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    Feedee Meditation
    Give in to your fantasies and make them your reality

    This is a 22:41 minute audio meditation for Feedees. Listening to this will allow you to accept your desires and start working towards your dream body. You should listen to this each day until your lifestyle begins to adapt to excess and your body begins to show signs of fattening. 

    Before listening, ensure you have sufficient amounts of your favourite food to stuff with for the duration.

    For people who have a preference for accent, my accent is Australian.

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    Give up yet? I can tell from the way you’re having trouble breathing that you’re more than full. Are you sure you want to keep going? Ok then, you’re the boss, open wide. This week has been a big challenge for you, hasn’t it? For both of us really, I guess. My feet are killing me from all the cooking and back and forth to the kitchen. 

    It’s crazy that you managed to hit every goal this week. I never really thought you’d do it. I was expecting you to give up before the end of Tuesday. Monday you were over 10,000 calories, then Tuesday it was over 11,000…that should be enough in two days to make anyone sick to their stomach. But you, you woke up Wednesday morning ready and willing to eat 12,000 calories. Then 13,000 calories, 14,000, 15,000…so here we are, Sunday night and you still think you can hit 20,000 calories. You have hardly moved all week and I doubt you could even get up out of this armchair. 

    Look at you, you can barely speak, just grunting and panting…damn this is so sexy. I want you like this all the time. Have a rest and drink some of this shake I made you. It’s very thick, but you’re going to love it. Here, let me help you. That’s it, chug a little more, that’s my guy. I’m sure you’ve gained more weight this week. You look enormous. It’s such a shame you’ve been too full for sex all week, but I guess that’s going to make your reward all the more satisfying. I just hope I can still find your dick tucked away in all that soft heavy flab later. You want to keep eating? I’ll order you a couple of pizzas and we can nap while we wait for it? Let me rest my head on that big belly. I can’t wait until this is every day.


    Audio 14: So you wanna be fat, huh?

    So you wanna be fat huh?

    It’s not just about being fat. You’re going to give in to every single pleasurable thought you’ve ever had. It’s like a release. When you’re hungry, you’re going to eat. And you’ll eat whatever you happen to be craving with no consideration for whether it’s good for you or not. At first you’ll feel a little guilty because you’ll be amazed at how much one person can eat when they lose all inhibitions. You’ll eat an entire pizza and you’ll still be hungry. How is that possible? You barely remember finishing the first slice and then all of a sudden it’s gone. Maybe you’re getting ahead of yourself… too carried away. But then you’ll notice your appetite - and your body - start to grow. Your belly has rounded out, you can grab a small handful now. You don’t care that you just finished a whole pizza because you want more. You’re not satisfied yet. It feels so good to binge. At first it’s just the odd evening. After work you treat yourself to a big meal and turn a movie on to wind down. Then it’s your entire weekend. Why not? It’s your down time after all. Come Sunday night you realize your kitchen is full of empty boxes and fast food containers. You can’t stop though. Suddenly food occupies your thoughts all the time. You’re eating everything you ever wanted completely guilt free. The only consequence is that your clothes are starting to get a little snug. That’s not a big deal though. You’re only a medium, there’s lots of room for you to move up in straight sizes. You’ll shrug it off and just buy the large tee shirt next time. It’s not like you’re going to put on that much weight anyway, right? You’ll gather some self control soon once you’ve had your fun, I’m sure…

    What you don’t realize is that you’ve passed the point of being able to stop. That small round belly has turned into a prominent gut that you can’t hide anymore. And people are starting to notice. Your family has expressed concern, your coworkers have joked about the stress eating you’ve been doing. The crazy thing is though… you find yourself more turned on every time someone says something. After that family dinner you stop by two different drive thrus on your way home. After laughing it off with your coworkers you use your break to go out and grab half a dozen donuts, stuffing them in your face before your 30 minutes are up… only to regret not getting the full dozen.

    Now you’re stuck in a cycle. Eating feels good. It’s puts you in a euphoric daze that you never want to emerge from. All of those calories pile onto your body. You’re soft everywhere now. Your new stretch marks and tight shirts are just motivation to keep going. You’re growing out of ex
    tra large shirts - weren’t you just a medium a few months ago? You’ve become addicted.

    You can’t tell me you don’t want that. Turning such a natural, instinctive act like eating into a gratifying, self-satisfying habit. Every bite that you push past your lips puts you deeper and deeper into a hole that you’ll never get out of. Once you’ve put on the first 30lbs, you’ll try and tell yourself you can still stop and lose weight. You’ll try and cut your calories, exercise a little… maybe you’ll even drop a few pounds. But the cravings are too much. You’ve become so weak-willed and lazy. It’s just so much easier to sit on the couch and stuff your fat face. You love looking down and noticing your lap is disappearing under a roll of fat. You can’t explain why but it makes you feel desirable. You’re spoiling yourself; overfed and happy. You’re feeling stimulated in a way you never have before. This is exactly what you were meant to do.


    Nothing like a sexy voice encouraging you to get fatter bigger better