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    I’m genuinely here to just post content and encourage cuties to keep getting fat along with me but the whole thing is that I have never been silent about the things that affect me even within a fetish context. It’s cool if you can avoid and dismiss issues like that, but I don’t exist in a vacuum. My feedism and fetish intersects with fat liberation and unlearning white supremacy to ensure my space is as constructive and safe as possible, if you have a problem with that you can leave or just not look, but you will never convince me out of calling things like I see and experience them.


    drinKING. smoKING. spanKING. all these kings in my life, and still no queen… any takers? ;) 


    Dairy Queen


    that was some real shit you just said homeboy lets go to dairy queen


    I’m about to tear up this plate of chicken tender




    mah boi

    kid’s meal


    One of hottest phantasies for me regarding feedism is getting funnel fed while being deprived of most of my sensory input. Because my brain is constantly in overdrive, I need to find efficient ways to remove my sense of my surroundings and focus on a single thing if I want to be aroused. The sensation has to be strong, like a strong image, a feeling I get from reading a very good fat fiction story or ... getting into sensory deprivation, the loss of my senses.

    Meaning, I will wear a tight blindfold on my eyes so I can not see anything.

    I will wear earplugs so I can't hear anything except for the things happening inside my body.

    Wear an air filter for my nose that I use when I go outside and it's pollen season (little filter clips).

    Then be tied to a chair. The only sensory input I will feel is your delicate hands, running your nails on my soft skin. Slowly but playfully in circles. Draw out my stretch marks that you started to collect and take care of on your canvas that is myself.

    You are going to place the tube for my funnel into my mouth, wrap a strap around so my movement won't dislodge it from it's place.

    Making sure that I can hold for a longer time, you will make me drink slowly by opening the valve for a slow drain. So that you and I can savor this moment for a very long time.

    When I feel the pressure change and the sweet substance hit the back of my throat, I immediately both relax and tense up as my focus shifts to pleasure. Oh god, it started. I am going to be SO fat after this. That is the only thought in my head. I am getting fatter.

    Gaining is what I want. Gaining is what I need. I took everything away from my brain to focus on so the only thing it can register is how I start to bloat and grow.

    I can hear it. The deep swallows. The sound of the shake passing my throat into my deep and cavernous belly. Because of the earplugs, I can hear my own heartbeat even stronger then before but also how my stomach is filling up at an alarming rate. Not because of the flow but my own desperation to get my fill in, my own gluttony and instinct taking over.

    I wan to get fatter. Larger. I need it.

    Fuck, I need it so much.

    You hear me moan, see as I struggle with my shake, so you decide to open it a little more so I don't have to strain myself in that regard but you can hear the liquid pass by even quicker then before.

    My god, what a desparate fatty. He truly want to be a gigantic blob.

    I can hear the churning in my stomach, feel the tension. My belly is aching in the best way possible - by being stuffed to the brim with a liquid that has the only purpose to make me even fatter then before.

    It stopped. There is no more shake to be consumed. My belly is strained. Aching but I feel pleased. I breath but a few burps manage to escape my mouth.

    I can feel your hands on my distended gut. Oh the pleasure. My skin is frightengly stretched out, I can feel the tingles already from my skin trying to catch up with my growing but it's honestly futile at this point. I am a glutton after all and I wear my tiger stripes with pride.

    You circle around my taut skin, how tight and tense it feels. Every little inch you manage to leave after dragging your nail over the surface, I feel these tingles in my spine and cheeks. It makes me instantly hard and you love it.

    You slowly remove my trappings, the nose filter, my ear plugs, you leave my bindings that keep me to the chair but remove my blindfolds next.

    Uncovering my eyes, I see it. Myself in a mirror.

    Outrageously ballooned. An enormous gut sitting between my thighs, aching and reddish in color. I sweat and I can see those glistening pearls of sweat roll down my belly, getting trapped in my deep belly button but escaping towards the ground. My labored breathing lifts and rests my belly almost rhythmically, up and down.

    Up and down. Up. And down. I am so aroused by the display of my belly. I am such a glutton. Such a shameless, obese glutton. My hunt for stronger sensations will always drag me back to feel the next best thing. This time, I managed to drink 2 litres of shake. What's next?

    3 litres? Maybe a gallon.

    Honestly, I can't wait. I want to do it again soon.

    not to be a horny bitch but I would very much like to be desperately writhing in a massive guy's lap, grabbing the wide rolls pooling out in front of me, feeling all the soft expanse of skin, his breath in my ear as he tells me to keep going if I'm really this pathetic, baby... if I really can't help myself, I may as well get myself off on his big fat gut... but he's not gonna help me, he's just gonna watch me go stupid on my big daddy's belly, his thick thighs, his wide love handles...

    support needed !!!

    Hi friends, 

    I’ve moved back to society from the bush and I am really struggling with the up keep of bills. I am wanting to exchange custom kink content, online dates, and/or personal tarot readings in exchange for help paying off my phone bill debt. If anyone is able to support me with funds in any capacity, please reach out! 

    With much gratitude,

    dis chubby boi 

    i want someone to sit behind me and play with my tummy. i want them to tell me to lean all my weight on them. i want them to hand feed me something real messy, that i have to suck and lick off their fingers, like a nice costco sized pie. I want to feel the crumbs and sugary sweet fruit jelly smear across my lips and mouth if im not eating fast enough for them. I want them to jiggle my belly, and keep stuffing me until im so full, so packed full of pie, that my tummy is distended and rock hard. i want them to make fun of me for being so greedy, so shameless, so much of a pig that im willing to suck every last crumb off their fingers. mock me about how my tummy is spilling out of a shirt i bought less than a month ago. and when that pie is gone, and im so stuffed i can barely breathe, where all i do is moan and burp like some bimbo fatty i want them to kiss me on my cheeks, tell me i did a good job, and rub my belly until i fall asleep 💛

    Sooo I’ve never written wg fiction before but here’s a little POV story 🥰 18+ of course. Illustrated with pictures of my belly lol. 

    WC around ~1550. Featuring: transition related gain, increased appetite, stuffing, weight gain, a little degradation (the word “pig” is thrown around a lot), gender-neutral POV character not realizing they’re into it at first, whiny bottom feedee trans boy (if there’s other stuff I should include on this list please tell me!)

    Lmk what you think! I might continue writing stuff like this in the future, but I’ll probably try to write shorter stories if I do.

    - - -

    Your trans boyfriend is getting softer.

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    there's something about being pampered into weight gain, becoming fatter and lazier because you're oh so well taken care of and never have to lift a finger

    someone always has food for you, hands are always waiting to touch your soft plump flesh, to help you with every desire you might have

    so happily spoiled and pampered into blissful fatness, knowing any wish you have will instantly be granted and all that's left for you to do is pay back and grow 💖


    Life goals... all of it 😍


    I want to make you sit in front of a mirror while I stuff you.

    I want you to see how your gut spills over the waistband of your shorts, how flabby your arms have become, how your thighs are threatening to rip those poor shorts to shreds.

    I want you to see yourself greedily scarf down cake straight from my hands, not recognizing the obese pile of lard staring back at you.

    I want to make you watch as I inspect your blubber and tease you for being such a helpless pig.

    Why can’t you stop growing baby? These shorts fit you perfectly just a month ago but now they won’t even button 🥺

    Do you really need all this cake? You just ate a whole pizza for dinner. Surely you can’t still be hungry..

    But you do need it, sweetie. You’re addicted and you always need more. You’re just my gluttonous fat girl I can’t help but enable you

    I want you to see exactly what I’m doing to my pet piglet 🐷


    Why hasn’t some feeder made me their happy piggy pet yet