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    To the hesitant gainer

    An exercise in acceptance


    For many people, they feel like their desires to let go and fatten up should be suppressed. They should be thrown away and locked away.

    Are you really happy this way?

    Think of who you are now - your body and your situation in life being the most important factors.

    Now imagine that all of your hangups about gaining are right in front of you. Think of each issue and think of what it really means to you.

    Ask yourself questions like “does shaming myself help me?” “Does covering up my gaining fetish make me feel frustrated?”. If you are answering these questions truthfully you should begin to realize how much they are impairing your true thoughts.

    Now imagine your issues with gaining dissolving to nothing

    Think of what your life would be without worrying about guilt or shame when it comes to gaining.

    Ask yourself questions like “how much should I try gaining before I’m truly ready?” “What foods have I deprived myself of?”

    Now try to live out life as a gainer for a few hours to a few days

    Make a specific calorie or weight goal and try to stick to it.

    Buy foods and snacks you deprived yourself of and try eating them throughout the day

    Research gaining resources and methods

    Try to listen to encouraging audio tapes or hypnosis tapes

    Join small gaining groups to network with like minded people

    And most importantly

    Embrace your true desires.


    This speaks to me. *blush* :)


    I want to fatten you up by spoiling you rotten and cooking all your favourites foods until you get so used to me taking care of you that you ask me to feed you… Then I will slowly start rubbing your belly when you get too full with the pretext of helping you feel better. A little bit after that I will encourage you to burp after stuffings, at first you will be ashamed and reluctant, but little by little your spoiled side will find it relaxing and comfortable, specially when I reward you with soft kisses after. I want to fatten you up by making each and every day full of caring and loving lifestyle.


    Yes Please