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2022-01-13 07:27:15

    I’m genuinely here to just post content and encourage cuties to keep getting fat along with me but the whole thing is that I have never been silent about the things that affect me even within a fetish context. It’s cool if you can avoid and dismiss issues like that, but I don’t exist in a vacuum. My feedism and fetish intersects with fat liberation and unlearning white supremacy to ensure my space is as constructive and safe as possible, if you have a problem with that you can leave or just not look, but you will never convince me out of calling things like I see and experience them.


    drinKING. smoKING. spanKING. all these kings in my life, and still no queen… any takers? ;) 


    Dairy Queen


    that was some real shit you just said homeboy lets go to dairy queen


    I’m about to tear up this plate of chicken tender




    mah boi

    kid’s meal

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