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    Look at what I've done to my body 🥵

    I have never shown off like this, and I still kind of can't believe I'm posting it, but making this video was one of the hottest experiences ever.

    This is just a teaser of what's to come. I'm going to be making much, much more of this kind of content, longer videos but in the same kind of art film style, so feedback would actually be really helpful. I’d love to know if you’re into this kind of style - I know it’s very different to what else is out there but hopefully in a good way because I’m quickly discovering that I really, really love showing my fat body in this way.

    PS - I'll make a proper post about it but this is the first video I made for my brand new Patreon.

    We aren't doomed. Not yet.

    So whenever y'all are done crying and are ready to get back up and keep going:

  • Nobody is going to save us except for us.
  • Companies won't stop making plastic as long as someone is buying
  • Ag farming will continue to be destructive as long as it's supported, start growing local and buying from local farmers instead if you can (some will even deliver to your door)
  • Corporations won't stop laying oil pipelines unless we start Immediately demanding ALL infrastructure to switch to resuable/sustainable energy. (cars, businesses, government buildings, private homes, etc)
  • Profits will always come before people as long we keep accepting "it's too expensive" & "it's too complicated to fix" as excuses for pausing progress
  • The best way to make a difference is by starting in your own community. Ex: Clean up your local parks & rivers, garden with plants native to your area to help (& bring back) your local pollinators & ecosystems
  • Look at your local native community and back their movements. For example the local tribe here is the Umatilla and they're trying to get the dam removed as it's affected the salmon runs which has negatively impacted the salmon, the Umatilla people, and the local fauna that have relied on a free running river for millenia.
  • Settling for less is unacceptable. Our futures are not to bargained with.
  • Caring about your survival is not an extremist belief, do not be gaslit into believing it is. Do not be gaslit into believing better isn't possible.

    Caring about your future is not radical. Caring about the planet is not radical. Caring about natural disasters is not radical.

    This is us trying to meet our most basic needs for survival: a healthy planet that isn't trying to kill us.

    All of these needs have to be normalized even in social circles, not just in political circles. Talk about it in friend groups. Bring it up on posts about climate change, bring it up with influencers/celebs/orgs/politicians who pride themselves on #GoingGreen & #ZeroWaste. Argue for these points when someone starts to settle for less. We can not continue settling.

    Things will get better and can be better if we just put in the work for it, I promise

    There is still time and there is still hope

    ⚠️Overcoming Sexual Shame as Feedists⚠️

    Shame is something that everyone deals with. And as Feedists, we have to deal with a double whammy of shame to work on dismantling – shame about our desires being non-normative, and shame that stems from our society vilifying fatness.

    Understanding how fatphobia works and working on untangling your own internalized feelings about fatness is a great place to start. That’s why getting familiar with concepts around Fat Liberation is such a great tool for Feedists to become more comfortable with their sexuality. But we must also acknowledge that shame around sex and our desires are incredibly individual for each of us and requires a similar amount of work (if not even more!) to dismantle and analyze. It can be tough and scary to open those doors, but ultimately worth it. As accepting the whole story of who we are and what we want is a monumental step in nurturing feelings of self worth, self esteem, and self acceptance.

    And this video by the School Of Life seemed absolutely tailor made for Feedists looking to do this kind of work!

    -Mod Wood

    Being open about Feedism?

    You don’t have to be comfortable being open about your sexuality with everyone you meet, but if you are looking to dismantle shame around disclosing your personal desires around people you deem safe, there are ways for you to practice becoming comfortable with the idea!

    The following tips and strategies were collectively developed at the January 23, 2021 Feedists for Fat Liberation (FFL) event to help people feel more comfortable with being open about their feedist sexuality.

  • Work with a therapist
  • Attend FFL events
  • Establish communication about what to reveal and when to reveal it
  • Accepting that you cannot change people’s reactions to what you say requires emotional energy
  • Focus on your own responses
  • Get to know people after they have gained weight. Communicate with others that weight is not an issue but rather a source of happiness
  • Talk to people who are safe as a way to build confidence to talk in more situations
  • Respect the differences between individuals and recognize that each person has a different relationship with their weight.
  • Be cautious about not projecting your own feelings onto other people
  • Use CBT strategies. Trying to look for the positives as opposed to focusing on the negative
  • Find partners who share your sexual preferences
  • Identify circles of people – who can you be most open with? Who is the least open?
  • Challenge internal thought patterns and beliefs
  • Making friends in the feedist community helps break down shame walls
  • Learn more about fat liberation
  • Build/become involved in a feedist community/network
  • Don’t focus on what others say in judgement/misunderstanding when being more open
  • Be transparent and honest with yourself
  • Have a trusted person you can check in with if you are feeling overwhelmed
  • Open up to like minded folks
  • Avoid kink shaming one another
  • And as always, you can find more resources on the intersection of Feedism and Fat Liberation on FatLiberation.org