatible


    also fun fact that vietnam war ended in 1975 that was only 44 years ago i don’t care how hard it was for us veterans to kill people. two millions poor people died in that war, thousands of children are still born with tremendous health problems due to the effect of chemical bombings (the orange agent to be specific) i’m tired of hollywood making movies about the vietnam war and focus on how brave white people are for killing n terrorizing us


    not to mention there are still around 80 million unexploded bombs in Laos alone which is making farmers afraid to work their land, keeping the country as one as the poorest in the world. 50 000 people have been killed by unexploded bombs in Laos since the end of the war, 75% of whom were children


    girls after saying something smart: So yeah


    Girls after giving a concise and completely sensible thought on the matter, with well thought out arguments:

    ... If that makes sense?


    Girls after expressing a personal opinion: if you think that's okay haha maybe


    Girls saying something they know to be absolutely correct and spent years studying: if I remember correctly


    on the one hand irene’s behavior was really shitty and deserves to be condemned but on the other if this is the catalyst to the downfall of irene/red velvet it’ll primarily be due to misogyny rather than irene’s actions and that’s really fucked


    i’ve been reading ppl’s tags and i kinda think some are misinterpreting this…the answer isn’t to hold women to a lower standard it’s to hold men to a higher standard 😭😭😭

    i’m so tired of the way black actors are slept on while white actors get praised for the blandest, barest minimum. people like daniel kaluuya and ashton sanders really are in every way what you all thought tim charlemagne and adam diving board are. the sheer range daniel displayed between get out, black mirror, widows, and black panther? the subtlety ashton showed in 1/3 of moonlight ALONE!? and the problem is tenfold for black women because most of the time they’re not given a chance or they’re treated like shit (ie nicole beharie) unless they’re pre-established or pigeonholed into mammy/white savior/slavery era roles like viola davis, octavia spencer, and cyntia erivo. lupita nyong’o literally gave the best performance of 2019 and played TWO CHARACTERS IN ONE MOVIEEEEEE!!! a movie that literally changed the game for its genre!!!!!!! to near fucking crickets from the midsommar crowd who thought florence pew was doing something new crying in a flower crown!!!!

    scarjo emoted for 5 minutes in the marriage story and she got academy nominations and everyone on this site swore she invented acting?!?!?! and mr chlamydia has sharp cheekbones i guess? and adam d shed a tear while committing patricide or yelling “every day i wake up” so now we gotta see them in every high profile movie from now until 2025.