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    “One time Sehun and I were shopping for clothes in Hong Kong and I saw a pair of khakis for sale. So I thought ‘hm, they’re on sale so I should buy it right now right’ and so I did. I go to another aisle I see more khaki pants but the sign this time says “Buy three, get one free’ so I go and buy that one as well. So now I have about five khaki pants which I thought was a great idea cause I can wear one on monday, one on tuesday, one on wednesday, one on thursday and one on friday. It’s like I’ll never run out of khakis.”

    — Do Kyungsoo interview (full interview click here)


    Hey buddy, pal, friend, chum, compadre,



    This post has gotten a lot of both positive and negative attention and I just thought you should know that white elves no longer exist in any setting I’m running. Die mad about it.


    hot take but there’s no reason anyone has to look like they’re from europe in a made up world where europe doesn’t exist

    “CNN article describes how King was maligned in an FBI memo as the “most dangerous and effective Negro leader in the country” after his legendary 1963 speech at the March on Washington, and how they convened a meeting of department heads to “explore how best to carry on our investigation [of King] to produce the desired results without embarrassment to the Bureau,” which included “a complete analysis of the avenues of approach aimed at neutralizing King as an effective Negro leader.” Hoover personally requested wiretaps on King, which besides some dirt on his love life and an off-color joke about John F. Kennedy turned up nothing but evidence that he was every bit the kind-hearted peace soldier his supporters saw him as with no discrepancies between his public and private agendas. Despite this the FBI continued its attempts to smear and discredit King while withholding exonerating information about him, including from President Johnson, with Hoover publicly labeling King “the most notorious liar” in America in 1964. This smear campaign hit its lowest point in the infamous “Suicide Letter“, sent by the FBI and disguised as an anonymous letter from a fellow black rights activist. The letter wove hypnotic, repetitive language including five instances of the phrase “You are done” (and one of “You are finished”), six instances of the word “evil”, six of the word “fraud”, five of “abnormal”, and five references to King being “on the record” in with a recording of King’s extramarital affair and a command for King to take his own life. Again: the FBI, now celebrated by mainstream liberals as a defender of truth and democracy, performed a psyop on Martin Luther King, Jr. with the goal of making him commit suicide. This is a fact. This happened.”

    On The 50th Anniversary Of MLK’s Death


    “Stevie Nicks surrounds herself with girls. Wherever she goes, she brings girls. “I can’t imagine you in a bathing suit,” someone says in an interview for Rolling Stone, when Stevie says she likes to play in the pool in her backyard. “Yeah, well, you never will,” Stevie says. “And there is never — ever — a man in the backyard. If there is, he is banished to the front of the house.” Men don’t get to look at Stevie Nicks unless Stevie Nicks wants men to look at Stevie Nicks.”

    — (via bjorkdoll)


    “I’m writing for black people, in the same way that Tolstoy was not writing for me, a 14-year-old coloured girl from Lorain, Ohio. I don’t have to apologise or consider myself limited because I don’t [write about white people] – which is not absolutely true, there are lots of white people in my books. The point is not having the white critic sit on your shoulder and approve it.”

    — Toni Morrison from an interview in The Guardian [x]. 

    “Hello, EXO-L. This is Xiumin! Flowers have been blooming well these days. Have you gone out to see them? Flowers are appearing, the weather is getting warmer, and yesterday was EXO’s 7th anniversary since debut! I feel gratitude for everyone and everything because I feel EXO was born at a very nice time. Congratulations again to our members. To be honest, I’m writing today because there’s important news I want to share with all of you first. Military duty! I’m going to the military on May 7! ‘I will return in good health.’ I plan on arranging a time for us soon, so that I can say this to you directly. We have a EXO-CBX concert soon, and we’ll return after wrapping it up successfully. Please wait just a bit. Let’s all work hard getting through today too!”

    XIUMIN’s message on Lysn App (TRANSLATION)


    “She had this beautiful red hair, this beautiful skin, these beautiful green eyes, and she was looking up at me, holding, you know, for an autograph. And I said ‘Well, you’re the prettiest little thing I ever saw. So what is your name?’ And she said, ‘Jolene.’ And I said ‘Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene. That is pretty. That sounds like a song. I’m going to write a song about that.’”

    — Dolly Parton on the fan that inspired “Jolene.” (via groupiesoutrageously)

    “All I know about being good I learned from TV, and in TV, flawed characters are constantly showing people they care with these surprising grand gestures. And I think that part of me still believes that’s what love is. But in real life, the big gesture isn’t enough. You need to be consistent, you need to be dependably good. You need to do it every day, which is so…hard.”

    — BoJack Horseman, season 5 episode 6, Free Churro

    Q: You seem to watch a lot of movies and foreign tv shows.

    A: Thanks to Netflix, I don’t leave my house these days (laughs). I’m quite an analog man. However, I noticed that the Netflix icon automatically appeared as I updated my TV. I was really curious about “Okja”, so I got an account and logged in. It’s a lot of fun to watch this or that content. As an actor, it makes me study too and it also inspires me. Maybe I got this perm because I got inspired by Dustin from “Stranger Things”, who knows? (laughs). British show “Black Mirror” is totally my style.  Dark, cynical and satirical. It takes place in a near future, so it’s frightening to watch. Especially the first episode of season 3 “Nosedive”. It shows the reason why I don’t use SNS. More than laughing or crying, I like shows who give you something to think about.

    Gong Yoo from his Elle January 2018 interview (via siraxtas)

    Likewise, after reading Rian Johnson’s script for The Last Jedi, Hamill said, “I at one point had to say to Rian, ‘I pretty much fundamentally disagree with every choice you’ve made for this character. Now, having said that, I have gotten it off my chest, and my job now is to take what you’ve created and do my best to realize your vision.’ ”



    (via namsookhee)

    Rich people force poor people to work for them for wages. The poor do not get to negotiate these wages. Wages are what the market dictates is a fair price for one hour of their labor. Though a cashier at McDonald’s handles easily hundreds of dollars in an hour, she will be paid $7.25 an hour regardless of what her employer earns from her labor and they will insist this is fair. She may hate her job and cry every night on her mother’s pullout couch wishing she could find a better, higher-paying job, but all of this suffering is her choice, obviously.

    Oh, that’s right — a lot of people think that if you’re not being coerced to work by top-heavy goons by gunpoint, you’re somehow not being coerced to work. They like to spin these weird pretzels of logic where those without money or resources are actually free to live in a world where the rich have now privatized the commons and kicked out the ladder. When confronted with the reality that single moms work because if they don’t their kids are taken away, they shrug and insist those moms shouldn’t have had kids. When confronted with the bleak dilemma that many millions of chronically ill people face staying in horrible jobs every day to keep their health insurance, they shrug and insist it’s their own fault for getting sick in a country where medical care is prohibitively expensive. So on and so forth.

    Capitalist shitbag science means the rationalizations for injustice never end. No, unless you’re literally being held down by gunpoint, none of this will ever qualify as coercion. They always win because you’re always free to choose something else — apparently.

    Holly Wood,Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science (via probablyasocialecologist)

    Beauty is, in some way, boring. Even if its concept changes through the ages… a beautiful object must always follow certain rules. A beautiful nose shouldn’t be longer than that or shorter than that, on the contrary, an ugly nose can be as long as the one of Pinocchio, or as big as the trunk of an elephant, or like the beak of an eagle, and so ugliness is unpredictable, and offers an infinite range of possibility. Beauty is finite, ugliness is infinite like God.

    Umberto Eco, On The History Of Ugliness (via avthenas)